SteemAlive Community Members arranged in teams!

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We are eager to continue supporting each other and encouraging engagement among our members. To that end, it will be difficult to adequately coordinate a large group and make sure everyone is active if we remain as a single crowd. When @steemitblog announced the arrangement of teams to compete in the diary posts as a team, we saw the potential for organization that a smaller unit could have in a larger one. The team members were able to support each other with comments and votes. Because of that, we decided to extend the original diary teams in SteemALive and even add new ones as needed.

SteemAlive community arranged in teams

When we started for the diary games, there 3 teams of 5 members each. But when we discovered that teams where really effective, we decided to extend the number of persons in each team to up to 10, and even create new teams. Once we have a little above 10, we will split the team and form a new one. This is for our internal community activity and to have some efficiency and order. We also are able to get reasonable amount of engagement for each team member's post and other forms of support.

Apart from presenting an orderly record of our members, this document will also help new recruits of SteemAlive to get to know old members and teams, and be able to identify with our growing community.

S/NTeam SteemAliveSteemAlive 2SteemAlive 3SteemAlive 4
1@talktofaith (Team Leader)@whitestallion (Team Leader)@ngoenyi (Team leader)@njiatanga (Team leader)

Note: If your name is not in the list or that of your team member is not in this list, kindly indicate in the comment section.

Team Demographics

Team SteemAlive

S/NMemberCountryCityCity location in the Country
1@talktofaith (Team Leader)NigeriaLagosWest
2@beckie96830NigeriaAbujaMiddle belt
5@jacciNigeriayet to updateyet to update
9@joalsaroVenezuelaYet to updateYet to update
12@vicentibeNigeriaPort HarcourtSouth south

SteemAlive 2

S/NMemberCountryCityCity location in the Country
1@whitestallion (Team Leader)NigeriaAbaSoutheast
2@doppleyNigeriaLagosSouth west
3@iamdannyNigeriaPort HarcourtSouth South
9@vhenomNigeriaYet to updateYet to update

SteemAlive 3

S/NMemberCountryCityCity location in the Country
1@ngoenyi (Team Leader)NigeriaUyoSouth south
2@bright-obiasNigeriaPort HarcourtSouth South
3@smartcliffNigeriaPort HarcourtSouth South
4@jehoshaphat-sheyNigeriaPortHarcourtSouth south
5@chinonso1NigeriaPort HarcourtSouth south
6@benton3NigeriaUyoSouth south
7@harrygwecNigeriaLagosSouth West
8@ndufirstNigeriaUyoSouth south
11@pricelesspreshNigeriaWarriSouth south

SteemAlive 4

S/NMemberCountryCityCity location in the Country
1@njiatanga (Team Leader)CameroonBamendaYet to update
2@craxywriterCameroonBamendaYet to update
3@sambeeNigeriaAbujaMiddle belt
5@peperainaNigeriaAbujaMiddle belt
7@aniyomsNigeriaYet to updateYet to update
8@muzack1BangladishYet to updateYet to update
9@fombaeCameroonYet to updateYet to update
10@iamlynxieNigeriaAbujaMiddle belt
11@eddykinglivehiCameroonYet to updateYet to update
12@boss75BangladeshYet to updateYet to update
13@tenguhatangaCameroonYet to updateYet to update


Your Role as a Team Member

The main reasons we have the teams are engagement and organization. So to help us achieve these goal, here is your work as a team member:

1. Read the posts of your team members and comment meaningfully.
2. Drop links of your posts in your team Whatsapp chat and reply to comments on your post.
3. Engage with SteemAlive posts such as our contests, announcements and other posts.
4. Always check @steemitblog each morning for updates.
5. Be visibly seen in your team Whatsapp chat, Our community whatsapp chat and on Discord.
6. In terms of relationship with other team members, be respectful and polite. No hash words or derogatory remarks are allowed.
7. Report to your team leader or the community admin if you have any issues or challenges.

Note: The only way to retain your membership in the team and community is to be active and perform your role well. We may have no other option than to remove you if you become inactive for a long time. Thank you so much for choosing SteemAlive


Written by: @focusnow
For: @steemalive community


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Hi, am new. Please how do I join a team?

I have read and understood the requirements to attain full membership of SteemAlive Community. I agree to abide by these terms. I will do my best to contribute to the growth of SteemAlive and help achieve it's noble vision

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Oh my god, this is wonderful. @jehoshaphat-shey is written as @Jehoshua-shey please correct this. Thanks for the arrangement

Wow. . !
This is a great detailed arrangement , bravo..! @steemalive

Well done sir, you're really doing well.

@steemcurator1, @ngoenyi and focusnow. This is really a great job done. But It is very hard For me to see where I belong to... Although I was told but I can't locate it here

This looks like some great organization. Good to have teams.

Are the teams arranged geographically at all?

How are your members spread across Nigeria? And other countries?

Thank you

The Steemit Team

@steemcurator01. We will add these further details which we did not originally think about while preparing this document. Maybe a second "team composition" table could be added to this document to breakdown the teams according to demographics.

Teams have helped us to track community activity and we have been able to keep an eye on inactive members. As a result, we have an unusually high engagement rate on member posts and SteemAlive posts such as our contests. We thank you for the idea of teams. Maybe it will help other communities too.

Thank you, we will look forward to following progress.

The Steemit Team

@steemcurator01. We have updated this document to reflect the geographical locations of each team member. We hope this will help in identifying areas of potential growth and interest. A few of the members are yet to come online and supply their details. Once they come, we will update them. And as new members come too, we add them to the record.

Regards, SteemAlive

Я снова с тобой :)

@steemAlive Nice arrangement!
But i didn't see my name in the list
Feel free to show me when you see it
Best regards

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Nice job @focusnow. Please in team 3 , we have @jehoshua-shey and not @jehoshaphat-shey. Please, it was an error from me. Help me correct it. Thank you

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This is wonderful. We are moving ..

I recently joined and I don't have a team, what should I do @steemalive

Good development loving this community.
My name is not in any of the team sir @focusnow.Thanks.