LID reporting for today Tuesday 11/5/2021 (Spotlight:: Petrol Station)

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Goodmorning and welcome to our LID reporting for today. Hope you are strong. So remember to get all your tools ready today to bring in those live moments that you will come across today. As you go about your various activities, you will be able to see the city traffic, market women, things happening inside a shopping mall, car park or in relaxation spots. Take a picture, make a report and drop it in the comment section of this post.


You can improve your LID reports

Here are 3 ways to make your LID reporting better

1.. Be detailed: Write in a comprehensive manner about what happened in the story. Use pictures that are clear and shot at the right angles. A short report does not carry any relevance, but a detailed report does. So be sure to always make a quality report so that you will be rewarded.

2.. Location Coordinates: Use What3Words to insert the location Coordinates of your report. This makes it very authentic as it is easy to verify your location. You can make the link clickable so that with one click, someone can see your location in a map.

3.. Engagement: The engagement rule is 1:1. Each time you drop one LID report, also reply another person's report. IF you make 5 LID reports, we will naturally expect 5 replies from you.


Spotlight for Today

Our spotlight for today is Petrol Station. Capture a station that sells fuel, diesel, and other things. We will pay you extra 0.1 steem


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Make a donation to @steemalive to help us reward our LID reporters. Send steem, tron, or SBD to us. You can also curate the LID post for each day and even resteem it.

Written by: @focusnow
For: @steemalive


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Third lid report

When I went out I saw some busy men repairing their tricycle,I captured them came and withdraw money for the buying of tools for repairing it...

Everywhere is dry this morning,I hope it changes by the end of today ,as I promised I will keep you guys updated

Time: 5:50am
Location: Okigwe Road by Oboro street
Date: 11th May 2021.

Good morning great steemains, my night was very cool,.
As you can see am already on my way to work.



I will be back soon, due have a lovely morning.

Good morning @ijelady, hope you slept well last night.

Yesoooo I slept well

You'er already out, today we favor you bro

U too dear,hv a beautiful day

@sammyevans. Good to know that you had a good night rest, and you are already on your way to work. Do have a great day ahead. Best wishes

Yes have a nice day,and more updates

Good morning to you. I see you have given us a glimpse of the spotlight for today already

Have a great day today @sammyevans

Wooow. U were out so early. Do hv a swell day at work

thankyou, do have a nice day too @sammyevans

1st lid post
Date....11 MAY 2021
Time... .6:51am
Location.... Aba,Abia State

Good morning my fellow steemers.
Hope you really had a great sleep last night.
I enjoyed my sleep cause the weather was normal not much cool.
Today will favor us and we all shall smile at the end
My alarm woked me up around 6:04am,I said my prayers then i picked up my phone to check for updates in steemit,after that i went to the bathroom and took my bath before i was out my breakfast was served i ate and dressed up for work.
Morning Selfie


My plans for today.
I will stop at the petroleum station to get the spotlight for the day
Stay tuned, I will update you guys soon.

Yes bro, have a great day and keep steemit hot 🔥

@ready247. Do have a favoured day too. Enjoy your day and best wishes.

Your alarm clock didn't wake you up anyway, it was just doing it business but its God that woke you up.
We should always be grateful for life and give honor to whom honor is due.

I am certain you will have a great day today. All the best!

It's good your night was good and hopefully your day is going to be good too, I'm expecting your spotlight

Good morning bro
I wish you a great day at work


Goodmorning great reporters,i hope you all slept well,well i did too and iam happy to see this smart faces here this morning.
My day today is going to be stressful because,our goods will be arriving today at my mums shops,and the offloading with take place immediately,i woke up aroung 5:55,gather all for devotion,and do some house chores,now preparing to move outta home.


So in the proccess of preparing i watered my aloevera,which i used for my hair growth as well


Stay connected i will update u soon.

Good morning, happy to hear from you this morning.
God is your strength.
Your aloe Vera is healthy, I wish to get one!

Oh i can only imagine how stressful your day will be. Anyway i pray God for the strength.
And your Aloevera looks healthy and thick.
Do you have any special treatment for it?

Yes,my hair treatment,i will soon write on dat

Alright then. I know its for hair treatment. I was asking how you treat your Aloevera plant to look so healthy, any special way of growing it?

Ok,i make sure i water like hydrate it,and it also depend on the sand and manure u make use of,i use animal manure of mine,aloevera hate been dry and haye excess water,so always visit and hydrate when neccessary.

Oh alright thanks. I used to follow the same procedure but my mom complained that i water it too much.

Wow your day is going to be a busy one and stressful as you said but it's for good, more stress more money, enjoy your day and keep assisting mum

Hello pretty, @rebecca97. I wish you a fulfilled day. This aloe vera is so fresh. Please how did you grow it to this point? I want to have mine😊

Its simply the sand nature,the manure and hydration,alorvera hate been dry,and let ur conyainer has holes to relase water from,the holes,excess water will make it decay.

Wow, it has actually been a while since I saw an aleovera plant as healthy as this. With all this said, I am sure your day is going to be a stressful one .

A quick question for you, how do you use the alovera for treating your hair.

I will post the content very soon,just stay connected..

Location: Ogbomoso
Date: 11th May, 2021
Time: 6:40am

First LID Report

Good morning Steemians, I hope we all enjoyed our sleep? I was just moody and slept early yesternight without a known reason.

I thank God for the light of another beautiful day, may today be a good day for me.
I planned to travel today but it was canceled. So, my activities will be minimal, I will just go to office and attend Bible study by 5pm.

I will keep you up to date with events as it unfolds...

It's @holayemine, reporting live from Ogbomoso

Stay safe 😷


God is wonderful to us all.
Happy to hear from you. Have a great day.

My 1st lid post
Location ABA ukegbu
Time 7:15am
Date 11/5/2021

good morning my fellow steeamians how are you and how was your night,my night was awesome because I sleep comfortable and wake up early this morning I really thank God that I'm alive in the land of the living, I'm also trying to take my shower I need to go to work and find something doing I'm also praying for God to Grant everyone successfully as we reach and have a great day, and also praying in any type of business we are doing God grant us successful,stay tuned for more updates..

Mine night was good, and as you step out today I wish you good luck.

Good morning bro nice reading your first Lid report at this particular time. Hopefully your night was good thankGod mosquito didn't disturb you, as you step out for work today simply stay safe...

Good morning,you look good this morning,yes God will grant you success today ,stay safe out there

First Lid Report
Location: Akwa Ibom State
Time: 7: 34am
Date: 11-5-2021


Good morning lovely people of the steemalive community.
Its yet a great privilege to be alive today and to participate in today's lid report.
How are you guys doing so far?
Today i woke up a bit early, said my morning prayers and head over to the site to perform some online tasks before going to the kitchen to do a few chores.
Right now i am on my desk trying to do one or two things before getting ready for work.
I hope i am not too late by the time i finish.

Today's spotlight gonna be an easy peasy for just anyone i bet. And i am glad to know i have a few on my device already to share but until then, stay safe guys and have a blissful day

Have a blissful day too, I look forward to see your spotlight

Have a nice day and more updates 😎

Wow it is interesting to know you already have the spotlight in your device, that means it wont be difficult nah. Wish you the best and await your update.

Yep. The spot light was easy. Had fun.

1st lid post
Date....11th of MAY 2021
Time... .7:33am
Location.... Ilorin

Good morning everyone hope you all had a good night sleep? I didn't actually sleep last night, i was in school reading and I just got back to my hostel to sleep.... Stay tuned for more lid posts.

Read hard and have a great day 🤗🤗

Good morning how's your night

1st Lid Report

Date 11/5/2021
Time. 6:30am
After a very good night rest, which was only interrupted by the buzz of my alarm at six o'clock in the morning. We freshened up for few minutes , then came together to examine the scriptures and expressed our gratitude to our heavenly father. The activities for today starts. First I'll go to consult my physician, thereafter I'll go to work. I will update y'all as the day goes by. Please stay tuned. Best wishes.

My first Lid report for today

Location: #Rivers state portharcout city

Date: 11/05/2021

Time: 7:32am..


Hello steemians welcome to my first Lid report, I'm currently reporting live from the city of portharcout, Good morning to you all hope you all had a good night, for me my night was super splendid I slept early yesterday so I woke up early this morning.

I woke up at about 4am, I quickly took my phone and checked my steemit notification and started galvanizing some post via #steemcryptoacademy, it takes me 48hrs to execute one post. Lots of intensive research you need do to be victorious. At about 5:30am I headed straight to the GYM, to carry out some exercise in order to keep my body composition fit and flexible. Thank you very much for reading through more updates will hit you simply stay safe here

Location: immaculate aba
Date: 11/05/2021
Time: 04:30am
First lid report

Good morning my fellow steemians,
How was your night, I hope is was good.
Mine was great and the last night whether was cool.
I wake up this morning and I join the early morning conference prayer from our church and after that I took my bath and then warm my food, and you know I want to eat before going to work.

And after prepare the food and I eat it and right now am ready to leave the house, well stay tuned for more update and I have a nice day.

Greetings @val123. I trust your day is going on well already. Please I'm seeing 2 spoons on the plate of rice, is one for me?

LOCATION: aba,abia state

Good morning everyone on steemit hope you guys have a a wonderful night rest just woke up as early as 5:00 a.m. and I did my morning devotion with my family prepared myself off to shop hoping to have a blissful day thanks

1st lid report
Location: Lagos
Time: 7:38am

Early morning selfie
Good morning my good people in the house, I hope we all slept well last night? We thank God for life, I woke up around 6:30am this morning and as usual I did my morning worship and took a selfie while still on the bed and I have already prepared about to leave home to the way house, I pray that my day today will be a success and yours too see you all later

Location IFA

My first lid report today

My morning selfie

Good morning my fellow steemians and lid reporters,how was your night trust all is well.
I had a very good night rest
This morning I have prepared my children for school already,
By 10:am I will meet a client for some directions on crypto currency.
After that I will check filing station that is close by.
By 4:30pm I will attend Christian meetings.
Have a lovely day.

 last month 

Good morning @ijelady, its good to see you up and facing your day already. Wish you a good time with the person wanting to expose you more to cryptocurrency, enjoy your christian meeting as well as you have a fruitful day. Thanks for sharing.

#lidreport #nigeria

Thank you so much @iamlynxie, wishing you the best of the best

 last month 

Thank you.

 last month 

Abuja, Nigeria
1st LiD Report.

Good morning from this side of the globe guys, hope y'all doing great today? I am feeling refreshed and ready to go about my day well. The weather currently is cool and not sunny just yet, looking like it's going to be a rainy day.


Currently am home and waiting for an online interview scheduled for 0930AM Nigerian Time, while waiting am just going to have my breakfast and watch TV.

Later in the day I'll be going to a printing press to do some designs and printing work that need to be done. As the day unfolds I'll get back to you with more reports on my day. Stay steeming guys and do have the best of today.


Warm Regards,


#lidreport #nigeria

Its a nice one. thanks

1st lid report
Time:8:15 am
Locations: Ilorin



Good morning lovely steemains trust your night was good.
I work up this morning around 7:30am and am already running late for my exam.
So am trying to rush to the bathroom to get prepared and go for my exam

See you guys on my next lid😚

2nd lid post
Date....10 MAY 2021
Time... .8:32am
Location.... Umuahia,Abia State

I so much love how my day is moving, not just cause the food but am glad I have done a very big work this morning. So I decided to digest this meal.


As you can see I have already gone a long way with the meal.
Still longing for more blessed moments of today.
So help me God.

I wish you guys the best.
@sammyevans loves you all.

 last month 

First lid report
Esiaba, off immaculate.
Aba, Abia state.

Good morning friends.
I woke up my 6:30 I prepared prepared breakfast, soon, I will be leaving to shop to work.
I have lots of backlogs.

1st lid post
Date...11 may 2021
Time...9:05 am
Location... Abia state

Good morning my fellow steemers, trust your night went well? Mine was awesome.
I woke up around 6am, said my prayers and brushed my teeth. I went straight to kitchen to warm my food. Then went out to fetch water, after that i ate and took my bath, then left for work.

I'm at work now
Morning picture


I will be at office today, but will keep you guys updated.
Stay tuned.

First Lid report
Immaculate road

Good morning friends
Today i wokep by 6am.
I qickly fixed breckfast and sooni will leave for airtel office.


My 2nd lid post

IMG_20210511_115629_476.jpgpicture location

I'm on my way coming to my shop I realized that today's sposlight was petrol station,so I have to look for it,now I'm happy that I find it,(what about you guy's?have a nice day everyone,and stay tound for more updates.....

Nice one you have here.

You have a good spotlight

Wow! That petrol station looks cool. The lighting and everything. It seems its a new station am i right?.
Have a wonderful day

You did well @smarto,

Location..... Aba, Abia State
Date: 11/05/2021
Time.....9:[email protected]

Good morning steemains, I hope your night was good and your strong this morning.
For me, I had a wonderful night and very strong this morning.

Morning selfie

I woke up today by 5:58am. said my prayers, had a little morning execerse, then brushed my teeth, take my bath, and my breakfast, finally off to work for today's activities.

This morning, I will first of all go to the office drop my bag then look for were to take my spotlight picture.

Lovely day to you all.

1st lid report
Location :Aba
Date :11-05-2021
Time :9:30am

Morning selfie


Good morning friends, hope you all had a great night, my was lovely as well, I woke up by 5:05am and said my prayers after that I did some chores, brushed my teeth and took my bath and prepared for work
About hitting the road already

Will keep you guys updated
Bye for now

SPOTLIGHT: Petrol station
location: Ogborhill Aba, Abia State
Time: 9:[email protected]

Like I said earlier this morning that I will be going to take a picture of petrol station for my sportlight of today.

Finally, I am now at Ikot-epkene road Ogborhill Aba, Abia state.

Picture of petrol station.

Keep bouncing for today friends!

That's a nice shot from you
Keep on steeming

My 1st lid post

Location:Aba ukaegbu
Time:9:49 AM

Goodmorning my fellow steemains how are you all, my night was boring you too too much mosquito in the house I couldn't sleep ,

I slept very late and weak up early,pray to my heavenly father take my bath and also is time for work, on my way going to work I will make sure i snap my today's sportlight ..... Stay tuned for more update.


My 2nd lid post


Had my morning text and say my prayers to thank my father for the gift of life.
I know you all had a lovely night rest. I have been on concall since morning,and the call is over. Am preparing to leave for work and from there i will get my other pictures for the lid ready. Also i will be attending my christian meeting by 5pm. Thanks to all and stay tuned as the day unfolds.

 last month 

@omerenma yeah i had a great night. I wish you the best in your endeavors. I hope the Christian meeting went well...

Thanks for sharing

DATE: 11/ 05 / 2021



Goodmorning honourable steemains, Hope you had sound night rest, same with me. As it stands now, I'm at the office, work for the day has already began.
Stay connected for more updates.

Do have a fruitful day ahead.



Bro you have a nice view here.
Have a nice day
We are expecting more update from you.

It seems you captured this from an upstair. It a nice capture by the way. Glad you found your spotlight for today.

WELL,according to todays i decided to take a shot while fiillng my tank for bike
Take a look at my shots

images (3).jpeg

images (2).jpeg


Organizer fillings station at nnewi,AMUKO junction

Wow...i know this place. I work in nnewi and i always pass through this filling station. Hope your day is going great?

Yes it is there

Yay! Becky found her spotlight. You even went closer to snap those people lol. I don't think i can do that hahahha.

2nd lid post
Date...11 may 2021
Location... Ogbor hill
Spotlight... Petrol station

Hello my fellow steemers, trust you day is going well.
Mine is going smoothly.
Here is today's spotlight, which i captured at ogbor hill this morning


Eterna petrol station, is one of the highest petrol station at ogbor Hill, which was renovated between ending of last year and this year.

Stay tuned.

No wonder the whole place looks fresh and new cause it was just renovated.
Their parking space is so big.
It seems its about to rain. I love that weather i am seeing.💤😊

2nd lid report
Location... Park road aba
Time 10:54am
Date 11/05/2021
Spotlight...petroleum station

Hello my fellow steemains.
Hope your day is going well,
I tooked the picture on my way to work.
the petroleum station is alone park road aba { EASY ON }


Stay tuned wait for more update see you guys soon

 last month 

I Sabi this filling station.
It's the best in the city


Location: ifite awka..
Time: 5:15am.
First LID report.

Goodmorning everyone, its a wonderful day here, the weather is great. I woke quite early..though my night was short. I said my morning prayers then went on to iron the kids uniforms. After that, i did the dishes and then prepared spag for the kids to take to school. My sister dropped them at school so i had time to prepare for work. I left for work at 8:30am. Today is going to be hectic for me but i will keep you all posted.

@kinkyamiee. Been a while,but it's good to see you again. Do the best you can to make your day less hectic. Have a nice day and Best wishes.

Yea..feels good to be here...thank you so much, hope you had a stress free day?.

 last month 

Hope your day was well spent?

1st Lid post
LOCATION: Worldbank Owerri
Date: 11th May 2021

Morning selfie



Good Morning Dear lid reporters. This morning I'm going to continue my hair from last night and then get involved in some contests on @steemit.
If there's any other thing I'll keep you posted

1st lid



Location: Abule Egba


Good morning everyone, trust you had a great night. I was sleepless through out the night busy with my assignment task. I haven't finished it yet I will continue this morning.
I pray you all have a blessed day ahead.


1st Lid Report
Location; Eziobodo (FUTO)
Date: 11/05/2021
Time; 11:05


Hello Steemians,a lovely morning to you all. Today I'll be reporting live from futo.
The morning is peaceful and the weather condition is encouraging. I believe it's going to be a beautiful day.

Last night was wonderful,I had a sound sleep and woke up by 5am this morning,did a little prayer and studied my daily devotional along side my Bible. Tuesdays are usually free for me,so I ventured out to get some breakfast and to plug my system for charging at our charging spot here,but they had not resumed work yet. Just wanted to make this lid report before going out again to check on them.

IMG_20210511_083014_7.jpg Breakfast

My plans for the day includes making some more posts on steemit and later in the I'll be going into school for a meeting,and then to a prayer meeting.
On my way into school, I'll be updating you on the happenings in my area.

Stay tuned,as I bring you the spotlight for the day....
Cheers....@giftye, reporting live

2nd Lid Report

Date: 11/5/2021
Time: 8 am.

After a cold shower, to help make me physically stronger and alert. My breakfast was served,it was tumeric, ginger and garlic. After breakfast I'm ready to leave house, first I have to walk down the street, just about 500meters to the main Street,where I boarded tricycle. First I'll go to the clinic, then to work.

On board a tricycle

IMG_20210316_125822_663.jpgIN the clinic waiting for my turn to consult the Dr.
Thank you for staying with me, please stay tuned for more updates

First lid report

Good morning everybody,my night was not good I didn't sleep because of my skin reaction,it got worse today,I could not sleep,I was awake till morning,my body was scratching me... I became furious and angry.

So I still managed to stay up ,I played music and participated in some contests ,so it was morning and I boil water and took my bath ,I dressed and went to shop immediately...

Stay tuned

@solar-star. It's a pity, sorry about the inconveniences caused by skin irritation. Thank God you made it to work today
Enjoy the rest of your day and best wishes

My first LID report

Location: Aba Nigeria
Date: 11 - 05 - 2021
Time: 11am


Hello lovelies.😊 How is everyone doing? I've missed you all and the fun in here. I hope you all slept well, woke up strong and you're doing well in your various business and school activities?
Okay, I want to start by thanking the Almighty God for the gift of life. Yeah! Amidst the insecurities and mayhem in the country, God has been faithful in shielding us.
This morning, I woke up by 5am, strong and sound. I said my prayers and studied God's word with my devotional (snapshots of the new creation).
I finished, made some important calls and came online to check for updates. Now I'm reading a book by Eno Jerry titled "I almost ruined my marriage".
I recommend this book to every married woman who wishes to sustain a blissful and enjoyable marriage and to every single lady who wishes to have a good marriage.😋
I'll go have my bath now and go to the bank. Please stay with me. I'll be right back. Thank you for your time.


Second lid report

On today's spotly,I noticed it was petrol station 🚉,so I captured my spotlight today ,there are many petrol station but this was my choice...

They really attend to customers carefully and neatly ,I was happy,so I'm going to report my day's activity today ...
7258xSVeJbKkzXhyseBP4PYz11eBDT8sW2oR1a4vfVFS6JNw85Wo3mEYUvTNurJ6PAbdQtJs4JDqjVh5AZcjqV7iQej5bxSE69dryGf3ChVU2FbeLN4Ys3Cok5RzRXtCZxbAZPBKtmYra (1).jpeg

Alright...big thanks


So after capturing the spotlight,i drove my way all down to Nkwo nnewi market to get some suffs for the shop.



And i received a call that our goods are avaliable ,and are ready for offload,seriously,i hv stressed out myself,but its well,i will get through it ,stay connected for more updates.

1st lid report
Time: 1:20
Location: Aba Abia State
Date: 11/05/2021


Good day everyone sorry for late posting I was busy and couldn't get a good rest.
My night was good and hope you all slept well yesterday night.
I woke up at my usual time 5am and did my morning devotion with my family and prepared for shop.
So when I reached at my working place I don't have the chance to use my mobile phone so I went to my whatsapp and saw today's LID so I decided to make a post now.
God bless all of you more updates are coming.

Ok. We're expectant for more updates @henryug

Second LID report
Location:Aba abia state

Good afternoon everyone on this spotlights here I present my second lid report on spotlight petroleum station have a nice day and a blissful days ahead
thanks for viewing @ebusneh-report

2nd Lid report
Location : Road 7 gate Imo Housing Estate Umuguma
Time: 12:30pm
Date: 11th May 2021.

I went into the market to get some hair itemz and captured these lovely shots of traders displaying and selling their various goods



I also used the opportunity to get my spotlight for today: A petrol station




I couldn't very well go in and take pictures,because of the state of the country right now before they'll suspect something and collect this my small phone.

My first lid report
Location: orji owerri
Date 11/5/2021
Time : 1:38pm

Good morning steemians
I woke up late this morning cos I stayed up late last night praying. I brushed, tidied the house and made breakfast


Just finished eating and am stepping out. So stay tuned for more lid reports


You are so beautiful @alexanderpeace

Nice to hear from you ma'am. Hope your day is going well?

2nd LID report
Time: 1:51pm
Location: Aba Abia State
Date: 11/05/2021

Today's spotlight 😌

What three words

Location IFA

My second lid

I left house by 9:45am for the crypto currency training,

After the training I decided to trake a little so as to capture today's sportlight.




This children were coming back from school,and what I was doing captured their interest.

I never reach house more are loading.

Fourth lid report

So I went to my neighbor who sells phone to do some business with him... I did it and decided to take some pictures...we cracked some jokes and laughed together..

He is a very busy guy who always have a lot of customers that's good...

Soon the weather changed with possibilities of rain ,I rushed to my shop immediately...


Fifth lid report

So everywhere was cool and immediately it started raining,it rained heavily , everyone was stucked,and we all started hosting with each other...

Some people were working in the rain while others were running to avoid rain touching them that much ...yes I'm happy reporting what is happening around me ..

My Second LID report

Location: Aba Nigeria
Date: 11/05/2021
Time: 3:36pm

Hello friends, I trust your day has been going as planned. Mine is good, but not so sure it's going as planned.😌 I'm reporting now from FCMB bank Brass Street Aba Nigeria and right now I'm not so happy. IMG_20210510_113703_7.jpg Me, on my way to the bank

IMG_20210510_123649_0~2.jpg people waiting to be attended to

I've been in the bank 3hrs ago and up till now I'm still unattended to.
IMG_20210510_124434_5~2.jpg queue
This may not go well with certain persons, but I feel some banks should just be shut down.
First, I got to the bank and had to queue at the entrance for 1hour. Finally, I'm inside. Now it's bad network.
How on Earth are my going to carry out the transactions I came for? Oh I wish I have answers to that question other than "please we're having a bad network, come back tomorrow". Sure!
I'm tired of waiting, I'd just go home. Something very funny happened and it really got me laughing. One man had so waited for hours, he was there before I came, so it was his turn to be attended to, but when he got to the desk of the staff who is meant to attend to him, the staff told him that his request cannot be completed because of bad network that he should come back tomorrow. You know what? The man angrily tore the form he already filled for his transaction into shreds, flew the pieces of paper in the bank reception and angrily left.🤣 It's painful on his side, but funny to me. Some Nigerian banks can be very annoying.
Thanks for reading my people. Please stay tuned.

I can relate to your pain. Nigerian banks needs serious improvements on their managerial skills

@graciee20. The look on your face shows that you had a good day, not withstanding the wahala at fcmb bank. Really, sometimes network can be annoying, but we must learn to control our emotions, speaking of the man that tore his form. Have a good night rest and best wishes.

1st Lid report
Location: Afaha

Hey guys, it is quite unfortunate that i m doing my first lid report by this time of the day and that is due to the network issues i have been facing since morning.

Although I am still glad I still have the opportunity of doing my lid report.


Actually, I can't tell why, but this few days I have been waking up pretty earlier than my normal time and all I always end up doing is laying down doing nothing other than to start thinking.

Today was no exception as I woke up as early as 5am and lay down on my bed till it was 7:30am. Got no much house chores to do because I am home alone.

Just swept the floor, took out the wet cloth to hang out, went to take bath, dressed up and decided to eat some of the fruits I was given by my boss yesterday.

Left the house at about 9am and headed for the bustop. It took a while but I was lucky enough to see one on time. Since I was opportune to come across several petroleum station, I decided to take as many shot as possible and I will be sharing with you guys soon.

Got to the office early enough before my boss arrived and sat down to work. My boss came around and gave us money to get ourselves lunch for the day.

I got the money and went to buy what each person needed in the office. Came back ate my portion and continued working.

Went out to get some registration done and came back waiting for 5pm to clock so I can move to church. As we all know Tuesdays are our mid-week service.

My third lid today
Location :Abak road
On my to go to plaza,a customer called me that she need Collagen.
I told her to pay money into my account that I will bring it immediately,she paid and I went to office ,buy the product and took it to her at #30 Abak road close to keystone Bank.

This is the products


I with the owner of the products.

It will be nice for me to explain the importance of collagen in our body, the main reason why this lady and the mother send for co-collagen,
I will write and post it in steemwomenclub

Thank you so much for reading through my post,@focusnow @aliko07 @ngoenyi @steemalive @infovore

 last month 

@ijelady that was thoughtful of you. I really would love to know it's importance.

Thanks for sharing

@harrygwec thank you for reading through my post,I appreciate you,am going to explain the importance of collagen before weekend, good night

2nd lid post
Date....11th of MAY 2021
Time... .16:03
Location.... Ilorin

So I went back to sleep after getting to my hostel, I actually slept for a while until a friend of mine came to my hostel cause he wants to cut his hair cause there was light, but unfortunately while cutting the hair nepa took the light. So annoying right? So he has to wait with the hope that they will bring the light back.


Lid report 2
Spot light: Petrol station
Location: Nkwo orji market okigwe road, owerri, imo state.
Time 3.34pm
Date: 12/5/21

This is treasure gate filling station located opposite nKwo orji market okigwe road in owerri imo state, Nigeria.




It's a small but very busy one especially late evenings and early mornings. Presently they are not much vehicles coming in to fill up, it's not rush hour yet. There are one or two vehicles inside the filling station refilling from the pictures. The filling station is situated at a very strategic point, hence the vehicles in front of the pictures. Some vehicles even load passengers in front of the filling station even if they aren't buying fuel or diesel. There fuel prices r moderate too hence everyone around resort to them.




LID report.
Time: 1:45pm
Date: 11/05/21
Location: oriental plaza, okigwe road, ugwu orji.

Hello steemians, i trust you are having a nice day, I'm reporting from owerri. I had a stressful day today but i had to make out time to complete today's task.
I took some pictures. Uddy king filling station. As u will see in the pictures below, this filling station sells patrol, kerosene and diesel with their prices per liter by the side.



I love this filling station and their services are awsome too. Most times going there to buy fuel, there is never a time u wouldn't find customers. I guess good services really pays off.
Thankyou. Do have a nice day


Fourth lid report
Location: Orji owerri
Time: 5:15pm
Date 11/5/21

Hello guys....
Just came in from the market. On my way back from the market, I went to visit my garden just behind the house to know how my plants are doing. Guess what. They r doing just fine. Thanks to the rain, the seed are beginning to sprout. The maize and cassava are doing just fine. Have a look.


2nd lid report
Location :Aba
Date :11-05-2021



This picture was taken on my way back from work at okigwe road junction

 last month (edited)

@vickyvin you've done well by getting your spotlight. It's environ is clean.

Thanks for sharing

 last month (edited)

My Third and final LID Report

Location: Ejigbo Lagos State
Time : 5:39pm
Date : 11th May, 2021

Greetings friends,

So friends I stepped out on a search for today's spotlight which is Petrol Station. But before that i discovered my battery was getting low. It's so painful being limited by some things. But I had to say to myself that i refuse to be limited.

I've got my diary to write, I've got ladies meeting to attend on WhatsApp, I've got prayers by 10pm, I've got prayers by 12am on Zoom, and this requires that I'ld have to use my phone for all of this lined up.

I really have to look for a way to charge my phone, I don't mind going to beg whoever puts on their generator.

So i go on a search of whoever puts on their generator to enable me charge either my phone or power bank. So that's me getting ready, I brought my clothes out to wear and going with my power bank to go look for a place to charge. I pray I get a place...
My wears and power bank set

Pls, stay tuned as I include my spotlight in my next report.

Thanks for staying through.

3rd Lid Report

Date: 11/5/2021
Time: 5pm



This is one of the leading petrol station in Aba, it is located along Aba-Owerri road. This very TONIMAS petrol station branch is the biggest in town, in terms of land scape and infrastructure, cos this branch houses their Secretariat, large warehouse for other petroleum products and a residencial building. The petrol station have many petrol pumps or petrol dispensers. The attendants of both male and female are
costumer friendly. It has a very clean environment and sells at approved control price. Trust everyone had a good day. Thanks for staying with me, please stay tuned for more updates.

Nice post, this fuel station it there head office in aba.

@val you are absolutely correct.

5th lid report
Time : 6pm
Date 11/5/21
Location: orji Owerri, imo state.

Hello steemians. I finally made it home after a busy day. All work and no play make @alexanderpeace a dull lady. (Winks). Am back home. After the days work, I decided to give my self a little treat with a desert. (Apple flavoured pink and cream butter cake covered in butter icing)
When am rested, am going to make dinner and retire for the night.


Thanks for following through my today's Lid reports. I love steemit. @focusnow

Location: faulks road aba.
Date: 11/05/2021
Time: 02:31pm
2nd lid report

Hello guys,
This is when I visit one of our branch at faulks road aba and the complain that there finger scanner it not working and I have to brought another scanner for them and I have to snap it picture for my lid report, well stay tuned for more update.

4th Lid Report

Date: 11/5/2021
Time: 2pm
As I reported earlier, about going to consult my doctor,I went there and after waiting for close to an hour, my turn came for me to go and consult the Dr. We had some positive conversation health-wise. After the clinic I went to work at 11am, after some hours working, I felt hungry, so I no had to go and get something to eat for lunch. I went to a decent fast food place called DOMINO'S. Please bear with me cos I didn't snap my lunch, I guess it's because I was starving, but here's a photo of me leaving the eatry after lunch.
Please stay tuned for further update.

Woow. I love dominos. Enjoy

3rd lid post
Date....11th of MAY 2021
Time... 19:51
Location.... Ilorin

After a long time of waiting they brought the light back but didn't last long I wasn't even able to set him up for Barbing before they took it back, he decided to come back tomorrow cause there was no hope that they would make the light stable even if they brought it again.
So he left and I was alone at home, I felt like eating so I got myself milk and biscuits to eat.


Stay tuned for more .

Enjoyment in high places

2nd lid report
Time: 8pm
Location: Ilorin


Good evening guys trust your day was good
After my exam today went home and I slept to wake 7pm .I was so surprise I couldn sleep that long because I have a lot to cover , now am in school for night class see you guys tomorrow by the grace of God.


Good evening nice reading your post at this particular time of asking, hope you wrote fine in your exams today hopefully trust me you will pass.

Amen thanks

Location: Ogbomoso
Date: 11th May, 2021
Time: 6:30pm

Second LID Report

Good evening all, my day has been good. Office time was well spent and I closed by 5pm.
I wanted to buy to buy top bond gum for some of my things that's going apart and after walking around, I couldn't get the size I wanted.
I navigated myself to church for Bible study around 5:30pm and spent the remaining 30mins.
I left church after the Bible study and visited a friend, i was fortunate to buy the gum beside his house.
This is the petrol station I could get on my way.


My day has been a pleasant one!
It's @holayemine, reporting live from Ogbomoso

Stay safe 😷


my lid spotlight for today (a petrol station)

Location: #Rivers state portharcout city

Date: 11/05/2021

Time: 8:39pm


Hello steemians welcome once again to my spotlight for today, a petrol station, a petrol station can also be a filling station, this is a place where fuel is been bought this particular filling station sells petrol for #200. People close to my street usually go to this particular place in order to purchase petrol.

5th Lid Report

Date: 11/5/2021
Time: 9pm
I came back home at six o'clock in the evening. I took a hot bath cos the weather was cold after the afternoon rain, after my bath I chatted with my family about how their day was. Later my wife started preparing dinner, shortly after 7pm dinner was served.

IMG_20210511_194350_420.jpg THE DINNER
After dinner we watched TV and later at eight pm we watched AIT NEWS, at the end of the news, we prayed together and went to bed. I wish we all a good night rest and thanks for staying with me. I hope you enjoyed your day. Best wishes.

Wow,5th lid report,that's really awesome. This night is filled with enjoyment for you indeed

2nd Lid Report
Location; Eziobodo (FUTO)
Date :11-05-2021
Time: 9:26pm
Hello Steemians,it's @giftye again,and I'm here to wrap up my report for the day.

So I predicted the weather wrongly in my first lid report when I said the weather condition was encouraging. It turned out to be a rainy day,but a beautiful one all the same.
Stayed at home mostly,made some calls,had a visitor. Spoke to a dude named Joshua about steemit,he saw the rewards I got yesterday and he was greatly motivated to sign up by next week.

It's usually a rush in our fuel stations here at Eziobodo, because of the light situation,so every night fuel stations are filled with students looking for fuel to power up their generators.
So I took this picture not long ago while escorting my visitor home.


This is Unique Petani Global fuel station

Just before the night is progressing,I got myself a little fried rice for the night,will soon start preparing for bed just after saying a little prayer.

Have a lovely night all you wonderful people out there, tommorow is going to be a lovely day.....

My third LID report

Location: Aba Nigeria
Date: 11/05/2021
Time: 10pm
Hello friends, sorry I wasn't able to update you on my activities since I got back home. I came back home with some friends and I've been with them. They left not quite long. It's dinner time and I won't eat until you come and join me eat.😊
After dinner, I'll have my bath and go to bed.
Okay friends, let's call it a night here. Thanks for reading my lid report post for 11/5/2021. Have a good sleep 😘

2nd lid report
Location: Lagos
Date: 11/05/2021
Time: 10:48pm

Spotlight for today

4th lid post
Date....11th of MAY 2021
Time... 22:59
Location.... Ilorin

Thank God my friends went home cause they still didn't bring the light, there is a woman selling provisions in front of my hostel she put on her generator and I went there to go charge, while charging I was making a post on a contest by @ngoenyi the contest is a very good one. after a while She put off her generator when it was after 10 and I went into my hostel to go prepare something to eat.

A picture I posted in the contest

 last month 

Second lid report
Brass junction.

This is the traffic situation at brass junction at about noon.

2nd lid

Location: Abule Egba

Time: 11:14pm


IMG_0377.JPGWhat3words location

Hello guys, how was your day. I trust it was good.
Today was really stressful, I have been struggling with my homework task. It practical all through, I want to sleep now I will continue with the homework task tomorrow


3rd lid report
Location: Lagos
Date: 11/05/2021
Time: 11:00pm

good evening all it was a stressful and successful day today, the picture above was on my way to the way house while on bio along Apapa express road the hold up was too much.

While in the way house we loaded all the Italian tiles to a customers bus, It was not an easy thing

But it was a thing of joy that we made good sales today, we closed around 6:30pm and there was too much traffic on the road,
I got home around 9pm,


I manage to eat dinner and bath but very tired after this update I will be going to bed. Good night alll

 last month 

My Fourth and Final LID Report

Location : Ejigbo Lagos State
Time : 9:44pm
Date : 11th May, 2021.

Hello great Steemians,

I hope we're enjoying our night. As regards me going on a search for where I could charge my phone. I finally got a place, but my phone and power bank was charged for a short period of time.

I had to get going because it was already dark. I was able to charge a little, but it won't last for long.

So here is today's Spotlight:
Petrol Station



I had to ensure i share my last report before my phone go off

Location: immaculate aba
Date: 11/05/2021
Time: 08:46pm
3rd lid report
Good evening my fellow steemians,
How was your day, I hope it was good, mine was so talking and do you know that to control human it not easy, well I thank for everything that happens today.
I just came now and I have to join the online class and then after the meeting I have eat watermelon so that is all that I have.