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We are delighted to roll out yet another big campaign to take Steemit to every corner of the globe!!!! This campaign is called Steem2dWorld. An idea initiated and sponsored by cryptoacademy professor @gbenga, Steem2dWorld will provide an exciting opportunity and incentive for SteemAlive members to go out there and talk about Steemit to every willing, hearing ear. We hope to create awareness about Steemit and drive the masses - users and investors to our steadily growing community. The total reward prize for this project is not a joke at all - 1000 Steem + more.
Here is the project plan.

Steem2dWorld - How we designed it

This campaign will run for two weeks starting from today. We will explore all marketing techniques to get the word out to our target audience - users and investors. Each participant will try to recruit new users to steemit and help them to startup blogging on the platform. At the end of the two weeks period, recruiters would be rewarded from the reward pool. It is left to each one to use any method that works for them to reach out to as many people as possible.

Since this is a proper contest, there must be rules to guide participants accordingly.


Steem2dWorld - The rules

Here are the important contest rules all participants must abide by.

  1. Recruitment is open to all SteemAlive members old or new
  2. The contest is for 2 weeks, starting from today 18-3-2021.
  3. Recruits must make at least 6 posts within the 2 weeks period. (Achievement 1 and 2, plus any other 4 posts) to ensure they stay active.
  4. Recruit must mention the recruiter in the introduction post.
  5. Maximum of 4 recruits per participant - we plan to increase this number if we are able to increase the prize.
  6. Recruits must join SteemAlive curation trail
  7. Recruiter will make a post at the end of the contest to summarize the following (Recruits, date joined, List of 6 posts, and any other interesting details such as their method of recruitment). The post must contain the 2 tags steem2dworld and steemalive


Steem2dWorld - contest Prize

We have 1000 Steem guranteed as reward prize. This amount was donated by Professor @gbenga. We hope to increase it as more donations come for this project.

For each recruit that satisfy the conditions described above, The recruiter is rewarded with 20 Steem. For example, a participant that recruited 4 persons at the end of the contest will receive 20 steem x 4 = 80 steem.

Support Steem2dWorld

@gbenga started this move and SteemAlive community supported him and put arrangements together. He has promised 1000 steem reward prize. We thank him for this. We however call on other generous members to support and help make the prize bigger. So we welcome more steem, SBD, Tron, etc. Just make a comment on this post and indicate interest to contribute to the prize.

We thank @steemcurator01 and @steemcurator02 for Supporting SteemAlive from day 1. We also appreciate the sponsor @gbenga and all hardworking members of SteemAlive community for making this project a success.

Let us Steem2dWorld!!!!!

Written by: @focusnow
For: @steemalive


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This is a great innovation! For sure am already part of the contest. And I rely love to appreciate @steemalive and @gbenga for this selfless contest .

Wow....This is a great contest and I would love to participate.. Thank you @steemalive community and big thanks to @gbenga for your support and spirit for growth.
I love @steemalive community

What a beautiful contest to write, recruiting people here is a sure way of showing them a way to success.
I'll joyfully participate in this contest.
I'll make sure I continue to tell people more about steemit and it's blessing to humanity.
I really thank @steemalive and @gbenga for initiating this contest and supporting it.
I love @steemalive.

This is an amazing contest and I will like to participate

Thank you @steemalive and @gbenga for this great innovation

Wow this is really great. Thanks to @gbenga and @steemalive for bringing up a nice contest like this one. Am interested in becoming a participant in this one.

Wow this is a good one, please does it still count if we bring in old steemians back to the platform?

Sorry, it's purely for new recruits sir @hypeman. But you need to first become a SteemAlive member to participate. Chat up the admin to know what to do - 07068083143

Wow,this is super awesome, am so into this one ,I declare that am one of the participants of this project. Steemit is more job now and I will do it very well.
Thank you @gbenga for this wonderful initiative and also thank you @steemalive community for putting this together, We steem to the world


Woowooo!!! We Steem to the world 😊💃I'm so gonna participate in this contest. Infact I'm starting now. Thank you so much @gbenga, @steemalive community and @focusnow for bringing this contest on

What a nice contest I will do well to participate and join in advocating STEEMIT to as much persons as I can, special thanks to @gbenga for sponsoring this wonderful contest

Wow😯....This is really massive. A big thank you to our sponsor @gbenga and the supporters @steemcurator01 and @steemcurator02. Steem to the World!! I will parttake in this as it is a way to grow the Steemit blockchain.

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I am so delighted about this contest, I'll sure do my best in this.
Thanks to @steemalive.

 2 months ago 

This is really a welcome development and encourages steemalive members to recruit new users into the community. Way to go @steemalive.

 2 months ago 

Wow!!! This is really great. I don't wanna miss this. Thanks to @gbenga for the sponsor and also to @steemalive community for putting this together...