SteemAlive Presents: My root - a family discovery contest (Total prize 30+ Steem)

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We, the SteemAlive Community are thrilled to announce our very first contest called My Root. When we made our introduction post few weeks ago, we promised to host weekly contests so as to keep our new recruits and old members active and retained. We have been making plans to keep to our word and now, our very first contest is here - My Root.

The Contest

My root is a journey of family discovery. We have made friends here on Steemit and we love them so much. However, chances are that we do not know much about our Steemit friends family background. It is true that some of us mentioned a few things about our family in our introduction posts, but it was not as detailed or family-focused as we would have loved it. So My Roots will help us say much more about our lovely families.

How to participate

Write a post of at least 300 characters about your family. Make it fun and write as much as you would like us to know your family. But the more detailed, the better. We may add a prize at will to the most detailed stories. Everyone is free to join this contest.

Hints on What to write

  1. Your family makeup.
  2. Where they live
  3. What each family member does now.
  4. What makes each member unique and special to you.
  5. How a family member has impacted on you positively
  6. Something special that happened to your family
  7. Any other interesting thing about your family, be creative.

The rules

  1. Write about at least 3 Family members. But it would be best to write about all.
  2. Include a clear group photograph or individual photographs of at least 3 family members. Again its best to have all represented.
  3. Your post MUST be submitted to our SteemAlive Community. Also subscribe to our community.
  4. Kindly upvote and resteem this post to help more people join(Its not compulsory though)
  5. To encourage engagement, please read and comment on at least one other participants story
  6. Drop a link to your post as a comment on this post.

The prize

Right now, we are just a new community with little earnings so far. We have just 30 Steem. So we will reward the first 10 participants with 3 Steem each. This contest will last for 7 days. If we get valuable votes on this post, or other posts, will be able to reward from the 11th to the 15th entry or more with 3 Steem too.

Support this contest.

You can help us to host this contest by donating to increase the price money. Send your donations to @steemalive and indicate its for "My Root support." You can also give a valuable vote. Or join our curation trail. Thank you so much in advance for supporting this initiative.

We also call on @steemitblog to support the participants if possible, with votes on their valid entries.
We also hope to get support from our great friends @kiwiscanfly, @stephenkendal, and @crypto.piotr

I will be happy to learn about the families of our @steemalive team and members such as @beckie96830, @iamdanny, @talktofaith, @mesonia, @dlioness, and others. We thank you so much and are looking forward to your participation or support.


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 4 months ago 

Thank you sir. I'll do well to join in. This contest could also double as an introductory post and an entry.

I look forward to posting mine in due time. @steemalive first weekly contest. Let the posts flow in.


Thank you @beckie96830. We are happy to have you as part of our team. Looking forward to your story as we don't know much about your family.

 4 months ago 

Yeah we are actually working hard to keep to our word. @steemalive community is set and ready for this contest. I can't wait for this contest to kick off. Reading about the family stories and seeing the family members of fellow steemians. It's going to be amazing.
I am 100% ready for this contest.

@talktofaith. We are really grateful to have you as part of our team. We can't wait to learn about your family. Thank you so much for supporting us.

 4 months ago 

Wow,the very first contest from @steemalive, I am surely going to join this contest. Expect my entry soon 😁😁.

@whitestallion. You have been doing great since you joined us. Our community will be happy to know your awesome family. We are looking forward to your entry.

@focusnow thank you for bringing this contest up, it's really an important thing that we know ourselves and our family background. I'm so much gonna participate in this.

@marydexplorer. Yes. Thank you too for being one of our valuable members. We cant wait to read about your family. Best wishes.

 4 months ago 

Thank a lot sir. Cant wait for this contest to kick off. I really cant wait. I am all ready for this. This is really interesting. @steemalive is ready for this


Thank you @harrygwec. You have been a true leader in our team. It's indeed a great honor to have you. We will be thrilled to read about your family. Be as detailed as you can. Thank you for writing in advance.

 4 months ago 

This is our first official weekly contest!!! @steemalive. I'm glad to be a part of this project ...I'll so join in on this contest.


@mesonia, you have been a big part of our team. You have done outstandingly well. Tell us about your family and we will be happy to read it.

We are happy you joined the contest. Your entry has been acknowledged @whitestallion

Dear @steemalive

Thanks for sharing link to this publication with me @focusnow. It's not my kind of topic (I never paid much attention to my family history), however I think others may find it interesting. For that reason - I resteemed it already.

We also hope to get support from our great friends @kiwiscanfly, @stephenkendal, and @crypto.piotr

What kind of support would you hope to receive. An upvote? No problem. I also resteemed your post. Anything else I could do?
I could allocate few upvotes for best entries (in case if you would be launching new contest in the future).

Yours, Piotr

You have been so supportive of our efforts even when it's not your kind of thing. That shows your extraordinary kindness. Thank you so much. Yes, we will appreciate your kind votes on the best entries of this or future contests. We are amazed to receive this jumbo support from you. Our community appreciates you that you do and wishes you the very best of life.

Its really going to be amazing because i can percieve it..smiles.....thank you sir for this opportunity to get to know ourselves in for the contest

@smartup. We are happy you are now an active member of our community. Kindly write your story, we will be happy to discover your awesome family.

 4 months ago (edited)

@Steemalive first official contest :)... it's very nice to witness the progression of this community and considering what has been achieved within this very short time, there's definitely more to come.
Steem on!

doppley :)

@doppley. Your words of encouragement is greatly appreciated and together with your support, we will attain to great heights. We are waiting to learn about your family.

It's awesome, writing about my family... I love it! I am in already. Thanks to @focusnow and other recognized members,, @talktofaith, @ beckie96830, @dilioness, @iamdanny,, @ mesonia. Steemalive all the way !!!

@ninapenda. We are really eager to discover your family. Thank you so much for supporting us. We can work together to take this community to greater heights.

Great idea for a contest.

This upvote should help fund some more prizes.

Thank you

The Steemit Team

We are very very grateful for this amazing support @steemcurator01. We will use this huge fund to pay out other entries. Once we are through with the contest and announce the prices, we will let you. Again, thank you for the support.

Nice contest @steemalive. A good way to know about each other in the community. I see that you already have great support for this contest. Keep on going make the community vibrant with any ideas you all have in mind! 😃

Thank you so much @cryptokannon for your encouraging words. We will continue to make this community as strong and vibrant as we can. Thank you for your support.

Very interesting contest and such a creative way to engage lots of steemians allover the world. This is a brilliant initiative.

All the best to all the participants.

@yohan2on. Thank you for your encouragement. We thrilled to read family stories from all over the world. And thank you for your work as a member of Steem POD.

@reminiscence01. We have confirmed your entry. Please be sure to read at least one other persons entry and drop a good comment. Thank you

Good luck with your project.

Please add the 10 SBD to your prize fund.

Steemit Steem Blog.jpg

@stephenkendal. We are so happy for your kindness and support. More people will be rewarded now as they participate because of this 10SBD donation. We will let you know when the results are announced. Again, we are grateful for your assistance.

You are very welcome.

It's my pleasure.

Keep us posted on how the project goes and good luck to everyone who enters.


I really like what you do on Steemit @stephenkendal

Is there any way I could reach out to you? Perhaps we could find ways of collaborating and supporting each others efforts.

Do you use discord by any chance?

Yours, Piotr


Sounds great.

I am always looking out for projects and ideas that help to promote #Steem and are always here on #Steemit.

Happy to chat openly on #Steemit about ways we could help support each other.


Dear @stephenkendal

We clearly have similar views.

Happy to chat openly on #Steemit about ways we could help support each other.

ehm. Communicating via comments is very limited. Plus I value privacy.

Perhaps you could consider joining our project.hope community discord server. I would gladly welcome you:

No pressure, however it would be great to have an opportunity to "connect" with you,
Yours, Piotr

@stephenkendal Alright. We will surely do that.

@beckie96830. We have seen and confirmed your entry.

 4 months ago 

#njiatanga waow sounds like a great contest. Am only just joining #steemalive community but am certainly going to take part in the contest. My post in a bit.
Thank you

You are doing a great job. It will be very interesting to read about others' family details. Good luck with your contest.

@talktofaith. Thank you for participating in this contest. We have confirmed your entry.

Hola hola hola, es un placer presentarles mi familia... abrazos.

Hi hi hi, it's a pleasure to introduce you to my family ... hugs.

@rypo01. Thank you for participating. We have confirmed your entry.

Thank you very much for creating this type of contest.

 4 months ago (edited)

We have confirmed your entry. Thank you for joining the contest.

 4 months ago 

Nice one @steemalive i am sorry for the late reply ; it is due to some responsiblities;

This is a good contest and i am pleased to participate

@dlioness. We understand. We however look forward to reading your family story

Thank you @dlioness for participating in this contest. We whave confirmed your entry and will soon go through it.

@doppley. Thank you for joining the contest. Confirmed.

We are happy you wrote your family story. Your entry is confirmed. @marydexplorer.

 4 months ago 

@njiatanga. We have confirmed your entry. Thank you for participating and we look forward to your success on this contest.

@rosanita. Thank you for your entry. We have noted and confirmed it. Be sure to read at least one other persons family story and drop a meaningful comment. Thank you

Thank you @ngoenyi for participating in the contest. Your entry has been noted

 4 months ago 

This is a great move @steemalive.

We are waiting to hear your family story. Thank you for being an active member. @ngoenyi

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