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Goodmorning friends and welcome to LID reporting for the 5th day of May, 2021. Hope you are ready to start reporting? LID is an opportunity to tell us your story for each day. All your need is a little time to capture live moments happening around, and and to put them down in the comment section of this post. We are eager to read your story. Start reporting now!


How to make a better report

Take a look at 3 ways to improve your LID reports

1.. Think: content creation starts from the mind, and so is LID reporting. Think about unique places where activities of interest happen. Maybe its in the market, school, shopping plaza, a recreation facility, etc. When you remember these places where you can capture quality content, then the next step is important.

2.. Take notes: Write down the places you plan to capture. Making notes is so important to content creation because you can easily forget what you want to do. Our minds are ever busy and lots of things go through it. SO making short notes will be a great memory aid, especially when you need to remember what you planned to do.

3.. Engagement: The engagement rule is 1:1. Each time you drop one LID report, also reply another person's report. IF you make 5 LID reports, we will naturally expect 5 replies from you.


Spotlight for Today

Our spotlight for today is Hospital. Capture a hospital in your area.


Support LID

Make a donation to @steemalive to help us reward our LID reporters. Send steem, tron, or SBD to us. You can also curate the LID post for each day and even resteem it.

Written by: @focusnow
For: @steemalive


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 2 months ago 

Abuja, Nigeria
1st Lid Report.

Hello and good morning from this end of the globe, I believe y'all doing great. It feels good waking up to a bright wednesday morning after a long and cold night out here.


I am currently out to face today's business and I would be working both offline and online today.

I just finished introducing @nova001 and @smartzee to the @steemalive whatsapp group so do well in welcoming them warmly. Thats all for now guys, be back with more reports for the day.


Warm Regards,


#twopercent #nigeria

Thanks a lot sir

 2 months ago 

I hope your plans for today to go smoothly as planned.
Have a blessed day ahead

 2 months ago 

Thanks and you too.

Location: Spibat Owerri
Time: 6:50am
Date:5th May 2021.


Good Morning great LID reporters,hope your night rest was fine?!.
I went to visit my sister yesterday so today I'll be going out to explore the area and see what treasures I'll find. Do have a lovely day ahead. I'll keep you posted!!

Good morning my night was cool because of the weather,be careful when going out don't forget to wear your face mask and have a wonderful day,and a wonderful report.

Good morning dear, trust you had a great night

 2 months ago 

As you go out today, May you succeed in all fronts.
Please keep us posted.
Do have a blessed day ahead

Amen. Thank you @uzoma24 I'll keep you posted

Good afternoon @ngozi996
Hope your day is going well?
We look forward in seeing your update

@ngozi996, how was trip,am sure you are back

Yes ma I am. It was lovely @ijelady I hope you've arrived uyo safely?

Yes dear am in Uyo now
Good morning @ngozi996

2nd lid report
Location... Azikiwe road aba
Time 10:40pm
Date 05/05/2021
Spotlight... Hospital

Greetings my fellow steemers
Am back with the spotligh of today, I was very happy when I logged in this morning and saw that today's spotlight is easy to get.



Stay tuned wait for more update see you guys soon

I'm tuned for more updates @ready247

Good one I see here, looking forward for more update from you.

Location: Lugbe

My first lid

My morning selfie


Good morning everyone

How are you all , trust you all had a wonderful night rest,
Mine was great,the whether was cool because it rained a little yesterday at lugbe plaza.
I slept early around 9:pm because I know am going to wake up early to embark on a long journey back to Uyo.
So right now am going to AKTC park.
I wish you all a wonderful day ahead.

Good morning ma, I wish you a safe journey back to uyo. Stay safe and happy .

Thank you so [email protected],stay safe too.

Good Morning ma and safe journey back @ijelady

good morning, I wish you safe journey to uyo.
And more updates from you. 🤝🤝

Thank you @smarto , more updates are coming.

Good morning MA, safe trip

Thank you dear

You are welcome

 2 months ago 

Its good to know that you had a good night rest.
Safe journey while you go.
Please keep us updated

I will @uzoma24 thank you

Location: umuahia abia state
Time: 6:57am
Date:5th May 2021.


Good morning great steemians all around the world it's my pleasure to welcome you all to a day of multiplication of blessings as I got up from bed by 5:30am this morning and entered the store where I normally check most of my update.
Right now I'm preparing what to eat and go to my farm stay tuned as I update you all on my today activities thanks.
Have a splendid day.

Have a great day bro and more update

My second lid

Am now at AKTC park live,we are waiting for the driver,he just collected our tickets now.


I have bought water and snacks because I don't know when we will reach Benue State for breakfast.

God take you to your destination in Peace, Amen. Enjoy Ma.

Thank you so much @alcares

1st lid report
Time : 7:35 am


Good morning steemians trust our night was good.
This morning I will be having my first exam which is engineering drawing. I pray for success.
See u guys on my next lid

 2 months ago 

Ilorin, at NYSC, I was posted to kwara.
That was the only time I visited that place.
On your exams, I wish you all the best.

1st lid

Location: Abule Egba




Good morning everyone, hope you had a great night. Mine was cold, there was a heavy rainfall last night. I am up for today's activities I will be doing some homework task.

I will bring more report later.


 2 months ago 

The cold is general, if e continue like this, I will look for wife and marry o😀
Do have a great day ahead

Lol... Wife keh

Give me money and I will be cool 😋😋😂

1st Lid Report
Location: Uyo, Akwa Ibom State

Hi good Steemians,

Happy new day. I want to believe we all had an amazing night rest.
After seeing the match yesterday, I retired late. Nevertheless, I still woke early.

It's morning so I need to smile blessings into my day

I hope I can keep this face and this smile all day.

Though I believe I had gotten enough sleep. I needed to do my laundry, go for morning devotion and then fetch some water.
So good people, I have done all that and more. Right now, I am moving to work.
Like every work day, I will work till noon. Then take a break and continue till 5p.m
Today, no service in church, so I'll have some time off in the evening.
I will surely keep you guys updated.
Wishing us all a great day ahead.

 2 months ago 

The smile is permanent in Jesus name, Amen.
Do have a blessed day ahead

Good morning dear! Keep the smile 🥰

My first lid
Location :Akwanga
Date 5/5/2021
Good morning from here

My first selfie
Time :7:39am
Woke up since 5am thus morning, join in the morning prayers, I will be home all days joining my church 40th anniversary online. Thanks

 2 months ago 

Thanks for this report.
We are expecting more from you.

Do have a great day ahead

Thanks and you too.

Location: Umuahia, Okigwe Road by Oboro street.
Time: 5:56am
Date: 5/05/2021

Good morning all hope we all had a lovely night.

My First LID.
I really appreciate Goes for life this morning, after my prayers this morning my mouth was full of praises.
So I left my house by 7am this morning to work.


Getting there me and my brother started doing clean up.


At the process by 7:23am, my neighbors in my work place started making fun of there fellow lady, you can imagine woman matter.


Thanks so much for reading.
I will soon be back for more details.
Have a lovely day.

 2 months ago 

Thanks for the update.
Do have a blessed day

 2 months ago (edited)

First lid report
Immaculate road, Aba
Abia state.

Good morning friends.
Today, I woke up very early around about 5am.
Ever since I have been pressing my phone trying to keep in tab with allot of happenings online.
At this time, I have had my bath, I will dress up soon and set out to work.
I plan to work very hard and smart today so as to deliver the three clothes I intend making today.
That's all for now, do have a great day ahead.

Good morning to you, do have a pleasant day.

 2 months ago 

Thank You. You too

My 1st lid post
Location ABA ukegbu
Date 5/05/2021

Good morning my steeamians how was your night, my not was awesome, I sleep earlier and wake up earlier, because I have to go to work this early morning to finished what I'm doing yesterday, have a great day everyone, stay safe, stay tuned for more updates.

 2 months ago 

May you achieve all you planned for the day.
Do have a blessed day ahead

Do have a great day

Wow ,, look great today stay safe at work .....

Time: 8:00
Location: Aba Abia State
Date : 05/05/2021


Good morning everyone I'm grateful to be to God to be alive in the land of the live.
I hope you all slept very well and also enjoyed your night and pray that your day will go as you planned.
I woke up by 5am and did my morning devotion with my family till 5:57am before login into telegram to update the group for today's LID before I started my domestic works at home before I took my bath and off to the shop.
I pray today will go as planned 🙏

Good morning to you too. God is faithful to His children, have a great day.

Good morning bro
My night was awesome.
I wish you a blessed day at work

Thanks boss same to you bro

Wow , please stay safe at work... have a nice day 🤗

Thanks dear also have a nice day dear

Location..... Aba, Abia State
Time.....8:[email protected]

Good morning steemians and co LID reporters, how was your night, hope you had a great night rest?
My night was great, I had a good night rest.

Morning selfie

I woke up around 6:03am this morning, said my prayers, had a little morning execerse, brushed my teeth and take my bath then my breakfast. Finally out for today's Hussle or work.

Today I will be traveling to umuahia to submit a job to the owner in his office. I will still come back within the day and will be doing some other activities.

May there be smiles on our faces today.

my night was great
We all will smile together at the end of the day

First LID Reports
Location: uyo
Date: 5/5/2021
Time: 8:12am

My morning selfie

Good morning Friends!
Hope you all had a peaceful night rest, mine was splendid, today I will spend most of my time in the house with the children, but I'll be going to the market later, then prepare food and attend our mid week meeting in the evening, stay tune and have a wonderful day.

 2 months ago 

How much I love children😍.
Buy something for me o when u go to the market.
Have a great day

LOLs I'll surely do that, have a great day too

TIME: 7:58am
LOCATION: Aba, abia state
DATE: 5/5/2021

Good morning everyone I hope you people slept well I thank God for being alive today it's not by my making nor my strength only God's grace upon me

1st lid report
Location: Oguta, imo state
What3word :
Date: 05/05/2021
Time: 6:16am

Morning selfie
Good morning friends, hope your night was awesome, mine was awesome , but it was a short night for me , I really do enjoyed the sleep.
Today is our market day, and I will be going to the market to get, things are said to be cheap on ngwo market day. After preparing breakfast, I go to the market.
Do have a nice day friends, while I go prepare for today's program. Stay safe and vigilant.

Buy something for me from the market oh @isiben

@isiben good morning,buy plenty things from the market and sell all your goods

Please buy orange for me it has been a while. And have a wonderful day

Pls I am hoping for goodies later

how is imo state today dear

 2 months ago 

Have a blessed day ahead.

Second lid report

I almost forgot today is my baby's immunization day.

At the hospital

Akwanga hospital

One doesn't see beautiful baby everyday but tis good that I see one today.
Try not to forget next time

Thank you for your compliment

Location: Ogbomoso
Date: 5th May, 2021
Time: 8:15am

First LID Report

Good morning Steemians,how was your night? This is my first lid report for this month, I've been so busy to make any report.
The day started beautifully, woke up early enough to have a normal morning devotion before dressing up for work.

The school just resumed yesterday so there was less traffic while coming to work.
I have little work today: I need to finish up the NIN center registration, which is time consuming and supervise the electrical wiring for the new Gen.
I hope today will be a good one.

I will keep you up to date with events as it unfolds...

It's @holayemine, reporting live from Ogbomoso

Stay safe 😷


First lid report
Time: 8:58am
Location: Amansea, Awka North
Date: 5th, may 2021


Good morning my fellow steemalive. I hope you had a wonderful night rest. Mine was splendid. I woked up around 6 a.m. I said my morning prayer and I thank God for a new day. After I said my prayers I rushed to the bathroom to take a shower, well I am in a rush because I have a Seminer defense to witness.

I wish you a wonderful day ahead! Make sure you enjoy your day because I will join mine. I will keep you guys updated.

First lid report
Location; Akwakuma Owerri
Imo state
Date: 5th may 2021
Time: 9:05

Morning selfie

Good morning everyone, is new day. I woke up this morning at exactly 5:40am, I prayed and read my daily devotional snap shot.
I also did some laundry

I will bring you more updates.
Stay safe, @amazingcyndy cares.


Hello great reporters,how are u,and ur nite.reporting lid for me its very interesting,because iam able to talk about things going on around meand how my day is going to be,i woke up today around 6:30,after morning devotion i had to rush thing cus am already late for,shop.
Todays lid report is quite interesting too because the nnamdi azikiwe university teaching hospital is just close to where iam.
I will keep u guys updated.


Second LID report
Time: 9:50
Location: Aba Abia State
Date: 05/05/2021

Today's spotlight

What's three words


Location: umuahia abia state
Time: 9:20am
Date:5th May 2021.



Hello my distinguish ladies and gentlemen it is still your one and only @wood2021
Reporting from umuahia abia State Nigeria.
This is where I usually carry out most of my experiment in agriculture. Right now I am cultivating the soil and I will plant a different variety of cassava and potatoes.
Immediately I am done planting I will be going to school to start up again my clearance from the point I stopped during the covid19 pandemic.
Stay safe as I update you soonest

 2 months ago 

Good one.
Hope your plans for the day goes as planned

I am happy to see my fellow great farmer here 😀😀 hope is casava farm. Keep it up.


Second LID
Time: 9:59am
Location: Owerri road by Lagos street, Umuahia.

Join me as I take my breakfast this morning.
Bread with Nestcafe Tea.





You are always welcome to join me.
Stay safe as we steem together.
I will be back.

Enjoy your self

1st lid post
Date...5 may 2021
Location... Abia State.

Good morning my fellow steemains, hope your night went well? Mine was awesome.
I woke up around 6am, said my prayers then joined my uncles for morning devotion. After that, i rushed to the kitchen warm my soup, wash some clothes, brushed my teeth and took my bath.
Morning picture


After that i ate a little and left for work.
Today I'm gonna be at the office, but i will soon go out in search of our today's spotlight.

Stay tuned for more updates.

I hope you find your spotlight..

 2 months ago 

That spotlight no dey my area o. I no know as I go talk do this one

Yes bro
My night went well,

Have a nice day bro...

1st lid post
Date....05 MAY 2021
Time... .10:12am
Location.... Aba,Abia State

Good morning the people of steemit world.
How was your night? Hope your night went well
My thanks to almighty God who made it possible for me to see this day.
I woked up and used two minutes to worship my God.after that i went to the kitchen and warm the food.
Around 6:35am,i was done with the warming
I went and took my bath ,
After that I ate and left for work
Morning Selfie


My plans for the day
On my way to work I will branch at the
Nearby hospital in my area to get the spotlight of today.
Stay tuned, I will update you guys soon.

1st lid report
Location :Aba
Date :05-05-2021
Time :10:05am

Hello steemains, good to report my lid here this morning, I bless God for making us see another beautiful day, I believe you all had a peaceful night rest, I did as well
Today's lid is interesting because I have options of choosing the hospital to use as my spotlight, very close to where I work there is a pravite hospital, and a General hospital there too 💃💃
Me at my workplace


😱, my boss is calling me

Will keep you guy's updated

Best regards 😍

First lid report

Location: ajegunle abalabi town
Time: 10:27am
Date: 05/05/2021


Good morning my fellow reporters, wow its so encouraging to see fellow reporters activities here, some had made two reports already, well this is my first report, am optimistic that we all are doing well, most of us are already in our respective work places and that good news, yesterday was great as I made new connections.

Don't forget, today is ramadan day 23, and am still observing, it still the normals for me, waking up from my alarm tone by 5:15am, brushed and ate for preparation of today fast after which I prayed and slept back, am just waking up from the second round of the rest, so I taught of my report and here am I reporting live and direct from ogun state, Nigeria.

Stay tuned as I already spot an hospital which is the spotlight for today

#twopercent #nigeria

Omo, youruba enjoy ur day o

First LID report
Location: Abia State
Time: 6:00am


Good morning my fellow steemians..., Trust your night was beautiful....?
Mine was short although I enjoyed the sleep.

Am up this morning, said my prayers and still online with a ministration I often listen every morning.
Well today's weather is a bright one
and I will countinue with my cassava work this morning. No stepping out today again.

Will still keep you posted.....

Good morning @ninapenda
Have a lovely day

Good morning, have a great day and more updates

Good morning, enjoy your day and happy farming

 2 months ago 

I hope you achieve your target with your cassava work.
Do have a blessed day

With the Lord on my side ,I will..... Thank you @uzoma24

Well done, u are really hardworking, looking forward for more updates in your cassava farm.

I just have to do what I've got to do.
Thank you... You will definitely see more of my reports.

The Lord is your strength

Thank you, n GOD bless. @wood2021

Second LID report
Time: 10:50 am
Location: Abia State

The work is moving slow and steady.


The weather is also favorable today,
The cassava peeling is remaining small for it to finish up, then I will move to the third stage....

It's not an easy one,, all these is just for garri preparations.....
Because of this I had a cut on my finger....

Stay tuned for more reports....

Sorry beautiful one for thst cut pls be vry much careful,u are important to me.

@rebecca, thank you for that love.....
I will be careful next time.

Date :5/05/2021


First lid report

Good morning everybody,how was your night,mine was fine I slept well and woke up early today...I boiled water and got food ready for my siblings to use for school...

I rushed and took my bath,and dressed for work...I took my younger to school...I went to shop immediately....let's see how today goes ,stay tuned....


Hi pretty nice reading your lid report at this particular time of asking you are such a hard working type doing so many things at a time. May God give you more strength. @kingcent cares stay safe.

My first Lid report for today

Location: #Rivers State portharcout city

Date: 5/05/2021

Time: 11:54am


Hello steemians welcome once again to my very first Lid report for today hope you guys had a good night , as for me mine was fantastic I went to a viewing centre in my street to watch a champion's league match involving Manchester city vs PSG.

The game ended at about 10:15pm imidiatly I started tracking back to my house, when I got to the house I imidiatly went to bed. This morning I woke up around 6am, I actually woke up late. Said my prayers and slept back thank you very much for reading through I really appreciate. more updates awaits you simply stay tuned.

Location: Tetlow junction Owerri
Date :5th May 2021

Wheww!! Today is hot 🥵.
I'm in town because a friend asked me to come do a voice over for him for a jingle he wants to produce and walahi the sun isn't even smiling. I think the sun wants to comfort us for the cold nights but this is overkill.
On my way into town I passed bya hospital and took the opportunity to capture our spotlight for today. Here it is


Second lid report

So I went to look for my spotlight ,I found one at new umuahia road park road to capture my spotlight,I took the picture and left immediately ...

I rushed to my shop... This is my spotlight


Third LID post
At ,12:28pm
Location: Owerri road by Lagos street.
Business getting board for me, but the sun is something else.



Feel like to go and rest.

location: Umuahia, Abia State
Time: 12noon.@sirdeone10k

I am back for the second lid report for today.
I am rightly on my way to Umuahia to deliver a building proposed project sketch to the owner.

Ochendo park Aba

Keep bouncing for the day.@sirdeone10k

Whst a busy area,and very sunny too,here at nnewi the weather is humid.

2nd lid post
Date...5 may 2021
Location...Azikiwe road

Hello good afternoon my fellow steemers, how are you all doing today? And how was your going? Mine is going well.
I'm back with today's spotlight.
HOSPITAL located at Azikiwe Road.



I will update you guys later
Stay tuned.

They have a nice structure there


HELLO GUYSlike i said earlier today that i will keep u updated with todays lid report,
Well about the spotlight,it fall in pleasant place for me.


2nd Lid Report
1:12 p.m
My Afternoon Stroll

Hi People,

Here again to give you update on the progress of my day.
Arriving at the office, I launched head on to my tasks. It seems I am going to get positive results as I have completed a greater part of my tasks. Might be fortunate to finish early today.
At noon however, I took a break.

I also decided to stretch my legs a little and refresh my energy.
So I walked along the environs of my office.


Since the sun way up in the sky with burning intensity, I couldn't stay out for long.
I was happy I could locate a hospital around at where I took some shots.


I am already back at the office to round up things.

I strongly believe today will be a great day. I do hope you are having fun too. See you later.

Location..... Umuahia, Abia State
Date: 05/05/2021
Time.....1:[email protected]

Yes about the spotlight for today, I was very lucky to be in umuahia.


This is Federal Medical Center (FMC) along Aba road Umuahia, Abia State- Nigeria.

A well known hospital where sick people visit for all kinds of medical solution.

In this hospital, there are many qualified doctors and medical attendants that will tackle your medical problems.

Keep bouncing for the day.@sirdeone10k

How are you sure they are qualified?

2nd LID
TIME: 1:12

My guys are playing
They are so troublesome,I can't wait for their school to resume. Right now I'm still in my house but writing a project, but I'll soon be out to buy some food stuffs, so stay tune.

LOCATION: Ekeonunwa Market Owerri
Date:5th May 2021.

God it's hot!! 🥵
I'm in the market to get some products for myself but the heat is too much. Then I see this woman that's selling pure water.


How is she even managing,walking up and down in this heat. I don't know how she's doing it but I'm thankful she is because at this point she's providing essential life saving service to us.

Third LID report
Time: 2:40pm
Location: Abia State

And the work is moving gradually.
Am done with the peeling of the cassava,
now am washing and getting it ready for grinding.
It's moving.....
Stay tuned.......

Weldone, I can relate

You should be appointed minister of cassava production @ninapenda. I will strongly support you.

My 2nd lid post

IMG_20210505_131630_975.jpgpicture location

So I went to look for my today spotlight, I was less busy no work today so I use that opportunity to look for it finally I find my today spotlight stay tuned for more updates.

My 3rd lid post

IMG_20210505_184018_189.jpgpicture location

Everywhere is so dry I'm busy browsing also busy to look for what I will capture a picture, I'm sitting down here doing nothing,🤷 I know that my day will be great even though I did not work,I will be happy as far as I'm alive.☝️☝️

IMG_20210505_183952_227.jpgpicture location

As you are seeing, this also engineers because of no work they are here discussing, and I use the opportunity to capture them to show you people how my day is going, and also the weather is too hot but in everything give thanks to God, stay tuned for more updates...

2nd lid report
Time 3:45pm
Ilorin Nigeria


Good afternoon stewmians am just coming back from school now After all the whole exam stress .hope you guys enjoyed your day
I want to have some rest now

3rd LID
TIME: 4:10

When I left home to the market to buy food stuffs

The market

I'm back and I'll prepare Afang soup, but before that I gonna attend my mid-week christian meetings. Love you all

Location: umuahia abia state
Time: 3:36pm
Date:5th May 2021.



Hello steemians, hopefully your day is moving as planned?
The type of stress I passed through today in school reminds me of 2014 when I got admitted newly into the University. And the money I spent just today was alarming added with delay in the bank.
I wanted to see my course adviser but she was very busy and we have to adjoined it till tomorrow morning.
Stay focused for more update.


TIME: 04:00PM
DATE: 05/05/2021

Good evening all, How is your day going? For me, today has been so hectic, So sorry had been so busy today, would have post on time.

Morning Picture


Today, I Wake Up by 5:00AM, as usual had my morning worship, did some home Chores, took my bath and cared of my beards and teeth, drank tea and bread in the morning. Left, the house heading to the office at around 7:25am.

    +work in the office
    +Eat my Lunch when it's time
    +Make sure I meet up with the day's agenda.
    +Come back on time

Stay connected for more update.




Fourth LID report
Location; Abia State


Am done with the washing and now at the grinding station waiting for my cassava to be grinded.
Wow!!! Work in progress....


4th LID report:
TIME 6:32
Location: uyo

Screenshot of me, my boys and other attendants during the meeting

The meeting is over, I attended via zoom, and it was so refreshing; it reminded us what we should look for in a friend, that it should be someone who brings out the best in us, who's there for us even in tough times, and someone who's forgiving.

It's over to the kitchen now, please stay tuned.

It's a pleasure reading your lid report at this particular time of asking. Hope your day was fantastic, hope your zoom meeting went well too.

Sure I had a fantastic day, and the meeting was so refreshing, thanks hope you also have a splendid day

Lid spotlight for today

Location: #Rivers state portharcout city

Date: 05/05/2021

Time: 7:08pm



Our spotlight for today is a hospital, this particular hospital is a fertility hospital if you are barren imidiatly you visit here you will most-likely conceive. I could remember when I was sick my parents took me here for treatment...

Hope you had a fantastic day?

My third lid

Good evening my fellow lid reporters.

Am grateful to God who made our journey back to Uyo city a successful one.

Am grateful to all of you who wished me journey mercy.

This is Benue State where we stopped to eat,we have no choice than to manage what we saw.



They have very fresh mangoes.



I would have love to things for all of you,but they one day I buy Steem for you,
Good night to you all, have a lovely night rest,I love you all.

You are inside our food basket. I do hope u will bring us some goodies and glad tidings.

Good morning dear don't worry next time I will brinnnnnnnng many things @akcares

 2 months ago 

Second lid report
Owerri Road (Rail)
Aba, Abia State

Good evening Friends
How was your day spent?
Hope you met your various targets for the day?
Mine wasn't as planned because I didn't achieve my targets of making three clothes.
At close of business, I took pictures at rail, along owerri road.
People were seen going home.


4th Lid Report
Location : Uyo


Hi great Steemians,

Today was such a great one for me. My outline for the day was almost achieved.
The rain was not that serious subsequently. So i was able to go without needing umbrella.
On getting I was blessed by the rain. My buckets were all filled.



Today, I also took out time to see the Champions League Match between Chelsea and Real Madrid. In truth, I was really entertained.
So this is me saying good night till tomorrow guys.

5th LID
TIME: 11:16

The spotlight of today's lid was a hospital, so I snapped this hospital on my way to the market, it's a General hospital own by catholic church. I'm sorry to have reported it late, that's because I had a low battery. It was nice reporting to you all how my day went. See you all tomorrow

2nd lid



Location: Abule Egba


Good evening guys, trust you had a lovely day. Mine was cool, but tonight my mood changed Real Madrid lost to Chelsea the truth is I don't like the both team but I don't want Chelsea to reach the final cause it will be boring two England team in the Uefa final.

Going to bed now, I wish you all a lovely night may God guide us throughout the night no evil shall befall us in Jesus name

Third lid report

Do I rushed home immediately and I snapped my landmark at obikabia junction,we were buying food stuff we use to cook at home.....we finished cooking I ate and was happy,...I had some pains when I was at the shop...

I went to a pharmacy to get drugs for my tummy,I got worm medicine 💊 to drink ,I drank and took my bath.....

I stayed with my parents a little and we had some discussioni told them I was tired and immediately rushed to bed ,I completed my post and waited for tomorrow's lid ...

Good night