LID reporting for today Saturday 15/5/2021 (Spotlight:: Gas Refill station or Shop)

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A great morning to you all. Welcome to this beautiful weekend. Its time to wind up and recover from the stresses of the week. LID does not rest. We keep on reporting right through the week. Whether you would stay at home today, go to the market, attend a wedding or do some other jobs, there will always be a LID report to make. SO pick up your camera and starting capturing interesting moments happening around you today.


Succeeding as a LID reporter

Here are 3 things that can help you make a success in LID reporting

1.. Consistency: Even in life and other things we do, only consistent people eventually achieve success. So try to stick to your LID reporting. Be sure to make at least 2 LID reports today and do so everyday if possible. If you can make up to 5 LID reports today, we will pay you 2% of the LID post for tomorrow. We reward you for being consistent.

2.. Timing: You can start your LID report any time of the day. But, its best to start reporting from morning time. So take a selfie when you woke up and write about how your night was, things you planned to do and places you want to go. Also be sure to continue making more reports as the day goes by. Basically, the more reports you make, the better.

3.. Engagement: The engagement rule is 1:1. Each time you drop one LID report, also reply another person's report. IF you make 5 LID reports, we will naturally expect 5 replies from you.


Spotlight for Today

Our spotlight for today is Gas Refill station or Shop Take the picture of any shop or station where you refill your cooking gas. We pay 0.1 steem if you feature a great spotlight.


Support LID

Make a donation to @steemalive to help us reward our LID reporters. Send steem, tron, or SBD to us. You can also curate the LID post for each day and even resteem it.

Written by: @focusnow
For: @steemalive


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My 1st lid Post
Location ABA ogbor hill
Time 12:48pm
Date 15/5/2021


Good afternoon my fellow steeamians how are you, I hope you people slept well last night because my night was awesome I really enjoy it,I slept comfortable, I was busy that's why I did not post my first morning pics earlier,I'm about to go to work I'm praying for God to guide us as we're going out today, stay tuned for more updates......

1st Lid report
Location: Worldbank Owerri
Date:15th May 2021

Morning selfie


A very beautiful Morning to my great Lid reporters. I had a good night rest?
Mine was fine but short because I was up till 2am when it started raining. All I had in mind was to lie into my bed but I had to close the windows so I grudgingly did it.

I'm on the road going for a wedding this morning and it'll be a meet and greet.
I'll pay special attention to the vows,I believe God has something to tell me from there. Till I come your way again...stay blessed!.

Good morning @ngozi996, how
is Owerri today? That is my state, have a lovely day

Owerri is great today. And it's nice to know you're from owerri.
Have a lovely day too @ijelady

Thank you so much @ngozi996

God will definitely tell what you need to hear sis. Abeg bring rice come o.

Lol. I don chop the rice finish🤣 @kanuprecious

Chai, totally unfair. My love for party rice. Well next time.

Looking beautiful ma 😍

How much I love weddings!
Hope you enjoy the show.
I wish the couple peaceful and love!

I did enjoy the wedding thank you @uzoma24

First lid Report
Location: Okpanam Delta State
Time: 7am
Date: 15/05/2021


Good Morning Reporters

Hope you guys had a great night? Mine was awesome i slept very early yesterday night.
I woke up by 7 this morning by my sister. We are outside now doing some laundry. After that i will cleaning up my room, after that my breakfast then i will be heading to meet a friend of mine.
I will keep u guys posted if anything comes up.
Stay Bless.

You no come show us the face of your sister ni😒.
Do have a great day and a blessed weekend ahead

1st LID report
Location: Aba Abia State
Date: 15/05/2021


Good morning all the members of steemalive hope you all had a wonderful night. I woke up by 5am and did my morning devotion with my family till 5:33am and took my bath and stayed a little before going to the shop I reached by 7:07am.
Now I'm at the shop I pray today goes as planned 🙏.

My night was cool and splendid

Good morning @henryug, it's good to hear that you are doing great

Thank you nice to hear from you too

My night went well.
May your day be filled with goodies.
Bye for now

Thank you same with yours.

Location IFA

Time: 7:30 am
By @ijelady

My first lid report today

My morning selfie

Good morning my fellow lid reporters
How was your night, trust you had a good night rest,
I slept very well and I woke up by 6:30am
Today is Saturday I have a lot of things to do, washing of clothes, going to the market.many more.
Right now am going to Abak to deliver products to an ulcer patient, when I come back i will go to Ekpenukim market,
So friends have a lovely and great day today.I love you all.

I do hope to visit your side, don't know if it was calabar or akwa ibom.
Have a lovely day ahead ma'am @ijelady

Is Akwa Ibom State, I will be happy to see you

Yippie!!🤸🤸 It's settled🤣 @ijelady

Do have a great day ahead.
The product, does it take care of the ulcer situation? Or is it a management technique?

Ist lid report
Location: Naze, owerri
Time: 07:42

Morning selfie
Good morning everyone, Hope your night was restful? Well mine was reasonable even though I didn't get to sleep all through... I slept in the early hours of the evening that's from 5pm to 9pm that I have to stay awake until 3am this morning trying to round off my international law reading in preparation for my exams.

Although I never did last night but I will today... And for my schedule today, I barely planned for a busy one other than reading and then stepping out to get myself a loafers shoe for church tomorrow. Stay tuned and go nowhere

Read well o and my shoe size is 38 so put my name in your budget.😁😁😁.
Best regards 💝

Thanks a bunch

I no get shoe for church tomorrow, please buy for me also

1st lid report
Location: Oguta imo state
Date: 25-05-2021
Time: 8:57am
Morning selfie
Good morning friends , hope you all slept well, I did too.
Today I won't be doing anything, I need rest , just eat and sleep. My younger ones are around, they should serve me today.
Hope your day is starting well, Because mine is starting well too.
Have a great day today.


Location..... Aba, Abia State
Date: 15/05/2021

Good morning friends, how was your night? I hope it was cool and you are strong this morning.
For me, I really had a good night and I am fine and strong this morning.

Morning selfie

I woke up this morning by 6:3am, said my prayers, brushed my teeth, after that, I took my bath and about to take my breakfast.

I will be at home today to do some homework but I will first of all visit a gas refill station or shop for my today's spotlight.

Stay strong as you wait for more update.
Have a great day ahead.

I really enjoyed my sleep last night.
Keep on steeming sir

Nice post, but me I like today spotlight and I don't know why the put gas fill station and beside I wanted to fill mine gas.

First lid report.
Time: 9:10am
Location: Durumi 2, Abuja.
Date: 15/05/2021

morning selfie

I woke up around 7:30am,I slept quite late last night, rested for a while and had my bath.

I dressed up and went out to durumi 2 to hangout. Today is Saturday and I don't have much going on at home.

I'll be giving you updates on how my day is going so stay glued to this post.

Do have a lovely day out and be safe @kanuprecious

See fine face!🙃
Hope you enjoy the hangout and the rest of the weekend.

😅 have a great weekend too

Alright ma, do have a fun filled day out there

Hi dear ,you're really looking good ,hope your day is moving as planned ,remain some goodies for me ooo

Thank you dear @ladyofpolicy, come take it here in abj.

Nice post dear, I like this your charming Picture with a smile.

1st lid report
Date :15-05-2021
Time: 9:22am
Location :Ilorin, Kwara state.

Morning everyone, I believed we all had a nice night,.
I woke up very late today having had a stressful yesterday.
This is me having washed my face and brushed my teeth

On waking up I had some house chores done, just as a student just swept and washed some dishes.
Right now I am preparing for the remaining upcoming examinations

I wish you and I the very best of today

Wel done bro

successful exams I pray for you. Have an amazing day.

Amen, thank you

I wish you a retaintive memory ahead of your upcoming exams.
Your efforts will be rewarded with resounding success. Amen

Amen,Thanks so much.

My second lid
Time:9:16 am
Good morning once again, I have delivered the products,am on my way back to Uyo,
This is Udoudoma traffic light when I was going.



You can see me now on my way back

The next thing now is to capture today's sportlight,Gass filling shop
I will not forget to tell you that by 3 pm we have zoom meeting with @ngoeyi.

1st lid report
Time: 9am


Good morning steemitian trust our night was Good,happy weekend to everyone.
Today, I want clean my room and wash my clothes and prepare for tomorrow's church
And rest a bit before I resume to my books.
Trust your weekend is also going smoothly over there.
Bye for now as we await my next lid

Good morning, yes my day is going on well, I wish you the very best of today.

2nd Lid report
Location: Spibart ORJI
Date: 15th May 2021

Do you ever have a feeling of forever at weddings?
I do!!.
So I'm at the wedding venue and things are being setup for the wedding proper.
Someone asked me why I came by the time I did. I got there by 7:40am
So he wanted to know if I was the bridegrooms sister or ashoebi girls🤣🤣.
No I'm not,but it's a church brother's wedding and I need to set certain equipments up for the service.

Now back to my story,as you will see in the pictures below people are moving up and down setting chairs, the altar is set,sound is fixed,decoration is done...




Before you know it,wedding haff start.
By the way it's for 10am incase you're in Owerri and want to join. You're welcome.

@ngozi991,babe i wan come oooo,I no dey use party and party rice play,am booking a flight now from umuahia to owerri Now send direction asap

Chat me up when you get to owerri I'll give you directions @ladyofpolicy




Good morning lovely family and fellow reporters,hope we all had a peaceful and blissful night rest.
I'm sure that the night cold didn't affect our sleep and please I hope everyone is taking proper care of themselves this raining season to avoid pneumonia,please oooo let's take care of ourselves because health is wealth.

Am glad am fully recovered right now and am back to activities especially steemit and work.

So today I don't have much activities rather than going to work and am already on my way to work,but I'll try my best to feed you all with plenty gist from umuahia today.
Love you all and stay safe.



Morning selfie.

Thank God you are fully recovered, do have a great day.

Yea we really miss your update..thank God you are feeling fine now..

1st lid report
Location: Lagos State
Date: 15/05/2021
Time: 9:32am

Good morning all it's a Suny day from my end I am grateful to God for life


I am doing some laundry work at home today as you can see


I have already spread some out side
Once I am done washing I will prepare something to eat cos I am already hungry here, I will keep you posted as the updates unfold

First lid report

Location: ajegunle abalabi town
Time: 9: 52am
Date: 15/05/2021


Good morning my fellow reporters, am live this morning from the western part of Nigeria, ogun state, ewekoro local give area to be precise, its a beautiful morning, the weather is clear and it show sign that the day will be sunny has it has been for the past weeks, I slept well and also woke up with his grace, am still lying on the bed I will start doing the needful after finishing this report
Anticipate more report
Stay tuned

#twopercent #nigeria

First lid report
Immaculate road, Aba
Abia State

Good morning friends on steam.
I woke up at about 6am.
I arranged the room and prepared for work.
I had tea for breakfast and hurriedly left because someone was already at the shop calling me.
Am now at my shop.
Today I plan to seat down one place and work.
That's all for now.
Do have a great day out there

Hello dear @uzoma24,am glad you're up and strong this morning,please do well to enjoy your day today

@ladyofpolicy thanks so much.
I wish you have a grace filled day out there




Hello friends,its still your girl @ladyofpolicy.

Like I said in my first report that I don't have much activity today rather than going to work

I got to work and everyone was happy to see me,friends customers everyone was very glad to see me "trouble maker like me".

My friend offered to buy me breakfast since he has missed me at work,and woo oo foodie like me said yes.

So i ordered for white rice with stew,salad and fried chicken and yes he got the food for me.



Stay tunned

You are really enjoying this morning.
I'm happy seeing this.

Pretty lady Good morning to you hope your night was splendid. Mine was fantastic I really like this meal waw this one go make u fat oooo

Enough enjoyment

Wow this meal make sense,@ladyofpolicy,am coming to enjoy with you.

please come ma

my first Lid report for today.

Location: #Rivers state portharcout city

Date: 15/05/2021

Time: 11:12am.


Hello steemians welcome once again to my first Lid report for today. Good morning to you all hope your night was splendid. My was cool because I slept well and woke up strongly although in portharcout city here we are really passing through some difficult time at this particular time but trust me all will be fine, at about 5am I woke up and prayed with my family after which I went out for my daily work-out exercise at NTA pitch. Reaching there I met where people are getting some screening exercise. I joined in the process

2nd lid report
Location... Ikot ekpene road aba
Time 11:17am
Date 15/05/2021
Spotlight.. Gas-refill-station-or-shop

Good day my fellow steemains.
Hope you're enjoying the weekend.

Am bored and lonely in the office right now cause my colleagues went to the seminar.
Here i present the spotlight for the day
I took the picture in the morning when i was going to work.
the gass station is located at ikot ekpene road aba.



Stay tuned wait for more update see you guys soon

Nice post bro I like this gas station where it's located pls

SPOTLIGHT --Gas Refill Station

Location..... Ogborhill Aba, Abia State
Date....15 - 05 - 2021

Good day friends,
Here I come again for my spotlight of today, gas refill station. This station is located along Ikot-ekpene Road, Ogborhill Aba, Abia State. Is a popular station because of the location and the good treatment they give to their costumers.


I am now on my way to the house to continue the house work.
Stay strong and have a pleasant day.

This is big gas plant. Nice shot

Wow this place is fine

2nd lid report
Time: 11:05am
Location: Durumi II, Abuja.

I went to hangout with @starnation
I stayed for a while then went out to buy something to eat for breakfast. I got roasted yam and 7up drink. On my way to buy the food, heavy breeze started blowing as it was about to rain. Its is raining right now.

I ate my breakfast and I'm waiting for the rain to stop so that I can go out and look for todays spotlight.
I'll be back with more updates.





First lid report
Location:Aba abia state


Good day everyone, hope our night was amazing, woke up this morning very late because i had all night prayers and this morning am feeling a little bit weak but i know i will be much strong before i leave the house for my daily activities

You will be strong like a giant, have a great day

Second lid report
Aba owerri road.


Good afternoon fellow lid reporters.
This is a mega gas station located opposite Tonimas petrol station along Aba owerri road.


First lid report
Location:Aba abia state

Good morning everyone on steemit I hope you guys slept well tonight, I woke up today as early as 5:00am I did my morning devotion with my family prepared myself off to shop, hoping for Gods blessings 🙏 on me today.

2nd Lid report
Date :15-05-2021
Time :1pm
Location :Ilorin, Kwara state
Afternoon steemians, trust your day has been going on well.
I left home for campus to get my gadgets charge, since there hasn't been light in my area for a while now.
This was me preparing to leave my hostel
Got to school now, and there isn't light too, I guess I will have to pause reading now because most of my books are soft copy and my phone is low

My 2nd lid post


IMG_20210515_120231_927.jpgpicture location
I'm less busy at the shop so I went home to give my friend his phone I remember that the spotlight was gas refilling station or shop. So when I was going back to my shop,I use that opportunity to capture my today's spotlight. I'm so happy I find my own, stay tuned for more updates...

3rd lid report
Time: 12:50pm
Location: durumi II

This is a popular junction in durumi II, its is called keke napep junction.
It has stopped raining now and I went to a nearby gas shop to capture the spotlight for the day.


I actually saw two shops in the same location.
They are both located at savannah estate in durumi II, Abuja.

Second lid report
Location:Aba abia state

About to leave the house now for my daily activities, i need to go for market shopping for the weekend but the weather is not favourable, i just pray it wont rain today.

I hope you engage and feed us your report...cos I can't anticipating on your report




Good afternoon everyone
Hope we all are good.

Please try as much you can to stay away from this sun,its too hot.

So this afternoon,I decided to go take care of myself against tomorrow being Sunday because I have a big party to attend tomorrow.
I fixed my nails,carve my eye brows and fixed my eye lashes,just for tomorrow.


Am rocking my new look

Nice post dear but do you mean that you fix all this for tomorrow that's good, pls do invite me ooooo.


Third lid report
Location: faulks road Aba Abia state



Went to this gas plant at faulks road but the had engine problem so the directed people to the next shop close to their gas plant were you can refill your cylinder but me i dont like all this small shops i feel the can cheat a lot even their prices defers from the main price of the gas from here am going to the market now..

1st lid post
Date...15 may 2021
Location... Abia state

Good Afternoon my fellow steemains. How is your day going?mine is going smoothly.
This morning, i woke up around 6pm, said my prayers and went straight to the kitchen, warm my soup, Then ate and took my bath. Dressed for work and left.
Morning selfie


Around 10am I and @humblesoul went to visit our training center, wow, it was awesome being there. I enjoyed both the lectures and other things.


So around 1:30pm, we decided to go back to our working place. On our way back, i took a picture of today's spotlight.


I will keep you guys updated.
Stay tuned.

DATE: 15 / 05 / 2021


Good afternoon my honourable people, how is your day going?...Mine is miving smoothly and infact I had a splendid night rest.
Today I had a plan of visiting the STEEMIT ABA TRAINING CENTER And perhaps join in with the seminar that will be held today.
I called @ruggedangel, who had such plans as well, so we took a tricycle heading to the center.

The seminar was lit infact we hope for more responds in the next planned day.




Location: immaculate aba.
Date: 15/05/2021
Time: 05:05am
1st lid report

Hello guys,
Am sorry for sending mine report late today, and this is when I woke up in the morning and join the early morning conference prayer.


And this is when I join our church prayer conference call and this call now I will start preparing for work, well stay tuned for more update.

Location: Ehi road aba.
Date: 15/05/2021
Time: 09:12am
2nd lid report

Hello guys,
As I arrive in the office, and we have an early morning devotion and after that I went to mama put and eat mine rice and beans with meat for my breakfast, well stay tuned for more update thank you.

Ok best of luck today, work well bro and enjoy your breakfast. I hope it's sumptuous..

Location: Ahia ohuru (new market)aba.
Date: 15/05/2021
Time: 04:45pm
3rd lid report


Good evening friends,
How was your day, I hope your day was okay.
Mine is so stress, do you imagine everyday am busy and can't even rest for once in the office, any day I went to work, I will be busy till I close for the day.
And that is why if we are approaching weekend weekend I feel happy inside me.
Right now I have close work for today and I went to the market to buy some food stuffs and I want to cook Okor soup, well stay tuned for more update thank you.

This okra is looking fresh

Fourth lid report
Location:Aba abia state



And so i entered the market to get few things for house and everywhere was so crowded because its weekend i guess....
Expect my last report for the day 😁

Third lid report

Location: ajegunle abalabi town
Time: 5:41pm
Date: 15/05/2021
Good evening my fellow reporters, am back live again this evening, it was sunny through out the afternoon, I was about to go and locate where my the spotlight for the day his, then

weather changed not up to 2min and the breeze was very strong dispossessing object from one place to the other, but not quite long the down pour surprised everyone as the rain started falling

mercilessly without enough notice I was even beaten a bit by the rain before I found shelter.
Found shelter alas
The rain is still falling as at the moment am making this post, I hope it stops any minute from now, as I have to take a picture of the spotlight.

Stay tuned
#twopercrent #nigeria

Location: aba owerri road aba.
Date: 15/05/2021
Time: 05:02pm
4th lid report

Hello guys,
As I finish buying what I want from the market and then I have to look keke that is going to my destination that is immaculate Junction, well I will be going to barbering saloon to cut my hair well stay tuned for more update thank you.

Hello Mr @val it nice reading your report at this time it's really nice to board a tricycle back home me my self I hate tracking. Thanks for sharing

my lid spotlight for today

Location: #Rivers state

Date: 15/05/2021

Time: 6:14pm



Here is a popular gas refilling station very closer to my home resident, at this particular place I petronize then alot each time I want to refill my gas. Why I like then so much is that they offer home service.

Fifth lid report
Location:Aba abia state


So from the market i now went to church for rehearsals to prepare well for Sunday service because tomorrow is going to be paranormal, and i strongly belive that lives will be transformed in tomorrow's service now am good to go because of the curfew in aba 😁 police people are not smiling this days .
Thank you for reading through.

2nd Lid report
Location:Ilorin Kwara state


Good evening fellow steemians
Trust your day was good .
After all the house chores I has some rest around 1pm and woke up around 4pm

And now currently am In school for night reading.
wishing everyone a very good night and happy Sunday in advance


2nd lid report
Location: Lagos
Date: 15/05/2021
Time: 08:08pm

After my Laundry today I prepared a delicious stew with Spaghetti 🍝 for my break fast
After eating I slept and woke up around 3:30pm and studied my watchtower for tomorrow's meeting and because I did not go out today I could be not get a shot of today's spotlight, I will use the spaghetti I cook today for STEEMIT food contest, good night all see you tomorrow bye.

Nice post, but what do you mean by using spaghetti for Steemit food contest.

lol nothing much bro is only that as a member of steemfood I intended to write a post on the steps I took to prepare my spaghetti





Good evening everyone,I hope we all are cool this evening and we're back from today's work.

Honestly speaking,today was very hectic on me that I didnt even have the time to report my spotlight.
I was able to snap my spotlight for today but I couldnt post it early enough because of work but nevertheless I posted it.



This is a gas shop that is located at the back of admin,umudike

Fourth lid report
Location: ajegunle abalabi town
Time: 9:28pm
Date: 15/05/2021
Hi guy this is my last report of the day, hop your day went as planned, it's has been a cold evening, the rain is still drizzling till now but before it got dark I tried to find the spotlight for today.

It wasn't easy picturing this, because it rained and it was still drizzling by the time I took the picture, I wasn't much opportuned to take a full view of the shop as they have been trying to close for the day because of the rian, but I really did my best though.
Thanks for reading my report

#twopercent #nigeria

Location: immaculate aba
Date: 15/05/2021
Time: 05:55pm
5th lid report

Hello guys,
As I said before that i will be going to barbering saloon to cut my hair which and there now and you can even see my picture.

Well thank youtaking your time to read my post am grateful.
Although I have mine spotlight report.


As I finish cutting my hair, I went straight to gas filling station to know how much it cost to fill a one KG, well thank you for taking your time to read my post and am grateful see you guys tomorrow morning.

Second Lid Report
Location:nnebisi asaba


Hello Guys
Hope your day is going as planned?
Mine is moving well.
Am in a youth programme am really enjoying this service a lot. The topic is all about relationship.