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As a community, we are leaving no stone un-turned when it comes to promoting Steemit, recruiting and retaining new users. That is why we continue to roll out programs that will help us to achieve our goals. Few days ago, we wrote about our roadmap for 2021. We set a goal of achieving a community-high 100k SP by January 31st, 2021. We want to see how far we can go with achieving the goal. We have set many plans out to help us get to our goal. One of the programs that will help us achieve that milestone is SteemAlive PLUS1kSP club. What is that?

What is PLUS1kSP club

PLUS1kSP stands for plus 1000 Steem Power. So its basically an elite club of SteemAlive members that have accumulated and maintained at least 1000 steem power. We are hoping to put our resources together and grow the membership of this club to 100 members by January ending 2021. 100 members with 1000 Steem power each will give us 100k Steem power. Its not a small feat. As @steemcurator01 rightly put it, this is an ambitious project. But we are really optimistic that we can get there in time. We believe in the power of one. We believe that impossible is nothing. We believe in the strength of the crowd. PLUS1kSP will be crucial to our achieving the 2021 roadmap


Founding Members of PLUS1kSP

To kick off the club, these are members of SteemAlive community that have accummulated a mininum of 1000SP. There are a total of 9 members listed in descending order of Steem power size. They are as follows:

@whitestallion (Club President - 7,291SP)
@bright-obias (Vice President - 6,872SP)
@focusnow (Member - 6567Sp)
@njiatanga (Member - 5128SP)
@mesonia (Member - 2718SP)
@ngoenyi (Member - 2690SP)
@alegnita (Member - 1895)
@drqamu (Member - 1860SP)
@beckie96830 (Member - 1358SP)

Any SteemAlive community member that gets to 1000SP automatically qualifies to join this elite group. The President and Vice president positions are automatically a function of Steem Power size. Any member with the largest Steem Power becomes the President, the next is his Vice.

Work of PLUS1kSP members

Basically, PLUS1kSP club members are volunteers and work with SteemAlive to help our members to get to 1000SP and join the club. They must show a spirit of self-sacrifice. There are many ways they will support others to get to 1000SP. They include

1. Encouraging members to set their posts earnings to 100% Powerup and showing them how to do it
2. Showing others what to do to increase post earnings such as by engaging in contests.
3. Supporting new people by setting them as post beneficiaries no matter how small.
4. Motivating others to participate in #SPUD4STEEM
5. Hosting personal contests that encourage powering up steem
6. Doing Steem Power delegations to encourage community members that are hardworking
7. Doing small steem give aways

This is not an exhaustive list. Each member can still brainstorm any unique way of supporting others to get to 1000SP and join the club.


PLUS1kSP membership benefits

SteemAlive will take members of this club serious and support them to the best of its abilities. Hardworking members could receive support in any of the following ways:

1. Large percentage votes from the community
2. Weekly giveaways at its decretion
3. Occasionally setting members as beneficiaries of Steemalive posts
4. First beneficiries of any future projects from the community
5. Occassional gifts at its decretion.
6. Any other ways to be determined by the community


We hope that this program will assist us to get to and surpass 100k SP by January. We do not know how it will turn out, but we are optimistic this will drive the enthusiam and growth of SteemAlive and Steemit as a whole. We reatly appreciate the support we have received from @steemcurator01, @shortsegments and others. Thank you so much.

Written by: @focusnow
For: @steemalive


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 2 months ago 

Fantastic! I am thrilled at this announcement. This is a wonderful development in the history of @steemalive. It is wonderful to have a visionary admin @focusnow. I appreciate your leadership. I am happy to be among the pioneers.
#twopercent #nigeria

 2 months ago 

This is a great project and very crucial to achieving 100k sp. The importance of investing in sp can't be overemphasized in this post. I am happy to be part of this club and @Steemalive in general.

 2 months ago 

Great post @steemalive, i am so happy to be among the aforementioned steemians, and it will be my pleasure to work with the community to achieve this smart Goal. I so appreciate the brain that is behind this initiative, keep doing great.

#onepercent #nigeria #affable

 2 months ago 

Wow. I'm honored to be among the latest club in town. I'm looking forward to working activity with you all.

Thank you for the opportunity to be among this great Community. I will always try my best to be active in this great Community.


 2 months ago 

@steemalive this is an amazing projectooooooo.
I can't wait to join this club. This is so beautiful.
I'm enjoying the varieties in this great Community.
Steemit all the way.

Nice work congratulations

 2 months ago 

Congratulations to the poineer members of the club. I see you taking the community to higher height even more than the set goal. Courage to you all
#twopercent #cameroon

 2 months ago 

Congrats to you all that makes up these great club, may you deliver on you roles to play.

More wins @steemalive.

#twopercent #nigeria

 2 months ago (edited)

This is very encouraging....
I love the phrase you used here... Impossible is nothing. We moveeee

 2 months ago 

Wow this is great.I Congratulate all the members of this Plus1kSp club.It is a great feat indeed.

I hope to get up to 1k SP soonest.
Long live @steemalive @steemitblog @steemcurator01

Great project.

Which members of Steem Alive are now nearest to reaching 1000 SP ?

@steemcurator01. I have made a post with a little more information about the 4 Members that are nearest to reaching 1000 SP.

 2 months ago (edited)

I'm happy to be among the elite group😁 ... The #spud4steem contest is really a good opportunity to old and new steemians alike

About our work, I'm looking into that. I think I have some ideas ....@steemalive thank you


This amaring word can wait to be here,beautiful and wonderful,@steemialive,together will get here,@soloben i appreciate your leadership i m so happy

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