SteemAlive Presents: "Nightmare" What was the worst thing that ever happened to you? (60 Steem Prize)

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The contest - Nightmare

Nightmares are scarry and we do not love them. However, we do not quickly forget the hardest blows life has dealt us. So in this contest, we want to read about your worst experience in life so far. Was it the death of a loved one, loss of life savings, a terrible life-changing accident, chronic illness, betrayal by a trusted friend, etc. Whatever it was, we want to read your story. Be as detailed as you can remember.


The rules

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The worst nightmare ever that I had experienced was the betrayal of loved one. We planned our lives together for the whole two years. With much spending, calls and texts, only for her to left me at the mercy of comfortable words of my friends and family members. It really change my views on issues of emotional needs of someone, a mate because if one like that to me that can just turn it down when you are fully ready to take it to next step... Steemians, it is very painful and I don't even wish it for my enemies.. #twopercent #nigeria

 3 months ago 

It can really be very painful and unforgettable. But you still need to move because broken relationship is far better than broken marriage. Be careful next time in your choice, be prayerful about it too. @sammylinks
#twopercent #nigeria

I really learnt a significant lesson then... I pray , not to experience it again

Hola como estas, es muy triste eso que te paso y fuerte pero de estas experiencias uno aprende y la vida continua, eso nos causa dolor porque la traición es algo que nos marca pero como tu dices hay que dar otros pasos y fortalecernos.

Sabes es triste lo que te paso y se lo que sentistes porque me paso algo similar pero a veces cuando las cosas pasan es por algo es porque Dios no quiere a esa persona para nosotros porque no nos conviene.

Dios nos tiene algo mejor en la vida.

#onepercent #venezuela

 4 months ago (edited)

This is a good and interesting topic and I love it. Loosing someone very close and special to you is like a knife been drawn into the heart. My worst moment in life was loosing mg grandpa to the cold hands of dead. Full entry coming soon
#twopercent #cameroon #affable

 4 months ago 

Am really sorry for this great loss. Life can really hit us hard when we least expect it. God will continue to give you the strength to heal from this really painful loss. Our hearts are with you @tenguhatanga

 4 months ago 

Thank you @focus now. We continue to live on while God handles the rest

 4 months ago 

So sorry about your loss dear @tenguhatanga, loosing someone too close to us can be very devastating. But our father in heaven is always ready to give us comfort.

 4 months ago 

Thanks my dear and God knows the reason for everything. In him we trust

 4 months ago 

Of course dear @tenguhatanga, he perfectly understand everything and that is why he has told us the reason why these terrible things are happening. Read about it from your personal copy of the holy scriptures at 1 John 5:19 , Genesis 3:19 and Ecclissiastics 9:11. He has also given us hope out of there problems. Will you like to read about it?
#twopercent #nigeria

 4 months ago 

Yes I will definitely read it that passage so to be soaked with hope for the future. Not all is lost now as we may look at it from our human sight
#twopercent #cameroon #affable

 4 months ago 

Exactly dear @tenguhatanga, all hope is not lost.

 4 months ago 

Loss of someone dear to us is a big tragedy as they have created a space no one else can fill, but i pray you receive more grace to bear the loss

I'm so sorry about your loss dearie, death of a loved one is very terrible. It hurts badly, but we must learn to be courageous in difficult situations.

Be strong my dear friend, God knows the best for you.

Sorry for your loss @tenguhatanga. The death of someone close to us is a big vacuum that can't be close and a irreplaceable loss.. Whoever can help us in the exact ways, they do help us. But, believe on resurrection hope when we will see them again

 4 months ago (edited)

What a wonderful topic! This is so amazing. I am glad to make my entry.
The worst thing that has ever happened to me is the death of my parents.
Although I am the last child to my mother, I hoped to grew up in the company of them. But sad to say that they were already growing old and unable to care for me. My dad soon was struck by stroke which kept him incapacitated for more that 10 years until his death in 2003.then I was in junior secondary. I was shattered and devastated. Well, I accepted it because there was nothing I could do about it. My mum, even though she was old as well, became my source of encouragement. I was regularly traveling home to visit her stay with her each school vacation. She will always carry me on her laps no matter how frail she was then. After some time, she too had the same problem that my dad had. But hers was able to be controlled. But she couldn't do much but to be cared for. Even when I got married, she only managed to be taken to the venue. Though she was still alive till my last child but she died in 2013. Chai, very horrible. I couldn't control myself. I nearly lost my senses. I there and then became someone without parent. I don't usually like to relate this but all the same. I think I should be getting over it by now. I thank Jehovah for his promises of comfort and resurrection in his word the Bible.
#twopercent #nigeria

So sorry for your loss @ ngoenyi. It is very painful to witness the death of our loved ones like our parents. All the memories made during their lifetimes just cease and their faces can't be behold again. I also felt such pain too because of the death of my father. But, like what you said, our hope lies to Jehovah and He comforts us all... We don't mourn like people without faith too. Jah help us to bear it all

Hola como estas, es fuerte pasar por este trance de la perdida de un familiar y mas si es la perdida de un hijo que es todo para nosotros pero Dios nos fortalece porque ellos pasan a una mejor vida y lo mejor que uno puede hacer es buscar consuelo en Dios que el nos ayuda a superar todas las cosas que nos pasan.

#onepercent #venezuela

 3 months ago 

Hi @sheath, thank you so much for your words of consolation. It is actually too painful to loose someone in death. But, t I take solace in the Bible's promise of a resurrection (Acts 24:15). I so much appreciate your concern.
#twopercent #nigeria

 4 months ago 

Loss of both parents should be some of the hardest problems to face anyone. Jehovah the God of all comfort will comfort you. Who knows, your story might even be a source of comfort for many others. Keep getting stronger everyday, we will continue to support you. @ngoenyi

 4 months ago 

@focusnow , you are a great support already. I can always count on you. Thank you my able admin.

Sorry for your lost ma'am, just keep believing and God will do great things in your life.

#twopercent #nigeria

 4 months ago 

This is indeed a sad story , lossing my parents is something i dont know if i can bear or forget in a hurry, i pray i dont experience that until they are 130years when i have enjoyed them and they have enjoyed their children too,

I am sorry you have to go through all of that

 4 months ago 

My dear, no one prays for death but when it comes, we draw comfort in knowing that the Almighty Jehovah is there to comfort us. I also pray that your parents live longer. Thank you for your comfort.

 4 months ago 

Amen to your prayers ,

Thank you

 4 months ago 

Loss of one's parent is really devasting. Take heart.

 4 months ago 

So sorry about your loss @ngoenyi, you have to be strong and make them proud by doing all good no matter the challenges you face. Thanks for sharing

 4 months ago 

@ngoenyi, such a great loss. It is so difficult to accept most times. Loosing a single parent can be so heart breaking come to talk of both. Thank God they have come of age before then, but we always love to have them around anyway.
Take heart and be strong for your own children. And try working on your mind to get over it.


 4 months ago 

@ngoenyi. Thank you our able leader, I can't wait to read your entry

sorry for your family Life continues despite everything. and you gotta be good for your children .

 4 months ago 

@svm038, thank you very much for your concern. I will take your word to heart

It seems you are a witness Ma. May Jehovah comfort you for your loss

 4 months ago 

So sorry about the lost, God always knows the best in every circumstances, he will always prove himself to his people, it is not a big deal for him just keep on trusting in the lord, take heart o.

Aunque me han sucedido muchas cosas que yo podría decir que fueron muy tristes, les voy a contar la que más me ha marcado y la que me ha conllevado a comprender lo que soy hoy en día. Nada sucede por error, todo tiene una razón de ser. Lo más sentido que me ha pasado fueron los ataques de bulling suscitado en mi infancia y parte de mi adolescencia, según era extremadamente fea ante los ojos de los demás, era muy delgada, con piel oscura, cabellos afros y dientes pronunciados... en esa época sentí mucho dolor, las personas fueron muy crueles conmigo e hicieron que mi autoestima se desmoronara. En el cololegio los chicos que yo no conocía me gritaban a lo lejos palabras muy ofensivas, muchas veces me esperaban al salir de clase para promulgar sus ataques con hirientes palabras. En la calle cuando caminaba con mis familiares, amigas o conocidos, los que iban en los carros lanzabas sus palabras molestas, yo solo bajaba la cabeza apenada, deseaba llegar a mi casa para desplegar mi ira y soltar mis lágrimas a solas en mi habitación. Todo esto conllevó a que sintiera mucha envidia hacia las mujeres bonitas, deseaba todo lo que tenían las demás chicas y las imitaba constantemente, y lo que fue aun peor para mí, es que la soberbia y la vanidad se apoderó de todo mi ser... Las personas no saben lo que se siente cuando se pasa por todas estas emociones. Por lo mismo nunca me di la oportunidad de conocerme como realmente era; aceptarme se me era muy difícil... Hoy en día, ya en mi adultes; y aunque no fue nada fácil y gracias a las oraciones constantes, he aprendido a valorarme, aceptar mi físico tal cual es y sobretodo a conocerme, a conocer esa esencia que siempre había estado allí, a conocer esa esencia que tanto yo oculté...

Hola como estas, es fuerte lo que pasastes en la infancia los niños siempre haciendo bulling, yo pase por eso también y sabes nadie es feo en la vida porque Dios es nuestro creador y todos somos adorables solo que hay niños o adultos que piensan que son mejores que uno y no es así, todos tenemos cualidades y fortalezas que nos hacen personas únicas e increíbles.

#onepercent #venezuela

Así es amiga, pienso lo mismo... Saludos...

Y hoy en día todavía se ve mucho esa situación que de no atenderse a tiempo puede llegar a mayores. Por tratarse del adolescente que aún requiere mucha orientación y consejo, está aún en etapa vulnerable. Por lo menos empezaste a aceptarte tal cual eres que es lo más importante y de seguro no fue fácil porque lleva el tiempo necesario pero es posible superarlo. Muy buena entrada. Te deseo una feliz noche.

Así es, los niños o adolescente tienen que hablar esto si pasan por una situación igual o por lo menos desahogarse con alguien, sino va hacer muy difícil de solventar solo... Es lo que me pasó a mí... yo callé y creo que por eso se me fue muy difícil superarlo.. Gracias @alegnita por tu comentario...

De nada. 😄 Gusto en conocerte a través de este concurso.

Today I will summarize what could be called: "The worst nightmare".

Well, on December 29, 2017, I went to bed very quietly, but there was a moment in the night when I woke up and could not sleep. After having a good time in that situation, I fell asleep without a doubt, because I was a little tired.
At that time I had a very strange dream, because it was that I was with some scout friends in an activity, (I belong to the Scouts Association of Venezuela). It was something strange and complicated to explain, there were many people and every time I saw more places that I did not know. Until there came a time when we were crossing a bridge, but it was more like a recreational activity and we had to cross it on a Mayan, if we let go we fell into the water. Luckily in the dream I passed by, but a friend of mine fell into the water with burnt oil, and so did my sister, the problem was that I never saw my friend again in the dream.
I woke up a little scared, but I didn't give it much thought.
But ...., I explain, this happened on December 29 to 30 of the same month, on January 1 of the following year I receive the news that an uncle of mine had an accident and died.
The coincidence is that he had the same reason as my friend, and more than that he was all covered with oil, because the car exploded and got burned. At the time of what happened I didn't analyze it, but at the time it ended up being a nightmare for me.
I hope that @luiyi-22,@leyxi209 and @castor27 will join this interesting challenge. Greetings @cachetes-27🐽💕

@cachetes-27. This is really a bad dream that later came to pass. Really sorry for the loss of your uncle. Please be strong and have courage, you will surely overcome the loss with time.

Thank God, I'm over it!
Thank you for reading me!
Saludos @cachetes-27🐽💕

 4 months ago 

Hello steemians of this community, here is my entry for this contest

My entry

Read and learn from my story.

Kind Regards


Hola como están, estuve analizando que era lo que iba a escribir porque tantas cosas que me han pasado hay unas superadas pero otras aun en el corazón.

Pues lo que a mi me paso no se lo deseo a nadie, comienza cuando me gradué yo tenia un novio desde que estudie en la universidad y el me apoyaba en todo al graduarme comencé a trabajar en el área de salud y bueno a veces el trabajo a veces era muy absorbente pero siempre estaba pendiente del.

Un día le dije que nos casáramos y el me dice que si yo muy emocionada comencé a preparar todo las invitaciones, la iglesia, el civil en fin todo hasta mi madre me iba a realizar el vestido de matrimonio yo estaba muy feliz.

Hasta que un mes antes del matrimonio me fue a buscar a mi casa y mi invito el desayuno y me llevo al trabajo y antes de bajarme me dijo termino contigo no quiero seguir contigo.

Eso me dolió, me dejo muy mal triste a tal extremo que entre en depresión y saben me costo salir de esa depresión porque teníamos 8 años de novios y nunca me dijo porque me dejo, pero eso marca a uno.

Después de que mi familia me ayudo ahora pienso Dios me libro de algo por eso no quiso que ese matrimonio se realizara.

Este mi triste historia que de esto hay enseñanza para mi.

Hola @rosanita. Tu historia me recuerda prácticamente lo mismo que le pasó a una gran amiga mía, muy cercana por cierto. Ella es única, especial y querida. Es difícil conseguirse a una personita así porque es adventista y tiene sentimientos tan nobles y bellos que cualquiera se enamoraría de ella y no le haría lo que le hizo un ex novio. Es más, nunca le he conocido una grosería o mala actitud. Quedaron en plan de comprometerse para matrimonio o al menos eso ella creía. Pienso que el debió ser claro desde un principio y decirle que no tenía pensado casarse con ella. Más bien de repente le dijo que no le dió motivo alguno para que se pusiera a organizar todo (había comprado hasta los adornos para las mesas de invitados). Sinceramente nunca se supo su cambio de actitud pero realmente eso se dió cuando él se estaba preparando para irse a Brasil y ayudarse por la situación (mi amiga incluso lo ayudó a preparar la maleta sin saber aún con lo que le iba a salir). Ya después a la hora de la chiquita, eso de verdad que le cayó como balde de agua tan fría que le costó un tiempo superar eso. Su ex suegra y cuñada le tuvieron que aconsejar para que se olvidara de él y gracias a Dios está ahora con un chico que de verdad la quiere con todas las de la ley. 🙂

Es bueno saber que situaciones como esas sí se pueden superar siempre y me alegra que lo hayas logrado. Sólo se necesita voluntad y disciplina para ello que lo mejor es lo que pasa y de seguro no era para ti, o mejor dicho, tú no le merecías y te esperaba algo mucho mejor más adelante. Saludos y Feliz noche.

Waoo si, pensé que eso pasaba solo en las telenovelas... Y me imagino el dolor y las ilusiones; definitivamente hay cosas que nos marcan de por vida... Pero Dios sabe lo que hace, y de seguro esta experiencia te ha formado como mujer y en lo espiritual; porque es lo que me a pasado a mí... Saludos

Esas cosas son dolorosas, a veces es difícil recuperarse. Lo importante es darse cuenta de que no es culpa de uno. O de nadie. Las cosas pasan así porque es lo mejor. Por ejemplo, si te casabas con esa persona lo que era seguro que pasara es que fueran infelices, ya que él no quería hacerlo, por eso terminó contigo. Realmente, aunque hubieses querido saber el por qué lo hizo, realmente no era relevante. Fue lo mejor para ti y para él. Así de sencillo.


The worst Experience in my life so far is the betrayal of a trusted friend. I and this person were almost dating but suddenly things start to fall apart and she obviously betrayed me by exposing my secrets to people she knew wasn't my friend and then she would come to again like a friend so she is a snake.

One day is all it took for me to find out that all my secrets has been gossiped by this same person I taught was my friend, firstly it was not easy coping in that environment anymore because People who knows my secret were making fun of me and that messed me up too badly that till now I still hardly trust any body.

I was already tired of keeping quiet and giving this people the freedom to insult me so I confronted the girl and told her that I know she broke our promise and that I thought she was going to be loyal because I was and that I never believed that she could do this to me so she laughed and I left, next term I left that school and started another school life in another school.

 4 months ago 

Steemalive all the way!, what an interesting contest;the most tragedic moment i ever had was the death of my bossom friend Chikaodiri by name , may her soul rest in peace;

It was a great loss to me and the family, she was the only daughter of her parents , pretty and loved by many, our frienship was to a point that she does'nt stay in church or anywhere without me sitting behind her, anytime she comes to a ceremony or service before me she secures a seat behind her by keeping a book or something else so that no one can seat on the chair, the friendship was so serious that even on her dying bed she seeked to always see me close to her as my presence gives her strenght and courage to live ; it was a big tragedy, though the parents are wealthy but their money could not save the girl's life and her illness was a sort of manipulation from the evil men because as the story was told that the grand father(her daddy's father)was an occultic grand master before his death and because the son who is my friend's father could not take over the father's position in the kingdom the evil men then sort for their lives and on the course of that has killed one of the children before my friend and the existing children still faces war with the occultic men;

On the course of seeking for the girl's life, they perfected their assignment by giving the girl an overdose drugs through the hospital attendants while she was in the hospital, after few days of the drugs, she died and that was her end;

I was so much in sorrow during that period and i never recovered from that until after 2months , even after her death , i still see her in dreams but had to command her not to visit me again as we no more have anything in common.

#twopercent #nigeria

 4 months ago 

Hi @dlioness sorry for the death of your dear friend.
It pains to the marrow to lose a loved one,I had such experience in August.

We have to keep yearning for the time when death will be no more.
Be consoled!!!

 4 months ago 

This is really heart touching, why is that, it is always the innocent ones that do become a victim of such. Chai! Please take heart eh, God knows the best.

 4 months ago 

Wow @dlioness, this is a very tragic one. How innocent kids are now paying for what they know nothing about. I am sorry for the loss of your friend. Losing a dear one can even make you want to run crazy.
Take heart dear.



I had my worst nightmare at a young age. The worst nightmare of my life was when I lost my two kid siblings a boy and a girl. Their names were Mmaduabuchi and Chidubem respectively , they were very cute and lovely, I loved them so much especially mmaduabuchi he was the cutest amongst all of us in the family . I could remember how I used to carry him out of mud whenever it rained because then he was at his crawling stage and he always crawls around the compound so back then it was my duty to watch him in other not to let him hurt. Each time I tried to carry him out of something hurtful he'll just keep crying as if I snatched something from him, haha....! It's just babys' things anyways. I really missed them a lot.

They both died at a very tender age, Mmaduabuchi died at the age of 10months in the year 2002 while Chidubem died at the age of 7months in the year 2005.

It was a terrible experience, it was like a shock to me seeing such a demise at a young age, this happened in my primary school days, you can imagine how little I was then.

My mom couldn't bear the pains it was as if her life was taken away, she weeped uncontrollably ,my dad endured the whole thing with the heart of a man but in his private I watched him cry, I couldn't believe my eyes, that was when I understood that even men cry. The death of a loved one is really heart breaking, the pains don't heal easily .

But I thank God for everything, it's always said that God knows the best for us. And I'm grateful to him for the life of my family today.

#twopercent #nigeria

 4 months ago 

Oh, what a heart touching story, i felt it after reading through to the end, please take heart, i know how it usually feels when you loss your favorite ones, and i could also see the deep pain it caused you then. Very sorry, take heart.

#onepercent #nigeria

 4 months ago 

@marydexplorer, it is not easy after a women must have undergone all the pains of child bearing for 9months and lost them after giving birth.
It is always a great loss. But God knows the best anyway.
Most things that happens to us, at some points is so heartbreaking.
Take heart for the loss of your siblings.


 4 months ago 

Nice contest, very nice.

A lot of sad things happened to me while growing up. Although I'm not one who keeps memories especially when they're sad ones but there's one I can never forget.

This was my worst nightmare

Warm regards

 4 months ago 

Life may be said to be unfair sometimes and my worst life experience so far still remains grim in my head. It's something I never talk about, something I never will. However I'd go ahead and alternate on the scale of nightmares and pick one I'm comfortable talking about.

The day I felt alone for the first time in the world...
Growing up as a child, making friends was something I never gave due consideration. It had always been my brother and I against the world. We spent about six years in our former residence, never had a friend for a week. Never related with anyone and our bond tightened the more.

Let's quit the "story of my life part , shall we"

It came the day he was to leave for college. I was happy but having mixed feelings. I skipped school and lessons that week in order to follow him to his college. I only believed we went there to fill some paperwork and sign some documents. Little did I know he would be leaving that week. I spent about three days with him and the time came to go back home.

I hurriedly jumped in the front seat as I knew it was his seat and I wanted to tease him a bit. I was surprised when he didn't enter the car with us. Last thing I remember was him waving us goodbye.

I was depressed the next week, refused to speak to anybody at all.
This might not be the nightmare story you're expecting but it's definitely one that hit me and one of the ones I'm comfortable talking about....

 4 months ago 

The bond between the both of you was strong i guess, but all the same life continues

 4 months ago 

losing your brother to the boarding house is a very sad experience. It was one of the causes of my worst nightmare.

 4 months ago 

@doppley, I can relate the feeling of being separated from a bond that had been built over the years. It is hard to accept. It is like a husband relocating to a farther country and leaving the wife behind. She will miss him a lot. But I guess you later got over those feelings.

 4 months ago 

Very nice thing, of course, if you can participate in this contest, thank you in advance

 4 months ago 

Hmmm, so touching. no one pray for it to come, but most time we fact the fact.

my post about it coming soon.

Great contest updates. Thanks very much for organizing this contest.

 3 months ago 
 4 months ago 

Hello my dear steemain colleagues follow me on my nightmare story here

Thanks for reading through.

#twopercent #cameroon

Hola como están, este concurso es motivador cada semana y esta es nuestra historia de lo peor que nos paso.

A veces uno pasa por muchas vicisitudes en nuestras vidas pero hay unas que marca a uno mas que otras, a veces las cosas que le pasan a uno son fuerte y a meritan de mucha resistencia y que nuestra mente este muy firme hace 10 años atrás yo como madre acompañaba a mis hijas, ellas daban clase en la noche y yo también recibía clases para sacar mi bachillerato imagínense lo saque ya a una edad muy avanzada, al salir de las clases era como las 9:30 de la noche y vino a buscarnos el transporte que habíamos contratado yo salí de primera y me monte en el vehículo mientras salían mis hijas.

Cuando de pronto se acercaron dos tipos muy raros me apuntaron con el arma a mi y al señor del carro y era para robarle carro, yo estaba recogiendo todo para bajarme el me apuraba yo estaba asustada pero a la vez esta en mi mente y pensamiento orandole al Señor para que no me pasara nada y que mis hijas no salieran.

Los hombre se llevaron el carro pero no paso ni 10 minutos cuando en la esquina de la institución se les apago, salieron corriendo ya que mis hijas llamaron a la policía, yo di gracias a Dios pero ese día pase ese fuerte susto y tenia miedo pero tan solo orar me salvo y ese momento pasaron muchas cosas por mi mente pero gracias a Dios estoy aquí contándoles esto que me paso y que ya solo quedo en los recuerdos malos y no tratar de pensar mas en eso porque la vida continua y nosotros de estas experiencias debemos de fortalecernos en el Señor.

#onepercent #venezuela

Es increíble lo mucho que puede pasar en tan pocos segundos y con esos nervios de punta, a mil por millón. Gracias a Dios no pasó a mayores, pues es bien sabido que al final la maldad termina con patas bien cortas. La oración ha de ayudar mucho en aquel momento tan tenso. Envío saludos cordiales y deseos de un excelente descanso. Feliz noche.

 4 months ago 


Thanks @steemalive for the contest once again. I am glad participating in this week's contest.
My worst nightmare was the loss of my dad. Before he fell sick, I had always had the feeling that something was about to go wrong. I prayed against it, though I took it lightly. Not until he was down with sickness April, 2020. We did everything humanly and medically possible to make sure he survived it. But to no avail, he wasn't getting any better. At a point medical reports were defiled as all test results were proven that he is alright, while he was dying gradually. He took drugs until he was tired of taking drugs and refused to take those drugs again, because instead of the drug to react positively, it is getting worst as the day goes by.
We watch Daddy slipping through our hands into the cold hands of death. At a point, it was so obvious that dad was going, even he himself knew he was going.
Two nights before dad passed on, it dawned on me that my dad was going, I cried my eyes out, until i couldn't cry any longer.
After 2 days, I received the very shocking news that dad is gone.
It was a big blow on me. I have never lost someone so dear and close to me before.

It was really a nightmare that I have not yet received from, though don't know when.
RIP Dad; I love you plenty

 4 months ago 

May his soul rest in peace, its indeed a great loss knowing a vaccum has been created and no one to replace him,

More grace to bear the loss ma'am

 4 months ago 

@dlioness, seriously the vacuum canever be replaced.
Rest on dad.

It's a horrible experience to loose a parent, my condolences for the death of your dad. I understand how difficult it must have been for you.

Please be strong and keep trusting God for a better tomorrow.

#twopercent #nigeria

 4 months ago 

@marydexplorer, yeah it had not been easy.
But we've just got to move on.
Life continues.

 4 months ago 

Losing someone very close is very devastating. We all hope it doesn't happen at the wrong time. Take heart.

 4 months ago 

@johoshua-shay, yeah that had been the prayer. May it not happen at the wrong time any more.

 4 months ago 

Hello @talktofaith, this is indeed one of the nightmares that shocked me, watching your loved one die is something that breaks the heart, why death 😢, your story really touched my heart, please take heart eh. God knows the best.

 4 months ago 

@bright-obias, thanks dear.
We've moved on already.
God knows the best.

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 4 months ago 

@talktofaith so sorry about your loss. It is really a nightmare. Life is so unpredictable. Bit you need to be strong. We keep moving. All that are in the grave, will hear Jesus voice and come out by means of a resurrection.
#twopercent #nigeria

May almighty give you patience enough to bear this irreparable loss.

 3 months ago 

@drqamu, thanks a lot.

My worst nightmare was during the second semester of 2019 because a lot of events occurred practically at the same time. First, in June I was sleeping with Mom when suddenly the air conditioner started to make an explosion and sparks were running during several minutes until, with bravery, she went to turned it off and a hissing noise was indicating us the leak of compressor's gas: it was seriously damaged due to the sudden rising electrical tension and I think other neighbors have suffered that situation too. Because of our current economic crisis, it's now too expensive to buy another compressor and we got a fan as a temporary alternative, over here we have a very hot climate, so we can't be living without any way of refrigeration.

And second, in August, my Dad was victim of a huge robbery in his house at night (they stole a lot of devices, clothes, etc), so he was about to have a heart attack with breathing enough, meanwhile I was far away at that cotton company where I was working as project engineer with no signal or Internet because it was located in a very small town. I've been informed of this more than a couple of days after, so I was shocked because I could have had no father without knowing it. He was very depressive for a long time mainly due to his laptop. This device was our source of income because he's a digital worker like me and sometimes I was working on it too.

Very sad moments indeed, but the important thing is to be alive and healthy, so every new single day is the best opportunity to be thankful and seize it as possible as we can, going ahead for a better future. Right now I'm happy I don't have to travel to the company again until they get organized because there was a complete change of bosses and I'm at home since that August. But they didn't pay anymore since October and had to retake my freelance activity and now I'm glad for having discovered Steemit to increase my income to carry out this situation as best as I can.

Thanks for reading. 🙂

The worst thing that ever happened to me was losing my child. I was undergoing tests for my thyroid and got exposed to radioactive material. I did not know I was pregnant at that time. The timing was bad because I lost it on my first wedding anniversary.

My worst nightmare

There is a person in my life whom I was thanking GOd for having him in my life. He is my teacher as I am his taught. He is my mentor as he has always been there to give me verbal guidance. He is my actor because I used to dress like him and go with him for shopping. He is my friend because I share with him some problems which I can't share with my dad. He is the one whom I was dependent on. We never had an argument in life on any issue. I never dared to talk loudly in front of him. Everything was going on smoothly as
mentioned above.

One Saturday evening in October 2020 when my grandfather asked my father to stay at home on the following Sunday and also told my three uncles too . So all of them obeyed. Next day morning , my grandpa told them that he was going to distribute the land for building houses among them. He had already brought one man who knew how to distribute lands.

So the process of land distribution begun. Our share of land after measurement was under the premesis of lawn of elder uncle. So as per rule, he was supposed to leave that portion of land with our part because as per measurement it was our share of land. For me, it was not an issue because that uncle of mine is the person whom I was referring to in the begining of this real life experience. But, to my surprise, that uncle, mentor, teacher, actor and confidant of mine refused and abused my father in front of all. My father had raised him like his own kids, worked day and night for him to study. Neither was i able to start my tears from tricking down than nor could i stop now. It is that moment of my life, which shattered me completely. I had never envisaged that materialistic mindset ould ruin the relations this way .


#onepercent #india #affable


The most scary nightmare, made me so pissed off at someone very close to me. I had a future to build together with her but she downlined me and go on with my close friends. After she wiping out my money from my account.

Of course, we have bad experiences in our lives that we will never forget. Sometimes death is sometimes a psychological trauma. But sometimes you experience such a bad thing that it feels like a bad thing. but as a human being we also think of our future. We save for the future of our children and our own well-being.

In the first year of my marriage, we decided to buy a house with my wife. We puted our wedding gold and money in the bank. Our dream was to buy a house. One day after 2 years, my wife told me, "I want to make use of this money. I will earn twice this money. ''
I said okay, but I don't want to lose the money. Several people said to my wife, `` Give us this money, let's use it in the stock market and give you twice as much money in a year. My husband was indecisive, but he sent the money to the men.He told me that he was constantly checking and that it was not a problem. We fought a lot for this and he constantly convinced me because I wanted to buy a house. I was very afraid of losing our efforts.

After a year, the men told us that they would deposit the money every month. We waited patiently. my fear grew steadily. And I lost hope now. My wife came home from work that day. I said nervously that I wanted the money now and it was the right time to buy a house. I persuaded my husband. He called the men that day, but their phones were off. The address they gave was not correct. We sent mail, but no reply. 1 week passed. We could not find any trace of it. There was what happened, I cried every day. We knew we had been scammed. I said from the beginning that we should not believe. but my wife didn't listen to me. my dreams and my future were gone.:(

Now we are trying to regain that experience. We still don't have a home. My children have no future. It was my worst nightmare. Thank you for reading.
I need your positive vote support @steemcurator01 @steemitblog thanks :)

yours affectionately :)

Scammers are really pathetic. We are so sorry for this life-changing nightmare. It's so hard to take. But we believe that so long as you are alive, you have hope and will surely make up for the loss. Please be strong and fight together, you will overcome the loss. @svm038.

Thank you for your support and good sentences. As long as we are alive, everything is taken care of. we live believing it.
Everything but death has a remedy.

La verdad que fue muy fuerte por lo que pasastes, pienso que duele más la traición que la perdida del dinero... Pero como dices hay que comenzar de nuevo, mientras tenemos salud todo puede ser posible... ánimo...

tienes toda la razón. Tener razón era más doloroso que ser defraudado. Estamos sanos y trabajaremos y volveremos a compensar