SteemAlive Presents: Live and Direct Promoters Update - we have rebranded LID!

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With great excitement we wish to announce that effective immediately, Live and Direct (LID) reporting will now be known as Live and Direct (LID) Promoters update. The LID project has been one of our longest running project. LID turns ordinary users into on-the-spot news reporters. Our LID reporters capture moments of interest that happens around them. They are rewarded from bringing in news-worthy activities that happen in their immediate environment live. Inasmuch as we enjoyed this project, we are really optimistic the rebranded LID will be far more exciting and valuable to both participants and our community in General.


Live and Direct Promoters Update - What is it?

LID Promoters Update is a project that will be done by SteemAlive Promoters Club volunteers. As our Promoters engage in creating awareness for Steem, they can give us live update of how the work is going. In this way, we can know what they are doing right on the spot - before they make a report of their promotion activity at the end of the day. LID Promoters Update will give us a rare, updated view of promotional activity as it unfolds.

Promoting Steem comes with lots of stories. Promoters can let us know when they have gathered for promotion activity, transit to the location for promotion, immediate environment of the promotion, and while doing the actual job. Through LID Promoters update, we will be able to follow a team of promoters from the start of the promotion activity to the finish.


LID Promoters Update - Important things to know?

1. How Often: We will make 2 LID promoters Update posts per week. The first one will be made on Monday and will cover promotion activity from Monday to Wednesday. The second one will be made on Thursday morning to cover Thursday to Saturday. So when promoters engage in the Steem Road Show, SmatContrat or other promotional activity, each person can give update of what is happening.

2. What to include in update: We want to see everything happening from the moment a reporter leaves home to when they return back from the promotion. For the sake of order, here are 4 major periods the update can cover:

  • Take off: The reporter takes a selfie in SteemAlive branded Tshirt while leaving or preparing to leave home. They can tell us they are now leaving for a promotional activity in a planned location. If he/she will meet other promoters in a pre-arranged location such as a training center or other venues, that will also fall under Take off. So he or she updates us with a group picture, explaining that they have arrived, met with other promoters (usernames listed) and are about to leave for the promotion location. It can include images of the promoters inside a bus or other vehicles heading to the location.

  • Arrival: This update will show promoters arriving at the venue for promotion. They can discreetly take images of the immediate environment, explaining where it is, how much traffic there, and other important gists about the venue.

  • Work in Progress/Refreshment: The Promoter can post his or her selfies or other pictures of him taken by another promoter when he is making a presentation to someone.

  • Closed: This can cover events related to when they promotion was ended. It might include the team leaving the site. Transit images and arriving home from promotion.

3. The rules: The general LID reporting rules apply to the rebranded LID Promoters Update. Here are a few changes or additions:

  • All promotional activity must be done in SteemAlive branded Tshirts
  • The promoter must engage in some promotional activity at least once in week
  • Promotion is best done in teams. So we expect at least 2 persons to be involved in the reported activity. They can arrange to do promotional work or be part of a bigger team like those of the Steem Road Show. We will not accept single person promotional activity. Please tell us who is part of your team as you are updating us
  • Just as in former LID reporting, there should be at least one paragraph description that follows each update with not more than 3 images, including location (coordinates important), date and time.

The rewards: Each week, we will send at least 1 Steem for updating us about your promotional activity. For each person you recruit, we pay you extra 1 Steem after they have made their introduction pos. Each time your recruit makes the next achievement post and it gets verified, we send you 0.5 Steem per recruit. Of course, you need to add them to our curation train. All rewards would be sent on or before Sunday of each week.

The essence of these rewards is to facilitate productivity among our promoters and to encourage following up on the progress of recruits.

Note: To help you remember your recruits and keep track of their progress, we have designed and printed a tracker sheet below which you can use to make your recruitment records. Its a great memory aid. All outstanding LID prizes will be sent tomorrow morning.




We thank all our LID reporters for all the work they have done for us. We so much appreciate all those spotlights, images and the fun you created. We have lost nothing. We are doing this because we want to put more resources and manpower in Steem promotion. Once you have a flier, your SteemAlive Tshirt and someone to work with, you are good to join LID again.

We call on all SPCV's to take advantage of the rebranded LID Promoter Update to do more and showcase their work. This project does not replace the detailed report post you make at the end of the day. Please continue to do that for more support.

Thank you everyone @steemitblog, @stephenkendal and all our community members for supporting this and other projects. Together we can do more!!!!


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 2 months ago 

@steemAlive this is a good initiative, always making steemit attractive and without comparisim, keep moving forward and ahead

Your enjoyed LID reporting and am sure you will enjoy providing the updates. Thank you so much for being an active LID reporter. @ijbest

 2 months ago 

This is great! It is well directed. Promotion is the end thing and we want to remain focused. Thank you @steemalive for this update. Let's see how it goes

Thank you too for leading the Uyo team to greater heights. We can do more together as promoters @ngoenyi

 2 months ago (edited)

Waoo this is nice , what l like most is the activity tracker, it will help us to reach out to many that sign up.
This update will help promoter to be serious during promotion.

@dequeen. Sure we want to be productive in our promotion work. Those that signed up should be followed up. Thank you so much for all your hardwork in Uyo.

 2 months ago 

Thanks so much for your recommendation,l really appreciate you.

 2 months ago 

I love this update. It will help us to know who the Promoters is. Thanks @steemalive

Thanks too @chichieze. You being supportive of the promotion of Steem in Uyo is well appreciated. We can do more together

 2 months ago 

Thanks dear @steemalive for appreciating my efforts

 2 months ago 

Very impressive and the interesting thing I love about the update is that, everything we do during our promotion will be broadcasted live and at least, encourage people to make post the same day.

Sure we want to follow the updates as they come. Thank you for working so hard in the Uyo team. @benson6

 2 months ago 

Thank you @steemalive. Yes we have had awesome experiences and now we can do more. This new format is a good way to travk the progress of promoters and newbie more like having two birds with one stone. Thank you admin @focusnow

@peterabagi. Thank you so much for always supporting the RoadShow. We value your commitment and believe you will do more in the coming days

 2 months ago 

Wow! I love this new idea because things will be in order and promoters will also get to know each other.
Bravo @steemalive

Sure. We will connect more with each other. Besides, we will also be more effective with our promotion efforts.

This is a welcomed development.
Thank you @steemalive

Thank you too for being so active as a promoter. We can always do more and support promoters in a special way. @uzorma24

 2 months ago 

This is good!!@steemalive I agreed with your plans.It will encourage others to join steem promoters and also makes promoters to work harder.Thank you , together we shall continue to push steem forward.

@chigold1. You have been amazing in supporting our Steem Road Show in Aba. Thank you so much. We cant wait to see you do the work and report live. Thank you so much.

 2 months ago 

Nice one @steemalive, am seeing this project as another way of encouraging steem promotion couple with other benefits the community have made available for promoters. This update will encourage others who hesitate in Promoting steemit to do so without procrastinations, knowing that much attention is given to steem promoters. Thanks for the tracker it will really be helpful to us in keeping track of the people we recruit.


We really appreciate your commitment with the Uyo team. You people are doing an amazing job over there. Thank you so much for everything. Lets work harder together. @udyliciouz.

Amazing update as usual! I'm everly ready, all my Promotional Tools are ready! @eliany have you seen this? Thank you so much @steemalive for always having the best interest of promoters at heart.

Thank you so much for finding this update interesting. We cant wait to see your promotional activity reported LIVE. You are doing a great job. @goodybest

 2 months ago 

Wow!! Interesting we are ready

 2 months ago 

@steemalive thank you for rebranding our LID report. You always think of ways to support us. This one is relevant.

@marajah. You have been outstanding in your promotion activity in Aba. You work means so much to us. Thank you always for being serious in the SteemRoad Show.

 2 months ago 

Thank you @steemalive. As far as steemalive is concern, i must give and display my support to it.

 2 months ago 

Wow!! I so much like this rebranded lid promoter update, all my promotional tools are ready. Thank you @steemalive for this new development it will work out very well

 2 months ago 

Waooo, I really appreciate this restructuring and it will really help the Lid reporters and the steemalive community to grow fast and also the @steemit at large.

Thanks to my Boss and to all the members of the cabinet for this great initiative.

I promise to do the best I can,, As my nick name: Always at your service.🥳🥳🥳

Thanks @steemalive for this wonderful update.
The LID report will contribute more good to our hard work because it will add more sense to our explanation to the newbies we recruit.
Let's put more effort in promoting steemit.

 29 days ago 


Wow this is great.We are already leaving for the road show here in Aba city.

This promoters update will help to foster more engagement among the Steemians and in the community too.

 29 days ago (edited)

This is a well detailed post that needs a well detailed engagement i will trying to always do my Lid promoter update.

 29 days ago 

This is very interesting for bring back our LID in new style.@steemalive remain the best community that encourages her community to move forward.

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