LID reporting for Saturday 10/7/2021 (Spotlight:: Inserticide)

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It's another weekend friends. Goodmorning and welcome to another opportunity to report live and direct. How are you going to spend today? LID gives you the opportunity to write about your immediate environment and give updates on what is happening. You become a reporter on the spot. Remember to capture on interesting or educative events happening around you and use the comment section of this post to drop your reports.


How to make great LID images

Here are 3 ways to make a great LID image

1.. The first Report: Start with a morning selfie immediately after you woke up. Write about the things you will do and places you will go. Be specific and detailed. Do not write a very short report. The minimum is 300 characters. After the morning report, you can then focus on reporting other things.

2. Report other things There is no limit to the number of things or times you can report. Just be creative and try to capture anything interesting happening. You can capture people working in their workshops, traffic on the road, traders inside the market, marriage ceremonies or other important events.

3.. Lighting: Do not take pictures when it is too dark. Sufficient lighting is necessary for a great picture. So if you are taking pictures at night, be sure to use flash or other sources of light so that your images are clear and visible.


Spotlight for Today

Our spotlight for today is Inserticide. Capture a product used in killing inserts. We want to see the name clearly. We will pay you extra 0.1 steem if you feature a great spotlight.


Support LID

Make a donation to @steemalive to help us reward our LID reporters. Send steem, tron, or SBD to us. You can also curate the LID post for each day and even resteem it.

Written by: @focusnow
For: @steemalive


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 2 months ago 

First LID Report: Morning selfie
Location ABA Abia State Nigeria
Time: 7:13am
Date: 10, 7, 2021

Hello my good people morning to you all, hope everyone slept well, I did work wasn't much at the company so I felt relaxad after finishing work by to 11.
I chatted with friends on Facebook, I used the opportunity too for my DiaryPost and also read books online, now we are about going back home this morning, I pray God will lead us safely to our various houses.
Have a nice day lovely ones and enjoy

Good morning dear, enjoy your day

Well done @joeboi. I read your post on Spotlight: inserticide. I commend you for making out time to read some books on-line. Hope you got useful information from the books you read.

 2 months ago 

Yes sir

Good morning dear, am happy to hear that you slept well last night. God will surely lead you home safely

 2 months ago 


This is good. I will do mine later

 2 months ago 

First lid post
Time: 6:44am
Location: Mgbirichi imo state
Date: 10/1/21

Good morning everyone. How was ur night? Mine was cold. Slept early last night was tired after the day's work. Am up already and on my way out of town. In a mini bus as u can see, I Have somethings to catch up with. I pray your day be fruitful today. Do take care.

 2 months ago 

I wish you the best.

 2 months ago 


First LID report
Location:Abia State

Good morning my fellow reporters,,, how are you doing? I hope we are all good?

My night was super cool, I slept last night around 9:30pm because I was seeing a movie. But my night was awesome, I slept like a baby.

This morning is cool, am up and thankful. I will be doing some chores this morning after which I will do a little cleaning in the house, prepare breakfast then take my bath and off I go to the office.

We will be having seminar today. I will also need to get something from the market, though that will be after office hours.

I will keep you posted on more updates.....

Best regards 💜💜💜

 2 months ago 

Do have a nice day

 2 months ago 

Good morning @ninapenda,buy Apple for in the market, have a blessed day

 2 months ago 

Good morning @ ninapenda how are you doing today, God bless you

First lid
Location: uyo
Good morning my fellow steemits, hope you are doing well this morning, hope you slept well, I thank God for making me and you to be among the dear I went to tarry night yesterday night, just came back at around 6 o'clock this morning, I am very tired and sleepy, I just manage to go to shop
IMG_20210710_074208_2.jpgstay tuned will be back with more report.

 2 months ago 

God bless ur day

 2 months ago 

Good morning dear.
No matter how stressful we are, woman must hustle oo.
May God bless our hustling.

Amen🙏, thanks so much

 2 months ago 

My first Lid Report
Time:7:48 AM
Location: Aba.
My people and follow steemians good morning and how was your night. Today is a beautiful Saturday, and a beautiful weekend. Thank God for life. Today I will be going to church for morning prayer after which I go to market for the weekend purchases. See you later as the day progresses. Thank you and stay safe.


 2 months ago 

Second LID Report: Spotlight Insecticide.
Location: ABA, Abia State Nigeria
Date: 10, June, 2021

This is my second LID report, is an insecticide I just went a shop as I was coming back from work and asked the people inside the shop if the have insecticide, they said yes and I told him to bring it, he did and I told him I want to capture it and send to my brother to see if it was the one he wanted to buy. He was just staring at me and i took the picture and went away. Enjoy your day and stay safe lovelies

 2 months ago 


Wow, your spotlight makes sense.

 2 months ago 

My first lid
Location: Ifa
Time: 7:48am
My morning selfie

Good morning everyone
How was your night, trust you all had good night sleep,as for me I slept very well,I have a lot of work to do this morning after my morning exercise,I will wash clothes,go to Ekpenukim market, attend our weekly meeting today,
I will do all this thing's by God's help.
I wish you all happy weekend

 2 months ago 

Good morning ma and happy weekend

 2 months ago 

Good morning beautiful lady

 2 months ago 

1st Lid report

Good morning everyone hope you had a great night,my night was fine and good,just awoke from bed about to pray now
Have a wonderful day everyone.

 2 months ago 

First lid report
Location: Aba

Morning selfie


Good morning everybody!
My night was fine and i also slept like a baby without worries. I woke up by 3:30am because today is saturday and it's always a good market day for people selling akara. I got the akara stuffs ready before 5am and carried everything to the shop. I will wash clothes, toilet and bathroom and tidy up the house.

Stay tune for more.....

 2 months ago (edited)

1st Lid report
Time :8am
Date : 10-07-2021
Location : Ilorin

Good morning to you all, hope you all had a splendid night. I actually didn't sleep much due to the upcoming examinations
Today, I will be going to field for the semi final match my team had qualified for which is coming up by 10am and later in the day, I have to finish my drawing for the swep program that has been ongoing for the past 5 weeks since it is coming to an end this coming monday.
And also today I have to read for the examination on Wednesday. God help me.

I wish each and everyone of us the best of today.. God is our strength.

 2 months ago 

I wish you success

 2 months ago 

Thank you

 2 months ago 

1st LID Report
Location: Ogbor Hill.
Time: 8:45
Date: 10/7/2021

Greetings great steemians how was your night? I believe you all had a nice rest, my night was fine, I slept like a kid. Thank God is weekend and I am looking forward to hear a great news from you guys
morning selfie


Do have a great day ahead.

 2 months ago 

1st Lid report
Date 10/7/2021
Location : Akwanga Nasasrawa State
Time: 8:56 am

morning selfie

Good morning fellow steemians.
I was your night?
Mine was fine and short so I thought because immediately I closed my eyes, I was called out for family morning devotion again. Chaiii
We did devotion by 5:00 am and I returned back to bed afterwards.
I was so sleepy and tired.
I am just waking up and I want to cook for some girls who have come to help us in the farm.
Do have a pleasant day

First lid report
Location: Aba
Time: 9:09


Hello my good people. good morning to you all, hope you had beautiful night rest?
My night was cool and am so grateful for the gift of life giving to me this morning.
I woke up by 6:30am, had our morning worship after which i took my bath and left for farm. hopefully i will join todays meeting through zoom and that depends if i finish my work on time. Have a nice day and remember to stay safe.

2nd Lid Report
Date: 10/7/2021
Time: 9:25am
Location: Oyigbo



Hello steemians!
In my first lid post, I outlined my activities for the day. Which I've already started and completed some. I've done the dishes already and my laundry. My laundry took my so much time than I had expected. Guess it's because I've not had the time this week to handle it. But all the same, I'm glad that it's over and done with. Now, I'm moving on to cleaning tge house.
I'll be back soon to tell you how my day is going.
Stay Tuned!

 2 months ago 

Good job. Saturdays are for for cleaning.
And cleanliness is next to Godliness.
Thanks for the update @gracieux

Good day, please its not good ooo, why didn't you tell me to bring my own clothes naa?

😆 Sorry. Maybe next time .

 2 months ago 

Ist Lid Report.
Location:MCC Road Aba Abia State.
My Morning Selfie

Good morning my Steemians members.How are you doing?.I hope your night is good.Mine is also good.
I woke up this morning by 5:40am.I did my morning prayers, swept the rooms, watched bathroom/toilet.After that I went to the kitchen, prepare food for my children to eat before I continue work.
After giving them food , I went Outside and cut grasses around my house.While gethering the grasses with rake I took a selfie.


 2 months ago 

You have done a great job today, keeping the environment clean is a good idea, carry de go.

 2 months ago 

No be small thing oo.Thank dear.

 2 months ago 

I didn't know there was an insecticide with that name. Hope it works well?

 2 months ago 

@chigold1 it's good to know you did clean up today.
It's good to keep our environment clean.
I also discovered that you use same phone with me, are you enjoying your Gionee s11 lite?

 2 months ago 

I do enjoy it sometimes.Thanks

 2 months ago 

First Lid report
Location: Bambili
Date :10/07/2021

Morning Selfie

Good morning my beautiful steemians. It's a bright new day over here. My night wasn't that bad because I woke up this morning very strong and healthy. My catarrh and caugh has reduced and I feel much better now. Hope you all had a cool night. We all give God the glory.
Today I woke up at 7:00Am since I am very free now and on my holidays. I went for my morning devotions then prepared breakfast. Today activities will not be much. I will be visiting a friend to gain some ideas on how to write my MSc project proposal. From there, I will come back home and start up with mine. As you can see from my morning Selfie am on my way already. I will keep you all updated. Stay tuned for more. Have a blessed day .
#twopercent #cameroon

 2 months ago 

Bling bling, don't want to let you go, do have nice day dear

 2 months ago 

Hahahaha thanks and same to you

 2 months ago 

First Lid Report
Location: Uyo
Date 10/7/2021
Time 9:52 Am

Morning selfie

Good morning my fellow Steemians. How was your night? Mine was good. No much work for me to do today. Because it's Saturday no school. So right now I'm in the shop for today's hustling. Thanks and remain blessed

 2 months ago 

God will honour your hustle, Amen. @chichieze

 2 months ago 

Amen @ijebest

 2 months ago 

1st Lid Report

Location; Okobo

Time; 10am

Date; 10/07/2021

Morning dear steemians and I hope you all slept well! Because for me, I did but here where I find myself, the network is really bad.

Going to grand cron for pap but I am surprised that Mom could send me on this kind of errand this early morning but is for my own benefit...stay safe as I will bring you the lid report for today later.

 2 months ago 

😂 😂 😂 😂 before you want her to send who?
Happy weekend to you

 2 months ago 

Same to you dear...if you ask,na who I go ask dear.

 2 months ago 

@benson6 to our parents, we are still their little children.
Happy weekend Dear friend

1st lid report

A lovely morning to you all, hope you all had a good night rest. Mine was peaceful and i woke up by 4:30am, had my morning worship, then prepare my hair treatment, applied it, and lastly, i cooked rice. I will post Its cooking procedures on our steemfood community.


Stay tuned more updates ahead

 2 months ago 

2nd Lid report
Location :Akwanga Nasasrawa State
Time :10:27 am
Spotlight : insecticide

Hello everyone, I'm back with my 2nd report .
I decided to report now before my network will do koiskois like yesterday.


Like I stated in my 1st report, I am cooking for some people helping us in the farm.
See you later when I am done

I know that you will include me despite l do not work in your farm?

 2 months ago 

😂 😂 😂 😂 of course you are included sir

First lid Report
Time: 10 30 am
Date : 10/07/2021
Location : Ohanku Road Aba
Morning Selfie

Good morning fellow steemians, how was your night? I'm hopeful that your night was ok and so do I.

I slept fine over the night, though I wake up very late. I consider my daily text for the day, which is my morning worship.

I will be going to work and I will visit Aba steemit office to see @focusnow

1st Lid Report
Date: 10/7/2021
Location: Oyigbo
Time: 06:33am


Good morning steemians.
This is my first lid report for today. I slept quite late yesterday after having a really hectic day. I got up at 5:30am and had my morning devotion. After this, I'm going to do my laundry which I've been unable to attend to throughout the week as a result of my busy schedule. So after washing, I'll go through the notes for my internship programme so I can complete my assignment. I've really been lagging behind. Then I'll make about three posts on steemit. This is part of my new resolution; to make at least three quality posts everyday so I can build up my steem power. Then I'll have breakfast and have some rest. Then I'll get ready later in the evening to go assist the teens department of my church in their choir rehearsals in preparation for their national celebration today. Then I'll see a movie then iron my clothes as well. I guess it'll be a long day for me.

See you in my next lid post!

 2 months ago 

Good morning @ gracieux, your day is really loaded, take care.

Thank you very much.

 2 months ago 

Good morning. Wish you success in writing the posts

Thank you.🙂

 2 months ago 

Good morning @gracieux. I see you have a very busy day. I Whish I could help you out because my day is not loaded as yours. Sure that will be fun hahaha 😀. Never mind. You do have a blessed day
#twopercent #cameroon

 2 months ago 

First lid report
Immaculate road, Aba.

Good afternoon friends.
How have you been, hope fine?
It's only now that am stepping out since today. I have been busy with house chores.
Am on my way to meet a friend towards ckc, I will be done with there in one hour time. After which I will go to shop and see what I can achieve for the day.
That's all for now, do have a pleasant weekend.


 2 months ago 

Second lid report
Location: Aba

Use Read A Dream Insecticide for quick action...


 2 months ago 

My 2nd Lid
Time:1:02 Pm



This is called firewood, growing up in the village in those days, we use it to make up 🔥 fire for cooking family food on daily basis. But things have changed, many families no more use firewood for cooking meals, rather gas cooker with ovun for numerous bakings or ordinary gas sylinda and burner or a table gas cooker with a gas sylinda. Just to remind us that days are changing.

On this little tree is ukazi leaves crawling on the tree trying to grow up with branches. This is an essential leave for women for making soup, mostly on weekends. Have a nice weekend, And thanks.

2nd lid report
Location:Umukalika road

Good day lid reporters, hope you all are doing fine. How is business going? Hope its moving right? Anyway, am still beautiful where i am.

Am on my way to Obikabia junction for some collections. I printed something to promote steemit. So, am on my way.

IMG_20210710_130244.jpgon my way

Stay tuned.

 2 months ago 

That's great my dear Lid reporter @marajah. I Whish you the best in promoting steemit. More grace my dear.
#twopercent #cameroon

 2 months ago 

Lid reporting for today👇🏻


 2 months ago 

Second Lid report
Location: Bambili

Hello my great people. My day is going so smoothly,hope urs too? Am on my way back to my house from a friends house. Thank God on my way back I had the opportunity to snap my spotlight for today from my friend's shop. Check that below👇
IMG-20210710-WA0003.jpg insecticide.

Still on my way home. See you guys soon.
#twopercent #cameroon

 2 months ago 

My 3rd Lid Report
Time: 1:52 pm
Location: Aba



The spotlight today is insecticides:
These down here are the pictures of the numerous insecticides we have in the market, that kills both mosquitoes and many other insects that disturb the humans. Happy viewing and have a great weekend, thank you all.

 2 months ago 

@ijebest you carry vest capture today's Spotlight ooo hahahaha

 2 months ago 

@chichieze thank you so much na God oooo

 2 months ago 

Second Lid post
Time: 3:52pm
Location: okigwe road owerri
Date: 10/7/21

Good evening amazing lid reporters. Hope your day is coming on well. I went to town today to attend a wedding. One of our new steemians from Owerri city is wedding today. So I and the city cordinator went to share in their joy. The wedding was very snappy and beautiful. We spent some time with them, the groom is a steemian and hope his wife will join us soon. This is the clip we took with them.


 2 months ago 

Congratulations to the new couple

 2 months ago 

Wow so beautiful.😘. Her make up is just so perfect for me and all you guys are looking great too

 2 months ago 

Yep. The bridewas looking beautiful and all smiles

 2 months ago 

This is beautiful...... You guys rock!!
Congrats to them...

 2 months ago 


3rd Lid Report
Time: 4:57pm
Date: 10/7/2021
Location: Oyigbo



Hello steemians. This is my 3rd lid post for today.
So far, I've been able to complete almost all my activities for today. I've ironed my clothes, made one post on steemit, and now I'm in church for the choir rehearsals I mentioned in my first lid post. Unfortunately, most of them are not here which means I have to wait. Hopefully, at 6:30pm I should be out of here so I can get home and finish up everything else that are left undone.
See you in my next lid post.

 2 months ago 

Third Lid report
Location: Bambili

Hello my dear steemians am almost rounding up with my day. I just finished cooking my jelof rice and now eating
IMG-20210710-WA0024.jpgjelof rice

When am done eating,I will arrange some few things then to my bed to have some rest. Good night.

#twopercent #cameroon

 2 months ago 

Second lid report (spotlight education)
Immaculate junction

Good evening dear friends. How was your day, I hope you did have a great day?

First of all, below is my spotlight for today.


After I met with my friend, I still went to another friends shop to check on him, while I was there rain caught up with me, I had to spend about two hours there. Am currently on my way home, I captured the traffic situations at immaculate junction. It is a rush hour coupled with the rain that just fell.. the traffic is heavy and in some areas, (like: min park and okigwe road) there is serious traffic jam.



That will be all for today, do have a great weekend.

 2 months ago 

Second LID report.
Location:MCC Road Aba Abia State.


Good evening my Steemit members.How was your day? Mine day was good as I went out for a seminar at Hospital Road Aba . I really enjoyed the seminar because I know I am going to make alot of money from it.After the Seminar I entered Keke to my place.Currently I am at home preparing food for my children to dinner.
My Spotlight


 2 months ago 

2nd Lid Report

Location; Okobo

Time; 7pm

Date; 10/07/2021

Good evening everyone and I you had a nice day because I did and with today engagement, better days ahead


There you have the lid report today,
love you guys as today is Euro 2020 finals.

3rd lid report

Hello friends, good evening to you all, hope you are all back to your various destinations. As for me, am at home right now. Sorry for reporting late, its just that, after capturing our today's spotlight, my phone tripped off. But all thanks to Jehovah for touching EEDC's heart this night. They just brought it now and that is why am able to drop the spotlight.





 2 months ago 

2nd lid report
Time: 7:55pm
Location: Abia State

Wow! Today's rain was something else oo. But I was so surprised that when I got to my junction,,,, I noticed that the rain didn't get to that area.
I just returned home now and was able to capture my spotlight for today.


Second lid report
Location: Aba
Time: 8pm

Good evening friends. Hope your day went well? It was fun here as i went to see my friend at his workplace. We had heated argument on many topics, it was really fun that i even forgot to capture todays spotlight till this night.

Here is the spotlight

 2 months ago 

Second Lid Report
Location: Uyo
Time 8:26Pm
Date: 10/7/2021

Good evening my lovely family and fellow Steemians. I'm back for today's hustling, hope you all are back to. I'm back with my today's Spotlight. Have a peaceful night rest all.

Today's Spotlight


 2 months ago 


My LID report for today