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We are really eager as a community to promote steemit with all our resuources. Just recently, we made a post, announcing SteemAlive PLUS1kSP club. The club is a group of SteemAlive members that have accumulated and mainted at least 1000sp. The main aim of this club is to help us achieve 100k SP as a community. The members must go out of thier way to help others get to 1000sp. However, there are hardworking members of SteemAlive who are not too far away from achieving 1000sp. We want to support these ones so as to get to that milestone

4 Members that will soon get to 1000sp

The following members are doing really well in supporting SteemAlive as a community. They are closest to get to 1000k So.

1. @talktofaith (643 SP): When we announced the SteemAlive City Coordinators project, we never knew it would be such an effective program to promote steemit. @talktofaith has shown it was a great arrangement. She applied and we appointed her Lagos City Coordinator. The work She is doing to promote Steemit, recruit new users and encourage local networking is nothing short of amazing. She runs offline and online mentoring classes, and the result has been the recruitment of some new users. Since her appointment, @talktofaith has personally recruited and continues to support 11 new users. Here are they:


Faith recently went to a Radio station at Lagos and is currently saving to raise funds to make a radio presentation for Steemit. She is currently working hard to get to 1000SP and join PLUS1kSP club. She will participate in #SPUD4STEEM in December 1. She also sets most of her posts to 100% powerup.

We are supporting her with our limited resources. For this post earnings, we have set @talktofaith as 10% beneficiary of the earnings. We hope she will be supported in other ways to get to 1000k SP and join PLUS1kSP.

We use this opportunity to say thank you @talktofaith for all that you do for Steemit and SteemAlive.

IMG_20200728_145517_211.jpg@talktofaith with @focusnow when she visited Aba


2. @samuel20 (584 SP): @samuel20 is another hardworking member of SteemAlive. He is the City Coordinator of Aba. He has been phyiscally present since we launched the training center to conduct trainings with @focusnow and @whitestallion. He also personally mentors and recruits new users at the center regularly.

@samuel20 went with @focusnow to a Radio station to make a presentation for Steemit . He has been working hard ever since to get to 1000Sp. @samuel20 is planning to participate in #SPUD4STEEM on December 1 and also sets his posts to 100% powerup. We will set @samuel20 as 10% beneficiary of this post earnings. Thank you so much @samuel20 for all your work to promote Steemit and SteemAlive.

IMG_20201009_174138_871.jpg@samuel20 with @focusnow at the Radio house


3. @eberechi10 (673 SP): @eberechi10 is another active and hardworking member of our community. He has consistently participated in our LID posts and also works as a SteemAlive Ultimate Greeter. He leaves helpful comments on the posts of users that subscribes to SteemAlive to hep them do the rights things and join us actively. @eberechi10 believes in the Steem project, which was why he exchanged some of his bitcoin to Steem through Poloniex last month, to participate in November #SPUD4STEEM. He had a little challenge with transferring the steem to his wallet and couldnt meet the deadline. He will now participate in the december #SPUD4STEEM.

@eberechi10 is planning to get to 1000k SP. He sets his posts 100% power up. We want to support him so he could join PLUS1kSP club. We are setting him as 7% beneficiary of this post. Thank you Mr Ebere from supporting SteemAlive.

4. @tenguhatanaga (600 SP): Tania is a hardworking member of SteemAlive. She is from Cameroon. She works very hard to engage with others and also posts regularly. She has actively supported our LID post and is one of the most consistent participants of SteemAlive project. Tania is sister to @njiatanga the Cameroon Country representative and she actively promotes Steemit in her country.

We are supporting her to get to 1000k SP. Currently, she sets are posts to 100% power up and hopes to participate in December #SPUD4STEEm. We have set @tenguhatanga as 7% beneficiary of this post. Thank you Tania for all your support.



We hope that these four members get to 1000k SP as soon as possible - not later than December 1. We as a community will support them and hopes they also get support from other sources.

Thank you @steemcurator01 for supporting SteemAlive

Written by: @focusnow
For: @steemalive


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You're really doing a great job, I appreciate your efforts. It is a privilege for me to be among. I never believe this but all thanks to @focusnow, @ngoenyi ect this guy are great

 2 months ago 

This is interesting
Thanks to @focusnow

Thanks too. We hope you will plan to join PLUS1kSP soonest. @godsbest

 2 months ago 

I can't wait to join ooo

They are doing very great.
Weldon and keep it up, we appreciate your efforts in making steemit grow. Thank you for your time well spent.

 2 months ago 

These ones you have just mentioned are really working hard. They deserve to be in the PLUS1KSP. Thank you @steemalive for recognising the hard works of your members. Congratulations to you @talktofaith, @samuel20, @eberechi10 and @tenguhatanaga for being at the door step to joining PLUS1KSP and I believe this arrangement will get you all there. I can't wait for you all to join us.
#twopercent #nigeria

@ngoenyi. Thank you Uyo City Coordinator for all the work you are doing for us. We highly appreciate it.

 2 months ago 

Thanks ma'am @ngoenyi.
We will soon join the club.

Thank you ma, you have really been a Pilar of strength to me

 2 months ago 

@steemalive, thank you for all the supports. I will always do my best as the Lagos City Co-ordinator to see that Steemit gets to the grassroot of my environ.
Congratulations to I and my colleagues whom you have decided to support. I wish us all well and fast growth on our Steemit journey.
I'm really honoured by the benefitiary setup....
Steemit all the way...

More wins ahead @talktofaith

 2 months ago 

Congratulations to us all.Thank you so much for including me among the those to join the club. I feel honoured and promise to do more. Thanks @focusnow for your constant support and encouragement, you're a true leader. Thanks @steemalive
#twopercent #cameroon

 2 months ago 

This is such a beautiful approach in realising the 2021 roadmap for @steemalive. I am happy and ready to support in any way I can.
Great [email protected]

Thank you our latest Country rep. We appreciate everything you have done for this Community and SteemAlive.

 2 months ago 

This is impressive @steemalive really meant so well for its subscribers.Thank you for the support.

I wish to thank @focusnow for nominating me among the members that are billed to attain the 1k SP landmark.

It would be a dream come true if we can have up to 100 members that have attained the 1k SP mark.

As the SteemAlive City Coordinator for Aba,I wish to reiterate my effort to promote Steemit in the city of Aba.

I wish to attain 1k SP soonest.

@steemcurator01 @stemitblog

#twopercent #nigeria

 2 months ago 

This is so sweat! I am proud to be a member of steemalive community, a community that cares for its members. You are doing great @focusnow.

To the steemians that made it to the list, i wish you guys well. You really deserve that feet. @talktofaith, your drive for this blockchain always impress me, keep doing great! Steem must get back to its initial position in the list of cryptocurrencies.

#affable #onepercent #nigeria

 2 months ago 

@bright-obias, yeah.
Steem is too good to be ignored.
I have to introduce it to everyone who comes my way and cares to know.
Thanks for the compliment.

 2 months ago 

That's correct, keep doing great.

Hope these four people will join the 1000 SP Club soon.

One thing that you might want to encourage your members to do to help get more vote rewards is to start using What3Words for adding location codes to photographs.

They have an app for both Android and iOS...

@rishabh99946 has made a good post about how to use this...


Sure, they will be doing that from now on. Will get them all informed @steemcurator01

Congratulations to y'all 🎉🎈

 2 months ago 

Great initiative and support you have given to your members @steemalive, your goal for these post would be achieved by Gods grace.

God bless @steemalive and our Oga at the the top @focusnow. Your efforts are not in vain.

#twopercent #nigeria

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