SteemAlive Presents: SmatKontrat - Our Second Steem Promotion Project under SIM! Details here.

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We are excited to unveil our second project under SIM!!!! We call it SmatKontract. We hope to take Steem Promotion to yet another level through this project. Our first project under SIM is the Steem Road Show which has gone as planned. through the Roadshow, we create awareness and campaign for Steem on the major roads in our cities. From 2 cities and 12 volunteers, we have grown to 5 cities and 38 volunteers activiely participating in the Steem Road Show. And now SmatKontract is here. Lets see what it is and what promoters need to do.


SmatKontrat - What is it?

SmatKontrat is a special Steem Promotion project targeted to large industry groups. We want to partner with organizations that work with or have a large number of people. The partnerships should be seen as mutually beneficial. These organizations need to see how Steem will benefit them so as to give us access to the crowd they do business with. When we target such organizations controlling a large customerbase or staff, it becomes easier to bring many new users to Steemit in a single move.

We have been thinking about some organizations and bussinesses that have many clients or members. Below are some of them for whom SmatKontrat was designed:

  • School Staff
  • Student union
  • Age grade Associations
  • Church youth groups
  • Fastfood Restaurants
  • Parents-Teachers Associations
  • Gym club members
  • Sports Fans
  • Trade Unions
  • Women empowerment groups
  • etc

The above is not an exhaustive list, but represents a sample of the target groups we want to partner with. These groups will guarantee Steemit a steady stream of people connected to their business or organization.


Providing Value through SmatKontrat

We will design attractive and mutually beneficial proposals to our target groups so they will see the sense in partnering with us. We believe that when an organization sees value in partnering with Steem, they will not hesitate to do so. For example, here are some ways we will try to add value to them:

1. Encourage our community members to Patronize their services: Every business need clients or customers. And through Steem, we have built a large community of potential customers for these businesses. So if they agree to partner, our members would be encouraged to buy their goods or use their services.

2. Run a free course for their members: We can offer to train their members for free on some courses or skills. For example, their members can access free IT training courses through the partnership.

3. Offer services at discounted prizes: Our community members are professionals in various fields. We can offer their services to our partners at discounted and attractive rates.

4. Offer free Steem gear and gifts: Our partners can see the real value of our partnership proposal right from start. We will have a humanitarian face. We can offer gifts branded with Steem and other free stuff to emphasize that more will come if they accept our proposals.


How will Promoters be useful to SmatKontract?

Our community members probably belong to one or more groups, organizations or associations. So they can provide vital access for Steem to wherever they belong. So we call on everyone with connections to any large groups to support Smatkontrat. If you are part of a Church youth group for example, you can help us take a team to your group through the SmatKontrat project

We will brainstorm on opportunities, targets, value proposals and other logistics that will make SmatKontrat achieve its aim. Please, our promoters can work in teams. Our City Coordinators that interested to participate can organize various teams and work with them.

Before a team moves to a target organization, they need to get following ready:

  • Identify the target group
  • Design a nice proposal (oral or written) to highlight the value of our partnership proposal.
  • Select the team to work on that project, including who and who will take part in making a presentation
  • Execute the project



Just like the Steem Road Show, we are really eager to see SmatKontract succeed. We hope to do Steem promotion and create awareness for Steem in Nigeria comprehensively. We really thank our Promoters for the amazing job they do. The City Coordinators and other vital members of our community are very much appreciated. Thank you so much @steemitblog and @stephenkendal for supporting our projects. Lets do more - together!!!!


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 2 months ago 

Indeed the list is endless sir. Thank very much steemalive SIM is already spreading it branches massively we will give our best as promoters to make this a clear reality.
Thank you admin @focusnow

Thank you so much @peterabagi for always giving our projects maximium support. We are sure this project will make large scale Steem adoption a reality. Lets do more!!!

 2 months ago 

Steemalive is always online to keep us updated with mewest update, this one is massive and believe we are going Internationally and globally.

We hope to take Steemit far and near. We want it to be a house hold name in Nigeria. Lets see how this project will help us achieve that

 2 months ago 

We move with @steemalive because she is always moving. I know this too will work out well

Thank you for your work at Nasarawa. We are pushing it together. Lets do more @charis20

 2 months ago 

That's a very good idea.@steemalive you are doing great job to keep steemit moving.I love that

Thank you for your kind words. Lets keep on promoting Steem to the world. @chigold1

 2 months ago 

This is yet another huge project of promoting steemit to different group of people and I must commend the effort of the admin for a work well done.
I am fully ready to embark on this journey.

@ladyofpolicy. Your work at Umuahia is nothing short of amazing. We are proud of it. Thank you for supporting this project.

 2 months ago 

The pleasure is mine....
Let's do more this time around

 2 months ago 

This initiative sounds so interesting. I am excited already. The brainworks behind steemalive is always on fire. I will actively participate in this move

@tripplem. You have been so hardworking in Umuahia. Thank you so much for everything. We are moving higher with Steem Promotion through SmatKontrat. Lets do more!!

 2 months ago 

Thank you so much @steemalive

Together we achieve more !!!!

 2 months ago 

The idea of Smart contract it's really nice. With this, Steemit will reach out to every door step

Thank you for your hardwork in Uyo. We are proud of you. We can do more through this project. Together we can!!! @chichieze

 2 months ago 

Together we move, smartkontract will Anabel us get poeple in group. Thanks @steemalive for appreciating my efforts here in Uyo, honestly I am proud of this community known as STEEMALIVE

This is breathtaking! Truly this project will definitely achieve its goal of creating a comprehensive steem awareness in Nigeria. Thank you for the update @steemalive, I'm everly ready to support in anyway possible.

We really appreciate your supporting this project. We are really optimistic it will achieve its aim. Thank you for being so supportive of our projects. @goodybest

It's my pleasure! And a privilege too!!

 2 months ago 

@steemalive this is another great and beautiful project to advertise steemit in a larger group of people at once, good, good.

We are sure you have a group that will like to hear about Steemit. Lets discuss on how to move forward. @ijebest

 2 months ago 

@steemalive remains the best ever. Wow, what an update. It harmonizes with my sole aim. I really love this. Kudos to @steemalive

@marajah. You are one of our most active promoters. Thank you for working hard with us.

 2 months ago 

@steemalive, i must promote steemit

 2 months ago 

Hi @steemalive,

This is applaudable indeed.Such arrangement would create massive awareness for Steemit and Steemalive too.

The target has always been to make Steemit a household name across the various cities.

Sure you are right. Thank you for leading the team in Aba to action. Lets see how we can explore this project to achieve a bigger awareness campaign for Steemit @samuel20

 2 months ago 

This is a huge and nice project, I know it is workable.
With this project, we can be able to reach a large number of people at a go.
Nice project, I am in for this.
Best regards

@talktofaith. Thank you so much for your work at Lagos. Lets see how we can work on this and take Steem promotion to greater heights.

Always having a new thing to offer @steemalive. Lets see how to roll this.

@graceonyi. Thank you. We look forward to your participation in this project. Lets take Steem to a higher level.

This is so amazing and creative. My hands are all on deck. Results loading. Steemalive to the moon

@jovita30. Thank you for pledging support to this project. We are sure it will be great and successful. Lets do it

 2 months ago 

Beautiful idea for a beautiful season. Promoting steemit is getting bigger and better with steemalive.

Let's do this

Lets do it. Thank you for accepting to work with us on this. We can achieve a lot through this. @alexanderpeace

The idea is a good one, it will definitely bring in more users on steemit. I am ready to participate.

 2 months ago 

@steemalive. The brain behind this smatkontrat, steemalive promotion project under sim is amazing. I really want to be in this moving train. Let us keep promoting Steemit, till it becomes a household name. Keep on moving Don't stop.

 2 months ago 

This is awesome. Targeting groups in a organization will actually do alot of good. We get good numbers of individuals and also partnership with the company. A mutual benefit partnership. Thank you steemalive for always coming up with great ideas.

 2 months ago 

Wow, creating awareness, it's will be a great move, I must put myself in order for this task.

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We surely will succeed in reaching out to those target groups with good road map

This a very wonderful step to take to promote Steemit. I must congratulate the brain behind this project you all are wonderful keep the good work going

 2 months ago 

This is a welcome development I believe it will turn out great just like the the steem road show.
With this project I believe many organization will get to know about steemit.
Kudos to all the community team members 🤗

 2 months ago 

Nice project i will say,it will really boast the speed of steem in Nigeria having this project done

We will do it again in our team

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