LID reporting for today Wednesday 21/4/2021 (Spotlight:: Boutique)

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LID is here again. Goodmorning, its 6.05am local time. Have you left the house already for work or about to do so? Take LID reporting with you. Capture interesting events live as they happen around you. It could be a market scene, inside the banking hall, city traffic, people inside a shopping mall, etc. Report using the comment section of this post.


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Our spotlight for today is Boutique. We will pay extra 0.1 steem if you capture a great spotlight.


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 24 days ago 

my first lid

Location: mbiabong, Uyo

My morning selfie

Good morning my friends and fellow steemians, is been a little while. Trust you had a wonderful night rest?

My night was surely splendid, the weather was friendly. I woke up by 4:05am and checked my notifications. I relied as much as I could and proceeded with my morning worship. The scriptural text for the day is from James 4:8 which shows that it is important to draw close to God. This is because when we do, he himself will draw close to us. You can imagine the Almighty, the Creator of the whole Universe coming close to you and remaining with you. It is a privilege.

School has reopened, so early waking is a must. The kids are already taking there breakfast and are already dressed for school.

Today, I will try and see what I can do to my hair, haha, I have carried it this way for long. I will be going to the saloon.

Then I will continue with my online work which is unending.

I will try my best to bring you the spotlight for today which is boutique.

Expect more reports from me soon.

Good morning ma, thanks for participating in the report this morning.
Wish you a great day ahead.
I will be expecting more Reports from you.

Good morning ma ,nice hearing from you,yes please make your hair so you will look more cute 😁😁 and the morning text today got me..,.it is a very big privilege 😎

 24 days ago 

Good morning momma, nice reading from you this morning. It's been a while and I missed you beautiful kids. Yes today's readings calls us to go close to God and let his done in our lives. This is a reminder of our purpose in Earth.

With the resumption of school everyone is bound to wake up early. To get set for school. I can't wait to see your new look today. Wishing you a splendid day momma
#twopercent #cameroon

Goodmorning ma, good to know you slept and woke up great..pls dont forget to show us the style you are making today oo. Have a wonderful day.

Good morning ma'am @ngoenyi it good to see and hear from you this morning, yes it great privilege for us to be drawn to the most powerful being in the entire universe, and we can do this by reading is word the bible. I hope to see your new look, may u have a successful day

It's good to know how your night is and your plan for the day.
I eagerly look forward to see your hair-do

Good morning ma'am. I trust you're doing great. Do have a fulfilled day

Lol, it seems your online work is unending indeed.
Good day. I understand waking up very early because of the kids to prepare them for school. I wish you a great day


GOOD DAY,guys hope everyone is having a good day,the weather here is very sunny,an hot.but we never say never,we keep on pressing on.
Arriving from the matket, i went to a few hours ago.i decided to take some shots of the environ




Look at how busy the envronment is.

Then i went futher to take the shot of a boutique shop,
Which mainly out spotlight for today,
Thats all for now ,i will keep u guys updated.
Hv a wonderful day.

First LID Report
Location: Obohia road Aba

Good morning all..My night was good and hope yours were aswell?
So I woke up by 5:45am..My mum traveled ,so I woke myself this time and did same to my junior cousins... Devotion is over already and we'll be having spaghetti for breakfast and lunch so I'm on it now..
After the cooking,,I'll dress up and go to shop and since my mum is not around ,I'll be the madam of the shop today,,funny right??
Well I pray I make much sales today amidst my mum's absence and i also pray this day favours us all...

IMG_20210421_064410_373.jpgMorning selfie

Stay safe and stay tuned!!!!
#twopercent #nigeria

Amen my dear , good morning to you.
Please as go out today, please play safe.

I will be expecting more updates from you.

😂😂madam I hope you make plenty sales today
Have a great day dear

Please send in your spaghetti to my table. So, you will be busy today since your mom isn't around. Stay safe and enjoy your day.

Hahahha,, tnx dear @evegrace..

Madam of mommy's shop lol. I hope you are having a great time at the shop and your day is going smoothly.

First lid report

Date :21/04/2021
Good morning everybody my night was cool I enjoyed my sleep I did some activities before I slept and prepare for some contest that I wanted to participate on so I'm here again,

I woke up early I have to fix food for breakfast I did everything and took my bath I dressed for work and very soon I am going to go out after we have conducted our morning text.

we had said our prayers and I am ready to go out I want to get spotlight about boutique I am going to look for my spotlight today stay tuned for more updates thank you.


1st Lid report
Location: Oguta

Morning selfie
Good morning friends, hope we all slept well. Mine was awesome, my son just left for school this morning and I'm a little bit free.
Today I will be going out and not something serious, just to look out for a boutique. Stay safe friends bye for now

 24 days ago 

Good to read your read this morning. Am glad you are sound in health. School have reopened there as well? Same here. You are doing noble as a mother. Keep it up

Good morning ma, thanks for participating in the report this morning.
I will be expecting more updates from you
Please stay safe.

Good morning @isiben have a lovely day

Good morning am glad you are alive.
Looking forward to hearing from you 👍

 24 days ago 

Good morning @isiben, it's nice seeing your beautiful face this morning and nice knowing you had a good rest too. Having a smart mother like you to get her child set for school is a great value. Have a wonderful day today.
#twopercent #cameroon

 24 days ago (edited)

1st LID report
Location: Mile 3 Nkwen Bamenda Cameroon
Time: 7:08am
Date: 21/04/2021

Good morning to you all in this beautiful family. Today is another day, to rejoice and be glad and give thanks to good. Hope you all had a splendid night. My night was good although I slept late around 2:00am. I was checking some stuff online while not feeling sleepy. I'm feeling happy and positive today and I sense something good is on its way.

I woke up and 6:11am and joined in the family prayers and the readings are reminding us of God's love for us. Asking us to go close to God, trust in him, empty our burdens to him and he will heal us. We are also reminded to let God's will be done in our lives as many times we are impatient and do what we want hence commiting sin. Let allow Gods will to manifest in our lives. My plans for today are to check on a friend, do some crypto academy assignment and attend to some house chores. At the moment I'm preparing breakfast for the family. More to be reporting from my side, see you guys later.
IMG_20210421_070726.jpg myself this morning

#twopercent #cameroon

Nice post but your face it not look bright

Nice seeing you this morning my friend . Good you're strong this morning and doing just fine. Waiting for the breakfast,😊... Enjoy your day

Location: ifite Awka.
Time: 4:48am.
First LID report.

Goodmorning my fellow steemians, how are you all doing? Hope night was short kinda, i slept around 10pm because i was so exhausted from yesterday's activity.. So i woke up quite early, and i decided to use the time left before starting the day to finish up my homework post. I finished around 4:48am and decided to close my eyes alittle. But then my sister came to wake me. I said my morning prayers and went to the kitchen, i didnt the dishes and prepare potatoes with fish sauce for the kids. After that i prepared the for school. I will be going to work today and i dont think i am going to have breakfast this morning. Keep you guys posted.

Location: Immaculate aba
Date: 21/04/2021
Time: 05:55am
1st lid report

Good morning my fellow steemians,
How was your night, I hope is was good.
Mine night was awesome, and I slept very early yesterday and wake up late this morning and I missed the online morning prayer that we normally have with our church and it a prayer of 21days, and then I start preparing for work and I also warm my soup that i cooked, well stay tuned for more update and a nice day.

Good morning dear, good to see your report this morning!
I will be looking forward to see more updates from you.

Stay safe.

Good morning
This is my first Lid report
Location: ekpo-abasi Calabar

Am happy joining the Lid I slept very early last night so I woke up around 4:am checking update about school.theres a Congress today that to so I have a lecture freeday today.
I will exploring my street today
Will be sharing it in details with you soon

Nice one. I hope you have finished exploring and you will soon be back here with more updates.



Hello , Good morning Everyone. I hope we all woke up strong today. Same over here. Woke up though still having little sight challenge (allergy) but with the ongoing medication it will surely get better. I've taken off for the day, won't be going out to enable me rest the eyes and limit exposure until normalcy returns.


I'm already having this meal this morning. Anyone interested to join me? Will be going out to pick up some drugs as prescribed after the meal.
Nice day guys...

Good morning sir
I see you are enjoying yourself over there
I'm coming to join you oo.😇
Have a nice day and stay safe

Thank You dear, I'm always available to keep yours for you when around. Hope your day is moving down well?

Yes my day is going smoothly sir
What about yours?

Very well, thanks you dear

Good morning sir, my foodie boss, how is the weather in your ends!?
How you are doing great today?

Hahahaha...we just have to eat mehn...the weather is gradually changing...of course rain all the way. My day is all fine. Hope you're doing well?

I'm doing great dear.
How is your ends

Very well, though couldn't go out due some eye reaction. Home treating it,. though

So sorry about that.
Instant healing I pray for you 🙏

1st Lid
Location: Uyo, Akwa Ibom State
Date: 21/04/2021

I woke up at exactly 5:00am, muttered some words of prayers then headed out to dump my refuge(I've long procrastinated that).
I came back in and the weather was still cold and my bed was calling me but the man in me had to resist the temptation of going back to bed.
I had to take my time now and pray for the day and I prepared for the days activities afterwards.
I hope to keep you posted on how my day went.
Much love from @ekeminimbang😍😍
Uploading image #1...


Location: Abule Egba




Good morning everyone, trust you are all doing great
I slept off yesterday night in the process of completing my homework task.
The task seems somehow difficult, trying to make research to get the answer.
I will resume this morning.
I will update you guys later.

Location: IFA
Time:8:06 am

My first lid

My morning selfie


Good morning everyone
How was your night,mine was good.
I woke up by 5:am to help my youngest son to finish his home work and prepare him for school.

This morning Iam expecting a prospect on Steemit by 10:am , after that I will go and clean my nails at the same time enter butique to get my spot light for today.

After that I will come back to the office to take record of my Last week achievement.

Nice reading your post today it's really nice hearing that your night was splendid. And assisted your son finish his homework is good indeed kindness is key, have a good day ahead

first Lid report for today

Location:. #Rivers state portharcout city

Date: 21/04/2021

Time: 8:22am


Hello steemians welcome once again to my first Lid report for today, I must give glory to God almighty for making us to see the brightness of today.

At about 5:30am. I quickly rushed down to church with my family for early morning prayer's there we had a general prayer with other members too. I didn't go for my morning exercise again I prefer worshipping God than any other thing.

Good morning @kingcent trust your night was good, I can see that you have gone to church already this morning. Cheers!

Thats great let's serve God first ..before any other thing..good to know you woke up good.

first lid report

Location: ajegunle abalabi town
Time: 9:12am
Date: 21/04/2021

Good morning my fellow reporters, I trust you all doing good and I hope you slept comfortable, as usual, the morning activities are first thing that we all engaged in which I also did, chores like sweeping, cleaning and after which I did my morning prayers and recites few verses in the holy book, I had my bath and prepare for the day, what the day holds is still unknown, but I assure you more reports as in involve in them.. Here is my morning selfie...

I still hope I find my spotlight..
Stay tuned for more reports
#twopercent #nigeria

Seems you were already at your work place when you took this selfie. That was by the way, I hope your day is going well. I am still here and tuned for more updates lol.


Location: Chambley street, Calabar south, Calabar.
Date: 14/04/21
Local time:9:10 am

Good day.
This is me at the betting shop, this is my place of 'work' now, because of the benefits I get from there.
I have so much in store for today, and I hope to accomplish them as the day goes by. Will keep you posted.

I pray you accomplish everything you had planned for today. Have a great day



 GOODMORNING family,i hope u guys slept pretty kul huh,am so happy to be here once. Again its a privilage to share with u guys hows my day gonna be today,i will keep u guys updated in no distance time as i walk out of home yo mums shop.

1st lid post
Location...Abia state

morning selfie


Good morning my fellow steemers, trust your night went well? Well, mine was cool and i really enjoyed it. I woke up by 5am, said my prayers and then went to the kitchen to warm my food. After that, i took my bath and ate. Then get dressed and start going to work. When i reached to my work place, i found out that the padlock has gotten spoiled, it was unable to open, so i keep trying my best to open it. Then till finally it opened. I went in charged my phone.
Today i will be at office throughout, but i will still keep you guys updated.

09.35 AM

Good morning guys,hope your night was good?Well mine was great even though it was a bit cold.I woke up around 5am today.I've done my usual chores and then I washed my bedsheet.





The weather is a bit cool here so I might just go back to bed and rest. Breakfast would be spaghetti and stew.You can tell me what you'll be having for breakfast in the comments.

Later in the afternoon I'll be going to school for classes.Maybe during my way I'll see a boutique for my spot light.

Stay tuned for more updates.
Steem on.

Awwn, Spaghetti and stew, my favorite. I am sure you enjoyed the meal. I hope you found your spotlight for today already on your way to school.

My 1st LID Report.
Good morning beloved steemians.
It's glad to know that your nights from various locations are ood. My night was good too. Today is Wednesday being my mid week meeting day. Am yet to complete my preparation for the various meeting parts. My plan is to catch up an important appointment then pickup some house hold items.
16189955182229206058289926400905.jpg my morning selfie
I will update you all on how today's activities/plans goes.
Stay connected!

1st Lid Report
Location: Afaha Obong Itam
Date: 21/04/2021
Time: 9:57am


Good morning beauties and handsome, how is your day going, I guess it is great?
I woke at about 6: 50am, did my morning prayer and read my bible, the book of Deuteronomy which talked about how God only showed the promise land to Moses but refused him from entering because of his attitude and it got me thinking, most times, our attitude can stop the promise of God for our lives from manifesting and this got me praying.

When I was done, I did my house chores and went to take my bath in preparation to go see my boss at his house before leaving for work but changed my mind on that. Since today, is a good and bright day, I decided to trek a little bit before entering tricycle to work and as I was on the road, I decided that I could as well take a shot for today's spotlight. So, I entered into a friend of mine who has a boutique but not the big kind of boutique to take a shot and left when I was done. Got to work and decided to post my 1st lid for the day before doing anything.

Today is Wednesday got nothing else in mind except from work place to the house. That's how my Wednesdays are except on a special occasion.

So, sit back and expect the spotlight for the day.

I am sitting back here lol . The book of Deuteronomy has great lessons that we can derive something from that can best help us to checkmate our lives. I am glad to read that part that influenced your prayer in the morning.
I am sure you are having a good day and time at work.

Nice post, thank God that you wake up very healthy and strong today.

Thank you for your great comment, really appreciate it.

1st lid report
Location :Aba
Date :21-04-2021

Good morning friends , hope you all had a peaceful night rest, my was some thing else couldn't sleep well because of mosquitoes, I woke up this morning by 5:00am and had my prayers after then took my bath and prepared for work, still feeling sleepy but I had to head out for work, within the day hours will take permission and rush to the market to get some personal stuffs
For now am already on my way to work



I'll keep you guys posted, do have a blessed day

Second lid report

So yeah ,I have seen my spotlight for today I'm very happy...there is a boutique located close to my shop,I rushed and took a picture immediately...

I have a list of tasks I want to achieve today, as for now I want to do some things ,I hope to make sales today ..


2nd Report
Location : Nnebisi road Asaba Delta State Nigeria


Hey friends I'm back with another Report, I left home an hour ago,am currently in the bank.
I went to re-set my ATM card pin.

I will be going to the Hospital shortly.

Stay tuned for more updates.


Hey @pricelesspresh,why did you go to the hospital,hope you're strong dear?

Not much just having some hair challenge I need a proper check-up




Good morning fellow steemians and my amazing lid report team,hope you all enjoyed your night rest,surely my night was more than good as i slept to my satisfaction last night.
So my activity for today is very simple,i will go with a friend to sign as a grantor for him in the place he applied for a loan,after which i will go to work and thats all.


Do have a nice day all,i love you.

My first LID report

Location: Aba, Abia State Nigeria
Date: 21 - 04- 2021
Time: 11am

Hello friends. How are you doing this morning? I'm doing great and the weather here is okay, not too hot and not cold.😊 I woke up by 7am, I don't know why I woke up late🤦🤷 but I'm strong and agile.😊 I said my prayers and went to assist my sister in washing her clothes.
We just finished washing now and she's in the kitchen now preparing breakfast of pap, milk and fried plantain with eggs. The pap is ready,
but she's still frying the plantain. I just hop I won't finish the pap before she comes out.
Please hold on! I'll be right back with more gist.

I see you had a great breakfast. Such an enjoyment. And its good to help your sister.

1st LID Report
Time: 12:50
Location: Akwa Ibom State, Uyo
Date: 21-04-2021

Good day beloved people.
Its another beautiful day. I am sorry for submitting my morning lid report late.
I woke up around 4:30am, did my morning routines.
The reason why I got up so early is because I wanted to finish up with the errand I was sent on and that was to peel cassava we will be using to make garri.
I had to finish it early enough so i can go to work today.
I did everything and finished by 9 am before preparing for work.
Right now i am at my workplace.


I will be back with my spotlight lid report for today and i hope you all are doing great.
Have a wonderful day ahead.

Am glad you woke up sound and in good health 😎

2nd Lid Report
Location: Afaha Obong
Time: 12:24pm

I remember telling u guys in my first lid report that I was trekking down so I can get a picture of a boutique for today's spotlight. Luckily for me, I saw a friend of mine who sells boutique and decided to pay her a visit while I make use of the opportunity and I was happy at the end when I saw how many pictures I could come up with.

Although it is not a big boutique with name and all that, but it is unique in its own way.

Today's Spotlight: Boutique


Stay tuned for more.

Wow great, thanks for sharing but why were you trekking?😰

That trouser for fit you o, what do you think? hehehe. I am glad you found the spotlight for today and its even a friend's boutique

My 1st lid post

Date :21/04/2021
Location:aba ukaegbu


Hello my lovely people am happy to share my morning post this afternoon ,i weak up early in the morning am so busy since morning cleaning up the houses after that i dress up for work ,and i have chance to now to drop my post it now,and i hope the day is moving fine like wise i ,i will give you all latest update

First lid report
11:00pm factory road,

Good morning Friends.
I woke up as early as 5am.
I quickly prepared for work as I wanted to go see a customer at Ariaria.
After seeing the Man, I will go to market and buy fab
rics gum for work and go to shop.That's all for now. I'mPlease stay with me.

2nd Lid Report
Location: DLA Asaba Delta State
Time: 0m13:09
Date: 21/04/2021

This how i win my battles


Good Day friends

Hope you guys are enjoying ur day?
By the grace of God mine is going very well. We just dismiss from church not quite long. The service today was awesome.

Nice post, I can see you enjoy the church service and I hope you put the Steemit members in prayer.

 24 days ago 

Spotlight: Boutique
2nd LID report
Location: Mile 3 Nkwen Bamenda Cameroon
Time: 2:12pm

It's been a very busy day at home dear friends. I completed all my home chores like cleaning the house, washed some clothes then I made lunch. Rice and groundnut soup is what we are having for lunch today. I had plans to go out but I decided to cook before leaving as I don't know when I will be back. I want to see a friend to can't some business stuff. Arriving at the junction t to get a taxi then I remembered the spotlight for today. There's a business complex just at the road so I went there and spotted some two shops dealing with clothes and shoes. The pictures of the front view can be seen below. I couldn't take pictures inside as it risky to take pictures of someone of someone's business place due to the insecurity in our town. Everyone is scared and being cautious
IMG_20210421_131504.jpg front view of the first shop

Front view of the second shop
#twopercent #cameroon

I understand the insecurity part you mentioned. It happens here too. We are very cautious when taking pictures so that we don't get into trouble. I am glad you found your spotlight for today


2nd lid post

Good afternoon my fellow steemains, how was your day going? Mine is stressful, working since morning up till now
Me and colleague at work👇🏻


I will go in search of our today's spotlight,
I will keep you guys updated.
Stay tuned!

First lid
Location:Dla Asaba
Time: 06:48


Good Morning Friends

How are you guys doing this morning? Hope you guys slept well?

I had a pleasant night rest, although i slept late but i enjoyed the little sleep i had.

I don't have much things to do today. I will be spending almost of my day in church. I will keep u guys posted stay tuned.

Have a bless day ahead
Much love from @basky


Good morning dear, happy to see you report this morning.

Please make sure you include me in your prayers today.

Have a great day

2nd lid post

Good afternoon my fellow steemains, how was your day going? Mine is stressful, working since morning up till now
Me and colleague at work👇🏻


I will go in search of our today's spotlight,
I will keep you guys updated.
Stay tuned!

I hope you find the spotlight..cos am going to make sure I spot mine too

Ok dear
I found mine already😊
Hope you've found yours

I hope you find your spotlight, because am also find mine

Ok dear
Hope your day is going smoothly?

My 1st lid post
Location ABA ukegbu
Time 3:19pm
Date 21/04/2021


Good afternoon my friends,This my 1st morning picture I don't have time to post my morning pic I was busy preparing for my stuff at home,I'm less busy right now so I have to post my pic, stay tuned for more updates.


My second Lid report for today

Location: Rivers State portharcout city


Time: 3:48pm




Hello steemians welcome again to my second lid report for today. It's all about NINC registration point I'm currently live here people are gathered trying to be captured although only one system is been used for registration. I'm still about to be captured yet. But hopefully I will be done and complete everything today.
Although some people are already complaining that the system is slow.

Yes the nin enrollment are having a network issue and due to the congestion in the site, it also affecting us in aba too.

3rd lid post

Good afternoon my fellow steemers, hope the day is going smoothly?. I was working since morning so i go a little chance, i went down the plaza to get our today's spotlight.




This boutique is located at number 134 ikot ekpene road aba, abia state.
Stay tuned for more update.

My 2nd lid report

Location: Portharcourt, Rivers State.
Date: 21 - 04 - 2021
Time: 3:30pm
Hello friends. I'm back again with my 2nd lid report. Hope your day is going as planned? I'm presently on my way to Woji in Portharcourt City to visit my cousin. I left immediately after breakfast and I'm already in Oilmill Market.
Our driver packed his bus in Oil-mill market and asked everyone to find their way. Some of the passengers are arguing with the driver, saying that he must take them to the agreed destination while the driver and his conductor are insisting that they aren't going any further. I haven't gotten to my destination yet, but I'm just so tired to utter a word. I just sat in the bus thinking of what next to do. I have just #100 remaining with me hoping that this bus will take me to my destination, but no girl wake up! This is Nigeria. And of course, I woke up from my thoughts and quietly carried my bag and left the argument scene before they start fighting. I've boarded another taxi going to Rumuola and I'll be dropping at Artillerry
and from there I'll board a tricycle (keke) going to woji. Oil-mill market is a very busy Market especially on Wednesdays and on the roadside, you'll see people Hawking different things.
Uploading image #1...
Back to my journey, I have to be attentive so the driver won't drive-pass where I'm going to. Bye for now and please stay tuned for more updates from yours truly @graciee20. Thank you for reading 🤩

4.25 PM.

Good afternoon guys,it's a sunny afternoon here in Ilorin. I'm currently in class.The lecture hall is currently filled up because the course we're offering ,5 faculties take the lecture at the same time.Ive been in school for over an HR now .


Before I left home,I had some fruits for lunch.Right now I'll just listen to the lecturer and update my lid when I'm going home.
Stay tuned for more updates.


2nd LID Report
Time: 4:59 pm
Date: 21-04-2021
Location: Udi Street, Uyo


After spending a good time with colleagues at my work place, I strolled out to get some snacks. And just along the street, I saw this boutique.
Everytime i pass by i do look at the clothes, and admire them. I am hoping to check it out one day.
The boutique is called Celebrity Boutique


I like most of the dresses displayed here. For the ladies here, tell me which one would you rather prefer or like best?


I am very glad to have participated in today's Lid report and again the spotlight for today was just close by.
Where i work is a bustling place and we have a lot of activities and businesses running here.
How are you guys doing? I am prying that the rest of my day become better and more rewarding.
And I wish you guys a blessed day and evening as well

My 2nd lid post


I'm so happy whenever I see my fowl with her babies I bring them out this morning to give them food to eat as you're seeing they are happy eating enjoying, I'm also happy to because of my flow, I don't want to lose one because all of them is so important to me, if you want to buy call me I'll give you one, stay tuned for more updates.

My 3rd lid post

IMG_20210222_112858_700.jpgpicture location

I want to go out for shopping to buy clothes in boutique this morning so I find out that today spotlight is boutique so I used that opportunity to capture my today spotlight, I'm so much happy about it. Stay tuned for more updates.

Location: Faulks road aba
Date: 21/04/2021
Time: 11:42am
2nd lid report

Hello guys,
As i arrived in my office and we have a morning devotion as usual and then I was ask to go and a pair from faulks road and one of our branch need to be painted and I was ask to go and buy it and even take a picture there, and after buying the paint I will be returning back to my office, stay tuned for more update.

2nd lid

Location: Abule Egba

Time: 5:46pm





Helle everyone, I welcome you all to my second lid report of the day.
This is a view of one of the finest Boutique in my area.
The boutique was recently open, they sell different type of wears both male and female

1st report of the day

Location: Itori Ogun State




Good morning everyone, sorry am reporting late, no electricity since morning, it was restored few minutes ago so I quickly log in to do my first report



 24 days ago 

3rd LID report
Location: Mile 6 Nkwen Bamenda
Time: 6:10pm

Hello friends I'm back again with more information from my side. I successfully met my friend who took me to see another person who needed advise on poultry and pig farming. I'm happy I gave them the necessary advise they needed. I gave them advise on investing in other livestock businesses. Later we visited the space my friend wants to use for his poultry farm then to his pig farm. I was so amazed at the pigs I saw. This type of breed of pigs which is the nerma, a foreign breed of pigs. Us one of the best we have her. See pictures of the pigs below.

Two months piglets

4months pigs

Pregnant sows or female pigs

IMG_20210421_161546.jpg Gestating or pregnant sow
#twopercent #cameroon

Location: Cameroun road aba
Date: 21/04/2021
Time: 04:12pm
3rd lid report

Good evening my fellow steemians,
How is your day going, mine was good.
Since today I have not eating anything since morning and I just come out side to have fresh air and then I decide to african salad that is ugba and it have been long I have not eaten it, well thank you for taking your time to read my post,well stay tuned for more update.

My 3rd lid report

Location: Woji road, Portharcourt
Date: 21 -04- 2021
Time: 6:50pm
Hello Steemians. I'm in Woji road, Portharcourt city and I have gotten to my destination. I stopped by my cousin's shop where he sells all sort of electrical appliances.
IMG-20210421-WA0011.jpg my cousin's shop
He was happy to see me and his family are excited to have me around.
IMG-20210421-WA0014.jpg * my cousin and I*
I won't be going home, we'll have to wait for the Daddy of the house(my cousin) to be done with today's sales so we all will go home together in his car. I'm so happy to be here.😊IMG-20210421-WA0019.jpg
More updates are coming, don't go no where

Location: Cameroun road aba
Date: 21/04/2021
Time: 05:36pm
4th lid report

Spotlight task Boutique

Good evening my fellow steemians,
I have close work for today, and I have to capture a boutique that is close to mine for my spotlight task and from there I will be going to church from here now, because we are having a combine service in our church, well stay tuned for more update.

This is cool it seems human being is standing lol. I really like buying cloth in boutique although is quiet expensive but they sell quality cloths shall.nice viewing your spotlight keep steeming

Wow great you spotted you spotlight

My Lid spotlight for today

Location: #Rivers state portharcout city

Date: 21/04/2021

Time: 7:51pm.


Hello steemians welcome once again to my spotlight for today this is a boutique in my town here at this particular place I buy all my wears here, when I visited the guy who sells here told me that Yahoo boys have made cloths expensive now oooo. That cloths that initially you will buy 7k, now it's 10k I have no option I just paid and collected one.

Wow, such great reportage from all these people. @steemalive

Third lid report

Location: ajegunle abalabi town
Time: 8:24pm
Date: 21/04/2021




Good evening my fellow reporters, I assume you had a fruitful day, am here again to update you on the progress of the ongoing construction, the setting of block has started but the level of the block is still one, continuation of the work will continue tomorrow,1500 blocks is still on ground that has not yet been used, hopefully it reaches the window level of the building

The most interesting part is that I was able to spot a boutique on my way home, which is the spotlight for today.



Thanks for your time
Thanks for reading through

#twopercent #nigeria

**2nd LID report
21st April 2021

Hello friends, how are we all doing and our day too? Hope we are doing all fine as expected. Mine was good. I was home all through the day trying to recover before I assume other outing activities. Though I briefly went out to the pharmacy along Aba Owerri road before 4pm to pick up some medications as prescribed.


Take care guys, I hope to fully bounce back before the week runs out.

2nd lid report for today

Location: Itore Ogun State

Time: 8:36pm



Good evening, how you all doing.
I use this opportunity to welcome you all to my second lid report for today 21st of April 2021, it's has been a busy day for me and the annoying part is our light isn't stable this as cause me not to be active on steemit the light is restored again hopefully they don't take it before I finish up my homework task.

2nd lid report
Location :Aba
Date :21-04-2021




Good evening everyone, hope your day went well, my was lovely just that I had low battery all through out today, that's why I was unable to send my spotlight report before now but is fine now because I was able to charge my phone this evening in my neighbor's shop

2nd lid report
Immaculate road
Aba, Abia state

On my way home, I saw this twin boutique, I captured to hi it from the comfort of the keke I chatared.
There, they sell ladies wears and that of children.
K have once bought from them, their prices are good.

Spotlight For Today
Location: Koka junction Asaba Delta
Time: 21:11


Good Evening friends

How are you guys doing this night?
Hope you enjoyed your day?

I had flat batteries i couldn't post but am back online now. I went on an evning stroll so i found this boutique so i decided to snap it.


Location: dominion city Azuka street aba.
Date: 21/04/2021
Time: 05:55pm
5th lid report

Hello guys,
As i said before that I will be going to church from work, and then I arrived in the church and then I join the service, and the service was so awesome and we are ask to Pray for restoration in everything that is not moving well in our life.

My 4th lid report

Location: Woji, Portharcourt
Date: 21- 04- 2021
Time: 9:40pm

lid Spotlight: Boutique

Good evening amazing Steemians. How did your day go? Mine went well and right now, I'm home chilling. This is the lid Spotlight for today; boutique.

My 2nd KID Repirt.
Good evening steemians!
I hope your day was as planned for those that told us their plan as well as those that didn't tell us.
My day was good and successful and pray for a successful night as well.
I want to moist the spotlight for today being Boutique.




I have various pictures of boutique because I went to an area where there are many boutiques.
I wish you all a wonderful night rest and eagerly look forward to hear from you all tomorrow


My 5th lid report

Location: Woji, Portharcourt
Date: 21- 04 -2021
Time: 10pm
Hey friends, I'm here again.😊 I came back home, had my bath and I'm eating the mangoes my sister-in-law bought for me.
After eating the mangoes, I was served with jollof rice with fried fish and a bottle of soft drink. I'm eating now, you may come and join me.
The food is big and I can't finish it. I'll be right back. Let me face dinner 😊😋

Second Lid Report
Location: Obohia road, Aba

Good evening all..My day wasn't bad atall,,hope yours weren't aswell?
Finally ,the day is over and we are back already..I had my spag as lunch and today's market was a bit dull,,but we still thank God regardless..
Dinner is almost ready,,after it I'll peacefully go and sleep so as to get ready for tomorrow's activities..
I'm glad that I was oopportuned to spot our spotlight for today..


My 4th lid post

IMG_20210421_222223_045.jpgpicture location

I know thank God for protecting me today I didn't have a bad news rather good news I am work today perfectly and play work I don't have problem with my customers I thank God for that I also thanking god for protecting me for today I'm at my house right now and also pray for all for God to use his angel to bite everyone to the various destination goodnight




Good evening one,hope you all are doing good and i beleve we all enjoyed our day today.

Its so unfortunate that I couldnt report all through the day,i was so busy and couldnt use my phone also my phone fell down today and the touch went bad i can hardly type with the phone but its cool.
I couldnt get any good boutique to today's spotlight only few roadside cloth seller