LID reporting for today Thursday 6/5/2021 (Spotlight:: Computer or Phone Accessories Shop)

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A very good morning to you all. We are happy to be alive today - and eager to share our LID reports with everyone. What are your plans for the day? Whether you will be at your place of work or at some other place, you will like pass through interesting events or activities you would like to report. LID makes it easy to see what your area looks like and we are really eager to receive updates from you. Now take up your camera and get ready for your first LID report.


3 Things to check before making a LID report

Since we are eager to bring in quality LID reports, it would be fine to check on a few things as you make a report.

1.. Length of Report: It is difficult to make a make a comprehensive report in one sentence or two, detail is very important. Because of this, make sure to write up to 300 characters for each report. Be detailed. Be descriptive and try to explain what is happening around you in a clear and comprehensive fashion.

2.. The First Report: It is better to start your LID reporting from the beginning. A morning selfie is all you need to make that first report. Then, try to be informative. You can talk about how the night was, the morning, specific things you have done and some or all of the things you will do for the day. All these would take you safely to the 300 characters minimum required for each LID writeup

3.. Engagement: The engagement rule is 1:1. Each time you drop one LID report, also reply another person's report. IF you make 5 LID reports, we will naturally expect 5 replies from you.


Spotlight for Today

Our spotlight for today is Computer or Phone Accessories Shop. Capture a business that deals on Computer or phone products. We will pay you extra 0.1 Steem for a great spotlight.


Support LID

Make a donation to @steemalive to help us reward our LID reporters. Send steem, tron, or SBD to us. You can also curate the LID post for each day and even resteem it.

Written by: @focusnow
For: @steemalive


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Fourth Lid
Time: 5:40pm
Location: Kaduna

Spotlight for today: phone Accessories Shop. This is a famous phone Accessories Shop in the market, one of the biggest. They sell things like phone and laptop charger, phone case, batteries, screen guard, airpod and earpiece





Wow that's awesome dear

 2 months ago 

Abuja, Nigeria
1st Lid Report.

Good morning my fellow Steemians, am happy to be alive and healthy this morning. I woke up this morning and feeling reluctant to get up but I struggled to rise up, the weather is cloudy and mild right now.


I am currently at the store for today's business and I would be working online from here. Later i would be going to do some laundry at home when the weather is sunny.


I also plan on going to meet some church leaders and discussing vital ideas with them as regards steemit. See you guys for now till am back with more reports later.

Warm Regards,


#lidreport #nigeria

1st lid post
Date...6 may 2021
Location... Abia State.

Good morning my fellow steemains, hope your night went well? Mine was awesome.
I woke up around 5am, said my prayers then joined my uncles for morning devotion. After that, i rushed to the kitchen warm my soup, wash some clothes, brushed my teeth and took bath.
Morning selfie


My plan today is to go to office,i have a lot of work to do. Though I'm still at home now. But will soon go off.

Stay tuned for more updates.

Well done, sir @ruggedangel. I wish you a successful day at work.

Thanks ma'am
And you too.

Good morning brother
I slept well last night

Good morning my beloved brother. @ruggedangel. I Wish you all the best

Have a great day ahead Dear

Have a blissful day.

Thanks dear
And you too

You look fine this morning, please don't stress yourself too much,stay safe at work today

Very interesting

Location..... Aba, Abia State
Date: 06/05/2021
Time.....6:[email protected]

Good morning friends and co lid reporters,how was your night, I strongly believe that you had a nice night.
Mine was fine, I had a good sleep.

Morning selfie
I woke up around 5:48am this morning, i said my prayers to God, had a little morning execerse as usual, brushed my teeth, take my bath and my breakfast. I will be in the site today visit a computer or phone accessories shop and do some other activities.

Thank you and may today bring good tidings to everyone of us.

Good morning dear, my night wea great. @sirdeone10k. I wish you a stress free day ahead.

Good morning brother @sirdeone10k. Wish you all the best in accomplishing your day to day task. Have a nice day

Amen. Wishing you the best of Today

Your night was really great

Good day @sirdeone10k, have a lovely day

My 1st lid post
Location ABA ukegbu
Time 6:50am
Date 6/05/2021

Good morning my fellow steeamians how are you and how was your night, my night was cool because of the weather and also I sleep very comfortable no bad dream, I woke up with good health, I'm about to take a shower now and go to work because I have a lot of work to do today, I pray for everyone to have a successful day and more updates....

Thanks Bro

Have a lovely day today

I pray for you too. Have a blissful day.

Good to know ur night was peaceful.
May your day also be a success. Amen

My dear friend, you look so handsome I will visit you today at the shop, just stay safe ❤️

1st lid report
Date;6th May,2021
Good morning my fellow steemians and I hope you all slept well!
8 hours sleep was what my doctor recommended for me but if I die today,what I will do rather is to sleep,so I will only sleep when I die because of the money doesn't come during week days,Sunday has to be included for grinding.
This is my morning selfie when commentary came for delivery to Domino's Pizza Uyo branch.

@benson6. Thank you for making the effort to report. However, this wont be counted as a valid entry because it has almost no writeup. If you read this LID post, you will see that you need a writeup in addition to images to make a proper LID report - at least 300 characters writeup

I wrote this because is just the morning rush but I am being corrected

First lid Report.
Imaculate Road, Aba.
Abia State.

Good morning friends
I woke up at about 6:30am to a call from one of my customers.
I just finished talking to him.
After now I will go to the kitchen to wash off the plates after which I will have my bath and go to the market to buy a certain fabric I should waybil to Abuja to one of my friends before going to shop.
That's all for now.
Please stayed tuned

 2 months ago 

1st LID report
Location: Mile 3 Nkwen Bamenda Cameroon
Time: 7:00am
Date: 06/05/2021

Good morning to you my friends. Hope you're all doing well and had a nice sleep too? Im equally good too. It's been a while I participated in the LID reportingand I missed it too. Waking up today was at 6:00am and had my morning prayers immediately. Prayers just ended and due to cold I'm back in my blanket again. Today my plan is to attend lectures, visit my sick aunti in the hospital and work with some steemians who have problems posting and understanding some Achievement tasks. Do enjoy the day my friends. More updates coming from me during the day

IMG_20210506_070722.jpg myself
#twopercent #cameroon

First LID report
Location: Abia State
Time: 6:50am


Good morning beautiful people.... Trust your night was awesome.
My night was short again, but it was a great one.
I woke up this morning by 6am, I immediately went to the sitting room, said my prayers which lasted for 30min.
I am so weak this morning from my yesterday's activities.
The weather here doesn't seem favourable. But whatever it will yield, we will wait to see. I just stepped out, and noticed a lot of noise outside,,,, when I moved closer to find out what's happening? I noticed it was my neighbor and her husband were trying to disturb people around with their family issues, I just came back straight into the house and locked my door tight.

Today is a great day, I am to go make my hair this morning, but am not too sure, because I called the lady in question, but she didn't answer, so I will be going to the saloon to check up on her. Then if luck shines on me today, I will fix my hair. I have done nothing in the house this morning, I am still on breakfast matter, trying to fix breakfast. I need to do some chores like washing the dishes, sweeping of the rooms, when am done with the chores, I will take my bath at least before leaving the house this morning.
When am ready to leave the house, I will keep you updated with whats happening around me

Date...6 may 2021
Location: owerri


still feeling a bit lazy on bed, have plans to, to get some food stuff, cook, do some laundry, clean up the house, and then go to church later in the evening.

My day is really booked, but i would still find time to keep us updated.

Do have a wonderful day.

Wow that's nice pls invite me once you done cooking food, because am interested in the food.

Okay, you would surely be invited😀

Good morning dear, make sure you also invite me too. I love food oo

Sure i will, but dont finish my food for me

Lol.. we can't finish it

1st lid post
Time: 7: 40
Location: Aba Abia State
Date : 6/05/2021


Good morning all, how are you all doing hope you call slept well.
My night went well and I slept like a baby because the whether was cold and not hot over here.
I woke up by 5:07am and started my morning devotion with my family and prepared my little siblings for school before I took my bath and prepared for shop by 7:23am at the shop and ready for today's business and also looking out for today's spotlight.
You all should have a good and wonderful day 🙏

LOCATION: Aba,abia state,
TIME: 7:45am
DATE: 6/5/2021

Good morning all steamers I hope you people slept well.i woke up as early as 5: 00 I did my morning devotion with my family which lasted 40mins, after that I took my birth and prepared for shop.and I pray that I make more sells today than yesterday.i wish you all a wonderful and blissful day,
Have a nice day thanks

Thanks for making your entry. However, This is not a valid LID report. Add more content to your story. Check what others are doing

I have done that

Location: Spibat Owerri
Date: 6th May 2021
Time: 6:40am

Morning selfie


Beautiful Morning Lid reporters, it's dawn already and I'm on my way to wetheral. Remember the voice over I spoke about yesterday in my lid report?
Yes. There were some corrections and I'm going to make those corrections.

It's quite early here in Owerri,most people haven't come out so the streets are well.....empty.

Wetheral this Morning.

I'll also be looking out for the spotlight for today : A computer or electronics shop. I hope i find one that's open before I go back home.
I'll keep you posted about how it all goes.

Do have a blessed day ahead.
We expect more reports from you

Have a blessed day

You look very beautiful and bright this morning,ma


Location: immaculate road aba.
Date: 06/05/2021
Time: 06:51am
1st lid report

Good morning my fellow steemians,
How was your night, I hope is was okay.
I wake up this morning and said my morning prayer and also took my bath and then dress up for work and right now am in a keke now that is going to immaculate Junction, well stay tuned for more update

Hello @val123, how is everything over there.
Trust you are doing great


First lid
Time : 7:50am
Location: Kaduna, Nigeria

Good morning everyone. I slept by 1am and woke up by 6am, althoughhough I slept late, I am very agile this morning. How're you doing? Hope you had a good sleep? Stay safe

What's your plan for the day dear?

Location: Kaduna. The first thing that comes to mind is stay safe,I'd also love to see how your area is through your reporting. @beewrites

Am ok and Yes, I did sleep well.
Hope your day went well?

Good morning reporters,this is @giftye reporting live from Owerri
Location: Owerri(FUTO)
Date: 06-05-2021
Time: 7:30am


Morning selfie

Got up by 4:45am this morning,said my morning prayer and read my "snapshot of the new creation" daily devotional. The previous night was quite enjoyable, because I slept deep,which usually doesn't happen,I rarely sleep deep because I'm hyper sensitive to environmental happenings,not that I'm scared but a little noise gets me up. But glory to God,last night was different,I slept like a baby🤗

I'm thankful for this day, because it's gonna be filled with testimonies . I still don't know what I'm gonna take for breakfast this morning, because I have no leftovers in my kitchen,so I'm gonna have to buy something to eat.
But one thing I know for sure is that I'm gonna go into town today,it excites me because I'll be joining the finance conference live and direct,and I'll be able to get my spotlight photos there😊

Yesterday was quite hectic and eventful,I failed in fulfilling some things I planned to do including posting on steemit and headed to town because I was occupied with ministerial activities,but it wasn't a waste. I now have today(another opportunity) to fulfill them,and this time no excuses.

After now I'm gonna head into school to see what's happening,I really don't think we'll be doing important things today, Thursday is the day we have classes that are handled by lazy lecturers 🤭. I seriously don't think they'll even be in school,but my going into school is an act of fulfilling all righteousness. Nevertheless,we move...✊

Stay tuned,as I bring you some awesome photos of electronic shops, that's right,you heard me; ssshhhoooppppossssss(it's gonna be many)😉😎

Have a lovely day,and stay safe.
@giftye...... signing out!

Location: Ogbomoso
Date: 6th May, 2021
Time: 8:15am

First LID Report

Good morning Steemians,how was your night? Yesternight was blue 💙, the match was an entertaining game.

I thank God for the chance of another day today.
My plans for today are not yet clear...

I will keep you up to date with events as it unfolds...

It's @holayemine, reporting live from Ogbomoso

Stay safe 😷



My first lid report
Location: Egbu, Owerri
Good morning lovely People,
i woke up this morning, cleaned the house and bathed immediately i finished, i also brushed my teeth. I'm about to go eat Breakfast now. I'll keep you all updated.

Second lid
Time: 9.10am
Location: Kaduna, Nigeria


I am doing my nephew's laundry. The sun in Kaduna is very hot and dries cloth in a short time. After now, I'll be eating my breakfast.
Stay connected

First Lid Report
Location: Okpanam Delta State


Good morning friends
Hope the night was great? Mine was awesome.
I dont have much thing to do today, i will be doing some laundry this morning. After that i will be going out to meet some friends, and use the opportunity to take picture of my spotlight report

Location : IFA

My first lid

My morning selfie


Good morning my fellow steemians, I had a peaceful night rest hope you guys have too. I woke up this morning around 5:30am to prepare my daughter for school. After preparing her, I took her to school. So today I will going to my saloon shop to attend to my customer cause I didn't finish plartin her hair yesterday. After plartin her hair, I will go and take my daughter from school around 2:30pm. Then I will be going to o the market to buy food stuffs.
I wish you all a successful day

It looks like you will have a busy day today.
I know how it is to braid someone's hair and remain.
I hope you complete it and then have time to go to the market and get the food stuff and also pick up your daughter from school.
Have a wonderful day!

Thanks for caring

2nd LID report
Location: Egbu road, Owerri.
Before eating breakfast, i just decided to go wag my nephew's clothes,
I've soaked the clothes and guess what, my small boy is awake ooo.


From the picture, you'll see how energetic he is and trying to drag my earpiece as well.
I'm so sure he will so much keep Mytime that i don't even know when I'll eat or continue the washing I was about to do.
I hope that this boy will allow me do what I'm meant to do but I'll keep you all updated. Thanks

See cute baby.
Hope you enjoyed your meal?
Have a blessed day dear

Its your 2nd report already? Wow!
Oh my! That baby is just too cute and he is looking so healthy, i mean see his fat and fleshy hands 🥰😍
You have a cute nephew. I hope he allows you to finish up with his dirty clothes.

I love this. The baby is awesome.

Third lid
Time: 10am
First meal for today

Yam porridge with chilled water. Come with your forks

First lid report
Location; Akwakuma Owerri
Imo state
Time 9:59am

Morning selfie

Good morning everyone, is a new day. I trust you had a good night rest. I thank God for my health, I'm recovery day by day and my eyes are getting better too. I woke up this morning by. 6:00am. Feeling weak though. I prayed and read my daily devotional snapshot. I'm at home today because of my health.
Have a blissful day.

Am salivating already

1st lid

Location: Abule Egba


Date: 6/5/2021


Good morning everyone,how was your night trust you had a great night.
There was a heavy rainfall last night and the weather is freezing this morning. I will be attending to some of my homework task today


2nd lid report
Location... saint michaels aba
Time 10:19am
Date 05/05/2021
Spotlight... Computer or phone accessories shop.

Good day my fellow stemains
Hope you are having fun
Here I present the spotlight of today.
On my way to work
I branched at saint michaels to get today spotlight.
After I tooked the picture, the weather changed and I hurried up and left for work.


Stay tuned wait for more update see you guys soon

My first lid for today
Location: Owerri, Imo state.

Good morning my fellow steemians. Hope y'all had an awesome night rest? Well, I did.
I woke up around 4:12am and I prayed after which I went through my past question papers and solved some of them and then I filled my buckets with water and dressed up for school having had an appointment with my supervisor today.

She called an hour later to cancel the appointment and I had to go back to the hostel to continue with my reading as exam is speedily approaching
C360_2021-02-28-10-35-19-946.jpg Morning selfie

Stay tuned to be updated on what the rest of the day will unfold.

 2 months ago 

Good morning @cinnymartins, i believe you has a swell night rest. It's discouraging whenever an appointment you prepared for is called off but I hope it would be to your favor. Wish your retentive memories as you prepare for your exams dear.

#lidreport #nigeria

Amen and thanks a bunch

location: ST'Michael Aba, Abia State
Time: 11am.@sirdeone10k
SPOTLIGHT: Phone Accessories.

Like I said earlier this morning that I will be going to take a picture of phone accessories as my sportlight of today.

Finally, I am now in a phone accessories shop St. Michael's Aba.

Picture of phone accessories.

Location : IFA
Time: 6:am

My first lid

My morning selfie


Good morning all the steemians and my fellow lid reporters in the house.

I slept very well last night and am sure you all had good night rest.
This morning I will go to Ekpenukim to see a client who has been calling me for two days now because of health challenge.
I will visit phone shop,I will visit two people that want to know more about Steem
Only God knows how every other thing will go,
Thank you and have lovely day.

Good morning ma'am
I wish you a blessed day
And to fufill all you've plan for the day
Stay safe

Good morning to you too.
I'm happy to hear you had a good night rest. Hopping to hear more from you as I wish you a lovely day.

 2 months ago 

Hello @ijelady good morning. Nice seeing you in good health. Sorry about the health situation of your client. Hopefully she will be fine again. Wishing you success with your activities today especially with talking to the friends who want to know about steemit. Hopefully they will join us. Nice day
#twopercent #cameroon

Good morning,,,,@ijelady, your day will go smoothly I believe.
Have a blessed day ahead

I love the way you update us quite early. Well done Ma. Wishing you a splendid day ahead.

Good morning @ijelady,I slept well too

Good morning ma'am @ijelady. I am glad you slept very well. I wish you success in all your endavours today.

Good morning ma, please enjoy your day 🤗

First Lid Report
Location: Akwa Ibom State
Time: 11:44am
Date 6-5-2021

Good morning beloved!
How are you guys doing?
I was looking forward to today's lid post since i couldn't find any yesterday or perhaps I missed it.


I woke up pretty late today because it was raining over here in my city.
You know the freshness and sweetness of the weather everytime it rains. I was enjoying the sleep until it was 7am on the dot before i got up.
I wasn't planning on going anywhere so i was not really bothered.
I said my morning prayers and head over to do my house chores.
I had an extra chore to do today, mom asked me to do it so i spend some time doing it.
I am glad I have finished with all the washing and cleaning.
I will be going out and i am pretty sure to get my spotlight ready for today. I have some of those already on my phone buy i am thinking of taking extra photographs.
I wish you all a blessed and blissful day.
Take care guys.

My second lid

Good afternoon everyone,I am reporting life from plaza Uyo,

This is me at Uyo plaza opposite former first bank


This is phone shop




More are loading

Nice post, please do you ask them how much it the oppo A15

I did not ask my dear

First lid report

Good morning beautiful people,I woke up feeling a little dizzy,I'm having some cramps which hurts me , I just managed to smile in my picture s..

I boiled water for my brother and got them ready for school,,I got him snacks and and took him to school...I dressed for shop and left too..I took a cap to my shop and dropped ..

I got ,cleaned everywhere and got everywhere neat and ready for work ,soon it resumed ....

Spotlight loading 😌😁😁


Second lid report

So close to @solar-star there are many accessories shop there , I went there immediately and snapped my spotlight for today I have been weak ...

I could barely eat ,I still went across and laid down and waited for my next report ...😊


Your spotlight is lovely. Have a nice day.

Second lid report.
Location; Akwakuma Owerri
Imo state
Time: 1:26pm

I finally got my spotlight for today


Have a nice day.

Second LID report
Location: Abia State

Spotlight for today..... Thank goodness I was able to step out.
I left the house so late,,, I had to do the needful. When I was done with the house chores, I went to fix my room, because it was in a mess. Clothes scattered everywhere,and I hate to see such. I arranged the room after which I brushed my teeth, took my breakfast, then had my bath, and got ready to go out


I only went to the computer station to power up my cell phone, since there was no light at home. I got there and turned into a sales person. I had to help the manager in doing some work, to enable him round off early...
I will spend some time here before leaving, I need my phone to be fully charged, I don't even know when the light will be coming for today.
Well, I will let you know when am leaving the computer station.

Stay tuned for more details.....

My First lid
Good morning steemians
How was your night mine was good
I woke up this morning I had to pray to god then I boiled water for taking my bath then after that I had to dress up for shop

Hi pretty nice reading your lid report this time. I know your night was cool, me too I bath cold water in the morning indeed the weather was very cold. Stay safe dear...

my first Lid report for today

Location: #Rivers state portharcout city

Date: 06/05/2021.

Time: 2:44pm


Hello steemians welcome once again to my first Lid report for today, how was your night guess you all slept well, anyway we thank Jehovah for the gift of life hopefully we shall live to steem ahead.

I woke up at about 4am, said my prayers and went to a car mechanic work-shop to fix my dad's car tire it was very urgent he had a very important appointment to honour so he called the mechanic informing him that I was coming, before getting to the work-shop he was already waiting for me. Within little time the tire was fixed. I didn't go for my daily work-out exercise anymore.

 2 months ago 

2nd LID report
Location: Four corners Bambui Bamenda
Time: 1:20pm

Having a nice day is a good one and good for the soul. I finally visited my aunt ya the hospital in Bambui district hospital. It was difficult tracing her ward but I finally did. I was pleased to see her and she too was happy seeing me. Good thing is that she was feeling better and will be discharged today. I spent 2 hours chatting with her and later left to visit a friend's farm. I arrived when the sow (female pig) was paturating (putting to birth) and I assisted her then left for school

#twopercent #cameroon

Nice post dear, I wish her quick recovery.

Third LID report
Location: Abia State
Time: 4:23pm

Just in the saloon now, but it's so unfortunate for me, because my hair will so not be fixed today.

I arrived the saloon at 3:00pm, then found out that she was already fixing someone else's hair. I sat down to gist a bit with her while she does her work.
I was actually waisting time to know if she will round up on time so as to fix my hair.
But she talks a lot while working, and I knew she was not gonna meet up with fixing my hair.
I will just relax a while here and watch people and vehicles move around before leaving.
More updates loading.......

You arrive late nah that is why you didn't meet up.

Yes dear, @val123.
I will try to be there on time next time.
Thank you....

Don't worry, next time just contact me. I don't charge much.

2nd report

Spotlight Report

Location: Abule Egba

Time: 4:36pm


What3words location

Good evening guys, Trust you all had a great day.
Mine was cool. This is the view of Ikeja computer village where they sell phone accessories, computer accessories and other accessories.


Location: Ehi road aba.
Date: 06/05/2021
Time: 09:17am
2nd lid report

Hello guys,
As we finish our morning devotion, and I do a little work in the and then I have go take a breakfast and I eat rice and beans with meat and egg, well that's all I have for now thank you and stay tuned for more update.

Location: shopping center aba.
Date: 06/05/2021
Time: 02:12pm
3rd lid report

Good afternoon my fellow steemians,
How are you guys doing, I hope your day going well.
I was ask to go and buy a electric bulb at shopping center and I was ask to buy 6 bulbs and I later got the type am looking, well stay tuned for more update.

Second Lid Report
Location: Udi Street, Uyo
Date: 6-5-2021
Time: 5:40pm


Good evening guys.
Its been a busy day for me but i am glad to have seen my spotlight.
Amidst the busy day, i still made out time to make my entry and i am very happy for that fact.
I found the spotlight in the street where i work. We have a lot of running businesses there of all kind so phone accessories shop isn't an exception.
While coming back from work, i snapped this phone shop along the street.


Right now i am heading to prayer and praise service in my church and i am sure its gonna be a great and rewarding time in the presence of God.
I am sure you all had a great and blessed day.


Have a very wonderful evening

3rd Lid Report
Location: Uyo
11:30 p.m

Hello great Steemians,

The mere fact this report is coming by this time shows that my day was quite long. If only I will have the luxury of going off to sleep once this post is ready. But the truth is that I still have some things I need to settle before I consider retiring for the day.

A scanty Abak road with some few vehicles.

It is days like this that I remember that there street lights in my city.

My good night smile.

I would call my day a successful one even though I had some really stressful time. Looking back, I can see that I had done everything on my to-do list and even more.
I missed the opportunity to see how Manchester United was beaten by Roma. Though they still progressed to the finals. From the commentary and highlight which I followed I think it was an interesting match.

I was able to meet up with my friend. We had some serious discussion and played a few games. On my way home, I decided to capture the still active city of Uyo. Though the degree of activity was way less than in the day time, people were still moving about in significant numbers.
I am really looking forward to having a good night rest. I can't trade it for anything. I don't know how your day went, but I want to believe it was splendid. Well, if it wasn't, you can rest assured that tomorrow is yet another chance to keep propelling yourself to greatness.
For the mean time, do well to have a good night rest and also be hopeful for tomorrow. Good night.

Location: Ahia ohuru aba (new market)
Date: 06/07/2021
Time: 05:45pm
4th lid report

Good evening my fellow steemians,
As i close work, and then I have to go to ahia ohuru market to buy some food stuffs and today I want to cook ofe ede with uha leaf, well stay tuned for more update.

Good evening bro nice reading your lid report at this particular time of asking, it intrest me alot to know that you can cook perfectly like this waw... Me I can cook oo but not all types of soup

 2 months ago 

Hhhmmmmm bro I've never known you can cook. I really want to see the out come of that cooking process @val123. It should be ready by now. I always applaud men who cook. Courage bro and enjoy your meal
#twopercent #cameroon

my second Lid report for today

Location: #Rivers state

Date: 6/05/2021.

Time: 6:36pm




Hello steemians welcome to my second Lid report for today, ever since the introduction of #NIN, sim card registration was hulted but last week federal government announcement the comensement as you can see from the image people are gathered trying to register, some wants to do sim-swap.

I Actually went to buy for someone the person in question doesn't have #NIN so I used my own to register for him. When he gets him own NIN then he can buy and register for him self..

My 2nd lid post


IMG_20210506_173922_250.jpgpicture location

Today's spotlight is so very sweet I love it because I did not stress myself on it, but I really thank God I captured my today spotlight, oraimo dealership, what about you guys, and also I really thank God for today because today is going great, stay tuned for more updates.

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Hello @smarto am glad you are doing great today and I must comment your pictures for today's Spotlight, the pictures of the oraimo accessories dealers are beautiful. Do enjoy the rest of your day.

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Fourth LID report
Location: Abia State
Time: 7:00pm

After spending some time in the saloon, I left to check up on the cobbler man around there. I was there earlier, but he was not out yet. This time around, he was out. He needs to mend my son's shoes for school. I have to fix it now we have holidays .


He collected the shoes, and checked what needs to be done. He said I should return in the next 2hours to pick it up. But I have to bargain price with him before leaving....

Finally, we reached an agreement. I also spent a little more time there to check up some things online before leaving. My network at home is sometimes bad.
More updates loading....

Fifth LID report
Location: Abia State
Time: 8:24 pm

After spending little time,say 5min at the cobbler's shop, I left to the house so I rest a while before coming out again, since he gave me 2 hours to return for the shoes.
When I got home, I didn't even rest,I had a call from my brother requesting I go find out price of a sewing machine for him.
I left immediately to my tailor's shop to find out prices of different machines.
I did that within 1hour, since I was out already, there is no need going back so I went to the cobbler's shop, pick up my son's shoes and then left.
I am so down right now...

Tomorrow is my big day.
I will keep you posted.......

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3rd LID report
Location: Mile 3 Nkwen Bamenda Cameroon
Time: 8:50pm

Good evening dear friends im here again. It's 🐝 a lovely afternoon in school today though the lecture didn't go we as I expected but I'm happy in the end. After class my friends surprised me with a gift which is a wrist watch unfortunately it didn't size me do she took it back to go see the vendor. Later they asked me to go have a drink with them. We spent together having some drinks to celebrate my birthday and I later returned home to prepare for my online lecture at 8:00pm. There's no way I can escape this class as it's my supervisor, I can't risk my research so despite the epileptic nature of the internet connection I'm managing till the class ends at 10:00pm

IMG-20210506-WA0031.jpg my friends and I
After the class I will just rest against tomorrow. This is definitely my last LID entry for today. Good night my friends
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Second lid report
Aba main park
12 noon

This is the situation Report at Aba main park.
I captured the picture while I was on my way from the market.
Traffic was very fluent, and people were seen going about their normal businesses.
Please Stay tuned

DATE :6/5/2021
LOCATION:Aba, abia state
Today's spotlight

What's three words

My 2nd lid



hi guys good evening all you guys go and see our spot light for today phone accessories shop I capture the picture in the morning time I was very very happy today when I heard that our spotlight for today is phone accessories shop because of it is very very easy for me to capture so you guys should stay tuned for another update


Third lid report (spotlight)
Aba owerri road, Aba
Abia State

On my way back from work, I captured this at Rail.
It's shop where they sell phone accessories, charge phones and also render POS services.


My 3rd lid post

IMG_20210506_231509_546.jpgpicture location

I went out this night to buy Akara, but there is so much traffic people waiting for the akara,if the akara is done it's won't reach my turn, and I can't wait because of the coffee here in ABA, so I live it and go home, I use that opportunity to capture the traffic waiting for akara,I did not letter buy it, right now I'm going to sleep with an empty stomach this sad, but I will be fine, goodnight everyone and sweet dreams......

My third lid

Good evening everyone one,I hope you all are doing great,
When I left plaza in the afternoon I went to Itam market to make some findings,
I came across a woman who look so kind,I approached her to know more about the market and the market days,she was so friendly and she has a very nice hand work
A tailor with different.

She is the one that design all this



So beautiful

Good night to you all and have a wonderful night rest.

My second Lid report
Just like I told you guys that I will be going to my saloon shop to plait my customers hair. On getting there, I sweep and arrange my shop. I waited for the woman for a while and she didn't come so I left my shop to visit a phone accessories shop at IFA Atai Big Junction Uyo..
Below is my picture at the phone accessories shop
Then I left the shop to Ifa Etoi market to buy some food stuffs I will prepare tonight.
Here is the market

This is me in the market



My third Lid report

After buying the food stuffs, I rushed down to my shop. Just as you can see here below.


The woman letter came around 4:pm. I tried to complete the hair today but I didn't meet up. Just as you can see her body with white clay, she is a breast feeding mother that is Akwa Ibomite's tradition.

Newly breast feeding mother's apply white Clay's on their body. So she left around 6:30pm. When I complete the hair tomorrow I will get you guys the picture.
Immediately she left, I park my things and went back to the house to prepare my night dinner. See you guys tomorrow, have a peaceful night rest.