LID reporting for Saturday 5/6/2021 (Spotlight:: Roasted corn seller)

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Weekends are great times to relax and wind up. But you could go places today too. So whatever your schedule looks like, make sure to capture live and interesting activities happening around you. Use the comment section of this post to drop you reports.


How to make great LID images

Here are 3 ways to make a great LID image

1.. Start Early: The earlier the better. So you need to start your first LID report as soon as day breaks. You will have the chance to bring in many other reports within the day. Starting early will also give you the chance to do other things while having the time to do LID too.

2.. Take great Pictures Pictures are great tools for story telling. So make sure you capture a great image. Nothing should block the image you want to take. Be sure to angle your camera well too so that the viewer will not twist their neck badly.

3.. Lighting: Do not take pictures when it is too dark. Sufficient lighting is necessary for a great picture. So if you are taking pictures at night, be sure to use flash or other sources of light so that your images are clear and visible.


Spotlight for Today

Our spotlight for today is Roasted corn seller. Capture a shop or business that sells roasted corn. We will pay you extra 0.1 steem if you feature a great spotlight.


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Make a donation to @steemalive to help us reward our LID reporters. Send steem, tron, or SBD to us. You can also curate the LID post for each day and even resteem it.

Written by: @focusnow
For: @steemalive


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First Lid Report

Good morning my beautiful people of steemit. Its another bright and beautiful day. And I am up and greatful. My night was good because I slept very early. Hope you all had a great night as well.
Morning Selfie


At exactly 5:00Am, my alarm woke me up. So I got up from the bed immediately, did my morning devotions then later went out and brushed my teeth.
I will not have much to do today. After dropping this first lid, I will make my breakfast then arrange some water leaf to cook Eru and Garri. One of my favorite dish. Never mind I will keep you updated. See you guys soon. Bye 👋
#twopercent #affable #cameroon.

 2 months ago (edited)

@bihnadine such a beautiful smile.
hope you be kind enough to let me know when the Eru and Garri is ready.
Happy weekend!

This is weekend thats why you dnt have much to do today. All the same, cooking is a little challenge when it has to do with vegetables like water leave. More grease to your elbow as u prepare this delicious meal, and make sure you keep some for me. Have a nice weekend.

Thanks dear. Sorry i couldn't prepare the eru again since i had a very busy day with a newbie. But you can check my post on how to prepare Garri and eru Here is the link
Thanks. I will be waiting for your comment
#twopercent #cameroon.

Surely I will.

My dear good morning. I had a great night rest. Please, teach me how to cook eru soup.

Hello @marajah Eru is one of my favourite dish and i can prepare it at any time T. You cant visit my post on how i prepare Garri and Eru Here is the link
I am available at any time incase you dont understand any point in the post. I will be waiting for your comment
#twopercent #cameroon


I would like to eat Eru and Garri, have a nice day and keep steemit hot 🔥

Thanks i will

Good morning @binnadine,is good to hear that you slept fine, have a lovely day

Thank you my dear

Wow, your smile is beautiful, I must confess. It actually been long I ate Eru. When I was at Lagos, I usually eat it but since I came back to my state, we don't sell any of that. I thought they eat Eru with Amala and not with Garri?

Thanks so much my dear @evegrace. I am Sure My smile is as beautiful as yours.
Oooh yes my dear Eru is also being eaten with Garri. Visit my post on how to prepare garri and eru. Sure u will love it. Here is the link
I will be waiting for your comment my dear.
#twopercent #cameroon

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1st Lid report
Location: Worldbank Owerri
Date: 5th June 2021

Morning selfie

A very Cold morning to you all from the eastern Heartland. Walahi 🥶🥶 cold dey.
Its been raining cats and dogs every night for the past 3 days here. Even though it's cold I prefer it this way,let people make use of their day.

Today is Saturday. There's housecleaning to do and then I'll be on my way to church for setup in the evening.
Do have a productive day ahead.

Good morning my dear. Thats good going for church setup. Have a nice day

Dear @ngozi996 this cold is general o.
Please give me ideas, what do you think we can do about it?😶
Do have a great and pleasant weekend.

We can take hot beverage @uzoma24

 2 months ago 

@ngozi996 a very beautiful cold morning to you.

Saturdays are for clean ups but mine is not just gonna be that, cos I will be going for a training after the little chores I will be doing this morning.

Do have a productive day ahead!!

You really had a nice rest.

Yes I did. Hope you did too @flint881

Dear, its nice to hear from you today. Sorry for the coldooo. Always cover yourself very well

First lid report.
Immaculate road, Aba.

Good morning friends, how was your night, hope fine?
Mine was not very fine, The cold was too much😕
Regardless, am up and thankful.
Am still on bed in the company of my phone.
At about 7:30 I will start preparing for work so as to arrive shop at most 8:30.
When I arrive shop, I will work till about two when I plan to close and go home for the weekend.
That's all for now.
Do have a great weekend ahead

Your smile shows you really slept well. Have a nice weekend.

@flint881 thank you, and do have a lovely weekend.

This smile is contagious

 2 months ago 

First LID report

Location:Abia State


Good morning beautiful reporters.. I hope your night was not so cold.
I had to use my duve at night when I started feeling cold.
It's weekend and everyone in the neighborhood is still in side.
I can't even hear anyone talking at least, abi na the cold cause am?

Anyways, am already out, because I've got to do some chores at home before leaving for today's training.

I will keep you updated on what more that happens..

1st lid report
Location:Nung udeo
Time:7:15 am
Date: 5/6/21

Good morning to our great reporter, my night was too cool ,as such I woke up late today by 6:35 am , l conduct my daily text and communicate with my heavenly father, after that l take care of my house chores , take my bath . Since today is weekend , l will go itam market and got some food stuff .


After the l need to search for my spotlight , stay tune for more update .

Get something from market for us too,lol.

Ok l will please your location.

2nd lid report
Location: uyo
Time : 11 am
Date :5/6/21

As l said earlier , am now at itam market to get some food stuff . We want to cook afang soup .





Stay tune for more update, soon u will see my spotlight

Yessooo Today is ITAM MARKET,buy plenty things.@dequeen

Your're really trying buy giving us full update on how your day is going

Thanks yesterday,battery fuck me up it was annoying

Good morning @dequeen, I will like to eat this soup. Pls include me when dishing out


Wow, you are beautiful I must say, please I live close to Itam market, buy something and bring for me.

I won't forget how my night went, it was pretty cold and unfortunately, my wrapper was wet but I finally slept off without knowing when I did.

Beautiful face, have a wonderful day

First lid report
Location: portharcourt woji

Good morning steemians,its another beautiful day and I am up and grateful , the weather's was so cold I slept like a little baby, today is Saturday and I have alot of works to do from sweeping, cleaning, and washing clothes and cooking,so I will keep you updated to the rest of my schedules today ,have a nice day

Lid:1st report
Location:Umukalika Aba

Good morning beautiful lid reporters. Last night was sweet and cool so i slept like a baby but didn't bedwet and woke up like an adult. What about you?

This morning, my plan is to go to the farm with my cousin sisters. Its time to weed. But my phone is down so i gonna leave it at home. But when am back, i gonna update you.

1622873371254415931625.jpgi and my cousin sisters

Stay tuned

They are beautiful, please take good care of them .

1st LID Report
Location: Aba
Date: 5/6/2021
Time: 7:25am

Good morning great steemias, it's in did my pleasure to be with you guys once again, I hope you had a great rest.
My night was so wonderful.
Morning selfie


This morning is all about domestic work, before any other things. I hope to keep you guys posted later in the day about every other things.

Do have a lovely weekend.

Yeah bro
My night was awesome and the weather was so friendly

First lid report
location: Nbawsi, abia state
time: 7:42

Morning selfie

Good morning everyone, am so glad to also report lid today.
I had a wonderful night rest hope you guys did also.
Due to the rain that fall last night the day is very cold. But not withstanding we will still go for our daily activities.
have a nice day everyone

1st Lid report
Date : 05-06-2021
Location : Ilorin
Good morning to you all, how have you been and hope you all have a nice night?
Woke up an hour ago and decided to clean my room, wash my toilet, cleaned the dishes, right now, I want to continue my swep assignment, more of drawings
See you all later

I dey loyal sir

Na your eye I dey look o

 2 months ago (edited)

1st lid report
Location: Aguda surulere Lagos
Good morning,just waking up to a beautiful day that Jehovah the God that never change has given to humans,
How's today going to be:

  • First I will doing some laundry this morning.
  • Secondly I will be cleaning the house and washing my toilet and bathroom.
  • Third I will be going to the market to get food stuffs for my Saturday soup which am still contemplating the kind of soup I will make.
  • Fourth I will be spotlighting a rosted corn shop.
  • Finally I will be taking a nap if time permits me.
    Let's go now, we will come back later to know if I was able to achieve all my goals.
    Thank you and stay tuned.

My 1st lid post
Location ogbor hill ABA
Time 8:00am
Date 5/6/2021

Good morning my fellow steeamians how are you all, hope you people slept well, my night was awesome I sleep comfortable because of the cold weather, I really thank God for the rain because it will make everywhere cool and also to make what the plant to grow I really thank God for that, I boil hot water to take a shower I'm praying for God to Grant everyone successful today, and more updates 😎

1st lid
Location...Ado Ekiti
Morning selfie

Good morning fellow reporter
I hope will all have a lovely night cus I did as well, just woke up not quite long. It rain here heavily throughout d midnight so everywhere is till cold as at now.
Today I doubt if I will be going out, just going to be indoor sleeping, doing laundry ND preparing for church
Do have a lovely day
Bye for now

1st Lid report
Time: 8:20am
Date : 5/06/2021
Location: Aba Abia State

Good morning all members of steemalive hope you all slept well mine was cool.
I woke up by 5am and did my morning prayers with my family and siblings and it was raining over here after the morning prayers I slept off again and woke up around 7am and took my bath and prepared to take my brother for his exams.
You all should have a wonderful day.

Hello my brother good morning to you hopefully your night was splendid, thankGod you said your morning prayers before stepping out for today may God lead and guide you. Stay blessed man

Thank you very much I really appreciate 🙏

my first Lid report for today

Location: #Rivers state portharcout city

Date: 5/06/2021

Time: 8:43am


Hello everyone I bring you all Calvary greetings from the city of portharcout, hopefully I know you all had a splendid night, as for me I did well at least there was light and no disturbance from all this wicked mosquitoes around, I all started at about 4am in the morning I woked up and I quickly took my phone to update and finish up my homework courtesy steemcryptoacademy, hopefully I finished it and posted. At about 5am I went out for my all important work-out exercise with friends and some there family members remember today is weekend so many people are actually free.

I will be going out later to buy corn and along the process I will surely get my spotlight for the day simply stay tuned here. @kingcent cares.

Ist lid report
Time: 09:05
Location: Owerri

Woke up this morning and thankful
l to God for the gift of life... Hope you all enjoyed your night as i did?

Well, i had a lot to do today but i had to start with my project work and later in the day i will be going out to deliver my products to my customers whom i wasn't able to attend to yesterday.
Good morning and do have a fruitful day ahead.

Location: Oron Road uyo
Date: 05/06/2021
Time: 7:50Am


Good morning beloved reporters. How was your night rest?? Mine was cool and I slept well I even woke up late around 7:40am.
I believe today will be an awesome day. I'll be off to work so my kid sister will help out with the house chores though I'll do the sweeping.
Please stay tuned I'll be back with more updates

Beautiful morning, i will be waiting for ur update

1st lid post
Time: 9:30am
Location: Ilorin


Good morning steemians.
Trust our night was good.
I woke up 3am to read a little till 7am brush my teeth then prepare for field currently am on the pitch playing.

 2 months ago (edited)

2nd lid report
Location: Aguda surulere Lagos
Right now am in a yard meeting,where we need to trash out something's especially concerning security level.
how to protect ourselves the more because of what is happening around us,and we are also using the same opportunity to caution our security guy,on the issue of leting loss of his post and increment of his salary , below are my people.

Item 7


Stay tuned more to come.thanks

This refreshment make sense o

So enjoying.

Location: Nasarawa
Time:9:38 am

my first lid report today

my morning selfie

Good morning my fellow lid reporters and all the steemians,
How was your night trust you all had a good night rest,as for me I did not sleep well because of the client I told you yesterday,
The husband kept calling me to tell him what to do because he was confused.
By 1:am he called me again to in form me how she was breathing, hearing that I asked him to put the phone close to her, when I heard her breathing,I noticed that she was fighting to live the land of the living to the land of the dead,I told him to take heart, close her eyes and mouth, bring her together,in less than 10 minutes she passed on,
I left house very early to assist the husband,we have informed her family members, they have not come to see her remain so that she will be taken to mortuary according to their traditions.
I wish all a lovely day

 2 months ago (edited)

Second lid report
Osisioma, Aba.

Dear friends. How is your day going?
So I stopped over at osisioma, and I saw that the canter table of 4years is gradually becoming a flyover🙄 so I decided to bring you to speed.
It have reached about 80% level completion. Thanks to the government of Abia state for the much they have done and encourage them to do more.
That's all for now.
Good morning!



Wow thats good. More grace my dear.

Location: Uyo
Time: 9:30am

Hi there.. hope you all had a delicious breakfast.
So my kid sister asked me to shape her dress for her Before I could go to work and I obeyed the little angel.


Here I am set and ready for work.
I'll keep you posted.. just stay tuned

3rd Lid Report

Good afternoon stemians
Hope you all are winding up well, I'm having much fun here

Me at work with my friend

Today at work we were discussing about patterns of pain in pregnancy with the antenatal clients and the list included 1: lower abdominal pain; 2: upper abdominal pain; 3: waist pain; 4: back pain. They were made to understand that each of the pain had it's indication, it could indicate labour or illness.

Some of the antenatal clients listening attentively to lectures

I'll be back in no time with today's spotlight

I miss today's antenatal health talk . I will soon of you soon.

Second Lid Report

Hello my dear steemians I used lest dan an hour to prepare my breakfast. Guess what it is!!!! Buff buff and soyabeans tea. I love it because it is very nutritive.

Screenshot_20210605-112650_1.pngmy breakfast

I am actually with a friend now trying to direct her on how to write the introductive post and the net work hear is not really the best But I hope when she is done, network shouldn't disturb.

My friend and I.
Hello guys let me concentrate with her buy for now 👋
#twopercent #cameroon

2nd Lid Report.
Spotlight: roasted corn.
Location: Aba North.
Time: 1:30pm
Good afternoon my fellow steemias,
I hope all is going well,
because i'm having a good time myself.
I just decide to walk around just to take a snap of today's spotlight.



Have a great day, and happy weeken.

second lid
time: 2:13

spotlight for the day

here we go.the day is still on the move .
another one

HAVE a nice day everyone

Good spotlight, have a nice day too.


1st lid


Lovely day friends, how's your day and weekend going, hope all is going smoothly.

I'm doing good here since morning till now. My area is cool too.

I have been at home today all through doing some homework, keeping my home clean.

2nd lid
Spotlight - Roasted corn seller

Just left the house at 1:10pm with a friend @flint881 who came around to search for a roasted corn seller. Luckily we found one closer to my settlement.


Have a wonderful afternoon.

Such nice picture @sirdeone10k

2nd lid
Location.... Ado Ekiti
Sport light
Good evening to everyone, I hope we are all enjoying our weekend cus I am enjoying mine, I was at home throughout today so I decided to take a walk to get today's sport light


DATE: 05/06/2021
TIME: 04:45PM



Been a weekend, woke up by 7:00am, did my morning worship thereafter did my home chores, then cared for myself and off i left the house heading to the offices and later on, visit my clients.



1st Lid Report
Location: [Afaha Obong Itam](

Hello guys, I am so sorry reporting my first lid report by this time and this is due to the fact that I have been busy through out the day.


I woke up at about 9:am because I was weak, did my prayer and went about my house chores. I washed the plate, swept the floor and started cooking. I was asked to cook Coconut rice by my mom and it was tiring because I was home alone.


I was happy when I finally finished cooking but did not have time to rest as I had to leave for office. Although I left the house late but I was able to meet up with what I wanted and I have been busy since then.

I will be back to show you guys my next lid report.

2nd Lid Report
Location: Orji
Time: 5:08pm
Date:5th June 2021

There's no long talk this afternoon. This is my spotlight


I did not have money on me to buy corn,besides I don't like corn so I have to covertly take the picture because in this owerri everyone is on the edge before someone will beat me to pulp because of picture. Hope you're having a good day. Ngwa bye!!

 2 months ago 

Today's spotlight

Second LID report


First LID Report

Cool evening my dear people, the day is almost finished. I went out to get some stuff for myself and I saw this corn selling spot so decided to take a shot.


The corn seller was afraid of snapping with me ohh 😂😂 the days are dangerous and everyone is living in fear. It's well.

2nd Lid Report
Location: Udi Street
Time: 6:34pm
Date: 6/5/2021

Okay guys, I bring to you all my spot light for today. Like I told us in my first report, I went to the office, and after some time, I felt like eating something but did not know what to eat, so I decided to take a stroll with my colleague and while we were walking, I came across the corn broker and I decided to buy it. I also remembered that this was our spot light for today, so I told that colleague of mine to take a picture while I bargain with the boy and moreover, we just need to be careful when taking pictures to avoid scandals.

So, here is my spot light for today


See you all.

3rd lid report
Location: Aguda surulere Lagos
Good evening all,I am here to give a final report of myself today,
I was not able to met up with the goals I set today,but still on it.
I was able to clean the house and wash the bathroom.
I was able to go to the market and get my food stuffs to make food for the week.
I was also able to get the spotlight of the day which we can see below:

Now am in the kitchen preparing my okra soup, which after I will study my watchtower for tomorrow meeting.
Thank you steemalive.

Wow you found your spotlight. I could find mine because of too much rain here

3rd lid report
Location: uyo
Time :2pm
Date :5/6/21

Am back from market but guess what? I don't cook but my sister Cook it for me , as l enter house l received @eliany 's call for meet up by 3 pm with leader @ngoenyi , l rush because l was late already . On my way l saw today's spotlight.


Third Lid Report

Hello my dear steemians I am back. My day has been a busy and a good one too. The newbie i earlier said i was guiding, she succeeded to post her introductory post though network was not still very is her link
When we were done, I showed her how to participate in the diary game. She was so happy and assured me to make her post this evening. After I finished with her, my class mate came over. We discussed on issues related to school and as well as some not related to school. You know us girls with gist nar hahaha.

IMG_20210605_124817_4.jpg My friend, the newbie and my humble self.

After some quality time spent with my friends, they decided to leave since they had things to complete back home. When they left, I prepared my pented rice then ate since i had not much time again to sit and prepare eru again. And i had manuals to mark too.


So when i was done eating my pented rice, i had a shower after that, I marked some of the manuals my supervisor gave me to help him out. After 45minutes of marking, I thought of my spotlight for the day. But couldn't go out because it was raining and too cold as well. Also the nature of the road isnt the best So i laid back on my bed and started writing my diary. This is how my day went. Thank you all for going through my post.
#twopercent #cameroon.

This combo makes sense, I love it

2nd lid post
Time : 8: 15pm
Location: Ilorin


Good evening steemians.
Coming back from the pitch I was so tired that I slept from 12 to 3pm
I woke up for the steem alive zoom meeting. And the zoom meeting was very interesting,I learnt so much God bless @focusnow and @ngoenyi for their effort.

4th lid report



Roasted corn is one of the great and lovely cereal in season. As we know corn (maize) has the botanical name: "zea mays"
Some of the health benefit of corn is it's high fibre content which aid in food digestion. It is also rich in vitamin B and has essential minerals like zinc, iron and magnesium.
Endeavour to eat a roasted corn if you've not had any this year.


You can eat it with pear, groundout, or just the corn itself

1st Lid.
Location:AE-FUNAI Ebonyi State Ikwo
Date :5/06/2021
3word :undershirt, basket, saplings.

This my corn picture though the lady didn't accept I snap her together... Aswell you will see my small friend here in school enjoying the corn 😁😁😁



He saw me and insisted I get one for him so I had no choice lollll... Thank God I had small money on me.



My 2nd lid post

IMG_20210605_220021_926.jpgpicture location

Hello my friend's how was your day, my day wen't well I'm so happy that God Grant me safely today,I try my best to look for my today spotlight,thank God I find it 💪💪 stay tuned for more updates....

Third lid report.
Immaculate road. Aba.

So on my way from work, this evening, along my street. I stopped over a roasted corn seller to buy so as to capture it for lid purposes.

5th lid report

Good evening beloved friends.
Hope you all had a great and fun filled day. I had a beautiful and fulfilled day at Work though it was stressful but I waited patiently till @dequeen took over from me

I'm back to rest for today but first I ate the corn I bought on my way home
I wish you all a blissful night.


My 3nd lid post

IMG_20210605_222710_184.jpgpicture location

I'm at home now thank God I'm back,so I wen't to Barb my hair but too much people there so I have to go home because of the coffee in Abia state, but I will try to Barb my hair tomorrow being Sunday, good night everyone and have a wonderful sleep 🤗🤗🤗

My 4th lid report .
Location: uyo
Time 4: pm
Date : 5/6/21.

The meeting or the meet up by our greatest leader was amazing , l learn so much ,and also realized that we have some Many thing to do on stemmit , like contest , diary game etc , we had fun , getting to know each other, snack was given , and. I was very happy to see her one on one for the first time, then after am going to work ,
Stay tune for more update


My second lid today
Location IFA
Good evening everyone
Hope we are doing great,I thank God for His love and protection toward us every day,
Well it has not been easy with me since morning , but I thank God for everything,
I was unable to attend our zoom meeting today because of unforseen circumstances.i was with them in spirit,

The young man on brown senator,is my Son from another Mother,I call him my boss or Sir, Vin,He is a very good person with a good heart, when he noticed that I have stressed so much,He said Mummy you need to rest, let's sit down some where for some minutes,
We went to Chicken Republic,Oron road uyo, right there, He was busy trading on crypto currency,



Thank you so much for reading through my lid report..
Am grateful @focusnow
Good night to you all

Second lid report (spotlight)
Ariaria junction

Good evening dear friends on Steem.
This evening after cooking, I went out in search of a roasted corn seller so as to take picture for for spotlight of the day.


First Lid Report
Location:aba,abia state

Good morning to you all my beautiful friends, welcome to my lid reporting for today.
My night was awesome and I believe yours was the same.