SteemAlive Presents: 2 new City Coordinators - We are calling for more applicants!

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The growth of SteemALive community continues at a steady pace. And with this growth comes more work. Therefore, we are delighted to announce 2 new City Coordinators to you our community members. The work of City Coordinators are very crucial to the growth of our community. They are in charge of running a small unit of the community in their city. They coordinate everything about Steemit in their city of residence - recruitment, mentoring, encouragements, organizing meetups, etc. We are really happy to have these 2 new hands to expand our network in the cities where they live.


Meet the 2 new Coordinators


@pricelesspresh City Coordinator, Asaba, Nigeria: Miss Precious is a student in Delta State Polytechnic, Delta State. She is a 2nd Year Student of Business Administration and also a class representative in her department. Although busy with her academic activities, she still finds time to promote Steemit to her fellow students and friends. She recently did a meet up in her school and it was very successful. Here hardwork has resulted in the recruitment of many Steemains among whom are:


New Recruits and some Old inactive ones

We have added @pricelesspresh to our List of City Coordinators. To see the list and the role of City Coordinators.



@godsbest City Coordinator, Enugu, Nigeria: Mr. Godsbest is a fashion designer based in Enugu Nigeria. He joined Steemit on August 2020. Has is busy with his work, but has made out time for Steemit since the turn of the year. He has been actively recruiting, mentoring and supporting new Steemians in Enugu. We are really confident that as a city coordinator, he will be more productive in promoting Steemit in Enugu. Here are his newest recruits:


We have added @godsbest to our List of City Coordinators. To see the list and the role of City Coordinators.



We congratulate you all @pricelesspresh and @godsbest on this new appointment. We will continue to support the coordinators to enable them perform their role well. Pleace check the City Coordinators announcement post to learn how to make an acceptance post for this role. If you have any difficulties, always feel free to contact SteemALive admin @focusnow and @ngoenyi.

We therefore present these new city Coordinators to @steemcurator01.


Call to Action

We need more City Coordinators across the Cities in Nigeria. If you can recruit up to 5 persons from your city and have the time to perform other duties of a City Coordinator, you qualify to apply to for this position by dropping a comment on this post. There can be more than 1 city coordinator for a particular city. We are waiting to see more applicants.

About SteemAlive City Coordinators

Find some useful information about City Coordinators in SteemALive

Written by: @focusnow
For: @steemalive


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 last month 

Thank you sir for this privilege .. Its my pleasure

Greetings @steemalive
Am overwhelmed,Is a great honor for me, becoming the coordinator of my city.

I appreciate your encouragement and support.
From my day 1 on steemit,you have always been there to guild.

This opportunity will be of good help to me,in promoting steem in my city.

I appreciate all your team,and other city coordinators of steemalive.

I promise to give-in my best,to enable us all Achieve our very main aim(The 3 R's).
Which is Recruiting, Reward and Retaining.

Am much greatful.🙌

Congratulations ma

Thank you my dear.

Thank you my dear

 last month 

wow @pricelesspresh and @godbest you are both welcome to our team.
I look forward to seeing your work in your cities, let's take steemit to the next level.

Thank you my dear for your warm welcome.

congratulations @godsbest and @pricelesspresh . i believe you will do a great job and give your best.

Thanks for your wish dear.

Let's put heads Together, to promote steemit to the next level.

Awesome !
This is a new and wonderful improvement. I love the growth. Congratulations @pricelesspresh and @godsbest.

We look forward for your contribution to the growth of the steemalive community.

Gracias Amigos 💕

Thank you my big man friend, I appreciate your comment.

I pray for the God's wisdom to rule🙏

 last month 

Thanks @kadosh2340

Congratulations to them both

Big congratulations to you @godsbest and @pricelesspresh. More Greater Heights

Thank you my dear

Congratulations to you both. Steemit to the world.

 last month 

Congratulations to you all @pricelesspresh and @godsbest. Welcome to the fold

Thank you ma!

I appreciate your surport!

You have been my role model I must say.

Congrats to u both @pricelesspresh and @godsbest may God continue to give u guys strength to promote Steem n help more people to understand the basic rules concerning Steem.

Thank you dear.

U are welcm

Me parece fantástico, y felicidades a todos

Okay, congratulations to them. Time to get the ball rolling.

Beautiful. Congratulations @godsbest and @pricelesspress

 last month 

Congratulations to you @pricelesspresh and @godsbest. You've been hard-working and devoted which has yielded great fruits on the platform. Together we will achieve greatness. Welcome to the club
#twopercent #cameroon

Thanks for your welcome comment dear.

I bliss to have you all here.

Congratulations to the new city Coordinators @godsbest and @pricelesspresh , I wish the very best in this your new post

Congratulations to you on your new appointment @pricelesspresh and @godsbest. more power to your elbow!

Thank you my dear for your comment and prayer 🙏

 last month 

I warmly welcome the new Steemalive City Coordinators @godsbest and @pricelesspresh to the house, more strength as you climb up this ladder.

#scc #nigeria

Thank you my dear

Congratulations @pricelesspresh and @godsbest for this promotion but grace to carry on the task.

Thank you my dear.
I appreciate your welcome

 last month 

I really appreciate dear

How do I connect to Enugu group?

 29 days ago 

Drop your number lemme chat you up and add you to the group

Congratulations guys! You deserve it!

Congratulations to you my love @pricelesspresh,I strongly believe in you and I know you will do more exploit.....let's steem together

Thank you my dear, namesake like no other ❣️

Congrats to you dear @godsbest,let's explore the world of steemit together

Congratulations to @pricelesspresh and @godsbest. I wish you both the best. More grease to your elbows. Cheers.

Thank you dear