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Goodmorning friends, hope you are strong. Welcome to another day of LID reporting. Take your camera and capture a selfie to begin. Write about how you will spend your day, the places you will go and the things you will do. Then when you go out, start capturing and reporting activities as they happen around you live.


How to make great LID images

There are 3 steps you follow to make a LID report. Here are them:

1.. Use a Nice camera: Make sure your camera lens is not humid. It should be dry and fry if dust. If the quality of your camera is poor, try to get a better one. LID requires clear and visible pictures to enable the reader to get the sense of what is being reported. If your images are great, it contributes to a great LID report as well.

2.. Choose a great angle Make sure your camera is placed at an angle that will be fine to capture images. Choose a portrait that will give you the widest view of your desired image, whether it's portrait or landscape. The best angles are necessary to capture much detail of the desired object.

3.. Distance from Object: If you stay too far away from the object being captured, it would be lost to the background. If you stay too close to the object, it would be too big and details will miss. SO make sure the object being captured fits in to your screen and takes the largest space in your screen That way, it will be both visible and great.


Spotlight for Today

Our spotlight for today is Tea Center.


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Hello everyone good morning hows your night,hope you all slept well,i did sleep well too but,the cold was much,as it rained yesterday very might,this morning the environment are so windy,blowing up the tress up and down,everywhere seems to be dark as if esclipes of the moon is about to happen.
My scedule today is soo much hectic,but i judt pray thst God will give me the grace ans strength to overcome them hv a wonderful day and stay connected



Good morning @rebeca97, God will help you in your activities today, have a lovely day

I pray you achieve you plans today
Have a blessed day

1620889840515606569928794105473.jpg Good morning my fellow steemarian,hope you enjoyed your night?, My night was wonderful.I so much enjoyed my sleep as a result of cold weather last about to leave for work.Today am going to work on construction site, Watch out as futher pictures of todays activities will be posted, Please enjoy your day

Greetings to you brother @essienu, is nice to see your face today and to know that you are doing great. How are your kids? I wish you a stress-free day at work today. Hope to hear more from you

3rd Lid report
Date :13-05-2021
Time : 23:53
Location :Ilorin

After I was done cutting his hair, I felt bored so I decided to go to a friend's place, it was really fun there we mad gist and talked about movies after spending a while with my friend I decided to go back home, when I got back home a neighbour of mine came to my room and gave me a cold bottle of Fanta, I went ahead to buy doughnut with it as that's what I ate as my dinner .
So that's all I have today for my lid



Am awake this morning, going for a burail today

After which today is our mid week service and am sure to attend by Gods grace. No much activities just this two om list, and also i notice my phone camera is having issues, so i might fix it, thats if the money is not much.

Good morning all, do have a nice day.

Be safe as you are going 🙏🙏

Do take care of yourself ma @jovita30

 last month 

May God grant eternal light and rest to the Dead.
Have a great day ahead

Thanks dear

Sorry for the loss, enjoy your day.

First LID report
Date: 13/05/2021
Time: 07:21am
Location: owerri, Imo state.

Good morning everyone, hope y'all had an awesome night rest? Well, for me I had a very cold night as it has been raining and the weather has not ceased being cool for 2 days now.

The only thing on my mind today is to read and solve my past questions in preparation for my exams and then run few deliveries today.
Stay tuned for more updates from me @cinnymartins.

The weather was cool too,success in your endeavors

 last month 

I wish you a retaintive memory.
Do have a lovely day ahead

What a day u had still which u stress free day

My lid post
Date: 13-05-21
Time: 7:39
Good morning great minds. The night is always a restful moment for mind,body and soul.And I hope all had a restful one. Waking up to see the pregnant cloud unleash it's birth, everywhere is cold and wet but won't stop our daily activities.


Today I will be marking an entrance examination script for the outgoing primary preparatory class and proceed to my work station to finish up a dress for a client.

Today is quite busy for you. Have a wonderful day.

First lid report
Location: Akwakuma
Owerri imo state.
Time: 11:28am

Morning selfie


Good morning steemians I trust you had a lovely night, I woke this morning at exactly 6:00am, read my daily devotional. I also did some laundry. I will bring you more update.

1st Lid report
Date :13-05-2021
Time : 7:44
Location :Ilorin

Good morning steemians, I hope you had a nice night. I am still on bed having heard that my exam has been postponed
Happy Eid Mubarak, please as you celebrate, don't take anything harmful and please take all the precautionary measures stipulated by health officials in combating Corona virus.
I wish you and I the very best of today.

Same to you have a nice day and keep steemit hot 🔥

 last month 

Happy celebration dear friend.
Cease the opportunity of the postponment to go through your books again.
Hope you enjoy your day

Yes, I do. Thanks.

My night was waoo


Have a nice day

 last month 

First lid report
Immaculate road, Aba
Abia state

Good morning friends.
I woke up at about about 6am to a call reminding me of an appointment I had wit him at Ariaria.

I quickly got out of bed and prepared.
My plans for the day is to go out return to shop from Ariaria.

I couldn't eat at home because I was in a hurry, because of that, I will stop over a tea center to capture my spotlight and also eat.
I will bring you more updates around me with time.
Do have a lovely day ahead


Location IFA
Time:8:19 am

my first lid report today

my morning selfie


Good morning everyone
How was your night trust you slept well
The whether was friendly last night,so I slept well,
I woke up since 6:am doing some research about Steemit and what they have accomplished since 2016.
Right now am writing down some important information, and by 2pm I will attend wedding.
Have a lovely day

 last month 

Have a lovely day.
I pray for the couple! Their home is blessed. Amen

1st lid post
Date...13 may 2021
Location... Abia state

Good morning my fellow steemains. How was your night? My was good.
This morning, i woke up around 6pm, said my prayers and went straight to the kitchen, warm my soup, Then ate and took my bath. Dressed for work and left.
Morning selfie


I will be at the office today as usual, but i will try find today's spotlight

i will still update you guys
Stay tuned.

1st Lid report
Location: Owerri
Date:13th May 2021

Morning selfie

The sun is out today!! Hurray!!🤸🤸 It's been two whole days of rains and clouds and I couldn't help.but bask in it's rays from my window.
Today is gonna be a good day plus I need to charge my phone with solar since the national grid is down and there'll be no phcn light for a while.
Btw I'm wondering,what's a tea center?
Every other thing I have to do today is indoors except for midweek service by 5pm.
If anything comes up before then,I'll keep you posted. Do have a lovely day ahead!!.

1st lid report
Location :Aba
Date :13-05-2021
Time :8:40 a.m
Morning selfie


Good morning steemains, hope you all had a great night, my was cold but I bless God for another day, I woke up this morning by 5 a.m on the dot and I observed my morning prayers as usual after that I brushed my tooth and took a warm bath because of the cold, am dressing up for work now
Will keep you posted guys
Do have a lovely day ahead and stay out of trouble 🤞


First lid report
Location aba

Good morning everybody,how are you night was cool,I was feeling cold ,it rained heavily yesterday. Everywhere was freezing,I slept very well at least without mosquitoes ....

I took my Injection yesterday,it was paining me I had a little massage on it and laid down..I slept and woke up early,I boiled water and took my bath dressed for work and got ready, ..the weather is still cold but I have my hoodie on..😊

Hello @solar-star. It's good to know that you woke up strong. Hope the injection pains has subsided and hope you're feeling better now? Do have a fulfilled day

Yes thank you

So sorry, it seems like you are not feeling fine, please get well soon.

My 1st lid post
Location ABA ogbor hill
Time 9:49am
Date 13/5/2021

Good morning my fellow steeamians how was your night,my night was so cool, because of the weather, but thank God that am alive I really thank God for that, I'm at my shop right now, I pray that my day will be great, Stay tuned for more updates ✌️✌️

Good afternoon bro
I hope your day is going smoothly?
Have a nice day bro.

My 2nd lid post


IMG_20210513_121410_809.jpgpicture location

I'm at my shop right now I'm not doing anything so I have to use this opportunity I have to look for my today spotlight, so finally I find it, I thank God for that. I really pray for you guys to keep more updates..... And also to keep steemit hot,,,Stay tuned for more updates.😎😎

DATE: 13/05/2021
TIME: 11:03AM


Good morning my honourable people, how was your night? Mine was splendid because the weather was so cool that it was meant for .... anyways, am already at the office and our target for the day has begun.
Do enjoy your day and have a blessed day ahead.
More update will be drop as time goes.

TIME: 11:03 AM


Wow.. I like your phone camera..what type of phone are you using and it's model.

first lid report

Location: ajegunle abalabi town
Time: 11:45am
Date: 13/05/2021


Good morning my fellow reporters, I hope y'all are doing great, it's been a while here because I have been busy with other activities which takes most of my time, however my night was great and how was yours? Mind you today is the celebratuon of eidil fitri, am thankful ALMIGHTY GOD for the strength given to be able to complete the ramadan fasting, I should have attended the morning gathering for prayer this morning but I was caught up in a deep sleep.
I will be engaging more today
Stay tuned.

#twopercent #nigeria

My 1st lid


Good morning steemians how was your night
I woke up ,and was feeling very cold ,i had to wear my hoodie and i decided to take my morning selfie Stay turned for all my activities for today.

Keep steemit hot 🔥

 last month 

Please ensure you cover yourself very well.
May Your plans for today all come to pass.

First LID Report

Location: Aba Nigeria
Date: 13/05/2021
Time: 12noon
Morning selfie

Greetings friends, I trust you're doing great.
Today, I woke up by 5am. I slept very well and woke up strong. It rained heavily last night and the night was so chilly down to this morning. I'm home now and want to do some laundry. It's been a while I washed, so I want to wash today will be home to bring in my clothes when they dry 'cause I don't trust this weather. Later in the evening I'll be going to Church for Mid-week Service. Please stay connected as I'll be bringing in more gist to you soon.
I'm still your favorite reporter @graciee20🤩

 last month 

Good morning @graciee20, it's good to know you slept well. The weather out here too is cloudy with cool breeze that I love.

Let me know if you need help with laundry, enjoy your mid week service as well.

#lidreport #nigeria

Thank you so much @iamlynxie.
And the laundry, oh yes!!! Please I needed help, wish I saw this message on time. Well, all the same, I'll let you know when next I'm doing laundry so you'd come and help. Hope you're fine?

I would have loved to come over and help you with the laundry, but anyways do enjoy your day ahead.


1st Lid report
Date :13-05-2021
Time : 12:50
Location :Ilorin

I woke up late today was watching a movie throughout the night, it was actually a neighbour of mine that woke me up cause she came to give me something to celebrate the festive period with.
Stay tuned for more lid post


2nd lid post
Date...13 may 2021
Location... No 134 ikot ekpene road aba abia state
Spotlight... Tea center.

Good afternoon my fellow steemains, i hope your day is going smoothly? My is cool, and the weather cold oo.
I'm back with our today's spotlight.
Tea center located at no134 ikot ekpene road aba


Stay tuned for more update.

My day is going well


hello guys today spotlight got me roaming around looking for where to capture things,and luckily for me i saw this woman around nnobi,she fries akara,and makes pap and tea for i capture every step.

images (7).jpeg



So i mange to take a photo of her,in her shop here,she fries akara,very tasty,she makes pap for her customers and makes tea too,depending on what u ordered for.
So this is it guys,stay connected for more is to come.

1st lid for today
Location: 4 lane Uyo
Date: 13/5/2021
Time: 1.50pm

Greetings to you all my fellow steemians. Sorry for reporting my first lid late. This is my first time here. My night was awesome, hope you enjoyed yours too? This morning, I enjoyed my swallow before coming out.

I decided to come and check on @ngoenyi in her trading center and so that she can put me through in somethings that I need to know in steemit. I am happy to meet her and I have been shown how to report lid.

Soon I will return to my shop to continue with my sales.

The weather is still cloudy as it rained all through the night.

I hope to bring you more updates soon

General Edet Akpan Avenue


Stay tuned for more updates

2nd LID Report

Location: Aba Nigeria
Date: 13/05/2021
Time: 3pm
Hello friends, I trust your day isn't bad at all and the weather, how is it over there?
My day is going well and the weather here is a bit sunny, though cool. For the first time in a long while I'm praying for a heavy sunshine so my wet clothes can dry. I'm done with laundry
and I'm having a nice time with my coconut. You mind to join me? Okay, come have some.😊
So eating my sweet coconut and pressing my phone is what I'm doing right now. 😁🤩
See you later friends and till I come again, stay blessed.

2nd lid report
Time 4:25
Location: ifa big junction

Hello happy steemians am happy to relate again how my day is going
IMG_20210513_154013_746.jpg on my way going to my shop me @ngoenyi [email protected] branch Forte oil filling station along oron road to drop a broken mob that was sold to her yesterday, which the owner refuse to collect saying,this not how the mob was when it was sold, to avoid problem we just left the mob for her snice she refuse to collect and we moved on with our destination still on oron road and they drop me at
mbiaobong market where I bought fresh tomatoes to prepare egg sauce and rice for dinner and it took me five minutes to reach my shop at chef Akpan Akpan Awa street at ifa big junction.

Stay tooned for more up date

My second lid report

So I was looking for my spotlight,I saw a friend that I knew and he took me there with his cab ,I came down took the picture and rushed back to my cab...

I had a meeting online and I didn't want to miss it ,we started going home ,and he took me to my house,we did the meeting and very soon I will go to take my Injection.. stay tuned

You found the spotlight for the day

As you can see

Second lid report

Location: ajegunle abalabi town
Time: 6:21pm
Date: 13/05/2021

Evening guys hope your day is moving as planned, here is the spotlight for today.

#twopercent #nigeria

2nd lid report
Good evening fellow steemians trust our day was good, just wanna gist you guys on how my day went this afternoon I went to my friends place to have my hair cut.then went home to prepare something to eat



Now am going for night class with my roomie because we have exam tomorrow morning.



My 2nd lid

Good day all you guys can see I'm back with today's spotlight so you guys should stay tuned for another update


My plans for today was intercepted by a call from my friends husband @ceendy20

She was not feeling to strong so i had to go over her place to help her in tge little way i can. She has been one of the best city coordinator you can think of. Am happy she is getting better and was smilling befor i left for church this evening.

 last month 

Third lid report

This is the
Uploading image #1...

 last month 

Third lid report
Spotlight edition

Tea center


2nd Lid report
Date :13-05-2021
Time : 22:23
Location :Ilorin

So I stood up to brush my teeth,take my bath and I ate the food after I was done with those nepa eventually brought the light and my friend came to my room for me to continue cutting his hair, we had to wait a little to check if the light still be stable or not so after a while waiting and we saw it was stable we went ahead with the barbing and they didn't take the light until we were done with it


1st lid report
Location: Ilorin


Good morning, fellow steemians trust we are all doing fine.I actually woke up so late this morning due to previous stress I have gone through.I want to wish all my Muslim friends in this community happy ELD
and particularly my friend @vhenom