SteemAlive Presents: "My top 10 Personal Brands". Lets see your first choice products/Services. 40 Steem Contest Prize (100% Powered Up)

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Our contest for this week is back, bigger and better. Steemalive welcomes all its members to another week of contest writing. The contest for this week would be interesting to you because its about telling us your personal brand story.

Our contest for this week is called My top 10 Personal Brands. What is it and how do I participate? Get the details here.


The contest - My top 10 Personal Brands!

My top 10 Personal Brands is a contest that allows you to show us your first choice products and services. In the market or consumers industry, there are so many top choices to make. From food and clothing, to health and entertainment, there are so many to choose from. Why not show us those brands you will always pick when its time to restock

So for this contest, we are will list out a total of 10 products and services. You are expected to do the following:

  1. Name your first choice brand for each Category (With Original Picture - Must). How long have you used it? Where do you buy it or go to use it (in case of a Service such as Bank). What is the Cost in Steem (1 Steem is NGN 350)?.
  2. Give at least 2 reasons for choosing the product or Service.

Here is the list of 10 Product categories you are to write on:

  • Soap
  • Cream
  • Perfume
  • Toothpaste
  • Soft drink
  • Disinfectant
  • Telecoms Network
  • Cable TV
  • Fastfood/Restaurant
  • Bank


The rules

  1. Make a post as your entry with the topic: "Top 10 Brands - My first choice Products and services.".
  2. Submit the link of your entry as a comment on this post.
  3. Kindly Subscribe to steemalive (Not compulsory)
  4. You must upvote and resteem this post to help create awareness
  5. Publish your post in Steemalive community and use the first tag my10brands


How winners are selected

Winners would be selected based on adhering to Contest rules. We will also consider the following:

1. Content richness - length matters
2. Picture quality
3. Formatting of post


The Prize

We have up to 40 Steem available for this contest. Each valid entry wins 2 Steem. Our Prize covers the first 20 entries. We will also send 0.5 Steem for exceptional entries and vote them.

This contest will end as soon as the contest post pays out (7 days from now)

Support this contest.

Send us SBD, Tron or Steem to support this contest. You can also give a valuable vote or resteem the post


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This is week is sure odd as contest is just popping out,I hope my data will not finish and leave me half way.

Another 2steem for me,
Personality contest

Sure @olabillions. Bring it on

 4 months ago 

Eheheheeh, 10 personal brand with personal pictures, let's go there!

Its interesting

Amazing contest, will be participating soon

Wow... I definitely participate in this

Wow i also will partake on this

Lovely privilege once more

What an interesting topic....expect my entry😁

This is going to be great

 4 months ago 

👏👏👏 i will definitely participate in this one. No wasting of time

 4 months ago 

Am so gonna win the steems

This is a beautiful one. Thank you so much @steemalive for this

 4 months ago 

@steemalive (71),interesting and I have to participate in this one 💃💃💃💃💃

Wow 😮 nice opportunity, thanks @steemAlive for this.

 4 months ago 

This is a nice contest @steemalive, though i am just getting to know about it but wil make my entry soon,

My brands are nice and my choicest, expect my entry


It gonna be funny
Let d contest begin

We move.

Thank you for this contest

 4 months ago 

@steemalive, thank you for this beautiful contest.
I will be right back with my entry.
Best regards

Great contest idea. Thanks for hosting this contest.

Wow. This Contest is a must do for me

 4 months ago 

Thanks for this contest. Sending in my entry sonnest.

 4 months ago 


What is the specific closing date (and time) for this contest?

27/5/2020. 23.59 GMT

Awsome. Thankyou for this oppotunity

I am glad I finally participated.
This is my entry.

Thank you for reading 😊