SteemAlive Presents: My Steemit bucketlist - What you want to achieve or improvements you hope to see on Steemit (Total prize 100+ Steem)

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Our first contest was a huge success given it was the very first time we ran a contest as a community. We thank all those that participated. We have made a winners announcement post and sent the prizes to the winners. We invite you to join this second contest organized by Steemalive. We are excited to announce My Steemit Bucketlist contest.

My Steemit Bucketlist Contest

You probably know what a bucket list is. Just to remind you, bucket list is a list of all the things you want to do or experience before you die. You joined steemit with a goal in mind. Some joined to earn a few extra dollars. Others joined to meet and connect with great minds, and so on. But there are certain things that are so important you do not want to miss them before you quit. So in this My Steemit Bucklist contest, we want you to share with us some of the things you want to achieve on Steemit or changes you want to see happen on the Steemit platform in your lifetime.

How to participate

Make a post of at least 300 characters about your top 5 Steemit bucketlists. Your bucket list could be about any of the following:

1. Some personal goals you want to achieve on Steemit (For example, recruit and retain 50 new friends)
2. Improvements you want to witness on Steemit. (For example, a mobile app for steemit)

For number one which are personal goals, you should explain clearly
a. Why you choose each goal, and
b. How you plan to achieve it.

For number two, which are improvements you want to see on Steemit, you should explain clearly:

a. Why each improvement or new feature is necessary
b. How each features could be a hot selling point to attract new users. Or why a lack of it is a minus for Steemit

Note: You are free to write your top 5 bucketlist from option 1 or 2 or a combination of both.

The rules

  1. It must be an original work, no plagiarism
  2. You must subscribe to and publish your entry in Steemalive Community
  3. You must read and comment on at least one other entry from other contestants.
  4. You can win extra prizes for a detailed work.
  5. Your post must be formatted with justified alignment. If you do not know how to do it, check this markdown tutorial by @cryptokannon.
  6. Kindly vote and resteem this post.
  7. Drop a link to your entry post as a comment on this post.


The prize.

Each entry that followed the rule will win 5 Steem each. We have 100 Steem guranteed for this contest. So try to be among the first 20. If we get support like we did in the first contest, participants from number 21, will still will 5 Steem like everyone else.


Contest duration.

The contest will expire once this post pays out.

Support this contest.

You can help us to host this contest by donating to increase the price money. Send your donations to @steemalive and indicate its for "My Steemit bucketlist." You can also give a valuable vote. Or join our curation trail. Thank you so much in advance for supporting this initiative.

Once again, we thank our supporters for the first contest @steemcurator01, @stephenkendal, and @crypto.piotr. We are grateful.


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Dear @steemalive

Finally I've found some time to catch up and read few previously bookmarked posts.

To tell you the truth. I would like to finally see SMTs being introduced on Steemit. It has been so many years since SMT has been promissed and till now ... nothing in that area has been delivered :/

I would love to be able to launch our PH community token and build it's own economy. Unfortunatelly I don't want to use Steem-engine tokens as I don't see this solution as a good one.

I wish to have time to join this contest; unfortunatelly I don't. I wouldn't mind to write my thoughts in form of comment, but creating my own new post ... it simply would consume so much more time.
Personally, I also think that asking for feedback in comment section could benefit others. People may read other comments, but expecting that anyone would visit other users links ... well, that will most likely never happen.

Solid read. Upvoted already.
Yours, Piotr

 8 months ago 

@steemalive thank you for this contest hosting, i already have a couple of things i would like to see on steemit.
Expect my entry.

We are waiting to see your entry.

Nice contest. Steemit bucklist contest on board. Many people might have their goals drafted, and if you don't have one, you can draft one now. It's not how far, but how well, However, it is always well when we plan well. What are your steemit bucklist? Nice contest.

@beautychicks. Thank you for the motivation. We. Hope to see more participants in this contest than we had in the first contest.

 8 months ago 

I am in for the contest @steemalive we are indeed making a tremendeous progress ;

All thanks to you @focusnow for your efforts and all thanks to those who has taken it upon themselves to support our community @steemalive;

We all rock!!💃💃💃

@dlioness. We are happy you are now back. Hope the weddings you attended went smoothly. We will be expecting your entry. Welcome back.

 8 months ago 

Yea @steemalive they were successful ,

Thanks for the warm welcome ;

I will soon drop my entry

 8 months ago 

Nice one steemalive is matching this is a great step, more winnings, I must make out time for this one despite not participating in the previous contest

@iamdanny. We can't wait to read your entry. Thank you so.much for choosing to join this contest.

Resteemed already @steemalive. Upvote on the way.

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@project.hope. Ok. Thank you so much. Doing it right away.

@steemalive wooow...!!
Another beautiful contest #mysteemitbucketlist this is really amazing
There's so much I would love to achieve in steem , this is a great privilege thank you for this @steemalive
I'm so gonna take part in it 😁

@marydexplorer. Thank you for your kind words. We are looking for to your entry. Appreciate your being a hardworking part of this project.

@genomill. Thank you for participating in this contest. Your entry was done according the rules. We wish you well.

I would like to see a project specifically for crypto curious education of those who are trying to understand crypto

Alright @adsup. Thank you for reaching out to us. That would be a great topic since most people are completely new to blockchains. We will include that or make it our main subject for the next contest.

@lebey1. Thank you for participating in this contest. We noticed your entry was not formatted with justified alignment. Carefully go through the rules again to ensure you followed them. You entry won't be acknowledged if any of the rules were not followed.

I just made the necessary changes. I hope the entry will be acknowledged now

@lebey1. Acknowledged.

Thank you for your swift reply

 8 months ago 

Waow this is great. Am so going to contest for this. @steemalive is doing just great already in advancing the growth of steemit

We thank you so much for your support @njiatanga. We will.waiting to see your entry.

 8 months ago 

Thank u @steemalive for always coming up with contests to keep me busy. It feels real good to belong to this wonderful community. I must surely partake in this contest.
#onepercent #nigeria

We can't wait to read your entry. Bring it on.

Thank you for participating in this contest. Entry acknowledged.

Hi @steemalive, great challenge..!

Thank you for participating in this contest. Entry acknowledged.

Thank you for participating in this contest. Entry acknowledged.

 8 months ago 

Thank you @steemalive it is nice participating in the contest and i am proud to be a member of steemalive

Thank you for participating in this contest. Entry acknowledged.

 8 months ago 

This is so exciting another contest from @steemalive, I love this contest I have alot of things I want to achieve in steem and I hope you write them all.😁😁
Well done @steemalive.

@whitestallion. We are looking forward to your entry.

Thank you for participating in this contest. Entry acknowledged.

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