Steem2dworld 2.0 Recruitment Contest ends - Submit your reports for announcement!

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We started the second edition of Steem2dworld 2 weeks ago and we are happy to announce that this contest has come to a successful conclusion. We are really amazed at how many new ones have joined our community through this project. This post is the fist of 2 posts that we will use to announce the winners of this contest. Thank you all for participating. Remember the total prize money for this contest is 700 Steem. We wish you all participants the very best

To learn more about Steem2dworld 2.0, click here.


What should participants do now?

As a participant of this contest, you are to write a post to detail your recruits, the posts they made, your recruitment methods and any challenges you faced in the course of this contest. You are to submit a link of your completed post as a comment to this post. We will make the announcement of final winners and send their prizes in the next 24 hours. Check other things involved in the post you are to make below:

6.. Recruiter will make a post at the end of the contest to summarize the following (Recruits, date joined, List of 6 posts, and any other interesting details such as their method of recruitment). The post must contain the 2 tags steem2dworld and steemalive

Steem2dworld 2.0 Leaderboard last 7 days

We did an update post last week to show what was accomplished in the first week of the contest.

After working for another 7 days, more recruits must have been gotten. We will see what happens from the final posts that participants will make to show all the persons recruited.

Make the post and drop the link here as instructed. We are waiting to announce the final result from there.

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Steem2dworld 2.0 Contest

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Lets Steem2dWorld!!!!!

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Good morning to @steemalive,am glad i participated in this awesome contest,here is my entry post which i made to show my interest.

This is my progress so far,my recruitment tracker that shows all my recruits and their posts including their achievement -3👇🏻
Thanks @steemalive as you go through my post.

Thank you for the opportunity @steemalive.

Thank you @steemalive for this opportunity. Please I have 6 recruits not 3.

@graciee20. You are supposed to make a fresh post and list all the people you recruited with their posts.

Okay, I'll do just that. Thank you so much @steemalive.

Hello at @steemalive thank you for the contest but you skipped my tracker post and I was amongst the first to indicate interest in the comment section and as well made my entry post which is below 👇:

And here's my last(4th) tracker report below :

Thank you @steemalive as I await your response ❣️

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Wow!! I think i am missing out on this , hope my phone camera allows me take pictures of my recruit for documentation ,

I must say that our commuinty is really doing well expecially in recruiting new members which is our target, i am also on it and still works hard to onboard more friends.

@Steemalive community on the move

Thank you @steemalive. But I have 4 recruits not 3.

@ceendy20. Seems like you misunderstood the post. Please you are to make a fresh post to list all the people you recruited and their posts. Check above to see other things to include.