SteemAlive Presents: Tour of Government Institutions in My City. Contest Prize: 35 Steem

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Hello friends, welcome to another Monday. Remember that Mondays are for contests. So we are happy to present to you a brand new contest you can participate in. We call this contest Tour of Government Institutions in my City. We are sure you will love to participate in this contest, have fun and learn too. Here are the details of the contest.


The Contest - Tour of Government Institutions in My City

There are many government institutions in each city. These institutions render valuabale services to the community. We cannot possibly be everywhere, which is why we want you to take us on a tour of some government institutions in your city.

What you need to do

Here is a list of 13 Government institutions. You can pick any or all of them and take us on a tour.

Primary Health Care Center
School (Primary, Secondary or University)
Local Government Secretariat
Post Office
Fire Service
Railway Station
Radio Station
TV Station

Tell us about the institution you visited. Your information should include the following:

  • A clear image of some of the institution buildings. A selfie in the premises would give you bigger winning point. If you can capture the Sign Post, that would be great.
  • Name of the Institution and location (What3words location coordinates must be included)
  • A brief history or description of the place including who goes there, the type of services rendered, some departments or sections inside the institution, staff members, etc. Pictures can help too.. Be as detailed as you can. Ask questions to get information


The rules

1.Only verified members of SteemAlive Community can participate.

  1. You must publish each post in SteemAlive Community with the title: : "Tour of Government Institutions in My City - (Name of City)
  2. You must drop your entry on or before Friday 29/9/2021.
  3. You must comment meaningfully on as many links dropped by others as you can. The more links you comment on, the better your chances of winning.
    3.Subscribe to our community.
  4. Help other discover this contest by resteeming it. Its a must. You must also vote this post.
  5. Your first tag for each post should be ginstitutions
  6. All images must be original. We wi

Important rule: If you participated in our last contest and did not confirm the prize, we will not send the next prize to you.


How winners are selected

Quality of the presentation determines your winning position.

  • Be detailed: Give us as much information about each institution as you have
  • Number of quality Comments: The more comments you make on others entries, the better your chances
  • Formatting: At least use justify alignment and centered headings to make your work look neat
  • Originality: Please only use your own images for this contest


The Contest Prize - 35 Steem

The prize for this contest is 35 Steem

  • 1st Position: 10 Steem
  • 2nd Position: 7 Steem
  • 3rd Position: 5 Steem
  • 4th Position: 3 Steem
  • 5th - 14th Position: 1 Steem

We will try to vote all entries with the community trail. The top 3 positions will get a submit to booming

All entries must be submitted on or before Friday 1st October, 2021.


Support this contest.

You can help us increase the contest prize by sending us any cryptos used here on Steemit. Send Steem or SBD to @steemalive.


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 2 months ago 

@steemalive with yet another interesting contest.
We are on it and I can't wait to see other government institutions from other cities.
Good luck to everyone

This contest is huge and will be helpful to know structures in places that are government owned.

 2 months ago 

This contest is huge ohhh
But we go run am

 2 months ago 

Omo see contest. Steemalive always keeping us on our toes.

Good one

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Oh my God! This is contest oo @steemalive always bringimg creative contest. Sometimes i wonder how the idea comes

 2 months ago 

This is really and educating contest @steemalive i will love to participate

 2 months ago 

It's ok I will try my best

What a nice contest @steemalive
Its will help people to know more about their government property and benefit from its.

This is a nice contest
Though is only for verified members
Not verified yet would have participated..
Never the less this contest is wow...

This is really a wonderful contest, I will love to participate

 2 months ago 

Nice contest I will love to participate

Such an interesting contest. Thanks to @steemAlive for the contest.

This one is wow!... it's good because some of us don't even know how and where some of the government establishments are located.

I'm super excited about this contest.
This is literally bringing knowledge and experience to my comfort.
Can't wait to see and know more about other institution.
Thank you @steemAlive

Let's go!!!💯

Thanks @steemalive for this opportunity hope it will enlighten everyone.

 2 months ago 

@queensleey pls learn to make your subheadings to be bold and to be at the centre too.It affected your grade in the contest.


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