LID Traffic update for today Friday 11/6/2021 (Spotlight:: Sachet Water Truck)

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Thank God its Friday!!! Welcome to another opportunity to report LID traffic. The traffic situation varies from city to city. Some areas experience more traffic congestion than other places. Through your traffic updates, we get to see what it is like in your area. So as you leave the house, capture the roads you pass through and tell us what is happening with the traffic. Use the comment section of this post to report to us your traffic updates.


You can Improve your traffic reports

Here are 3 ways to Improve your traffic reports.

1..Capture Traffic from top:If you can climb to a higher elevation, you will capture great traffic images. So climb a high story building around the place you wish to capture and then take your images from the top.

2.. Image Quality: If we struggle to see your images, it would be difficult to make sense of the report. So make sure your images are great. If your camera quality is poor, you can save to change it. A great camera makes amazing images. So work hard on your traffic images and make them look very fine/.

3.. Engagement: The engagement rule is 1:1. Each time you drop one LID report, also reply another person's report. IF you make 5 LID reports, we will naturally expect 5 replies from you.


Spotlight for Today

Our spotlight for today is Sachet Water truck. Capture any articulated vehicle used to transport and distribute sachet water. We will pay extra 0.1 steem if you capture a great spotlight.


Support LID

Make a donation to @steemalive to help us reward our LID reporters. Send steem, tron, or SBD to us. You can also curate the LID post for each day and even resteem it.

Written by: @focusnow
For: @steemalive


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First LID report
Location:Abia State

Good morning my fellow reporters.
Trust we all had a beautiful night rest. Today is Friday. Weekends are always for relaxations...... I woke up strong and healthy this morning, I said short pray and then I prepared breakfast, did some chores then took my bath. I will be going for work this morning, shortly. Am actually getting ready to leave the house.

I've got to go now..., Will keep you informed about the new development/ happenings around me.

Thank you and stay tuned.....

I'm so happy you pray to your heavenly father, keep it up

 2 months ago 

It is the right thing to do....
Thank you...

Have a good day dear

 2 months ago 

I wish you same.....

And we waited for you yesterday till eternity

Dear @ninapenda my yesterday happened just the way I didn't expect.
All things been equal, no I should have been there, but it was unavoidable, and my absence is very regrettable.

Good morning to you too,nice to see you again this morning. Do have a lovely day ahead.

 2 months ago 

Thank you baby girl....

Hello @ninapenda am so glad to read your report this morning , I like as your face bright this early morning enjoy ur day

 2 months ago 

Thank you so much. I wish you well...

You are welcome dear hope you are enjoying your your work

God bless your going and coming back @ninapenda

 2 months ago 

Thank you so much.

God bless your hustle

Lols, you can say that again. Weekends are always the best for me and most time, I always wish we had two Saturday and two Sunday before Monday but it is fortunate that God made them come once in every week.

Alright, take care of yourself and enjoy your day.

We are expecting the full gist later but stay safe

Nwa baby, you sure say anything go happen around you? Good day to you


Second lid report
Time: 4pm
Located: Uyo, Akwa Ibom State

Good afternoon fellow steemians, hope you all enjoyed your morning and afternoon. Am here again with another brand of sachet water delivery Vehicle. Mex-lax table water.
IMG-20210611-WA0003.jpg. This vehicle was captured at no 15 Ikpa road by uniuyo first gate.

Second LID Report: Spotlight// Pure Water tanker
Time: 2:38
Location: Osisoma Aba
Date: 11 June 2021

..This place is my street, is where i got these spotlights from, you hardly see sachet water tanker in out street but as i dressed up to go and look for one, as I turned by the right hand side, i was so happy to see one, thank to God. Have a nice day

Wao You are lucky.nice one

Am happy that you found one. Congrats

First LID Report// How I spent my night(Morning Selfie)
Time: 8:55am
Location: Aba, Abia State
Date: 11:June:2021


Good morning fellow Steemains, how was you guys night, Joeboi had a great night, I slept in the company like a baby And woke up as a soldier due to there was no material, am also thanking God for life, for making us to see another beautiful day, I jus tool my First LID Report selfie as I was coming back from work, enjoy your day and stay safe, also wish you good luck today.

You are welcome

First LID Report: Spotlight// Pure Water tanker
Time: 17:42
Location: Uyo, Akwalbom
Date: 11 June 2021



A Sachet Water truck, making a delivery at Sir Monty Ikpa Road, I was finally successful after missing a few opportunities to capture today's spotlight.

@manuelhooks reporting for LID Traffic update. And wishing you all a pleasant evening...

First Lid Report
Location: Mbak Road Uyo
Date: 11/6/2021
Time: 1:07 Pm

Good day from Uyo my beautiful Steemians family. I'm glad to be here with you today. The weather here is so cloudy. And the day is moving smoothly and cool. Today, I woke up very early, prepare my daughter for school and zoom to work. I wish you all a happy weekend and a successful day. I letter met with my boss ma'am @ijelady to help me to claim my rewards from Steemalive.
I will soon come back with my today's Spotlight, bye for now


That is a good one @chichieze, you are trying dear, you need to start your lid on time, your first lid suppose to be your morning selfie, you tell us how your night was and your schedule for the day, make at least 3 report in a day,my humble reminder please 🙏

Alright ma'am, I have taken notice

DATE: 11/6/2021

Good morning to you all, my fellow transmitters, my OGA at the top and to all steemit family, good morning to you how was you night and your health?!
I thank God for waking up this cool morning, after the heavy rain at night even in my dreams I felt the cold but in all the Lord woke me up around after 4:00am this morning, may his name be praised,Amen..
When I woke up this morning, I said my prayers and I sang some beautiful songs to God and after that I went on to make some food to eat and after that I sat down in from of my keyboard just to meditate..


As the day goes on,I will likely do my normal morning exercise before going out..
Oh lord my God, how great thou arth, in all the earth who can be likened unto thee.. Blessed be thy Holy name.
Lord even as we thank you for this day, we also commit it to you hands Lord, may you protect us all and let your will be down in this country Nigeria. Lord please bless the works of our hand, and may the blessings of God the Father,Son and the Holy Spirit be with us now and for ever, Amen.

I really want to thank you all for ready my writeup this morning and to my fellow transmitters and to all My Oga's in the house, I Love you all...
Jah bless,Jah light and Jah guide..

Please stay tuned,dont touch the dial because more updates are coming your way..

I want to learn this piano oo
When should I come for lesson?

Any time of your choice...were do you reside??

1st lid report
Location:Umukalika Aba


Good morning everyone. Hope you all have woken up with a vibrant health. My night was uninterrupted so i slept very well. As i woke up this morning, am happy but don't really know my activities for today. Right now its raining over here.

1623399429363756965166.jpgits raining

But anyhow, just stay tuned.

Good morning to you pretty, hopefully your night was blissful we are happy for that. The rain drop is everywhere ooo even in portharcout city here as I speak with you now it's raining too. Stay safe @kingcent cares

My dear is raining here too

Alright dear, stay safe but don't forget I'm waiting for your today's Spotlight

 2 months ago (edited)

First lid report
Location: Uyo
Time: 9:15
Date: 11th June 2021

Good morning fellow steemians, this is my first time posting on lid due to the fact that am a newbie, I was just shown how to make lid report yesterday and I have to try it today. Here is my sachet water vehicle.
IMG_20210611_090252_2.jpg. Wishing to hit the target for lid report today. Thanks and remain bless. Yours @udyliciouz

Welcome to the wonderful family

My 1st lid post
Location ogbor hill ABA
Time 9:03am
Date 11/6/2021


Good morning my fellow steeamians how was your night, I hope you people slept well,because my night was cool no bad dream rather good dream, I dream when I have money build my own house also travel out from Nigeria to Canada,and make an investment, I pray for God to do it as I wish,thank god that I'm alive, I'm on my way going out to hustle, I also pray that today will be great,stay tuned for more updates 💪💪💪

My First Lid report for today

Location: #Rivers state portharcout city

Date: 11/06/2021

Time: 9:26am


Hello steemians good morning to you all and Happy weekend, hope you guys had a splendid night for me my night was splendid I slept early and this morning I woke up healthy and sound all glory be to God almighty for making it possible for us to see the brightness of the day.

I didn't go to Church this morning courtesy the fact that the weather in portharcout city is really somehow, rain drop everywhere the weather is just pretty cold at this particular time of asking. But hopefully I will go out in search of my spotlight for today, have a good day people

Date : 11/06/2021
Location: Aba Abia State
Time: 8am


Good morning everyone, hope you slept well last night then you woke this morning with strength mine was cool and the weather was okey , i woke up this morning like a king.

I woke up around 5:30am in the morning had my morning devotion with my family and do some house chores then show showered and went out for work,
I wish you all a happy day wait for my update later.

Thank you all.

Weldon Sir, am happy to see you here

First lid Report
Location: konwea plaza Delta State

Hello Friends hope you guys are good? I woke up very happy today and i thank God for that. Dont have much to do today i went to class where i learn Graphic Design. So i had to take a picture of this junction. Is always a busy area but this morning it is not that busy.


I can see that you are more than happy. By your teeth we shall no that

1st Lid report
Location:GRA Ikeja Lagos State
Good morning to my loved ones,
Reporting live from my office, after morning works in the house I Left house by 6:00am,got to work by 7 am, after drop off of the children,am back to my office to record down the temperature.
I will be going round to check on the children hourly,stay tuned for more updates.
Thank you

My nurse where is your hospital because i'm coming to check my temperature there. You really slept well i see.

Hahahaha,just be coming you will be fine

1st LID Report
Location: Ogbor Hill.
Time: 10:00am
Date' 11/6/2021

Good morning great people of steemit, i hope you all had a beautiful night? because my was so cool.
I woke up very early today, after thanking God, I'm rushing to work because i don't want to be late today
morning selfie


Have a lovely day and be safe.

First lid
Location: Uyo
Time:9 51am
Good morning my fellow steemits, i thank God for making us to see this new day, hope you night was fine, as for me I slept well, I slept late yesterday night because of some house chores,I wake up this morning at about 6 o'clock, I started singing praise to my heavenly king, I meditate to God, and I went out to fetch water, the weather was not good

IMG_20210611_070300_5.jpgI was wandering should I wait, will the rain fall? But I still insist to fetch the water, I prepared and leave to work,
IMG_20210611_070323_2.jpg, right now am in the shop,
but cool dey ooooo, stay tuned I will be back with another report, enjoy your day, have a wonderful day.

Sorry for the cool weather, try and have a cup of tea

First lid really report
Aba owerri road

Good morning dear friends. How was your night?
Hope u did sleep well?
Mine was restful.
I woke up this morning with plans to take care of things online like every other good day, but network couldn't let me.
Worst still, rain started with a very wild wind. I just went under my bed spread.
But this customer kept calling, let me go attend to him.
Mayvtge rest of your day be blessed


Have a nice day

Sometimes network is so bad in some area.


1st lid report.
Date 11/6/2021
Location uyo
Time 10:41
Goodmorning dear lid reporters hope we all have a good night rest . I slept very well and woked up sound , today is Friday I know we all are going to enjoy the weekend and have more time for steemit .


This is me preparing my morning food so delicious


My noodles is now ready


Hello everyone please come and join me enjoy this delicious noodles

Am about going to work that is what I have for today please expect more lid from me soon may you all have I nice day ahead

How do I get the food please.its yummy

Mmm,am salivating please share to me

2nd lid report
Spotlight:: Sachet Water Truck
Time: :11:22
Locations Azuka Aba
Date: 11/June/ 2021

Hello fellow Steemains, water truck this is my second LID report,

**The picture here are about water truck , is our today's spotlight


Lid:1st report
Time. 11.22am
Location. 4 lane Avenue by Oron road, Uyo akwaibom Nigeria

Good morning dear friends, how did your night go? Well mine went well although I slept a bit late because I was preparing my achievement post.
I woke up around 5.00 this morning and said a prayer to God. After which I did some household chores and prepared breakfast. The weather have been very cold and cloudy after the rain that fell this morning.


Since then I have been feeling very cold but I still made it to the training center. That is where I am currently, we are strong to assist some newbies.
I really hope that the rest if the day today runs smoothly. I will bring more updates for you so please be right at the corner and wait for more updates.

1st lid
Location...Ado Ekiti


Happy Friday fellow lid reporter
I hope we all doing fine am in shop already.
Do have a lovely day

2nd lid
Location..Ado Ekiti

Sport light


I was able to get today's sport light b4 leaving home this morning

Waoo that's great

Wow! I am glad you were able to get today's spotlight. Do have a wonderful day ahead

My 1st lid post
Location Rivers State PH
Date 11/June 2021
IMG_20210611_071848.jpg Good morning ladies and gentlemen, how was your night, I hope you all slept well , that's good,I woke up this morning and I found myself so strong ,I think baba god for the wonderful brand New day,not by my strength or by your own power,is by Messi he show us one of this hand work the rain, ladies and gentlemen let's praise the god almight ,
Please wait for more updates.

Wow,you look handsome this morning,nice hearing from you 😊

First lid report
Location: uyo, Akwa Ibom state

Good morning my steemit friends, I hope you all had a pretty night sleep, mine was okay because the room was cold and I slept very well.
After my morning worship by 5:30am I enter my kitchen to prepare breakfast for my family and I wanted to prepare my son's favourite food which is beans and potatoes to take it to school.

Expect to hear more from me love you all

1st lid report
My morning face
Goodmorning every one,I trust you all had a wonderful night rest.i woke very strong and vibrant this morning around 7am,I conducted my morning worship and say a short prayer to my heavenly father whose name is Jehovah.and after that I brush my teeth and do my morning chore.I later served myself breakfast and took my bath.i don't really have much to do today because I am not going to work today since I'm off duty,but I won't be able to stay at home all day, that's why I will be going out to check on my Dad at his business on my way going out now.please stay tuned for more updates.@iamsuucceess


First lid report
Location: uyo ,akwa ibom state
Time :12:23pm
Good day my fellow steemians how was your day, mine is cool and I enjoy the weather , today I when to training centre to lead more about about going to my shop to finished the dresses I made

See you guys in my next report

Ok ooo am waiting for it

See them, they will come here and display their talent...hmmm it's well

2rd lid report
Spotlight for the day: sachet water truck
Location: uyo
Time: 12:16p
Am so happy to capture today's spotlight believe me it was so funny

Below is my spotlight

I am preparing to go to my workplace and I will be reporting from there so dear friends expect more repot from me

Hahahaha I understand the way you got it

This is cool!
But the driver is still wondering why you are taking pictures of him.

Thanks , really the driver was surprised and it was so funny

If I was in his shoe, I would be worried too....
Hope you have a nice day ahead...

 2 months ago 

Second LID report
Location:Abia State

I was just about to leave the house for work,, and I thought the rain didn't mean business... It kept for hours at home.

I was just singing rain, rain go away. Come again another day,, little nina wants to go..

It was a very heavy rainfall...

I will keep you posted.... Stay tuned.

1st lid report
Location: Uyo
Date: 11 /6/21
Time : 8: 30am


Good morning everyone ,
It is my pleasure to tell you all good morning , l woke up by 6:10am ,l conduct my morning worship, and communicate smoothly with my heavenly father, after then house chores and breakfast knock on my door , l attained to them ,am enjoying my night off , l don't have much to do , but now am out to meet a friend.
Have a wonderful day ahead.
#dequeencares .



Fine girl good morning

Morning to you

Good morning beauty

Have a cute day dear

See them, they like report like there is no tomorrow

2nd lid
Location : uyo
Time: 1 08 pm
Date: 11/6/21
Hi my fellow steemits hope your day is going well, I thank God today, I have made good sales, everything is going well, just finished dressing this wound now
IMG_20201008_125917_4.jpg, since morning I have been busy, so I want to eat now,so come and join me
IMG_20210611_130414_1.jpg, let me continue eating, stayed tuned, enjoy your day I will be back with my report.

Oh wish your patient quick recovery in Jesus name

So this is how u have been enjoying am not coming to eat enjoy your food

You are doing well dear.

1st Lid report
Time: 12:05pm
Location: [Itam](
Date: 11/06/2021

Hey handsome and gorgeous people, how are you all doing today?

It is cold and rainy down here in Akwa Ibom state. I have been running up and down that I forgot what the time was.

So, today the rain started pretty early and I decided to stay indoor and sleep but I was also listening to some songs from my phone.


When the rain was finally out, I decided to do my chores, take my bath and leave for work. Since today is Friday, I decided not to go straight to the office for to my boss church and there , I was sent on an errand. I had to first of all, go and withdraw money before going to get the book from a bookshop.


I had to move from one bookshop to another because the book was quite costly and I noticed each bookshoop prize varies.

I finally got to the last bus stop were I decided not to go farther than that and got the cheaper one.

Came back and now, I am reading.

See you all later.

3rd lid
Location: uyo
Time 1 49pm
Date: 11/6/21
I thank God for a successful day, it was not easy for me to get my spotlight, but I thank God I have been able to get it
FB_IMG_16234119026908802.jpg, stay safe and enjoy your day, I will be back.

1st Lid Report

Sorry I came late though i was quit busy but to God be the glory I am alive today.

Is my off day again and I pray today gel for me and you guys out because today is gonna explosive. Stay tune for today Lid report later but for now I am out.


Second lid report
Location:Uyo Akwa Ibom state
Time: 3:18

Good afternoon my fellow steemians, hope these afternoon is going well with you all. These afternoon on my way to pick my child in school I saw these pure water truck and I decided to take a picture of it.stay tune and hear from me again.

Nice post, please let go and look for where I Will get my own spotlight.

1st lid report
Morning selfie


Hello friends, hope your day is cool and with no worries. I'm fine here and liking the cold weather. I woke up early today and was engaged in my normal house chores. Later went to work and still on duty. Soon to update you With work and the weather.

Hi good evening to you, how is work going hopefully you stay safe and come back health and soon you will become wealthy, the cold weather reach every, #weather4two.. stay safe

Location: immaculate aba
Date: 11/06/2021
Time: 05:02am
1st lid report

Hello guys,
How are you doing, I hope you are good.
I wake up this morning and said my morning prayer and then start preparing for work and plan for today depends when I reach office, thank you.

Second Lid Report
Location: Uyo
Time:3:17 Pm
Date: 11/6/2021

Today's Spotlight



Good afternoon dear fellow Lid Repoters. I'm glad I was able to capture this beautiful sachet water truck. After posting my second Lid, I will be engaged with other activities. I was invited by @ijelady to participate on Steam Health. The have a contest entitled, Share Your Exercise Moment. If I didn't come back with more updates, please bear with me. Right now, I will be writing the contest. Bye for now.

My Lid spotlight for today

Location: #Rivers state portharcout city

Date: 11/06/2021

Time: 4:19pm




Hello steemians welcome once again to my spotlight for the day, I bring you greetings from portharcout city here, the rain has calm down so I took a walk to get my spotlight for the day. No thanks to the rain shall.


2nd lid
Ediye Samuel street Uyo, Akwa Ibom State Nigeria.
Good evening friends, how was ur day? Hope u really enjoy, mine was a little stressful, but with that, I have to update my lid for the second time


Am very tired this evening due to two much work in shop.
Here are my lid for the day, am coming back for the third one stay safe.

Good afternoon

Our great and kind leader that report is loaded.@focus

DATE: 11/06/2021
TIME: 17:05pm

Good day how are you all, this is @caleb-marvel reporting all the way from Asaba.
Now we are in Traffic light in Asaba, and there is no traffic jam on the road,the road is so free..



Thanks to you all,pls stay tuned for other report..thanks and God bless..

1st LID Report

Good morning to you there. How are you doing? I thank God for today. After a very long time we have finally been supplied electricity. Well, not as if I was really bothered. That is how our country is.
I slept quite late yesterday. Some heavy forces were in play but finally I overcame. My sleep was quite short though but I am glad I was able to even get some. Slept past 1 a.m woke some minutes to 5 a.m.
As usual, I have had my devotion, run through my morning chores and I am now heading to work.

My inspiration

The heavy clouds of the morning.

Today is going to be a great day. I am positive. Though the weather is not looking very promising. The sky is quite sad already but whatever the case, it is well.
Hope to come to you with more updates later. See you soon.

Good morning sir. Thank God for the electricity and the battle won over your life.
We will always triumph in Christ.
Enjoy your day

Take care of yourself

Lid:1st report
Location:Oron road Uyo
Greetings to you my fellow lid reporters. How has your day been today. Well today is really a cool day. I went to buy some snacks for us to eat at the training center


I also captured some traffic on my way back


I am inside a keke on my way home now, I will look out for a sachet water truck for today's spotlight. So my next report is going to be on the spotlight. So please stay tuned.

First lit
4lane, Uyo

Good morning my fellow reports
Here is my first lid this morning.
I slept late yesterday because of meeting I had with my group, I got home around 11:00pm, I did my evening prayer, and I sleep. I wake up 6:30am this morning I get myself prepared to work.
Now am in my shop trying to do one or two things
Although the weather is very cool I will still do my traffic lid for today

Stay tuned, and stay safe have a very blissful day.

Weldon , enjoy your day

Waiting for more updates from you

Thank u, I will

You are welcome

Location: Ehi road aba
Date: 11/06/2021
Time: 10:12am
2nd lid report

Hello guys,
At about 10:12am, I went out to have my breakfast and my breakfast is rice and beans with meat and after that I will be returning back to my office well stay tuned for more update thank you.

Why all this temptation nau? I thought it was sachet water van and not this delicious food before I arrest you

2nd Lid Report
Location; Uyo
Time; 6:20am
Date; 11/06/2021

The headline is here and I brought to you what you have been waiting for. I couldn't help it but to collect number because everything for Nigeria, you must place order before delivery.



There you have the lid report for today and remember tomorrow is another day. 8pm is the kick off time for Euro 2020 and using this medium to say, happy weekend dear fellows.

2nd lid report
My fellow lid reporters, the day is gradually coming to an end ooo. But the funny part of it is that am still at home. Right now, am leaving the house just to refill my gas cylinder.

1623432642810203046254.jpggas cylinder
But stay tuned. More updates ahead

 2 months ago (edited)

HimSecond lid report
Owerri road Aba

Good evening dear friends.
On my returning to shop from Azikiwe, I captured a picture of me and the traffic situation of the road.



My 2nd lid posp
Rivers State pH


good afternoon everyone ,it is my pleasure to meet all of you here how is work going I hope it's great so friends see more of you for mmore report

2nd lid report
After I went to visit my Dad at his business place,on my way going back home,I decided to stop at the market where my mum sales foodstuffs because I wanted to get foodstuffs from her so that I can come home and prepare dinner.i got to go so that I can start preparing the food because am danm hungry.stay tuned for more updates @iamsuccess

This is me at mbiabong market

This is my mum after she has finished cutting afang leafs for me because am going to cook afang soup

Second LID Report: Spotlight// Pure Water tanker
Time: 19:30
Location: Uyo, Akwalbom
Date: 11 June 2021

While on my way home from work, I noticed an "Ikonsa" Sachet Water truck, making a late delivery along Oron Road.



This is @manuelhooks signing out for today's LID Traffic update. And wishing you all a very pleasant evening...


3rd lid report
My fellow lid reporters, i have been battling with low battery that i found it difficult to post today. Although its already late, please permit me to drop today's lid spotlight now



Goodnight dear friends. Till tomorrow. Byeeeee

OMy 3nd lid post
IMG_20210611_152228.jpg picture location) Port Harcourt petroleum oil and gas)everyone How is work today, I hope it went well ,thank God that we go and come back sucessful may his name be highly exalted, why come back from work so I just looking around to take a picture and I found these filling station was so beautifully, and do you know why there is no customers today, heavy rain fall ,and this is not easy for them.

Ist lid report
Location: Owerri

Hello reporters, hope we all had good night rest? Well, thank God its saturday today as i will be staying at home to work on my project based on supervisors correction... Do have a lovely day as you go about your activities today

Ist lid report
Location: Owerri

Hello reporters, hope we all had good night rest? Well, thank God its saturday today as i will be staying at home to work on my project based on supervisors correction... Do have a lovely day as you go about your activities today