SteemAlive Presents: The New LID reporting Guidelines Effective from August 1, 2021

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Dear LID reporters, we are happy to restart our LID project in the next few days - precisely August 1, 2021. LID reporting has been one of our pilot projects in SteemAlive community. It has come a long way and we want this project to add more value to the community and Steemit platform at large. We took a 1-week break so as to enable us do an audit of the project. A lot of things are going as planned, a few thinks are going awkward. That is why we decided to publish this complete LID reporting guideline. It will contain previous LID rules as well as new changes that will make the project both valuable, fun and rewarding. If you are new to LID reporting, you can read about the project here.

For the sake of easy understanding, we are going to split up the presentation into the following categories:

  • Duration of LID reporting
  • Number of LID posts/Reports
  • What to Report
  • Length of Report
  • Engagement
  • LID Prizes
  • Location Coordinates
  • LID spotlights
  • Picture Management
  • How to become a LID reporter


Duration of LID reporting

When we started the project, LID reporting happens everyday. When we made the last change, we removed Mondays from the LID reporting days so we can run our weekly contests. But with this current guideline, we are announcing that LID reporting will happen 4 days in a week - Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. The remaining 3 days would be used for other community projects such as contests, promotional activities, community updates, etc.

Number of LID posts/Reports

Number of LID posts

Formerly, the community account makes 6 LID reporting posts and 6 LID announcement posts, thats a total of 12 posts. This fills up too much space in the community page. We sometimes end up making 2 or more posts in a day. This definitely affects the quality of those posts and the tidiness of our community page. So we are cleaning it up. Instead of 12 posts for LID reporting, we will henceforth make only 4 LID posts. We will use 1 LID post to cover reporting for 2 days and use 2 posts to announce the prizes for 2 days. For example, 1 post will be used to cover reporting for Monday and Tuesday and another post to announce results for the two days. Here is what we will do:

When we make the first LID reporting post, we will put 2 dates for it - for the first day and the second day. At the end of the first day, we will put a banner as a comment under the post to indicate the end of the first day and the Beginning of the second day. Reporters can then start reporting for the second day under the same post. In this way, we use 1 LID post for 2 days.

Number of LID reports

Under the old system, reporters are expected to make at least 2 LID posts each day. From this new guideline, reporters would be expected to make at least 3 reports per day. The first report is a morning selfie with details of their day's schedule. The next 2 reports will feature actual events taking place in the reporter's immediate environment.

There will be 3 reporting Periods:

Morning: 5.30am - 11.59am
Afternoon: 12 noon - 3.59pm
Evening: 4pm-9pm


What to Report

The first report would still be a morning selfie so we can see who the reporter is. The morning selfie will be accompanied by a description of the morning environment and things taking place around the reporter. The reporter is free to talk about personal schedules - places the reporter will go and specific things he will do within the day.

The Second and third LID reports are actually the main reports. It strictly must be interesting and educational events happening around the reporter. The events being reported should be news-worthy. It can include live events, weather, traffic, accident scene, inside a bank or shopping mall, different sections of a market, etc. We will let urge reporters to bring value by making sure their reports are very interesting and educative.


Length of Report

We want quality. You cant get a quality story in one sentence. In the past, we had LID reports with one or two short sentences. Its ending now. From August 1, each LID report should have at least 70 words or 1 sizeable paragraph. You can use this word counter tool to check.



Engagement was a big challenge for us last time. We had too many LID reporters that drop their reports and refuse to engage with others. We are turning a new leaf now. We expect reporters to engage with other reporters at least twice. Engagement should be meaningful. So like we used to have, the following would no longer be con=sidered meaningful engagement:

  • Goodmorning and have a great day
  • Thank you for your great wishes
  • I love your food
  • Nice cloth
  • etc

Meaningful engagement involves replying to a specific aspect of a report, asking questions and encouraging the other party to respond too. Short one-sentence replies wont be considered meaningful engagement. A reporter that has not engaged at least twice with others do not qualify for the day's prize.


LID prizes

We gave 0.5 Steem for normal LID reports without a spotlight and 0.6 Steem for reporters that did the spotlight. Under the new system, reports without spotlight would be 0.6 Steem and those with spotlight would be 0.7 Steem


Location Coordinates

Location Coordinates help to authenticate your LID report. As much as possible, try to put the coordinates under your pictures. It helps to verify them as actual places. While it is not compulsory for all your report images, it is compulsory for the spotlight. You can use What3words To add he coordinates



Each day, we ask you to snap a particular object or location which everyone is free to capture. We pay you extra 0.1 Steem for doing the spotlight. Under this new guideline, the spotlight remains. Except that each spotlight image must a What3words location coordinates.


Picture Management

Its important you know how to manage your images. Please remember these tips:

  1. Capture images that are not blurred
  2. Do not let objects obstruct your view.
  3. Do not capture from a distance that is too far
  4. Capture where there is sufficient light
  5. Be sure to use only your own pictures


How to become a LID reporter

Its easy. Take the following Steps:

  • Become a verified member of SteemALive Community
  • Send at least 1 steem to @safunds to support the LID project
  • Read, understand and sign this document.

Make a comment under the post once you fulfill all documents. Also mention that you have understood and will follow the guidelines. Then we will give you a LID reporter tag to identify you.



Quality matters to us and that is why we have these guidelines in place. A lot of random people joined the LID project without proper orientation and that affected the quality. We are really eager to see everyone produce quality reports we can be proud of by being guided according.

Thank you all for supporting LID. Thank you for supporting SteemAlive. Thank you the Steemit team


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 4 months ago 

I have understood and will follow the lid guidelines.

I have sent 2 Steem to safund as requested.


 4 months ago 


Lid report support sent.
I've understood and will follow the above guidelines.

We appreciate your quick response. Thank you so much for supporting LID. Let's do more together!!! @alexanderpeace

 4 months ago 

Waw,, this is massive I took time to read through it, I love the changes it will assist every Lid reporter to report good quality content.. kudos to you @focusnow..

Thank you so much for always supporting the LID project. We are making it better and we love it. Let's do more together. Thank you so much @kingcent

 4 months ago 

Having done the needful to be a member or being verified under this community, having read and understood what governed lid report, i will follow the guidelines.

 4 months ago (edited)

This is lovely, always on time

I have sent my own steem to @safunds

 4 months ago 

All requirements fullfilled. I've read, understood and will follow the new rules. The new structure is really good. It'll help keep tardiness out @steemalive

 4 months ago 

The is a great improvement, I believe with all these guidelines lid will improve for the better. Kudos to @steemalive team.

 4 months ago 

Thank you for the update.I have gone through the new rules.I will be up and doing by God's grace.I will also send my only steem.

 4 months ago 


This is a nice concept.
I'm glad LID report is back, better and stronger.

I've transferred my support to @safunds.
I understood the guidelines and I'm ready to abide by them.

Thanks @steemalive

Haven done the necessity that has to do with LID,,,i understood and will follow the guidelines. Bravo @steemalive

 4 months ago 

The new update is really amazing, I will do my very best to abide by the rules and regulations of this new changes and also send my own support

 4 months ago 

Well done @focusnow, we sincerely applaud you for your immense effort, in making everything easy and simple. Thank you once again.

 4 months ago (edited)

I have read, understood and will follow the guidelines for the lid report.



@steemalive thank you for the update.

 4 months ago 

@steemalive I have read and understand the new concept Convering lid report and promise to abide by it

 4 months ago 

@steemalive I have sent 1 steem for lid support.

 4 months ago 

I understood and I will follow all the guidelines.
I had sent 1 steem too

 4 months ago 

Thank you @steemAlive for this excellent new package to improve the quality of our platform, I have read through and understand it, I abide by this good decisions. Thank you.

 4 months ago 

Honestly i have read and understand the guidlines and i will abide to the new rules.

 4 months ago 

@steemalive thanks for Increasing the lid prices,
i have study and understood the new rules and i will try my best to apply them.

 4 months ago (edited)

my special thanks goes to @steemalive,.I appreciate your efforts on lid report, every thing is increase , l understand said and done

l have understand the rules and regulations of this , l will put it to practice.

 4 months ago 

I @ladyofpolicy have read and understand the new rules and regulations that is guiding LID reports and I gave fulfilled the requirements to be a part of this program.

I hereby pledge my loyalty to @steemalive that I will do my best to abide by the rules.



 4 months ago (edited)

@steemalive Thanks for this update and for the increased reward for lid reporting. Am motivated.

But my qualification is; if our Spotlight for Monday and Tuesday is a Geep for instance, can one report two different Spotlights for each of the two days?

Yes each day has its own spotlight. No two days will have the same spotlight @uzoma24

Ok. Thank You @steemalive

 4 months ago (edited)

Here is my Support for the LID @steemalive


Thank you sir @samuel20. We are updating the post now to include you.

 4 months ago 

Here is a screenshot of my support for the LID 👇

I transferred 1steem to safunds I understand the rules and am ready to abide by them @smamuel20

 4 months ago 

Here is my support for LID report 👇


I have understood and will follow the guidelines

 4 months ago 

I really love the changes made on this project. It's a good one. I have read and understood what is needed. This project has been one of the founding sources of my rewards and so I'm ready to support it. In this light I have decided to support this project monthly with 5 steem for the continuity of the project. Thanks @steemAlive

#twopercent #cameroon

@steemalive thanks for this opportunity and update. I have understood and will abide by the above guidelines.



 4 months ago (edited)

My Lid steem support,thanks @focusnow



 4 months ago 

Thanks so much for the information provided i have read and understood what the information is all about.

 4 months ago 

Here is my little support for lid


 4 months ago (edited)

I have read and understand, i will try my best to stick to the rules

Here is my support


You have been verified. You are now an official LID reporter. Congratulations @lazimo

 4 months ago 

I understand the rules and regulations of this ,l am ready to abide by it . Thanks
@steemalive for your earnest efforts in this community.
I have sent 2 steem

You have been verified. You can continue reporting LID. @dequeen

This is a good development. Lid has my support. I understand the new rules And I will do my best to follow suit.

 4 months ago 

Thank you so much @steemalive for the new rules. So interesting. I have sent my 1steem already and I have read and understood and I will follow the guidelines

@steemalive Thanks for the updates, I've read through n it's really no issue with me. thanks
I'll try to observe all the rules but pls I want to ask I'm I to do anything extra to get verified?

 4 months ago 

Thanks @steem-alive.
I have read and i have understood the guide lines for LID reporting and i will follow the rules.
My support below

 4 months ago 

I have understood and will follow the guideline.

To support the lid project.


I have send the support to @safunds. Thanks to @steemalive.

 4 months ago 



Sent support for Lid report

I have read, understood and will follow the SteemAlive guidelines as stated above.

@ Steemalive please I fulfilled all the requirements. I have read and understood and will follow the guidelines.



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