LID Traffic update for today Friday 2/7/2021 (Spotlight:: Refuse dump Truck)

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Goodmorning and welcome to another opportunity to report LID. Today is a day we report strictly about traffic. So get yourself ready so that you can start capturing traffic images. Remember to look for strategic locations of the street where you can easily stay and capture the traffic. We want to see as much traffic reports from many streets as possible. Report using the comment section of this post.


How to Make a Traffic Report

Here are 3 ways to Improve your traffic reports.

1..Start with a morning selfie: Like a normal LID report, your first report should be a morning selfie report. So when you wake in the morning, take a selfie and write about how you spent your night and things you will do within the day. Try to be detailed in your first report. Be specific about things you will do and places you will go.

2.. Other reports: Your other reports - the second and the rest should be strictly traffic. We won't count your report if it is something other than traffic. So please we want to see cool traffic images from the streets or roads. Tell us the name of the streets and explain the direction of flow of traffic. Also tell us if it's congested or not.

3.. Image Quality: Make sure to capture images that have nice quality. Be sure to look for ways to get to a better position before snapping. Naturally, nothing should block you line of sight as you capture the image. Also make sure there is enough light so that your images are visible. The best traffic images are the ones captured from the top.


Spotlight for Today

Our spotlight for today is Refuse dump Truck. Capture any articulated vehicle used to transport and refuse within the city. We will pay extra 0.1 steem if you capture a great spotlight.


Support LID

Make a donation to @steemalive to help us reward our LID reporters. Send steem, tron, or SBD to us. You can also curate the LID post for each day and even resteem it.

Written by: @focusnow
For: @steemalive


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 3 months ago 

Second LID report//Refuse Truck
Location: ABA, Abia State Nigeria
Time, 3, 34pm
Date: 2nd July 2021


Hello fellow Steemains, this is my second LID report, hope you all are enjoying your day, Good luck to you all and also check out for my DiaryPost to see how am spending my day

Wow. Nice spotlight picture

Nice post, but your lid report is short, and it supposed to reach at least 5lid report thank you.

 3 months ago (edited)

First LID Report
Time: 7:31am
Location: ABA, Abia State Nigeria
Date: 2nd, July, 2021

This is my first LID Report, is a morning selfie, my night was stressful, there was a lot of work at the company yesterday night.
I even wounded at the company last night

After eating my breakfast I will be going to search for today's spotlight, have an awesome beauty and handsome guys. JoJo loves you all

Wow nice one bruh

Sorry oooo, please apply paw paw or plantain water on it for fast healing.

Try to take some medications so as to make the wound heal fast

 3 months ago 

So sorry for the injury u sustained while you worked last night, trust you are doing well now?
Good morning @joeboi

How did u manage and injured urself,ooooo so sorry about that,plz make sure u treat it properly

Well said Boss.

 3 months ago 

This is wonderful and clearly stated, I have taken note of it. Thanks @SteemAlive.

First lid report
Location aba

Good morning everybody,how are you night was cool,I was feeling cold ,it rained heavily yesterday. Everywhere was freezing,I slept very well at least without mosquitoes ....

I took my breakfast ,I really enjoyed my night ,I took my bath and prepared food for my baby ,I'm about drinking my tea now ,and I will complete some registration when I'm out ,
I have to be on the lookout of today's spotlight , stay tuned 🙂


It is an additional blessing from God Jehovah to the people living in your area may be others could have theirs some days.


1st Lid report for today
Country: Nigeria

Good morning everyone, I just woke up but still lying on the bed. I will be getting up soon to do my chores and prepared for food.

I have a lot of things to do today in school like having lecture, going to the library, going for clearance and resolving my exam issues. After that, I will head back to the house. All this will happen if the weather permits me because it’s raining season. Have a nice day everyone.


 3 months ago 

Good morning dear, have a lovely day

 3 months ago 

Good luck with your clearance stuff.

Thank you dear

First Lid Report
Time : 7:20 am
Date : 02 /07/2021
Location : Ohanku Road Aba

Morning Selfie
Good morning fellow steemians, how was your night? I hope you all slept well, so do I. Last night I slept late and I wake up later too.
When I get up from sleeping I offered my prayer and çonducted our family morning worship. I also attend to my siçk wife.

I will be going to work and I will be visiting steemit office located at Azikewe Road by East Street Aba Abia State.

So fellow steemians may you have a good day.

 3 months ago 

Amen o and you too

3rd lid post
Location: Ilorin
Date 2nd of July 2021
Time: 22:32thr journey was a stressful one and a long one for that matter, our car actually stopped on our way which made the journey longer than expected but I give glory to God for journey mercies. That's all I have for today's lid post.


 3 months ago (edited)


 3 months ago 

See too later and do have a nice ahead dear, @benson6 cares.

It was a mistake dear, no traffic this side.😭😭

 3 months ago 

1st Lid Report

Date: 02/07/2021

Time: 7am

Location: Uyo

Good morning esteem steemians and I hope you all slept well! Today is another and I am happy to among the living.
Morning selfie
Just came back from the jim and I happy to have you guys live but stay tun for more update as I will heading to work any time soon. Love guys and stay safe.

Morning smile. Keep smiling throughout the day

Welcome and do have a great day

 3 months ago 

1st lid report
Date: 02/07/2021
Location: Ibadan Street

Morning selfie

Good morning everybody. I hope you all had a pleasant night rest? I woke up this morning by 4:00am and conducted the family morning devotion before going ahead with me usual tasks



I quickly prepared my youngest sibling for school and carried the beans to grind it.

I didn't cook breakfast this morning because everyone drank tea excluding me. I will be going to work by 9am.

I wish you all a stress free day.

Have a great day

 3 months ago 

Time 8:17
Location:Aba,abia state.

Good morning everyone,Hope you had a wonderful night,mine was cool and sound but cold as well,i woke up by 6am,prayed as usual and praying for a better day ahead and for for my country as well,really happy i had no bad news today.


Watching an intresting movie called royal outlaw on africa magic epic.

Have a nice day everyone i shall keep you updated.

Do have a wonderful day

 3 months ago 

You dey enjoy oooo

 3 months ago 

Mba ooooo
No talk am again make people no hear you biko

1st LID report
Date: 02.07.2021
Time: 8:45
Location: Aba, Abia state

Good morning honorable Steemians. Hope you all had a splendid night? Mine was wonderful

It's a bright new day again. Another day to make impact in people’s lives most especially on Steemit through creative content writing, LID reports, Diary Games, contests, etc.

Its 2nd July already, happy new month to all Steemians.
I woke up this morning hale and hearty. Being a teacher, I prepared for work. Thank God it's Friday, weekis here for me to rest from the week's hard work.

Do have a wonderful day today and stay tuned for my subsequent LID reports
Thanks for reading 📚

 3 months ago 

You are welcome Teacher

1st lid post
Location: Ilorin
Date: 2nd of July 2021
Time: 8:50am

Good morning to you all hope we all had a great night? I woke up early cause I'm travelling today going back to school after a short holiday, wanted to meet the first bus and I did. So I'll be spending most of today in the Triad but I'll try and keep you guys posted.
Stay tuned for more lid post


1st lid report
Location:Aba, Abia state

Good morning to you all beautiful and handsome faces of todays lid report. It's a pleasure to know that you people are still alive till this moment.

Today gonna be sweet because since i woke up around 6am, i noticed that am healthy, meaning that i had a good night rest. So, i prayed to my God.

Right now, am still at home doing some important things

IMG_20210702_065722.jpgMorning selfie

Just stay tuned. More and more updates ahead.

That is the prayer of all steemians I believe so

 3 months ago 

First lid report
Immaculate road, Aba.

Good morning friends.
How was your night, are you doing?
Am doing, I woke up at about 6 and have done my normal routine around the the house and am about to set out for the day.
Today I will go for some fabrics from the market. After which I will go to shop and start working like every other day.
That's all for now, do have a pleasant day ahead

 3 months ago 

Good morning dear, have a successful day

Hope your agenda for today turns out successful

First Lid Report
Time: 10:08am
Location: Aladinma,IMSU back gate,Owerri, I'm State
Date: 02-07-2021


Good morning reporters,it's a beautiful sunny day here in Owerri,and I'm grateful to be up and kicking.

So ,last night was quite exhilarating,as I had series of wonderful spiritual dreams which are quite personal (details withheld).
My alarm woke me up this morning by 3am for a sweet time in God's presence that lasted for a while,after which I went back to sleep. When I was done with my second round of sleep I got involved in some house chores.
I read my snapshot
and a spiritual bookI'm following up by Watchman Nee(Sit ,walk ,stand)
My activities today will be straight to the point

  • I'm gonna get involved in an online prayer session with my spiritual father(Obie Jason) on zoom sometime this evening
  • During the afternoon period I'll be heading out for a training session in school.

Stay tuned as I bring you some traffic updates in my next report.........

 3 months ago 

First Lid Report
Location: Uyo
Time: 10:22Am
Date: 02/07/20

Morning selfie

Good morning my co-Steemians and fellow Lid Repoters. Hope you all have a good night rest? Mine was distracted. I don't really know what happened to me tonight, I woke up around 2:Am this morning. And I didn't sleep again till down. By 5:am, I have a heart to heart discussion with my heavenly father. Prepare my daughter for school, then move to Ekpenukim market to sell some of my goods. Have a wonderful day all.

First lid
Location: uyo
Time: 10.25 am
Good morning my fellow steemits, how are you doing this morning, hope your night was fine, as for me my night was fine, I always thank God for making me and you to be among the living, I woke up at about 6 21 am, say morning prayers, today I just want to relax, I am not going to work today, I went to market very early in the morning, I want to cook white soup, I bought meat and others ingredients

16252182715944872530115573544979.jpg and also this is me in the kitchen
IMG_20210702_103228_1.jpgstay tuned, will bring more report when I finish cooking, enjoy your day.

Omo ,this soup go sweet ooo count me in

 3 months ago 

1st LID Post
Bamenda, Cameroon
Good morning steemians. My night was not very long. But just okay. It rained the whole night.

It's cold here this morning. The weather looks gloomy.

Today I will be going to the pressing, I have some dresses to iron and parcel. After that I will be going for a comedy shoot around town. I will spend half of the day there then hang out with my friend. It's been long since I saw her. We have a lot to catch up.
I hope the weather permits us do the shoot. Have a great day

 3 months ago 

Good morning dear, y was your night a short one? Were you on night vigil?

Well, I hope to see a picture of you on shoot.....

Keep us posted with more reports.... Do have a nice day @craxywriter

 3 months ago 

Good morning @craxywriter, have a good day with your friend

 3 months ago 

Wana join ur comedy, I act also lets collaborate.. WhatsApp 09044721434

 3 months ago 

Your day sounds like an interesting day already, I hope it turns out real good.

My 1st lid post
Location ogbor hill aba
Time 10:51am
Date 2/7/2021

Good morning my follow friends how are you people, my night was so good I wake up very early to take my medicine, Because I’m not feeling fine, But thank God I’m getting better,stay tound for more updates..

My 2nd lid post

When I was coming up for work I remember today spotlight was Refuse dump truck, so I put it in my mind, thank God that I find my today spotlight, stay tound for more updates..

Ist lid of the day
Location:orlu, imo state

Good morning dear steemians, hope you all are having a wonderful morning already? Well, i have and i am already.
Just woke up and finished cleaning my face hoping for good sales as i step out today

2nd lid of the day
Location:Orlu, imo state

Ready to go to the market to buy some flour, irish potatoes, meat and so on to make meat pie.

3rd lid of the day
This is the outcome of the meat pie and we made a whole lot... 40 pieces first and another 40 pieces is here again.
Thanks for going through my lid for today

1st lid report

Location : uyo
Time: 12: 51 pm
Date :. 2/7/2021

Greetings to you all my follow lid reporter's , is gud to be with u here although my report is coming so late, sorry about that.


I woke up dis morning by 4:30am to my greatest surprise this bug is all over the house and compound dew to the fact that our security light was on all through the night
Is not a small job to sweep everywhere when the day is still dark.
After that by 6am dis morning I prepared my siblings for school,got myself ready to go to shop and after that I plan going to the market to pick some things by 2pm tody.

Stay tuned I will be coming back with so many gist.

Fellow steemian rich9090, did you know that you have gotten a nutritious meat without paying #1 but only your physical strength to get them to together.but when you are eating it remember me toson

Sure I will bro

2nd Lid Report
Time : 12:59 pm
Date : 02/07/2021
Location : Etche Road by Mosque Aba

Spotlight for today: Refuse dump Truck

This truck does an essential or an important services by convering refuse to the appropriate location meant for it.

It would be nice if government,companies, and well to do individuals should join hands together to get as many as possible of these trucks our environment will be clean

More so, people paying their sanitation fee so that government can pay the workers.

What a busy place to find a refuse truck, Weldon

 3 months ago 

2nd lid report
Date: 02/07/2021
Location: Etche Road Aba

Good afternoon everybody

The refuse dump vehicle and the traffic situation in Etche road by mosque this afternoon.

Superbly taken spotlight picture

 3 months ago 

Thanks dear

You're welcome. Steem On

 3 months ago 

Good evening @chigrace,how was your day trust it was good

 3 months ago 

Yes dear. My day was good and stressful ooo

3rd Lid Report
Time : 2: 21 pm
Date : 02/07/2021
Location : Mosque street Aba Abia State

Traffic Update



Buses and Keke moving from Etche Road by Mosque street to Aba main park, and also those coming from Aba main park to Ngwa Road.
The traffic is a congested one ,but good to notice that someone is there to assist in free flow
A traffic controller on duty.
More report coming your way.

 3 months ago 

Waooo l love your traffic update , it is so nice.

 3 months ago 

First LID report
Location: ABIA STATE


Good morning lovelies,,,,,, trust you slept well?
My night was super cool, I just rounded up with my morning prayers. I feel so good today, unlike yesterday. I am so strong this morning.

I will be going to the office after my morning chores, then I will also be going to the market when am closed from the office. That would be all for now.

I will still keep you updated with more reports....

Stay safe 💜💜💜

First lid report

Goodmorning steemains,Hope you are all good,As for me,Am fine too.
I slept very late yesterday because I came back from work late,I had to care for some certain things which took me a lot of time,I slept by 12:30 in the night.
The engineer that I work with yesterday want to see me in the site as early as 6am,So I have to wake up early to meet up with the appointment,As you can see,Am already in the site.
Please stay connected as my day activities will be updated.

Please while u work on the site today, plz be safety conscious, and enjoy the rest of ur day

Good morning dear, enjoy your day

 3 months ago 

Second lid report (spotlight)
Aba main park

Good afternoon friends.
This is my spotlight for the day. I captured it on my way to the market at about this Time.


 3 months ago 

Fine face, please wake up and go to work @ninapenda

 3 months ago 

Please as you are going to market buy something for me oooo

2nd LID report//Spotlight: Refuse dump truck
Date: 02.07.2021
Location: Aba, Abia state
Time: 3:52 pm
Good afternoon everyone, hope your day has been awesome thus far. I'm glad to report my 2nd LID for today which is on today's spotlight (Refuse dump truck)
Enjoy a good look at my spotlight pictures









Thanks for reading through my LID spotlight report

2nd lid report
Location : uyo
Time : 4pm
Date : 2/ 7/ 2021

Hello all in the house, am back to gist u all that I saw, as I was going to the market along oron road , including the day spotlight







Plz still stay tuned for more updates

 3 months ago 

Third LID report
Location: Abia State
Time: 4:35pm

And I just captured today's spotlight.



 3 months ago 

Second LID Report
Time: 5:16
Location: ABA
Date: 2/7/2021
Spotlight for today


 3 months ago 

Frist lid report
Location: uyo
Time :10 am
Date : 2/7/21

Morning selfie.

Hello Everyone ,
I am delighted to participate in today's lid report, l slept like a baby and l woke as an adult by 7am, l conduct my morning worship and communicate smoothly with our heavenly father, l prepared my breakfast and attended to my house chores, today is my off day . So am enjoying my off at home.
If other events comes up l will let you know.
Have a wonderful day ahead.

 3 months ago (edited)

Third report
Happening now

accident happening here in aba at ogbohill azuka junction.
Bike man going on his way was eventually hit by a car and it caused some damages but none was injured.
According to the owner of the car he settled to pay for all damages caused.

I shall keep on updating you
stay tune.

 3 months ago 

First LID Report
Friday, 2nd July 2021
Location: Uyo, Nigeria.

A garbage truck Good evening everyone, hope you had pleasant day.


The day has been bright, sunny and cloudless, untill few minutes ago when it started drizzling after dark clouds gathered. The usual pre-rain rush took place just for the clouds to be swept away by wind. Watching the weather is often full of surprises as it might take unexpected turns any time. It could be the weather loosing its mind or global warming taking effect.

IMG_20210702_155335~2.jpg This is how beautiful Uyo can be

It's @manuelhooks reporting for LID report Uyo.
 3 months ago 

Second lid report
Location: uyo

This traffic is at uyo plaza close to Access bank by Etuk street, this place is always busy and full of traffic.



As l told you earlier , l enjoy my sleep till by 4:20pm, l was called by a friend to check on her, now my way, l saw today's spotlight even do it was not that clear.



I was inside mini bus l saw this spotlight , l was so so curious about it and some passenger was wondering what l want to do with it , l explain steemit to them , one is interested, l will try an follow her up.

 3 months ago 

2nd Lid Report

Date: 02/07/2021

Location: Uyo

Time: 8pm

Welcome once again and though today matches almost made me forget I am supposed to so for myself but I am glad I am here again.

There you have the Lid Report for today though Spain has book their place to the semi-finals of the Euro 2020, we await the fate of both Belgium and Italy as the Italian leads in the first half.


 3 months ago 

Second LID Report

Friday, 2nd July 2021.
Location: Uyo, Nigeria.
(Spotlight:: refuse dump truck)

Hunting the garbage truck. "Have you seen any refuse truck pass here?" A good number of steemians especially those in the SteemAlive community had eyes looking for garbage trucks. They combed every corner looking for this.


Some had to visit sites that when they are often seen. Today's spotlight is refuse dump truck. As we carry out daily activities, we generate a lot of waste. The garbage truck helps keep our environment clean by taking away all the domestic waste that comes from our home.

This is @manuelhooks reporting for today's second LID report.

2nd lid post
Location: Ilorin
Date 2nd of July 2021
Time: 20:00

I went to the park and I met yo by entering the first bus.
Sorry for posting late the network wasn't great on my way coming back.


 3 months ago 

Second LID report
Location: Abia State

I just got to the office. while on my way, the traffic was not so bad. The movement was so free.

Buses are moving, the tricycle are also moving. Along Azikiwe Rd the traffic there is also moving, no congestion or otherwise.
Today's traffic is a good one.
Stay tuned......