We Present to you our Brand New Project - SteemAlive Marketplace!

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We are really excited to present to you a brand new Project from the SteemAlive ccommunity again. This Project is called SteemAlive Marketplace. The name gave away some idea about what it is. SteemALive marketplace is created as the missing link between sellers and potential sellers. With this project, our members would find it easy to source goods and services locally, thereby growing and strengthen business relationships with steem as the common currency.

When we did our class yesterday and explained how this project would run, almost everyone in the class were super excited. Here are 3 reasons why such a local market within the community is long overdue.


We need a Marketplace - here are 3 reasons for that

There could be many reasons why the community has been waiting for this kind of project. They are as follows:

1. A place to Buy and Sell: This is the basic reason why this project was created - a place where buyers can source local products/services. SteemAlive continues to grow in numbers everyday. We are perhaps the largest collection of Nigerians on Steemit. Each person has a career, or trade which they are into. Besides creating content and publishing on their page, they all engage in some form of business. For example, the community have fashion designers, artist, graphics designers, nurses, Engineers, Traders, entrepreneurs, etc. All these various trades and professions need customers. They all need a place to promote their business and make actually sales to local consumers. That is one reason we need the marketplace.

So verified members of SteemAlive community would have the opportunity to promote their goods, services or even sell their skill. Instead of getting such goods or services from elsewhere, members can support each other through purchasing of goods or hiring of services from other members. In this way, the marketplace would be a thriving local economy for where potential buyers and sellers meet.

SteemALive marketplace could also be a tool in marketing small businesses locally and encouraging them to join Steemit. If they see that there is a large community of potential customers, they would be happy and willing to join the platform. We hope to gradually build this project and eventually use it as tool to attract both individuals and businesses to the platform.

2. A place where steem can be used a real currency: We have been thinking about making steem a currency that can be used as a means of exchange for goods and services. We believe strongly that if many people use steem as a currency, it will be great thing for its overall existence and mass adoption.

As we launch the marketplace today, the main currency will be steem. Prices of Goods and services will be listed in Steem. All transactions will happen in steem. This will help grow a local economy that holds and transacts steem as a currency. One good thing that will come out from a project like this is that more people would become aware of the Steem project. Additionally, members would no longer have to sell their steem or even power down frequently since they can still pay for goods n=and services direct with the steem currency. As part of our plans, we will bring out incentives to reward community members that starts transacting in Steem.

A Place for Career Profiling: Like we indicated earlier, many SteemALive members are either into business or experts in one professional field or the other. Currently, its not see easy to see at what glance what anyone does. There is no single page or database where we can go to see the career profile of members. This marketplace project will solve that issue. We will run a career profile database where all members can have their business or career profiles listed. There will be many benefits to this type of database.

A career profile database will make it easy for members to network and make job recommendations. If someone is in need of a fashion designer, Legal Services, Artist, Builder, Phone Technician, engineer, Trader, Electrician, etc, It will be easy to Open a page and see the career information of members. Also, this database will make it easy for members to identify other members that are in the same career part with them. As such, it will be easier for them to work together on Steem Projects. It can even be easy to create great business relationships as members get to know each other well professionally.


How the Marketplace will Run?

  1. We will Select a particular day of the week to Open the market. On that day, we make a post and encourage members to drop a link of their own advert posts for goods and Services they are ready to sell. As members drop the links, buyers will be able to see the brief product description and then they can visit the link for more details. A business transaction is thus initiated. At the end of the week, we will make a Done Deals post to show some transactions

  2. Since we have know each other personally, the deals can happen P2P. That means the buyer and seller can do the transactions directly after the seller has ordered the goods or Services. They are free to use pay on delivery or pay after delivery to do the trade.

  3. If their would be need to provide escrow, @steemalive can be used as the escrow. The Escrow is the middle man. Its job is to collect and hold the funds from the seller and then instructs the seller to send the goods. After the buyer confirms receiving the goods, escrow will then release the funds to the buyer.


SteemAlive Marketplace Standards

  1. We will only accept quality goods and services. Please make that what you offer in the market has high quality. Customer Satisfaction is very important.

  2. You product Description and Pricing should be detailed and competitive. In the case of sending goods through courier, the seller can include the cost of shipping in the final price of the goods or negotiate with the buyer to agree on shipping costs.

  3. We will provide a rating service at the end of the week to enable buyers show us their level of satisfaction with the seller and product.

  4. We will try as much as possible to avoid trade disputes. Make sure that your terms and conditions if any are clearly included in your product discription. SteemAlive together with City Coordinators of the transacting parties involved in a trade dispute will try to resolve such disagreements

  5. We will prefer all transactions to happen in any of the Steem blockchain currencies - Steem, SBD and Tron. So product listing should ideally happen in Steem. The prices of goods and services could be altered to reflect the local fiat value of Steem.


SteemAlive Marketplace FAQs

  1. Who can join the marketplace?
    Answer: Only verified SteemALive Members.

  2. How many Products advert posts can I make weekly?
    Answer: Just 1 post. You can list all the products or services you offer.

  3. Can I accept other currencies like fiat or Bitcoin?
    Answer: We prefer only Steem currencies as this project is aimed at using Steem as a means of exchange locally. Other currencies can still be considered as the last option.

  4. How will customers find me?
    Answer: We will promote the marketplace in our community and help you find customers. We will also run social media promotions in the nearest future to bring in buyers locally

  5. Can I list goods that are out of stock?
    Answer: No. Only list goods and services that are available.

  6. What kind of goods/ Services are allowed in the marketplace?
    **Answer: All goods and services that are legal and healthy can be listed. However, banned substances like Marijuana and health risky goods like Cigarettes' and others are not allowed.

  7. How am I sure I wont loose my money?
    Answer: Only Verified members of the community will be allowed in the marketplace. Please make sure you are active in your City Group as we will consult City Coordinators during verification.

  8. What if I have other questions not listed here?
    Answer: Drop your question as a comment on this post. We will attend to it.


How do I Join the Marketplace?

  1. We will Make a Career/Business Profiling Post where all interested participants would be listed.
  2. Running this project would require your support. Kindly donate at least 1 Steem to @safunds as a way to support the project. Your Memo should be Marketplace Support. The Funds would be used to Promote the Marketplace.
  3. We will make a Post of Verified buyers and include your name.

You are then free to participate in the marketplace.


Career/Business Profiling Template

Here is a template of How your Career or Business Profiling data should look:

  1. Profile Picture (Optional but important)
  2. Name
  3. Location
  4. Career/Profession/Occupation
  5. Services Offered (In one paragraph)



Note: Drop your Career Profile as a comment on this post.



Just like any of our Projects, we are really eager to see more activity and use of Steem as a currency in the marketplace. We may not have all the dynamics available now, but we are really eager to kick this project off in this way. Improvements will surely come as time progresses.

We thank everyone that supported and will support this idea. We are grateful to our City Coordinators, members, the Steemit Team and the entire Steemit Team.


:::Telegram :::join trail

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NAME:- Nwokonkwo Uzoma @uzoma24
LOCATION:-Aba, Abia State Nigeria.
CAREER/OCCUPATION:- Fashion Designer (Tailor)
GOODS/SERVICES:- Contact me for all kinds of kinds of male wears. Viz: Shirts, Senators, Suits, Trousers, Etibo, Tropicals. I also make senators, shirts, trousers and suits for women. Our jobs are good with top notch finishing, coupled with timely delivery.

Note: Our delivery time is 10 workings days, but can also deliver urgently if need be. We can also accept steem as a means of payment.

That's great.... Hope you will accept #steem as I want to upgrade my wardrobe soon.

 3 months ago 

Yes Sir.
From here, I accept only steem

The wonderful token whole worldwide....

 3 months ago 

Wow! You are a professional in the making and looking forward to meet you one on one...God bless your hustling bro

Name:Odini ogechi viola @violapearl
Location:Lagos state
Career/Occupation: Trader
Good /services:contact me for all kinds of of traveling box,bags,school bags,men’s bag,lunch box and men’s hand bag
Quality is our priority




 3 months ago 

@sammylins this is Beautiful! I will need to buy a few tubbers of yam and a paint of beans.

I will send it to you at very cheapest rate! I accept steem only! Thanks brotherly for the patronage

Amazing that you can do this really fast. Thanks. You are probably our first seller in the marketplace. Thanks @sammylinks

 3 months ago 

With this nice items, I hope you do home delivery because I am interested in those items.

Please add my number at your speed dial! Ever-ready sir

 3 months ago 


Name: Charles Okeke
Location: Aba, Abia State Nigeria.
Career: Drop-Shipping, IT admin, Web/Graphics Designer, Digital Marketing Pro, etc.
Products/Services: Royal Jewelry - Deals on all kinds of Jewelry such as necklace, bangles, ring, choker, Watches, etc. Contact me for everything Jewelry. Our new shop online and ofline launches soon. Watch this space!! I handle IT jobs too.

Wow! This is very good @focusnow, i like this new development. I sell jewelries too, i will like to buy from you if you deal on wholesale too. Looking forward to view samples of your jewelries.

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Name: Orji Deborah
Location: Akwanga, Nasarawa State
Occupation: Entrepreneur
Goods: We deal on Natural Undiluted honey directly from the bee hive, we also produce organic black soap good for any skin type. We produce Shea butter mix. Our delivery is fast and direct to your nearest bus stop all at a very affordable price. My unfiltered face with only white powder on will convince you. I have 3 years of practical experience.
We accept steem as a means of payment too.

Pls I need natural honey. How much is it?

 3 months ago 

You are welcome. What is the quantity you need, there is 5litres, 1 litre, 75cl, 35cl etc

Let me know their prices first

 3 months ago (edited)

Name: Faith Okoro

Location: Lagos State Nigeria

Occupation: Copywriter; Affiliate Marketer on Expertnaire; Content Creator; Digital Marketer; Networker.

You are just a DM away, I am at your service


NAME: Adefunke Mary @afunkycares
LOCATION: Lagos, Nigeria
CAREER/OCCUPATION: Baker & Event Planner
GOODS/SERVICES: Contact us for your events planning, and cakes for your birthday, wedding, anniversary, graduation,traditional engagement,bridal shower,baby shower etc. We make sumptuous, tongue-lashing cakes in different flavors, available for pick-up or delivery. Every cake leaves a sweet memory

PS: We also accept steem as a valid means of payment.

Name: Oluwagbenro Michael Olawunmi

Location: Lagos State, Nigeria.

Career/Profession: Banker, Graphics Designer, Digital Marketer, Realtor, Sales Manager.

Services Offered: Banking Solution, POS Agent, Graphic Designing, Printing, Social Media Handler, Real Estate Agent, Bookstore(Bibles,Christian, Educational & Motivational Books), General Merchant.

Awesome Initiative.
Hope I can get home delivery for food 😌❤️
Keep the push @focusnow

Best Regards 💝

Am sure we can have this service. Thank you so much for always being a big part of SteemAlive Projects. We hope this will be another step in the right direction. @kadosh2340

Wow, we love this market place. Hope we can buy ice cream and popcorn for our enjoyment. Thank you @steemalive for opening this market place. We hope to see what to buy that will be of benefit to us

Sure. We have more than Ice Cream available. Thank you for supporting this initiative. @steemkidss

 3 months ago 

Great idea!

Thanks for your nice words. Lets push it forward together! @ojerindjoel

 3 months ago 

Yes, together we wax stronger.

A great initiative from @steemalive the brainchild of @focusnow.

This program makes sense as it would give rise to buying & selling in the SteemAlive community as well as promoting the use of Steem, SBD and Tron as the currency to use. This action in turn gives these crypto currencies much power because there would be so much value attached to it.

Also this initiative creates much needed awareness to Steemit platform and SteemAlive community in general.

Thank you for trying to push this platform up with your welcoming ideas.

@theopportunist. We appreciate your kind words. Hopefully, this project would even drive the mass adoption of Steem locally. Lets do it.

 3 months ago 

This is really amazing I can't wait to buy and sell as well. Thank you @steemalive

Thanks for liking the project @peachyladiva. Lets see how far we can push it.

Wow, this is wonderful. I can't wait to sell here.

We would be happy to have you sell your goods or services through this initiative. Lets do more together!!!

Thank you for this opportunity

 3 months ago 

This is a highly commendable project that @steemalive has launched. We buy and sell with steem....steemalltheway

We are happy you love it. Lets see how far we can go with it together. Lets do more @charis20

 3 months ago 

Thanks for accepting my love for the community @steemalive

 3 months ago 

Nice initiative and that means we don't need to look far away again because here we buy in steem, nice approach to @steemalive

@benson6. We wont have to look far again. Lets grow this huge internal market to promote local goods and steem as well.

 3 months ago (edited)

This is a wonderful opportunity friends.
@steemalive you have bring us to the right bus-stop, thank you sir.

@sirdeone10k. We hope you will take advantage of this opportunity to showcase your work.

 3 months ago 

Sure i will sir.

Good idea
I love the idea of a middle man since trust is now an issue in this world. i also believe this will help us get to know each other more, exchange business ideas, make more sales and bring more people steemit.

Sure @osolife. We can provide escrow services to you anytime. Get ready to meet more customers from our growing community.

 3 months ago (edited)

This is huge! I commend @steemalive and @focusnow for this fit. I know this will go a long way helping us all.

Cant wait to see your services sampled in the Market. Lets do this together!!! @uzorma24

 3 months ago 

Together, we will all win

What a great initiative! WOW infact I'm aww thank you so much @steemalive @focusnow for bringing such an excellent, exceptional and amazing idea, this is a sure way steem can be promoted

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I bet you I got you 100% covered

This is really good

Thank you sir for this, I think it will help to promote steemit and also our businesses, I will send mine soon @mojacdavid

This is an amazing initiative. I can now post my fabrics and other products. Thanks so much @steemalive for this avenue.

 3 months ago 

Nice one sir, together we strive.

 3 months ago 

Now this is amazing @steemalive We hope to start buying and selling soon

Sure once we have the first 10 verified sellers before the end of today, we can do that.

The Steemalive Marketplace Project Is in fact a welcome development. To help members know the Steem equivalent to local currency I suggest for a chart explaining this equivalent be regularly provided.

 3 months ago 

This is nice, true act of creativity, bless you @focusnow

This kind of proposal can only come from people whose desire is to change the narratives of people's lives for better. SteemAlive is a pace setter on Steemit platform. More firepower to the Admins and to everyone who is bringing a change to our lives

Name: OKONKWo kizito
Location: Lagos
Occupation: sales man
My name is kizito... business man and video edior....Welcome to Wayne computer store... Where we sell high quality computer product with good price. We offer the best customer services to our custmers











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This looks nice, how much for something like this.


This too.

Please kindly chat me up on this number 08184413475 on WhatsApp

 3 months ago (edited)

The brain behind this initiative deserve to be awarded because truly this marketplace will really benefit all.

 3 months ago 

This is really cool and from the way am looking at it, this market place will benefit us
Thanks to @focusnow

This is really beautiful. I will drop my profile sonnest

 3 months ago (edited)

NAME:- Anya Comfort [email protected]
LOCATION:- Ikot- Ekpene Road Ogbor Hill Aba Abia State Nigeria.
CAREER/OCCUPATION:- Fashion Designer (Tailor)
GOODS/SERVICES:- Contact me for all kinds of kinds of female wears. with timely delivery.

I sewed different types of clothes like madam blouse both traditional marriage first and second outing, skirt and blouse both lace and Ankara, native gown, reception gown, bridal gown, party gown
,Courset gown, skirt and blouse and courset blouse

Note: Our delivery time is 10 workings days, but can also deliver urgently if need be. We can also accept steem as a means of payment.


Special regards:

This is such a brilliant initiative to promotes steem and build business relationships in the community. Thanks for all you do @focusnow @steemalive

Am loving this bright ideas that widens our community. today it's a dream, tomorrow we'll be living the reality. thanks @Steemalive.

Indeed this is an amazing project and am so happy for this initiative we are actually growing very fast. Steem to the moon

@simonnwigwe. Thank you so much for your kind words. We hope to soar even higher soonest. Together we can!

My profile


•NAME: Ndukwe treasure adaugo
•LOCATION:Abia state ,Aba
•GOOD:pos agent , recharge cards retailer,and phone accessories dealer,I deal on all types of phone accessories and online transactions as well.contact me on all types of phone accessories and we are at your services.😊

Name: okeke [email protected]
Location: Aba,abia state
Career: craftmanship
Products/services: macrame handbags, purses footwears(both male, female and kids)

 3 months ago 


Name :Boniface Godsbest

Location:Enugu state, Nigeria

Career/occupation: Fashion designer.

Good/services: We are majorly into the bespokes of male and female suits, caftan, senators, pants, urban wears etc and the unique thing about us is that we deliver on your request.

Note: we accept steem as a medium of exchange.

Woww! Nice one .just like a real market..thanks @steemalive for this market place..

 3 months ago 



Onyemauwa Amarachi Precious


Umuahia,Abia state,Nigeria.


Script writer/Business woman/Pos agent.


Deals on all kinds of perfumes,body spray,roll on,and deodorant.
Also contact me for all your pos banking transactions,recharging of all betting account,paying of all kinds of utility bill and recharging cables.

My normal working hours is 6am-6pm from monday to saturday,then on sundays after service by 11am.
I can also deliver any product of your choice to your location but delivery fee must be included.

Payment is mainly with the use of Steem.

my profile


Name : Ohowaruah Marilyn Oghenetage @linteg
Location : Lagos Nigeria
Occupation : Buying and selling
I buy goods in bulk and sell in wholesale, retail and customer price and also into drop shipping for those that want to start up their business without capital, get updates of new goods ones in a week very Thursday, for delivery goods are made available anytime needed.
I accept payment in steem and USD

My Profile:

**NAME:**Chukwuma Jeremiah (@basky14) **LOCATION:**Asaba Delta State Nigeria. **OCUPATION:**Graphic Designer, Am into Printing of Recharge Cards. Into Organic Products. **GOODS/SERVICES:**Contact me for your designs. I design poster, flyers, business cards, ID Cards and so on. Also contact me for your recharge Cards and Data. I sell very cheap data for browsing for all networks.
I also sell Organic Products like hair oil, body oil, organic herbs, body scrub. I accept @steem and Naira as mode of payment.


Thanks @basky14 for applying. Here are other Other requirements:

  • Send 1 Steem to @safunds to support the project so that we can add you to the verified sellers list.
  • Also make a post of your products and its details so you can submit it to the marketplace post

I sent 0.5 steem yesterday should i send another 0.5 steem again?

Name : Timothy Onyebuchi Onwuka @toson
Location : Aba Abia State Nigeria
Career /Occupation: Fashion designing and Tailoring
Goods/Services : we sew and deliver high quality Wears suchlike men trousers of any style ,Senetor suit for male and female, shirts for male and female all is for both young and old
We accept steem as valid currency in exchange in transaction

Thanks @toson for applying. Here are other Other requirements:

  • Send 1 Steem to @safunds to support the project so that we can add you to the verified sellers list.
  • Also make a post of your products and its details so you can submit it to the marketplace post



NAME- Miracle Lawrence Mbaogu
Location- Aba, Abia state
Occupations - Affiliate Marketer/ Crypto trader
Deals on buying and selling of STEEM DOLLARS [SBD] / STEEMS

Note÷ We are available to trade your coins anytime, any given quantity at any rate.
Fast confirmation, instant payment.

WhatsApp - 07089807010
Telegram - 07089807010

 3 months ago (edited)

NAME: Humble John
OCCUPATION: Affliate Marketer / Crypto-trader and exchanger.

Deals on selling and buying of Steem Dollars and Steem.


WhatsApp: 07010483126
Telegram: 07010483126




Thank you @focusnow for this inspiring initiative.

 3 months ago 

NAME- Emmanuel Onyekwere Egbochie
Location- Aba, Abia state

OCCUPATION - Affiliate Marketer
Deals on buying and selling of STEEM DOLLARS [SBD]/ STEEMS

Also specialized on Architectural designs
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