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Great steemians,
Good day to you all. I believe you had a wonderful night rest.
I am happy to use this medium to share with you on how smooth my day was Yesterday 28th July. I really had a wonderful day. In the same spirit, I believe yours was wonderful too.


“ I woke up exactly 6:03am, I first of all said my prayers, there after did a little execerse, do some homework and took my bath followed with my breakfast then dressed up to work.”

Sincerely, my day went smooth and the atmosphere was generally great. I didn't get hooked up on any traffic on my my way to work, the road was absolutely clear. I was in the office all through the day. I engaged myself in a drawing of a lovely bungalow together with @ready247 for my client.



with @ready247 during the building sketch

The building like i said is a lovely bungalow of four bedroom self contained apartment. That's, a sitting room, a dinning room, 4 bedroom in suit, and a kitchen including the entrance and exit.



showing the 3D drawing

Living Room 5200 * 4800
Dinning Room 300 * 2400
Kitchen 3000 * 3000
Master Bedroom 4800 * 4200
Bedroom 2 4200 * 3600
Bedroom 3 3600 * 3600
Bedroom 4 3600 * 3600
Master Toilet 2400 * 2400
Toilet 2,3,4 1500 * 1500
Entrance 2800 * 2400
Kitchen Exit 1800 * 1800

Lunch hour
While on the bungalow drawing, I was feeling hungry and no food right in the office, I had to go to the nearest restaurant and buy food but to all avail for there was no food when I got there. I then went to a nearby fruits seller stand and buy cucumber and groundnut for myself then returned to the office with it.
After eating, I went on with the building drawing which I finished same day.

IMG_20210620_084447_558.jpgMy lunch

Closing hour
I was in the office till 6:15pm, after putting things in order, I then closed for the day and went home. When I got home, I took my bath and had some rest.

Great Steemians, above is how smoothly my yesterday was.
Thank you for reading, do have a pleasant day.

Special Regards to

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Thanks for the well detailed publish

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Thanks for the comment @lazimo

The building design look so great and having cucumber as lunch is not a bad idea at all. It was a great day in all.

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