Hurray!!!! SteemAlive would Soon be 1: This is a fundraiser for our 1 Year Anniversary July 2020 - July 2021.

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How time flies!!!! Friends, we are delighted to announce to @steemitblog and the entire Steemit platform that SteemAlive would hit the 1 year mark by Monday, 12th July 2021!!! The journey has never been easy, but its nothing short of amazing. In 1 year, we have done much more than we really envisioned at the beginning. So it just occurred to the community admin that our 1 year anniversary date is just few days away.

From Steemworld

So we have decided to celebrate our story - our success story, by hosting an event that will bring together all Steemians that have benefited from the work done by SteemAlive community. That is the essence of this post.


We need Funds + Invitation to willing attendees

First of all, we want to inform us that the anniversary celebration has been scheduled for Saturday 17th July, 2021, in Aba, Abia State Nigeria. Unless something really tough happens, we will not change the date.

Events of this magnitude need time and funds to prepare. We have put together some things that we will need in order to successfully host this important event. They are as follows:

  • Rent an Event center
  • Print Banners, Branded T-shirts and Guest ID
  • Food and Drinks
  • Anniversary cake
  • Camera men/ Videographers
  • Event Decorations
  • Gifts
  • etc

To take care of all these and more, we will need at least 350,000 Naira or 2,187 Steem (1 Steem is currently 160 naira). This is really massive and we will need everyone that will be part of the event to support us. We hope to raise the funds through the community, and all members that wish to support us.


If you want to attend, we need your Support

To successfully host an event of this magnitude requires proper arrangements and coordination. So for SteemAlive members that want to attend this event, there are two requirements:

1. Financial Donation: Each member that wants to attend must make a donation of at least 3,500 naira or 21 steem (rate varies based on time). This donation would be sent to the City Coordinator before Thursday 15th July, 2021.

2. Indicate interest: All arrangements would be made based strictly on the number of persons that would attend the event. So please, if you will attend, we need you to indicate with the following comment:

Reserve a Seat for Me, I will be there!!!

The city Coordinators will make a list from the comments of all those from their city who would like to attend. That will help us to make every arrangement spot on



This would be the first ever meetup of all members of SteemAlive since the founding of this great community. We hope that all support this event, especially everyone that would be there as a guest.

On behalf of the Coordinators and admin, we thank you all our members and the Steemit team for making our vision a reality.

Written by: @focusnow
For: @steemalive


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Happy 1 year Anniversary @steemalive,

 3 months ago 

It is really going to be massive. Congratulations to our dear community @steemalive. I am impressed with all the Achievements in such a short time.

Reserve a Seat for Me, I will be there!!!

Thank you for the invitation. I will do my best as a city cordinator to organize my people to support this grand event

Wow! Congratulations to @SteemAlive community

 3 months ago 

Congrats @steemalive and in addy to you 😅😅

Wow. Happy Anniversary to SteemAlive 🎉🍾🎂. Congratulations to all those who are part of this amazing journey so far.

Kudos to our admin @focusnow and to our City Coordinators @samuel20, @ngoenyi, @talktofaith and host of others.

Congratulations to myself.

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Thank you @jaspichman125 for identifying with us.

We are proud of your contributions and effort towards the Steemit Community.


It's my pleasure sir

Congrats to this amazing community @steemalive community

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This is great.
I cannot wait for that day to come; congratulations to us.
Reserve a seat for me; I will be there.
Best regards

Reserve a Seat for Me, I will be there!!!

This is great news about our great platform. Boom boom boom Steemalive

This is a great news.. Congratulations to steemAlive community

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Wooow. Beautiful. Congratulations to our awesome Community

This is really awesome good news, steemalive community is really flaying like an Eagle, and so will it continue to sight very far. I will be there reserve a seat for me.

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The baby of yesterday is now 1 and just at 1 this amazing community has achieved so much which means there is hope for all of us in this community,happy birthday @steemalive community.....we move.

I,me and myself will be there life and direct.

Time really flies! From an idea to a project and a success one! Congratulations to you, us and us!
We are joyful!!!

Waoooo waoooo this is a so so lovely,and amazing , congratulations ,and Happy anniversary to @steemalive

Congratulations to SteemAlive community. That's great. Happy anniversary. Although I will not be there physically, but spiritually I will be there. Once again thank you @focusnow for all your great impact on this platform.

Happy anniversary @steemalive a big congrats

Congratulations to our wonderful community @steemalive happy anniversary

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Happy birthday to one among the best community platform in the world @steemalive I'm happy to see such wonderful achievement within the short period of time.

Thank you for your invitation.

Reserve a Seat for Me, I will be there.

Congratulations to Steemalive.

This is just the beginning of your growth. You will so shine like a diamond in the sky.