LID reporting for today Wednesday 12/5/2021 (Spotlight:: Poultry Shop/Business)

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LID is here again! Goodmorning friends and welcome to our LID reporting for the day. We use LID to update our friends on what is happening around us. LID turns you into a live reporter. You give us feedback concerning your immediate environment at any point in time. So take your camera and start making those reports starting from your morning selfie. Your reports could be about city traffic, things happening inside the market, shopping mall, bank or other public places. Just try to be creative and start reporting live.


You can improve your LID reports

Here are 3 ways to make your LID reporting better

1.. Creativity Matters: Steemit rewards those who can be creative with what they do. Always think of ways you can bring in original and truly unique reports. Dont just settle for anything, try to go out of your way to create rich LID reports. Brain storm of places and things you have never reported before. When you bring in those original reports, we will enjoy it most.

2.. Start Early:Its best to start reporting in the morning. Your first report should be a morning selfie immediately after you woke up. Take a picture of yourself and talk about all the things you will do within the day. You can talk about how your night was, the weather in the morning and many other things you would like to discuss.

3.. Engagement: The engagement rule is 1:1. Each time you drop one LID report, also reply another person's report. IF you make 5 LID reports, we will naturally expect 5 replies from you.


Spotlight for Today

Our spotlight for today is Poultry Shop/Business. Capture a shop that deals on poultry and related products. We will pay you extra 0.1 steem


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Make a donation to @steemalive to help us reward our LID reporters. Send steem, tron, or SBD to us. You can also curate the LID post for each day and even resteem it.

Written by: @focusnow
For: @steemalive


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1st lid
Location: ogwashi uku Delta State
Date: 12/05/2021
Time: 11:14am
Good morning Steemers
Hope you all slept well?
As for me I slept well and had a great rest
I went to bed by 11pm last night and woke up this morning.
Before I went to bed I had to plug my phone for charging because my battery was low and needs to be changed
So I had to put on the fan because the room was hot but I started filling cold in the midnight so I had to walk up and switch off the fan, want back to bed and got myself in the morning. Still in the bed as I'm writing my post.
I planned to relax in my house today and rest since today is public holiday but I have to go out for a reason best know to me.
Thanks for reading and have a great day ahead love you all

1st lid report
Location: ogbor hill aba
Date: 12/5/2021
Time: 6:30 am
Good morning friends, I hope you all slept well last, cause mine was sweet. I sleep off around 10 am and woke up by 5:am.
I had my morning worship and prayers in appreciation to God for preserving me alive. . I've started preparing my breakfast, and will be ready within a couple of minutes.
I plan to work to work today and also engage in some other activities , I wish to achieve my task before the day runs out.
Morning selfie

Good Morning Browissy, hopefully you ll be able to achieve all your tasks before the end of the day.

Have a wonderful day

Good morning dear how are you
Take care and stay safe @browissy

With good planning you will surely achieve your plans for today have a nice day.

Your own good ooo, so you mean that you are working from house today.

Good morning to you too,I wish you a successful day

Thanks dear

Location: Aba
Date: 12/5/2021


Good Morning Steemians, hope your night was splendid? Don't have much planned for today anyways.
Woke up by 6:00am, we had a family prayer, I'm about to have my bath and head to Enugu for a meeting.

Will keep us posted with subsequent reports and hopefully I get to capture the spotlight today.

Thanks for reading .

Yeah my night was great and awesome,
May god lid you to enugu safely

 last month 

Hi @judeet10,

Good morning to you.I can see you are strong.Thank you for sharing your diary LID REPORT.

I hope to see more of your daily activities.Safe journey all the way to The Coal City.

Have a nice day and safe trip we look forward to more updates

1st lid post
Date....12 MAY 2021
Time... .6:42am
Location.... Aba,Abia State

Good morning my fellow steemers.
How was your night? hope you enjoyed your sleep.
My night was cool and awesome cause i slept like a newborn baby.
Thanks @focusnow and @ngoenyi for the lecture last night, i really grabed something there last night

I woked up around 6:00am, i used some few minutes to worship god after that i went and wash the dishes
From there i entered the bathroom and took my bath, after the bath i picked up my phone to post the first lid of the day.
Around 6:30 breakfast was served
[ Noodles 🍜 ] which i took and left for work
Morning Selfie


My plans for today.
It's all about work work work and getting the spotlight for the day
Stay tuned, I will update you guys soon.

Good morning @ready247, may you have a nice day

Nice post, but you said that you will work work and work today pls don't over work ooo because your health.

Have a nice day bro we look forward to your spotlight

Good morning bro
I wish you a blessed day at work

 last month 

Do have a lovely day ahead

 last month 

First lid report
Immaculate road Aba.

Good morning friends.
How was your night, hope u did sleep well?
I woke up around 6am.
I want to boil water for bath and for tea.
From home am going straight to the shop.
I intend to work from this morning till evening.
On my way out, I will look for my spotlight of the day.

1st lid report

Good morning to steemalive community,
How was your night today... I hope you slept well last night and you doing great this morning.. I'm happy to hear that.


I woke up around 6 am.. I say my prayers and memorize the scripture.after that I have to login to my steemit account to read any update.. I will like to use the small opportunity to say a very big thanks to my teachers @focusnow and @ngoenyi. I really love you teaching yesterday night.. thanks for the information you give us yesterday..
I hope today gonna be great through have a great day today and enjoy your day.
I'm Mr Michael @abiayiikechukwu

It good reading the scripture,I'm happy to see you and I enjoyed the class yesterday too

TIME: 7:22AM
DATE: APRIL 12,2021

it's pouring heavily in Uyo right now

I'm glad to participate in today's lid, guess what? Today makes it one month since I joined this awesome platform, and my experience so far is amazing!

I woke up at 5 O clock this morning

me when I woke up
I had my morning worship, and carry out some house chores, I'm about to carry out my daily workout session, after that I'll freshen up, go to the market, cook, have a personal study and then attend christians meeting in the evening.
Stay safe!

1st lid report
Location: Lagos
Date: 12/05/2021
Time: 07:25am
Morning selfie while still on the bed
Good morning all I hope we all had a sound sleep last night, mine was very pleasant I woke up around 5am and decides to sleep back till 6am but unfortunately I woke up around 6:43am, I did my morning worship as the first thing I usually do every morning, then I decide to drop my first lid for today before going to take my bath, I will soon be leaving to work, the spotlight today is gonna be a little difficult for me because we don't have any poultry within my vicinity but I will try and look out if I will see one, but if I did not see any I will upload a business store, have a nice day all see you.

Location IFA
Time:7:38 am
By @ijelady

My first lid report today

My morning selfie


Good morning my fellow steemians and lid reporters.

How was your night,I hope you all slept very well.
I woke up by 6:30am because am not rushing to prepare my children for school since today is public holiday.
Although is raining heavily in IFA now,I will go out to meet a client at four lanes by 9:am, after that I will go to plaza to explain Steemit to three beautiful ladies I met yesterday,I explained it briefly and promise them that I will come today.
So for now am wishing you all happy and blessed day.

1st lid report
Location: Ilorin, Kwara state.
Date: 12-05-2021
Time : 7:48

Good morning good people, This is my first lid report, I hope I do it well.
I had Night class(staying in school throughout the night) due to the fact that I have upcoming examinations and I actually didn't sleep well throughout the night .I am set to go home to go and get something to eat and rest. Do have a nice day.
Thanks for reading

 last month 


Location:Umunkama road Aba.



Good morning everyone.Glad to report in today's LID.
Woke up late today courtesy of the fact that I went to bed almost around 3:00am.

I am glad to see a new Dawn.The weather looked so dull.I hope it's not gonna be a rainy day again.

I will update you later with other events of the day.

Ok. I await more of your update

 last month 

Thanks a lot @olabillions

Waiting for more of your updates @samuel20
Do have a nivlce day ahead..

 last month 

Thank you so much @presh-omah

U hope to do so

first lid report

Location: ajegunle abalabi town
Time: 8:35am
Date: 12/05/2021

Good morning my fellow reporters, I hope y'all are doing great, it's been a while here because I have been busy with other activities which takes most of my time, however my night was great and how was yours? Mind you today is the final day of fasting we are celebrating our festival tomorrow, am thankful to ALMIGHTY GOD that I was able to start this fasting period in good health and I am finishing in abundant health and I pray all of my unanswered prayers will be answered as regards the activity of ramadan.
I will be engaging more today
Stay tuned.

#twopercent #nigeria

First Lid Report
Location: Odenigwe Nsukka,Enugu State
Good morning people... Longest time and hope we're are all good?
Well ,,my night was extremely cold,as the matter of fact I'm still shivering on top of my bed... Although,,I'd already said my prayers..
Yeah,,today is public holiday and a lecture-free-day as that..Nah to sleep the go,,if only the thoughts of my piled assignments will let me...Meeehhhnnn,,,the assignments CHOKE!!!
I'll be having my normal COMBO as breakfast (Okpa and Custard), after which i'll relax and see what my day has in stock for me..

IMG_20210505_073204_282.jpgMorning selfie

I pray today favours us all..
Stay safe and stay tuned!!!

#twopercent #nigeria

Lolz,okpa and custard,enjoyment things. Your day is gonna be nice indeed,but you'll still have to do your assignments oh😉

Hello ,baby girl,you look fine have a nice day

1st Lid Report
Location;Owerri Eziobodo (FUTO)
Date: 12th May,2021
Time: 9:00pm


Good morning Steemians,its a beautiful day today, although it's raining here right now I still know something good will come out of today.
Its a cold and rainy day

So I woke up from sleep at around 4:30am,did my morning prayers and studies. While studying,I stumbled upon an important subject about finances,and decided to share it on motivational stories community.
I'll soon be heading out to get some breakfast, after which I'll be embarking on a mini travel to a school in the outskirts of Owerri (FECOLART) for ministerial purposes.

There's sure to be adventures on the way,so I'll be dropping reports as I go,so stay tuned.
Today is a public holiday and I'm sure inside school will be looking like a graveyard.

Well, anticipate my next report for more....

Location: tenant road aba.
Date: 12/05/2021
Time: 06:55am
1st lid report

Good morning friends,
How are you doing, I hope you are fine.
I wake up this morning and am so tried that I can't go to work, but I don't have any other options than and I stand up and my morning prayer and I left the house and on my way to work I have stop at tenant road and take my breakfast and I ate porridge yam with beans, well stay tuned for more update thank you and have a nice day.

1st lid post
Date...12 may 2021
Location... Abia state

Good morning my fellow steemains. How was your night? My was good.
This morning, i woke up around 6pm, said my prayers and went straight to the kitchen. Cooked then washed some clothes.
Then ate and took my bath. Dressed for work and left.
Morning selfie


I was shocked when i saw the weather 😀.
The weather is not funny at all. Take a look 👇🏻


Well i will still update you guys
Stay tuned.

Maybe the rain is nationwide!

Wow,the weather condition is the same everywhere

LOCATION:aba,abia state
DATE :12/5/2021
TIME :9:35am

Good morning my fellow steemers i hope you guys slept well tonight .today I woke up by 5:00am and I did my morning devotion with my family prepared myself off to shop. Hoping for a blissful day ahead thanks.

Is raining here heavily
Thanks for viewing
Stay tuned, am going to update you on the spotlight which says the (poultry farm shop/business)

We look up is seeing more of your update.
Have a nice day

 last month (edited)

Second lid Report
Factory Road, Aba.
Abia state

As at the time of filling this report, it is raining very heavily here in Aba.
The power holding have cease light, and I can't bring out my generator to turn on the light because of the rain, so I have to go look for a suitable corner in my shop to take a nap while the downpour lasts.
I spoke to two Friends, one at owka, the other at umuahia, they said it's also raining heavily there two.
How is your area.. Rainy?

2nd Lid Report
Location; Eziobodo (FUTO)
Date: 12th May,2021
Time: 9:40am
So it was time for me to get down with my breakfast,so I decided to rock the morning with beans and bread,which made me visit our beans junction in my area

IMG_20210512_093007_7.jpgMe in the jollof beans shop

Beans men

These guys make good beans. While my beans was being dished I walked out to look at the street and it was dry,the holiday and the rain has caged students in their various rooms. In a morning like this,the road side is usually busy with students buying stuffs, going to school and just moving about,but today is different

The street is dry

IMG_20210512_093033_5.jpg Bikes aren't even moving

Here I am right now eating my beans and bread,after which I'm gonna see a movie,and then at the appointed time I'll be heading out for my mini travel. Which will provide me the opportunity I need to get my spotlight for the day.

Stay tuned as I bring you more updates......

@giftye signing out....

TIME: 9:45
I through with exercising


I performed 100 squats, 300 jumping jacks 400 skipping robe, 200 high knees, 50 mountain climbers, 2 mins high plank and 5 Mins abdominal stretch.
It's still raining heavily over here, so l will freshen up now, have my breakfast then I'll go to the market when the rain stop

 last month 

Wow @goodybest you have really done enough exercise.It is good for your heart,body and soul.

Steem on

Thanks @samuel20 for your nice commendations, yeah I truly benefited from it👍

I love exercise too,no wonder you are looking energetic @goodybest

Wow it's good to know that you also love exercising @ijelady, and thanks for your nice commendation

You are welcome

Location: Cameroun road aba.
Date: 12/05/2021
Time: 07:53am
2nd lid report

Hello guys,
As i just arrived in the office and then I join the morning devotion that we normally have every morning and we also read our Bible, well stay tuned for more update.

First lid report
Location: Nbawsi, abia state
Time: 10 am
Date: 12/05/2021

My morning selfie


Good morning everyone, I'm so glad we all made it to today. I really slept well last night, and I also wanna know how you guy's had your night rest.
Just woke up some minutes ago. And the day is really bright and good. And here it's drizzling outside, and I'm catching cold.
Well today will be well spent. After taking my bath now and my breakfast, and I will have some rest cause today is public holiday. Then around 4pm I will go to the field to play football. After which I will take my bath and sleep.
While cutting here I will also be updating you guys on how the day is going

1st lid report
Time: 9:30am


Good morning fellow steemians ,trust our night was good ,just leaving school after doing night class with @ojerindejoel to go home and freshing up for today's activities.

First lid report

Good morning everybody it's me I'm back again this morning the weather has been cool and and everywhere so I woke up early I thought that the house was locked and I took it to a hospital and give it to my friend that had a surgery I took my bath and just work...

So I went to the shops , brought my stuff out and got ready for today's work that needed to be finished in everything, the whole with the change guess what happened.....

Location: ilorin
Date: 12/5/2021

Good morning fellow steemians hope you all had a wonderful night just like I did?... My last night sleep was really a deep one cause it's been long I've slept that long before. I slept around 12am and woke up after 9am. Did my morning prayers,brushed my teeth and took my bath not hungry yet but whenever i am I'll make myself something to eat.


Stay tuned for more updates.

Location..... Aba, Abia State
Date: 12/05/2021

Good morning friends, how was your night? I hope your night was good and you are doing good this morning.
I had a good night rest and I am very strong this morning.

Morning selfie
I woke up today by 6:40am this morning, said my prayers to the almighty, brushed my teeth, take my bath, and my breakfast, and went out for today's work.

I will be in the office today all through because of the weather.

lovely day to you all.

Good morning everyone, Steem to the moon and beyond

Thank you for your reminders.


Second lid report

So immediately I reached the shop the weather changed , everywhere was cloudy and it wanted to rain,I immediately brought my stuff inside to avoid the air pushing it down.....

Everyone ran to take shelter and I rushed over to my shop immediately...

As you can see the weather is cloudy and so nice I really love it and I took it immediately and everywhere was busy looking at me but I didn't mind 😁😁😁😁..






I remembered I had a friend who had a poultry and it has stopped raining ,I will rush to the poultry to snap my chicken 🍗

Third lid report

So yes I'm so happy,I finally found my spotlight for today ,I was even moved to buy one chicken 🐔 and eat .... everything was good ,the weather was cold but their feathers always keep them warm ....

I wished I was a chicken 😂😂😂😳😳 please I will get one so I can eat it with @henryglowz


Chicken party things

Lols you are my friend and cant be a chicken 😂😂



TIME: 1:11
I hope you people's day is going on well, I just finished my studies now, this was the highlight:



I'm about to leave to the market now. Stay tuned

2nd lid post
Date...12 may 2021
Location... Ahia udele at water site
Spotlight... Poultry shop.

Good afternoon my fellow steemains, i hope your day is going smoothly? My is cool, and the weather cold oo.
I'm back with our today's spotlight.
Poultry farm located at ahia udele at water site.


Stay tuned for more update.

Nice shot from you
Keep on steeming bro

2nd lid report
Location... River layout, aba
Time 2:35am
Date 12/05/2021
Spotlight...poultry-shop- business

Hello my fellow steemains.
How is your day going, hope everything is working in progress.
For me it's has been a great day so far.
Here i present the spotlight for the day
I took the picture in the morning when i was going to work.
The poultry's shop is located at river layout { water side }


Stay tuned wait for more update see you guys soon

Nice shot, steem on!


Second lid report

Location: ajegunle abalabi town
Time: 3:20pm
Date: 12/05/2021

Hello my fellow reporters, hope your day is going as you planned, I have been supervising a work since morning, update on the ongoing work will be reported when my device is fully charged, but I already spot the spotlight of the day.

Stay tuned for more update.
#twopercent #nigeria

TIME: 3:22

I just came back from the market, and have been able to spotlight some poultry shop/business.

me on my way to the market

I was told that this one is 4weeks
6-8weeks chicken
some eggs
those who sell inside the market

I want to cook vegetable soup right now. See you soon!

This reminds me when I was still doing fowl business.

SPOTLIGHT: poultry shop
LOCATION: Aba, Abia State
Time: 4:[email protected]

Friends how are you enjoying this cold weather this afternoon?
This place is a poultry shop.
The shop is located at Ikot-ekpene Road Ogborhill Aba, Abia State. Is a good place to buy your chicks, poultry food, it's equipment etc.



IMG_20210512_152332_628~2.jpgPicture of poultry shop.

Keep enjoying your day!

This is a very big poultry store

Location: ilorin
Date: 12/5/2021

I started feeling hungry didn't have much in my room to eat but there is this custard so I prepared some and drank with milk, when I was done eating I did a Little work like washing plate and sweeping my room when I was done with those I went to read my book, in actually meant to write an exam today but due to the Ramadan holiday it was postponed till Monday.


Stay tuned for more lid post

That's good dear, it good to keep your house clean and I hope you enjoy your custard.

my second lid today

I called the client I want to meet by 9:am,she said because of the rain it will not be possible again, so I decided to go and meet the ladies I promised yesterday that am coming to explain Steemit to them today, reaching there they were sleeping because of bad market and the whether.

They gave me sit to wait for them small.
Small time customers started coming and their attention was divided but still I was able to give out the information.

After that I went to a friend place to see her and get some alovera and lemon grass.


The flowers are beautiful


I couldn't get the sportlight of today, the only one I saw after the rain , the owner was not in the shop and I can't take a shot there,am grateful to God for his blessings today.
Thank you @steemalive

Fine flowers and I like the flower, me I didn't got mine got my own spotlight.

My dear is well with us ,
Good night

Location: ikot ekpene road CBT aba.
Date: 12/05/2021
Time: 11:42am
3rd lid report


Hello guys,
My friends my office laptop just develop fault yesterday and it have been given me conscience since yesterday and I have to called our engineer and he ask me to bring it to his office that is located at ikot ekpene close to eziama police station, which I did and he said that the hard drive have spoiled and he is going to give me another system but my conscience is that some of the office document that I save there, I have lost now, well there is nothing am going to do now, well stay tuned for more update.

Location: Bata by factory road aba.
Date: 12/05/2021
Time: 12:29pm
4th lid report


Good afternoon friends,
How are you guys doing, I hope you guys are doing great.
This is when I left that premises CBT as I said in my previous report and now am returning back to mine office, well stay tuned for more update thank you.

My 1st lid post
Location ABA ogbor hill
Time 7:28pm
Date 12/5/2021


Hello my fellow steeamians this is my first morning post, I was so very busy that's why I didn't put it earlier, but I captured my first morning picture but because of I was so very busy that's the reason I didn't send it earlier I'm so sorry for that but my night was so good I really enjoy it and also go to work I really thank God for today.....

Location: portharcourt road aba
Date: 12/05/2021
Time: 02:13pm
5th lid report



Hello guys,
As i just come back from CBT and my sales rep call me and said that we will be go to field work with him and what I saw at portharcourt shock me, do you imagining that the road have not work on, for how many years till now, well I believe that one day the will remember that road.
Thank for taking your time to read my post.

My 2nd lid post

IMG-20210512-WA0007_1620857891004_1620857939506_1620857967606_1620858002306.jpgpicture location

Today spotlight was so hard because I don't have poultry where I live, so I have to look for it, fortunately I remember that my friend their parents have poultry so I went there to see him also to use that opportunity to capture my today spotlight, I really thank God that I went well and also captured it, the boy you are seeing here is his brother the last born of their parents, he was so happy because I came to visit them, so he told me to snap him a picture so I snap him, I'm so happy for today, thank God that I find it.....

2nd lid report

Good evening fellow steemians trust your day was good
After a 3 hours sleep this afternoon .I decided to take this selfie after taking my bath.
Now trying to cook.because am so famished. 😋😋😋😋

TIME: 8:26

Christians meeting was over and it was refreshing! I've finished cooking and I even have my dinner rice and beans

my dinner
my vegetable soup
I had a successful day I even made one post today, you can check it out using the link below:
In one word I had a nice day! I wish you all a peaceful night rest. Thanks @focusnow for a wonderful provision like this

Location: ilorin
Date: 12/5/2021
Time: 20:39

When I was done eating, a friend of mine that wanted to cut his hair yesterday called me and told me that there is light in his hostel that I could come and cut his hair for him there, on my getting there they took the light it was a very funny moment though I waited for them to bring back the light but they Didn't, so we planning on cutting the hair tomorrow if nepa makes the light stable.

My 3rd lid post

IMG_20210512_220248_443.jpgpicture location

I was coming back from work this evening I find out that there's a lot of traffic at ogbor Hill, there is no accident, there is no car that spoil at the centre of the road, but there is too much traffic on the road, there is two things I observe that causes traffic at ogbor Hill. (1) we have only one road and also there is a lot of population live at ogbor hill..(2) there is a lot of bad road, we need a road traffic men who are qualified to control all the vehicles in a good way, I really thank God that the other road we have they are still working on it, I know that once they finished on it there will be no too much traffic on the road. But in everything I thank God for life, because he Grant me successful today and also keep me safe, right now I'm at home with my family, good night everyone..

Fourth lid report

So it's evening already and I have closed about my house and I went to the market to get some food stores yeah
Everyone is rushing home because of the curfew by 8:00 so I bought it I rushed home and I prepared my food I also took my direction on my way home and I am noticing some changes on my skin thank you very much



Location: ilorin
Date: 12/5/2021
Time: 22:22

I went back to my hostel on my way back I branched the market to get myself something to cook, planned on making efo today so when I got home I prepared the efo and ate it will fufu.


That's all for my lid report today.

2nd lid report
Location: Lagos
Date: 12/05/2021
time: 10:38pm

Spotlight for today

3rd lid report
Location: Lagos
Date: 12/05/2021
Time: 10:45pm
Good evening all i hope you guys are all doing great, my day today was a bit dry due to the fasting holiday for the Muslims, the market was dry no body show up today to ask us how far so our stay in the way house was a bit boring but not withstanding we thank Jehovah for his provisions and care, there was serious hold up in the morning as was shown by the picture up there but while coming back the road was a bit free there was no much hold up as was in the morning, so I dropped at agboju market to pick few items that I will use to prepare stew at home that was where I tactfully took a shot of the poultry as our spotlight for today

finally I was not able to prepare the stew today due to tiredness but I will do that tomorrow since I am not going anywhere tomorrow. I am about going to bed now so I took my selfie

Good night all talk to you tomorrow .