LID Traffic update for today Friday 7/5/2021 (Spotlight:: Traffic at a Round-about)

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Its great to start another new day with our traffic LID reports. Goodmorning friends and welcome to our LID reporting. As you know, today is Friday and we will focus fully on traffic reports. We want to see what traffic looks like in your area today. So feel free to capture the traffic around your home, office, market, or wherever you find yourself today. Use the comment section of the post to drop your reports.


You can Improve your traffic reports

Here are 3 ways to Improve your traffic reports.

1.. Stay safe: Your safety is important to us. You need to watch the road and make sure you are out of harms way. Do not stand close to moving vehicles to avoid getting hit. Only take images when the traffic situation is great for you to do so. If there are traffic lights in your area, you can take advantage of the stop time to capture great traffic images.

2.. Angle of photography: The best place to stay and take traffic images is on top. This will enable you to capture the full traffic image without hinderance. As much as possible, climb to a higher ground. For example, if there are high rise buildings around the road you want to report about, climb to a higher floor so that you can get a comprehensive image of traffic and surrounding locations...

3.. Engagement: The engagement rule is 1:1. Each time you drop one LID report, also reply another person's report. IF you make 5 LID reports, we will naturally expect 5 replies from you.


Spotlight for Today

Our spotlight for today is Traffic at a Round-about. We will pay extra 0.1 steem if you capture a great spotlight. Make sure to indicate the name of the round about.


Support LID

Make a donation to @steemalive to help us reward our LID reporters. Send steem, tron, or SBD to us. You can also curate the LID post for each day and even resteem it.

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For: @steemalive


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Location IFA
Time:8:20 am

My first lid

my morning selfie


Good morning everyone
How was your night trust you all had a cool night rest.
My night was cool and I enjoyed good night rest.
I woke up this morning by 7:am,I helped my little boy to prepare for school while the senior brother was preparing for their breakfast.
Immediately they left for school I entered my garden to check my yam, pumpkin and sent leaf because I was not around for few days now.

Pumpkin and sent leaf

It was really doing great
It is amazing, God's creation.
Am out from the garden, what am going to do now is to send love/care messages to my people and take record of all my transactions last month of April 2021,
I will enter town later in the day and attend seminar by 3:pm
I will keep updating you, have a lovely day

Wonderful lid report.
Thank you very much

Thank you so much @uzoma247

I love your garden

Though small but helpful

First lid report
Factory Road, Aba
Abia State

Good morning friends on steem.
How was your Night? Trust you slept well.
My night was also calm and peaceful.
NEPA didn't being light for us at all, all through the night. I had to poen my windows for receive fresh air after my generator went off.
This morning, I woke up at about 4am to make a post on a contest on going in Best OF Bangladesh community.
After which I had my bath and left to work.
That's all for now. I wish you a great day ahead.

1st lid post
Date....07 MAY 2021
Time... .7:04am
Location.... Aba,Abia State

Good morning my fellow steemains.
How was your night? Hope your night went well.
Through the grace of God I was able to sleep and wake up safely this morning. my night was cool

I woked up around 6:20 , I used some few minutes to worship my god then later I went and pick up my phone, log into steemit to check for updates.
After that I went to the bathroom I took my bath, before was out dinner was served and I ate my delicious noodle I dressed up and left for work immediately .
Morning Selfie


My today plans.
It's all about work and find more updates from my cousin brother @ruggedangel
Stay tuned, I will update you guys soon.

Nice content bro

 last month 

My first LID

Location: Nbawsi

Time: 7.00am

Good morning fellow steemians and fellow reporters. It is time to give you a report from my village.kindly see my selfie.

This is my morning selfie.




I am back to lid after a longtime off. I am my village for some reasons. To check out my family house roofing and to attend the burial of my uncles mother inlaw.
Today is going to be a very busy day for me and my wife @ngoenyi.

So we will be getting ready for these activities soonest.

We will be using these opporunities to assist some people my father told about steemit and they were interested in it. They will be coming to the house for us to show them more things and for prospective ones to sign them on.

I will be keeping you updated as time goes.

Thanks for going through my report.

Have a wonderful moment

What a good team.
May you achieve all your plans for the day

Location.......Aba, Abia state.

Good morning steemians and to all the representative of steemalive.. how was your night today? Hope you had a great sleep..


Today I woke up around 6:00am.. then we come together as one family and had our family worship as we normally do in every morning and read some verse of the Bible and pray for a successful day today..




Then I have to login to my steemit account to see updates.. this is the report of the traffic on my area this morning,, I guess it's zoom zoom everywhere is moving smoothly and clearly...

Have a blissful day and take care of yourself...
Love ❣️❣️ you guys

1st Lid Report
Location: Uyo

Aloos Steemians,

Happy new day to all of you. Thank God it's Friday. I can't wait for the weekend to be in full swing.
I had a beautiful sleep. The only distraction was when I got up to wake a friend around 3 a.m. otherwise, I believe I slept quite peaceful and well too. Still, I had to wake by 4:42 a.m I had a couple of stuff to handle and I needed to attend morning devotion.

On my way to the office.

I am done with my morning routine and I am heading to work already. No breakfast for me today as my kitchen is empty, but I will grab something later on. As today is Friday, our dress code is native wear or traditional wears as you can see.
This week has been one to simply survive. It wasn't easy, but I am quite upbeat. No stress will wear me down today. I will try to do my very best and see to it that I meet my targets. I don't really have much activities on my schedule bet for a brief meet up with a friend later in the day. I really need to have some days off.

My day will be great, I can feel it.

I will resists the urge to make a comment or prediction about the weather today. I will leave that to the creator to handle. Yesterday, my prediction was totally off. However, I just have a good feeling about today. I believe everything is going to turn out great.
I will put in all my strenght to finish up my tasks as early as possible today. I am in dire need to some free time for myself. Though, at noon I will take my customary break and probably stop by a few places to refresh and stretch my limbs.
Thankfully today I usually close an hour earlier at work. So hopefully, I will be able to enjoy the free time I so desire. I will try to keep you up to speed with the happenings of today so stay right here with me.
I am optimistic that today will be productive for you as well. So go in an conquer your day.
Hope to catch you later. For now, I take a bow.

First lid report
Location: okpanam delta state
Time: 8am


Good Morning fellow lid reporters, trust your night was good. Mine was awesome. I woke up this morning said my prayers, after which i went outside to water my aloe-vera


Will be going out to take my lid report this morning.

Stay tuned and have a great ahead

Time: 8:32
Location: Aba Abia State
Date: 07/05/2021

Good morning all members of steemalive. Hope you all enjoyed your night mine was cool and sweet tho I slept early yesterday because I was stress out at the shop.
I woke up late today around 5:35am the morning devotion is already on so I joined them at the finishing point after the prayers i took and my bath and off to shop.
Wish you all a happy and wonderful day.

GM guys hope ur nite went well,my was good too i slept until my eyes and face look
Puffy,i wole up today around,7 vrry late ,i was so weak and tired eee,and my day today gonnabe hecticcus i will be goingfor abutail and themarket too.staystuden guys,hv a nice day.


Location..... Aba, Abia State
Date: 07/05/2021
Time.....6:[email protected]

Good morning steemians and co LID reporters, how was your night, hope your night was fine.
I had a wonderful night too.

Morning selfie

I woke up today by 5:06am. said my prayers, had a little morning execerse, brushed my teeth, take my bath. I will take my breakfast in the office today. I am now getting ready for today's activities.

Today I will first go to the office then later in the day visit the site to continue yesterday's work.

God's blessings upon us.
I love you all.

Good morning sir
Today will favor us

Good morning,God bless you too

1st lid report
Location: Ilorin

Good morning, lovely steemians trust our night was good.
This morning I just woke up and I decided to take a morning self, I will be indoor throughout.because I have stress my self this week and I need some rest .see again with my upcoming lid.

My 1st lid post

Date 07/05/2021
Location:Aba ukaegbu
Time:9:12 am


Good morning my lovely steemains hope you all have a cool night rest, i do have a cool night rest i slept off around 10:25 pm because i want to weak up early I have some private discussion with my mum before taking my bath , my plans for today is going to working to see if i can get some capital because we are entering weekend time , do have great day in your daily activities ,
stay safe why I update you

Time:8:50 am
Location: Mbak Road Uyo
Date: 07/06/2021

My first Lid report
Good morning my co-Steemians and fellow Lid repoters.
I really enjoyed my night cause the weather was cool. Hope you guys enjoyed yours too.

My morning selfie.
This morning, I will be going to EDMARK office by 11:am. At 130 Oron road Uyo for their mothers day anniversary. Once the program is over, I will be going to my saloon shop to complete my customers hair just like I promised you guys last night that I will show you the picture of the hair once I complete it.
Stay tuned and remain blessed.
Have a wonderful day.

1st lid report
Location :Aba
Date :07-05-2021
Time :9:13am

Good morning lovely steemains, hope you all had a great night rest,my was fine as well, I woke up this morning by 5:25am said my prayers and prepared for work as usual, on my way to work already




The traffic at Amaogbonna is a bit fare today

Will get back to you after now for more updates

Have a nice day 🥰

Do have a great day at work.
Hope to see more updates from you

LOCATION:Aba,abia state
DATE: 7/5/2021

Good morning everyone in this clphone this is my report on spotlight today I hope you people slept well I wish to emphasize myself and how I spend my night my night was very very good well spent I hope you people spend yours very well

Good morning to you bro. Nice reading your lid report at this particular time of asking. My night was splendid. Hopefully I will read more of your post thanks...

Second LID report
Time: 11am
Location: Aba Abia State
Date: 7/05/0/2021

Today's spotlight 😌


What three words

Second LID report
Time: 11am
Location: Aba Abia State
Date: 7/05/0/2021

Today's spotlight 😌


What three words

my first Lid report for today

Location: #Rivers state portharcout city

Date: 7/05/2021.

Time: 10:34am.


Hello steemians welcome once again to my first Lid report for today. Good morning to you all hope your night was splendid in general. I had a very good night no mosquito but steady light. I switched on my A.C and slept till this morning I really enjoyed it.

I woke up at about 5am, in the morning I took my bath and went to the market to purchase some tomatoes.


Ordinary it was my mum that was supposed to do this but she was not feeling fyn so I took the responsibility upon myself and I really had some additional experience women where just dragging everyone wants to buy at the same time.

 last month 

Good morning @kingcent, am glad you had a swell night rest. It's a good thing to lend a helping hands especially to parents, I commend that. May God grant your mum a better health.

Thanks for sharing and do have a great day.

#lidreport #nigeria

Thanks bro

1st lid

Time: 11:11am

Date: 7/5/2021

Location: Abule Egba


Good morning everyone, hope you all had a lovely night. Mine was cold. Lagos weather 😁. Well am up and ready for today's activities. I will be going to get my Jalabia for Salah celebration today.
I will bring more update later



1st Lid Report
Location; Owerri (Works layout))
Date: 07-05-2021
Time: 11:56am

Early morning picture

Hello reporters,this is @giftye reporting live from Owerri.
It's a beautiful day today,the weather looks clean and clear,I'm sure it won't rain 😊. My night was lovely and was spent in the church,after the finance conference last night I decided to hang around in church till this morning, because the program continues till Sunday and I came all the way from Eziobodo (FUTO). My morning began today by 5am,with my morning prayers and the study of God's word,I concentrated this morning on the book of Hosea and how God made him marry a prostitute just to show how Israel has been cheating on Him with idols(GOD IS AWESOME),😏😉.

I stepped out this morning to visit a friend,the plan is to hang out in his room till the evening time for another session of the conference. On my way there I got a plate of gollof rice and beans, which served as breakfast, thankfully they have light,so I ironed some of my clothes there.
My ironed clothes

After this post I'm gonna venture out to capture my spot light for the day.

Stay tuned.....

Pls can I borrow this your Suit?

Where should I send it to?🙂

My bluetooth is on. You can use that

No wahala


2nd lid report
Time: 3:20pm
Location: Ilorin



Good day steemians our day was Good .
There was a heavy rain yesterday night and due to this there was no electric power and I had to troll
Out to charge my phone.
So I won't be out of power.
Thanks for reading stay tunned for more


my second lid

Good afternoon everyone.
Just as I said in the morning that I will take record of all my business transaction today,
I did it no matter the hours I spent today.
I,my through with it now and am so tired.


man no die,man no rotten

I remembered that I did not take breakfast by 2:pm.



Even though is late I will still enter town, I have send some body to represent me at the seminar.
When I come back i will update you.

2nd Report

Location: Abule Egba





Good evening guys, how was your day. Hope it was cool?
Mine was fun, although I wasn't online since because I wasn't around. Preparing my self for my sister birthday party.


Second LID report
Date: 7/5/2021
Location:Aba, abia state
What's three words

Good evening house, how did your day go? Mine went so fine..

Location:. Aba

I was deeply engaged with meeting upon meeting, but all went smoothly. Then the rain harmonize the day. Did the rain disrupt your evening? Are you back home?

Well I just managed to make one time report today with the LID Spotlight so I hereby present the morning traffic from my area known and called Waterside roundabout.



Thanks and good night

My third lid

Good evening my fellow steemians and lid reporters, how was your day, trust you are all safe,I am doing well though tired because of stress.
I entered town around 4:pm to get my spot light for today.


Happy weekend to you all.and good night.


2nd Lid Report
Location: Owerri
Date: 07-05-2021
Time: 8:31pm

Hello reporters,this is @giftye reporting from Owerri as e-dey-hot. Like I said in my first report,the day was bright and lovely without a single dark cloud in the sky.
I stayed at my friend's room till it was time for the finance conference,but before I came to church I had to take a little time to stroll down to IMSU junction in owerri town to get a shot for the spotlight for today



The aerial view I was able to capture had poles in front of it,but you can see that the traffic situation there is mildly ok,unlike how it was yesterday.

Generally,Owerri has been experiencing terrible traffic situations because of the large trucks and caterpillars that has been trooping in and out of the city. Nevertheless,we hope for the best.

Finance conference was just wrapped up right now,and will be on my way home.


Have a lovely night rest pals......

Wow that's my State, thanks for bringing it here. Good evening from Uyo

Good evening to you too ma

My 1st lid post
Location ABA ukegbu
Date 7/05/2021

I was so very sorry because I didn't meet up today I was so very very busy since morning till this evening,I'm trying my best today because I don't want to lose today lid report. So now I have the opportunity I will do it, sorry for everyone about my late first morning post.....🙏🙏🙏🙏

My 2nd lid post

IMG_20210507_221416_172.jpgpicture location

like I told you throughout today I was so very very busy but it doesn't mean that I did not captured my today's spotlight I captured it but I don't have time to posted it, so now I have the time let me post my today spotlight, thank God because I find mine 💪💪

Nice reading your second lid report at this time, your city looks super beautiful hopefully I will visit you someday.

My 3rd post

IMG_20210507_221926_248.jpgpicture location

IMG_20210507_221610_743.jpgpicture location

I was coming back this night no Keke so I have to trek with my two legs, as I reach ogbor hill that is a lot of traffic on the road, that's the reason we can't find taxi, so I captured it to show you pepper how it is in ogbor hill, I'm still on my way because I'm trekking with my two legs, stay tuned for more updates..

  • My lid spotlight for today, traffic at a round about

Location: #Rivers state portharcout city

Date: 07/05/2021.

Time: 9:17pm..




Hello steemians this is my spotlight for today, this is a popular round about here in the city of portharcout. As you can see from the image a traffic controller is there making sure that things are kept in order to avoid a state of vehicles colliding with each other. For now the traffic light isn't working...

Second lid report
Brass junction
Aba, Abia state.

Good evening friends.
At about 3pm a very heavy rain came down in the city of Aba, am sure it disturbed lots if businesses.
I have closed from work and on my way home.
This is brass Junction this evening while on my way back from work.
As expected, it's a rush hour and people were eager to go home and rest after the days activities coupled with the fact that the days are bad.


Then on getting home, I prepared indomie and egg and had for my dinner.
Am currently watching Television.
That will be a for today.
Do have a quiet night rest.

My 4th lid post

IMG_20210503_224656_787.jpgpicture location

I have reach my sweet so I have to buy suya for my mom and my sister, for them to enjoy their self, I also used a small time I have to capture it to tell you people how my day is going.....


As I reached my house my sister was the first person that collected it's from me because she perceived the aroma of the suya, right now we are eating it, and also enjoying ourselves, come and join me and eat, I really thank God for today because he guide me and protect me, right now I'm inside the house... I also pray for God to guide those that haven't comes back to reach their various prices.... Good night everyone, see you people tomorrow morning...

 last month 

Your day has been obviously fun filled @smarto, I wish i was there to join in the suya. Anyways do have a restful night bro. Thanks for sharing.

#lidreport #nigeria

Todays sportlight its great

Uploading image #1...


Wow this is great and wonderful, thanks @focusnow for this post.