LID reporting for today Wednesday 30/6/2021 (Spotlight:: Courier Service Office)

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It's another day and another opportunity to create content as a LID reporter. Goodmorning friends and welcome to our LID reporting for today. Get your camera ready to start capturing those great moments around you. As you leave the house today, try to capture people working in their shops or selling goods in the market. Capture road scenes and traffic. Capture anything that is news-worthy and report to us using the comment section of this post.


You can improve your LID reports

Here are 3 ways to make your LID reporting better

1.. What to Report: LID reporting idea is borrowed from what Live-reporters do. LID turns you into a live reporter. You are live on the scene bringing in updates from different things happening in your environment. So you can report about the traffic or other things happening on the road. You can capture shoppers inside a shopping mall or traders inside the market. You can report about a weding or other ceremonies. You can report about many other things that you see around you.

2.. Picture Quality: The quality of your picture is as good as the report itself. So make sure that your picture is visible enough. Do not allow any object to obstruct the thing you are capturing. Also try to capture using the best angles so that it won't be difficult to view the picture. Also make sure your camera is great.

3.. Engagement: Each time you drop a LID report, make sure to engage another reporter. The engagement rate is 1:1. So it means that for each 1 report you make, also comment on at least one other person's report.


Spotlight for Today

Our spotlight for today is Courier Service Office. Capture a business that delivers packages to distant customers. We will pay you extra 0.1 steem for a fine design.


Support LID

Make a donation to @steemalive to help us reward our LID reporters. Send steem, tron, or SBD to us. You can also curate the LID post for each day and even resteem it.

Written by: @focusnow
For: @steemalive


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 3 months ago 

First LID Report
Time: 7:06
Location: Aba, Abia State Nigeria
Date: June 30, 2021

How was your night fellow Steemains, my night was awesome, Just returning from work, I checked out for spotlight, here is my morning selfie for first LID Report. I thank God for life.

Sooner I will be going out there in search of today's spotlight, wish everyone the best, thanks to you all.

Welcome back. Try and rest before going out again. Good luck on your search.

Please capture 2 spotlights, 1 for you and 1 for me ooo

I wish you the best also brotherly

Welcome dear, rest before you go out

First LID Report
Time: 7:36
Location:owerri, Imo State Nigeria
Date: June 30, 2021

Today i plan on staying home, and doing my crypto home works. The last one i did, i did not get a good grade because i di poorly, this time i want to put in more effort. Than after wards i would go to the market to buy stuff for soup.

Well i suppose am having a very simply day. Stay tuned for more report.


 3 months ago 

That's a good choice, hope you will teach me small.
Do have a great day.

Thanks, you would pay me in steem. Lol

 3 months ago 

More grace ma'am

First lead report
Timer 11:54am

How was your night friends,I hope you are doing well just desame way I I woke up at 6:30 am and do my morning chores and then prepare to work,I couldn't take a picture when I woke up immediately,so I decided to take this one after I have gotten to work.see you leta

Ist lid for the day
Location: orlu, Imo state
It was a wonderful night for me and i hope it was so for you all steemians? Well, my day today wouldn't be that stressful as i will be doing alot of washing today (washing of glasses, washing of clothes and washing of dishes). Stay tuned and have a blessed day

 3 months ago 

Good morning @cinnymartins, good to hear that you had a wonderful night.

Yes ma
And hope you do too

 3 months ago 

Yes i did

The whole washing is stress to me oo. Should i bring my own😀 . Good morning to you too beautiful sister.

Good morning ma
Lolz, i enjoy it ooo

I envy you sweetheart

Good morning dear and happy washing.
It's good to keep our utensils and home clean

Well done for carrying out such a big house work, for it is not an easy one

 3 months ago (edited)

My first lid
Location: IFA

my morning selfie

Good morning amazing people of was your night, trust you slept very well.
This time around we have very cool weather,Nepa or no Nepa am enjoying my sleep,I slept very well,I woke up by 5:am say my morning prayer, entered kitchen to cook immediately,I have prepared my children for school,am going to clean the kitchen now, take my breakfast prepare to meet a business partner by 10: am in our office #133 Oron road Uyo.
See you later in the day.

My second lid
Greetings my people, trust you all are healthy,
It was not really easy with me today but i thank God am back,




Good night to you all

Good ma, well-done for all the house chores.
Best of luck in your meeting

 3 months ago 

Thank you @patience

First lid
Location:Akwa ibom


Good morning beautiful people,hope you all had a terrific night rest? I slept by 3:30am,i had to sleep late because i was preparing for my exams. Plus the unbearable cold,it was extremely cold yesterday. Am about going around to perform my chores and then go to school i will try to check today's spotlight much later. I wish you all a terrific fun filled day.

 3 months ago 

Good morning to you too. The cold last night was really something but thank God for life. Do have a nice day ahead dear.

1st Lid report
Date :30/6/2021
Location :Akwanga Nasasrawa State
Time : 7:07am

Morning selfie

Good morning fellow steemians.
My night was fine and I woke weak. I have no idea why.
I trust you had a pleasant night.
We had our family morning devotion by 5:50 am and was conducted by me with the topic "the psalmist " and read psalm 150:1-6.
We ought to praise God always.

I have no plans of going out but if I do eventually, I'll let you know what's up.
Do have a pleasant day

 3 months ago 

Good morning to you from me from here.
I can see it clearly from your look that your night was really fine and I hope you are getting ready for today's activities.
Stay safe and have a wonderful day.

Thank you sir.

 3 months ago 

Hello dear..... How are you? It been i long time

My friend @caleb-marvel I really missed you oo

 3 months ago 

🌹🌹🌹🌸🌸🌼💐🌺 pls manage my little self

 3 months ago 

First LID Report
Location: ogbohill road

Good morning ma/sir
How was your night,hope you slept well and hope you prayed this morning,that very important,i pray favour locate each and everyone here,have a nice day family of steemit,God bless you all.


Everything is going fine and cool over here, have a nice day.

i pray favour locate each and everyone here

Amen. Thanks for that word of prayer. Good morning!

 3 months ago 

1st Lid report
Time :8am
Date : 30-06 - 2021
Location : Ilorin
Good morning everyone, trust your yesterday as well as your night went well.
Well, my yesterday was tiring, on even getting home late yesterday night I slept with without undressing.. Lol...
On waking up...

We go again today
Do enjoy your day toi

First LID
Location: LUTH,Idi Araba

Good morning friends, hope you all had a pleasant night? Mine was, thanks to God. The weather is calm and cool.

It's another day, the last day of the month. And our clinical posting falls on this day. I got up early, prayed and got prepared for posting by 7.30am.
On my way to the hospital

in the hospital ward,E5, awaiting handing over

We are currently having handing over from night nurses.

Will keep you updated as my day rolls out.

Weldone ma

Thank you.

First lid
Location: uyo
Date: 30/6/21
Time: 8.54 am
Good morning my fellow steemits, hope your night was fine, as for me my night was fine, but I was having high pyrexia in the night, I stood up and take medicine, am feeling small better now, I will be taking malaria and typhoid medicine today, I thank God for making me and you to be among the living this morning, I woke up at about 6. 08 am, say morning prayers,wash the plates, warm food and prepare for work, right now am in the shop

IMG_20210630_075931_0.jpgstay tuned will be back with more report, have a wonderful day

1st Lid Report

Date: 30/06/2020

Location: Uyo

Time: 9:30am

Good morning dear steemians out there and today being Wednesday as today is the last day of the month, God is forever faithful to His children.

Morning Selfie
Stay tune for more update later in the day as I will presenting the Lid Report for today later. Do have a lovely day ahead steemians.

Good afternoon sir.
Have a pleasant day

Thank you dear and you too

 3 months ago (edited)

DATE: 30/6/2021
TIME: 09:57AM

Good day to all my dear transmitters, this is marvels expendables on the line..
Here is my traffic report
Presently am in Onisha and in Oshangia market by the S. L plaza..
There is no holdup, the road is very much free..



Thanks and stay connected🌹🌹🌹🌹 I Love you all.

 3 months ago 

Good night dear

 3 months ago (edited)

Good night too,happy new month in advance..

 3 months ago 

Thank you @caleb-marvel

My 1st lid post
Location ogbor hill aba
Time 9:59am
Date 30/6/2021

Good morning everyone this another beautiful morning Hope you guys slept well, my was good no scratch on my body, thank God for that, I’m at my working place right now, have a nice day everyone, stay tound for more updates 💪💪

 3 months ago 

Lid_1st report
Location_Uyo Akwaibom state, Nigeria.


Good morning to you dear friends. Happy to see you all are awake and sound.
Well I had a very splendid night rest and woke up today sound and In good health though the weather was very cold last night. Yes the cold did disturb my sleep a bit but I overcame the challenge with a sweater. So Woke up around 5.00 am this morning, engaged in household chores as it is our custom and then prepared to go to the steemit office. That is where I am right now. At the office we joined our zoom meeting for field service and later had some Bible discussions with some friends.
I will be updating you in my subsequent activities so please stay tuned. Just stay right at the corner and do not go too far as I will be updating soon. Thank you!!!

 3 months ago 

First LID Report
Time: 10:14am
Location: Akwanga Nasarawa State Nigeria
Date: June 30, 2021

Good morning my people, hope your night was great as mine.

Morning Selfie


Charis woke up asking for food, so i stood to make pap for him which he ended up not taking so much. I prepared ogbono soap and okra this morning already, got the ingredients yesterday but was not able to prepare it that yesterday.
Breakfast is ready, fried potatoes and cornflour pudding.



It is a rainy day here am we are enjoying it cos its the seasoning. Today is declared a resting day for me.

Do have a pleasant day and stay out of trouble.

Hello baby charis
Enjoy the weather

 3 months ago 


First Lid Repeort
Time : 09:45 am
Date :30/06/2021
Location : Ohanku Road Aba Abia State
Good morning wonderful members of steemians how was your night I hope fine and like wise mine.
I slept well over the night, When I wake up from sleep at 5 00 am I offered my prayer and conducted our family morning worship.
Also I was happy because my siçk wife's body is responding to treatments giving to her.
This morning I visited John's Jesus Hospital at Ohanku Road Aba, on reaching to the hospital the nurses on morning duty denied me from seen the doctor, instead they attended to with irresponsible attitude and gently with out a word I left the area.
This morning I will go to the bank UBA to look into some issues I will go to work as well, and a religious activity by 4:00 pm.
So fellow steemians let our days be fruitfull

2nd Lid report
Location : Akwanga Nasasrawa State
Time:11:00 am

Good morning once again. I'm back with my 2nd report.
All ready to go out but the rain said, sleep small.
Well, any moment it stops, off I'll go.
But for now let me enjoy my bed.

Have a nice day






 3 months ago 

First lid post
Time: 11:27am
Location: Mgbirichi
Date : 30/6/21
Good morning beautiful lid reporters


It's another beautiful morning. Am glad to be alive. In all things give God praise. There's hope for a living chicken than a dead lion. No matter what you are going through, as long as you are alive, just know that that problem has an expiring date. So am glad to be alive today. Will be indoors mostly today. I have pleeennntttty clothes to wash . Am gonna get on it immediately. Do have a nice day...

 3 months ago 

First lid report
Immaculate road Aba
30th June

Good morning friends.
How are you doing, hope you are all doing well?
I woke up at bought 5am to the glory of God.
I have had my breakfast of Garry and okro soup. Am currently on my way to work. I will first of all pick up a waybill sent to me from owerri before continuing to the shop.
That will be all for now, I wish you a beautiful day ahead.


Please sir, open it and give me my own share oooo. Don't be stingy.

 3 months ago 

@marajah na fabrics dey inside o😁.
How is your day going?

 3 months ago 

Mk1st LID Report
Location: Ogbor Hill.
Time: 8:14
Date' 30/6/2021

Good morning my good friends on steemit i thank God for his kindness today especially making us be alive, I also thank him for a bright and cool weather today, it's a sign of success. I woke up very early and I have left for my daily bread.
morning selfie


Have a blissfull day and observe safety. life has no duplicate.


1st lid report
Location:Aba,abia state

Its another lovely day, a day that will be filled with various activities. Am so glad that am still alive till now. Therefore, am wishing all my fellow lid reporters a lovely good morning to you all. Hope you all had a good night rest. Mine was uninterrupted. So, it was a smooth one.

Sorry for reporting late today. I've been busy discussing Gods kingdom message with friends through whatsapp call. Please sorry for that.


Today is our midweek meeting day, so, towards evening i will attend the meeting.

Nevertheless, stay tuned for more updates

 3 months ago 

1st lid
Location- Aba

My greetings to you good people here on steemit and fellow lid reporters. I strongly believe that you had a good night and you are very much strong this day.

morning selfie

I had a wonderful night too and this morning I woke up early and I said my prayers to God Almighty, then get ready to work.

I will keep you posted.
Have a wonderful day and do stay safe.

2nd lid report
Location:Aba, abia state

Hello friends and fellow lid reporters. Am not just happy right now ooo. You might ask why? Ohhh my God,y heart is bleeding ooooo. I strolled out now just in hunt of our todays lid spotlight, so while going, along our street, i saw a poster. Chai, a 15year old girl ooo.




According to her relatives, she suffered from anemia.

Anyway, i must continue my journey. Please, come with me lets go together.

IMG_20210630_123517.jpgon my way

Ok, just relax and stay tuned for more updates.

Such a young girl.
May her soul rest in peace 😢 😢

So sorry to hear this news. I pray God grant the family the fortitude to bear the loss.

Anemia cases should be treated with medical urgency so it doesn't result in fatality.

 3 months ago 

2nd Lid Report.
Spotlight: courier service office.
Location: Aba North.
Time 2:10

Greetings great steemians, i hope you all are having a great day? my day is going well, i believe you all are also benefiting from the bright weather, it has been nice.


I wish you all well for the remaining hour of the day.

My 2nd lid post

Good afternoon everyone my day is going great I’m busy working also I have to warm my mouth Because I’m so hungry I called akiahusa man to buy, so whenever I’m done I will eat my afternoon food,
Stay tound for more updates...

 3 months ago 

First LID Report
Wednesday, 30th June 2021.
Location: Uyo, Nigeria.

Hello everyone, hope you are having a nice day. We are experiencing a type of "nice weather" here in Uyo. It's hot and the sky is cloudless, and the people seem not to notice that ambient temperature is 30°C which is today's peak temperature.

The lowest point expected today is 23°C. Inspite of rising temperature, people are still going about their normal business.
Inspite of the buildup in temperature, today's spotlight is located along Oron road and that is my destination.

IMG_20210630_120956~2.jpgPeople are not stoped by rising temperatures.

It's @manuelhooks reporting for LID report Uyo.

 3 months ago 

Second lid report (spotlight)
Factory road, Aba.

Hello guys!
how is your day going, hope fine?
So I captured my spotlight on my way to work. Now I have a little break time as fuel have finished. Someone have gone to buy fuel and I decided to cease the opportunity to file my second lid report.



 3 months ago 

2nd Like
Location- Aba Owerri road
Spotlight - Courier Service Office

Good evening lovely steemians and fellow Lid reporters, how's your evening going.
I'm doing good here just that there's a little rain fall.

Below is my spotlight picture, is a picture of Post Office Aba - Park. Here,everything that has to do with sending and receiving of letters, parcels etc are carried out here.


traffic along Aba Owerri road.


I'm coming back from Osisioma heading to park right now but delayed by traffic within the Aba Owerri road.

Have a pleasant evening.

And you too bro

 3 months ago 

Second LID Report
Location: Aba
Date: 30: 5 : 2021


This is my second LID report, is today's spotlight, it was in Azikiwe road ABA, they are into furniture production and their goods are also distributed to long distance customers, they are into courier services also.


2nd Lid Report

Date: 30/06/2021

Location: Uyo

Time: 6:30pm

I am back again as I promised earlier on though today is kinda bored for me but my outing just help me relief the stress.


There you have the Lid report for today which I am not to sure but I was the service unit to take the selfie. Stay bless as I come your way next time.

That's good. Best of luck

 3 months ago (edited)

2nd lid post
Time : 6:56pm
Location: Mgbirichi imo state
Date: 30/6/21

Good evening guys. Hope your day came on well. I finally washed those tons of clothes I've been pilling up since. Had some time seeing a movie and read a book. Then this evening I decided to take a stroll round my neighborhood. Saw a group of guys playing football and captured it. Il just sit around for a while and watch. Do have a nice evening.


 3 months ago 

Second LID Report
Wednesday, 30th June 2021.
Location: Uyo, Nigeria.
(Spotlight:: courier service office )

A courier service is a business that concentrates it's activities around the collection and delivery shipments. To really quality as a courier service, the speed of processing and delivery of shipments must be faster when compared to the usual mail service like the post office. Here is a typical example of a courier service


This is @manuelhooks reporting for today's second LID report.

Congratulations to you

 3 months ago 

You did well even with your explanation

 3 months ago 

_Thanks for your encouraging comment

 3 months ago 


Thanks for reading my post.

I am happy you liked it.

 3 months ago 

2nd LID Report
Time: 08:43
Location: Akwanga Nasarawa State Nigeria
Date: June 30, 2021

Good evening alll. Trust your day was good as mine.
Today i was able to attend evening worship and it was great.

i made the gown myself 3 years ago



Happy last day of the month, i do wish you greater achievement the remaining months.

First lid report
Date: Wednesday 30th June, 2021
Location: uyo, Akwa Ibom state Nigeria
Time: 8:00pm
Good evening to you all, hope you all had a great day. Mine was fine and although busy. My night was cool as well. Hope you all enjoy your sleep too . So happy to hear from you all from your different destinations. Stay tune for my next report which will come with the spotlight for today.

Second lid report
Date: Wednesday 39th June,2021
Location: uyo, Akwa Ibom State Nigeria
Time: 9:20 pm
(Spotlight:) Courier Service Office

Good evening once again, am happy to return with today's spotlight as it is not too many in uyo especially my area, so it was a big task locating it for spotlight, but am glad I found one along road uyo Akwa Ibom State. I had to make enquiries of where I can find the office. Luckily for me i met someone who knew the place and he directed me. Below is my spotlight for today. Courier service office.

You did well to search for one, hope you are not stressed out?

Third LID

Hello, everyone good evening. Trust your day went fine? Mine was good. On getting back to hostel, I made a cereal of semo and added milk. I already preadded sugar to the water I used to make the cereal.



Yummy ,milky and Tasty😋

Really nice,you can give it a try!

After which, I slept . Got up few hours ago. I went to get Ewa Aganyin and Bread for dinner, been craving for it.
Busy on my phone now,intend to do some posts. And then do an assignment before retiring to bed for the night.
I couldn't get the spotlight for today,cause there is no courier service around here.

Do have a beautiful night rest everyone.
😊 @afunkycares.

I cherish this meal of yours

Thank you.

3rd Lid report
Location :Akwanga Nasasrawa State

good evening better people.
I went to where I normally receive my waybill.
Though I'm not too sure if this will serve as the spotlight for today because I was a bit late and I missed the vehicle that was conveying goods for today.






Have a pleasant night rest please.
I'm so sleepy

Take heart for it may not happen again.

Second Lid Report
Location ; Asa Road Aba
Time : 9 :15 pm
Date : 30 /06/2021
During the day activities I went to Peace Mass Transit the one located at Asa Road between hospital Road and Saint Michael's Road. Their courier service is ok for I have been there for business transaction

They have sound buses for for traveling
This is the easiest and fastest way to transport goods from one place to another overall the world.

3rd Lid Report
Location : Etche Road by Mosque
Date : 30/06/2021
Time ; 10:59 pm
This report of mine is on traffic update.
During the evening hours of the day there is a traffic connection on Mosque street between Ndoki Road up to School Road,as you can see from the picture below
From Etche Road by Mosque down to School Road
From Etche Road by Mosque down to Ndoki Road
There is a need for traffic controller to be there always for easy and smooth movement of motors and humans , goods and services.for easy and smooth movement of motors and humans make a chance for increase in revenue generation for the state and federal government.

Fourth lid Report
Location : Azikewe Road by kent street Aba Abia State
Date : 30/06/2021.
Time : 11:38 pm.
Unhealthy Life style
It surprised me and with a great pain in my heart to observed humans created in God's image behaving as they are not a responsible homes

Emergine people of Aba comping refuse at a major road like Azikewe Road .
See picture below


This is Azikewe Road by kent. It is too bad and it be stopped