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Goodmorning and welcome to another opportunity to tell your stories. It's 4.37am local time and in some places like Lagos, most workers have already hit the road. What are your plans for today? Will you go shopping or work from home? Do you have a party to attend or a friend to visit? Are you planning to vacation away in a private resort, or self-isolate from COVID19? Whatever you are doing, there is a story to tell. Just grab your camera, capture events as they happen around you and report to us in the comment section of this post.

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How to start

We prefer to start in the morning, although you are free to provide updates at whatever time you met this post. However, we will like to have the first LID reports to be something in the morning, from there, you are can hop in and drop other LID reports as the day runs down.

Start with a clear selfie of when you woke up or just you in the morning. So for each day, the first LID reports should be a morning selfie. Remember you must provide the Location, Date and time. Then as the day progresses, you are free to make 2,3 or more LID reports.

Engagement is what we want to achieve too through LID. So as much as you make your LID reports, also enjoy the reports of others by replying their comments and interacting with them. Remember, we want to make it fun, educating and informative.


The Rewards

@steemitblog and @steemcurator01 has been supporting our community in a large way, we hope they will give upvotes to any interesting LID reports in the comment section.

Make at least 1 of 3 reports - morning, afternoon and evening, and engage with at least 2 other reports to win 0.5 Steem every day


Community Suggestions and further

This is just a new project we developed from the live reporting we enjoy when we see the news in the media. We hope that more suggestions will flow in the coming days from all of you. We will think about the suggestions and implement the finest ones. We will mostly leave it up to you to decide what to report. But in some days, we might want you to cover a specific subject such as city traffic, weather, street report, Religious report, events and anniversaries, etc.

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 2 months ago (edited)

Location :Mbiabong Uyo


A very beautiful morning from me my dear ones and welcome to my LID reporting for today being Wednesday.
The night was cool and the weather was too. The sun shines through out yesterday.
I slept very well and strong in health.
Laundry is ongoing and breakfast is going to be beans.
I planned to work on my handkerchief today if there is light.
Expect more reports soon
#twopercent #nigeria #affable

Good morning @ngoenyi.
Happy to see you up already this morning.
Good to know you slept well.

 2 months ago 

Goodmorning, thanks for reading my report this morning. Hope you are doing great

@ngoenyi. Waooh, you must be a great wife. Wakes very early to attend to important family chores. Keep up the great work. We are proud of you.

 2 months ago 

Thank you so much, we keep doing our best at least when we are strong. Because there are times when we are not and the family understands. @steemalive

How do you manage to be strong almost all the time? Because we will understand if you become weak in the future. For now, you have always been strong and consistent. @ngoenyi

 2 months ago 

Good morning @ngoenyi, I suppose you rested well. You are always the early bird on the LiD report and today I am fortunate to second you.

Wish you the best in making more of your handkerchiefs.

#twopercent #nigeria

 2 months ago 

Wow, wonderful. Is good to be early dear. Congratulations on being the second. Let's keep rolling

 2 months ago 

Thank you.

Good morning madam @ngoenyi. I can see your glamour. You look so bright and happy. Exemplary woman. I'm coming to your house to eat breakfast I because I know is breakfast that you're about to prepare.
Have a blissful day .
#onepercent #nigeia

 2 months ago 

Goodmorning ma'am, thanks for the compliment. Haha, you can come. Am waiting

 2 months ago 

The work of a housewife is indeed very much, so it requires adequate rest. how are you today?


 2 months ago 

Goodmorning sir, I am doing alright. And you? The strength to Almighty has given me is seeing me through. Thank you sir for visiting

 2 months ago 

You are welcome

Good morning and nice seeing you again this morning and knowing that you are Healthy. I have always knew you to be a strong woman. The Lord is your strength. Enjoy your day

 2 months ago 

Goodmorning dear for reading my report this morning. How are you doing

Good morning @ngoenyi, you look so bright and amazing this early morning. Your morning routine and daily plans are very inspiring. May your day be as beautiful as your look this morning. "This your look sha na no make-up challenge ooo, wahala for who no fine".

 2 months ago 

Haha, thank you for reading my report. Hope you are doing great

 2 months ago 

Good morning momma. It's pleasing to see you okay today morning. Wishing you success in your activities today.
#twopercent #cameroon

 2 months ago 

Goodmorning @ngoenyi

Always the first reporter.I wish I can borrow a leaf from you.I love to commend and follow good habits.

Beans??....that's cool but I am not a beans persons.It can cause runny stomach for me.

I wish you a good time in the other events of the day.


#onepercent #nigeria #affable

 2 months ago 

Beans?runny stomach? Which specie does that? What I eat here is honey beans. Try it. Thanks for coming around

 2 months ago 

Hello @ngoenyi

Alright.....I will make effort to try that particular specie.
Thanks for the suggestion.

Nice to read your LID as it is full of positives. Keep it up.

 2 months ago 

Thank you

Good morning mam good to see you
Always looking cute....
Am coming to take my share of the beans so am coming with bread to balance the equation

Good morning @ngoenyi, as usual you are always the first person to make the lid reports am really glad that you are really consistent keep the good work up.

Location....New Jerusalem avenue Aba
Good morning my beautiful people from steemians.
It's a pleasure to present my report this morning.
I'm still on the bed. I woke up around 3:28. I remember I didn't finish my writing on my post yesterday.
I decided to wake early to complete it though I'm still feeling dizzy. I want to sleep again but no time .
Today will be full of activities as well, I pray that God continue to sustain us. After morning worship and breakfast , I'll go pick up something somewhere.
Bye 🙋 but remember I'll like to read from your diary o

#twopercent #affable #nigeria

You woke really early. And you look great too. It will definitely be a long day for you. Thank you for always being consistent here. We hope to read more from you. @chizikky187

Good morning, it good to hear from you this morning. You have already outline your activity today. Please enjoy your day

Good morning beautiful @chizikky187.
You are doing great. Thanks to God who preserved us. Sleep well and wake up soon.

Thank you so much @tmighty, I so much appreciate commenting on my post. I wish you a blissful day.

 2 months ago 

Goodmorning dear, nice reading your report this morning. You have great plans for today. May you be successful in all

 2 months ago 

You've had a tradition of waking up so early to start your day which is good. Your a strong lady. All the best in your activities today.
#twopercent #cameroon

I don't know why you people wake up so early. Anyways that is a good habit. It is good that day is going to be full of activities but don't exhaust yourself.
Thank you.

Thank you so much doctor, I really appreciate your concerns. Though it's not healthy but in my case, it happens coincidentally not habitually
#one percent #nigeria

Nice one carry on dear more grace and more wine, as we expect more post from your @chizikky

Good morning @chizikky187. Nice to see you this morning. "Morning worship & breakfast" that's balance diet, spiritual and physical. Have a great day.

Have a wonderful day

Have a wonderful day dear

 2 months ago 

Abuja, Nigeria.

Good Morning

Good morning from here my great Steemains, it's another day for LID report.

Slept early and woke up to woke through the night. I would be going out to return and lay complains about incomplete product delivery I go yesterday.

Part of my plans for the day is to also get back to my forex trading hopefully.

I would give more reports as the day goes by, do have a fruitful day.

Warm Regards,


#twopercent #nigeria

@iamlynxie. We are happy to see your face once again. Sorry about the disappointing delivery. We hope you will get it sorted out. Do have a nice day and give us more reports.

 2 months ago 

Thank you @steemalive, great day ahead.

Be back with more reports.

#twopercent #nigeria

Good morning, good to know that you are up and ready this morning. You have already planned your movement

 2 months ago 

Yes my day is planned already, thanks for reading through and great day I wish you @eberechi10.

#twopercent #nigeria

 2 months ago 

Good morning my friend @iamlynxie. Nice reading from you again. Sorry about your challenges but don't worry you will eventually succeed. All the best today
#twopercent #cameroon

 2 months ago 

Thank you @tenguhatanga, I wish you a great day today and safe trip if you still hitting the road to Duala today.

Good morning.

#twopercent #nigeria

 2 months ago 

Thank you my dear

 2 months ago 

Hello dear, nice reading your report this morning. Am glad you are doing great. You are trading forex? Wow! Have you learned it well?

Good morning @iamlynxie and glad you are making your report and sorry about the incomplete product they deliver to you try and sort it out and also updates us on how it goes.

 2 months ago 

You looking great this morning with your awards hanging on the wall..LoL, it's a great morning and I know your it's gonna be a great day. Enjoy your day.

Good morning @iamlynxie. Dash me one award ooo 😂😂. I pray you get your delivery today. Abeg teach me forex na, i get interest. Have great day ahead. I'm @frankly356

 2 months ago 

Location : My office, Dewantara, Aceh, Indonesia
Time : 10.53 Western Indonesia Time
Date : 18-11-2020



Starting learning at the office by trying to log into the website, it turns out that you can't access it. The day was cloudy, this morning it rained heavily.


Good morning @muzack1. We are glad to hear from you from Indonesia. You guys are ahead of us in terms of time. Glad you are here in case i want to visit indonesia.

 2 months ago 

Time is different with a difference of about six hours, if you want to visit Indonesia, please let me know which area you want to visit someday. thanks for visiting...

Six hours, mehn that's a huge difference. Thank you @muzack1 for approving the visit in case i want to come around.

 2 months ago 

You are welcome

@muzack1. Heavy rains, it must have cooled the day. Maybe you have a slow internet and couldn't access the website. Have a nice day. We would love to see more reports from you.

 2 months ago 

indeed, visiting the website has been a bit difficult these days, thanks

Sorry about that. Slow internet is always discouraging. And the rains may also slow it down @muzack1

 2 months ago 

yes, thanks you sir

 2 months ago 

Greetings sir, what could be the reason for not being able to login? Could it be network? Is nice reading your report. Hope you are fine?

 2 months ago 

Network problems, lots of reports from my friends who say the same thing that I experienced, thank you for visiting me

Good morning sir @muzack1.
Good to see you up this morning.
And to know that you have made it to work this morning.
Have a nice day sir.

 2 months ago 

Thanks you

 2 months ago 

Location: Mile 3 Nkwen Bamenda, Cameroon

It a wonderful day to celebrate life and a beautiful day God has given us. Good morning to you all. My night was good. I slept early last night before 10:00pm but constantly woke up and stayed awake for about one or two hours. I'm just waking up now and feeling good. It's a busy Wednesday morning here with people preparing for either work, children for school or business people going to their business sites. Today I will be working from home. Any changes will be updated to you all as it unfolds. Have a nice day


#twopercent #cameroon

 2 months ago 

Goodmorning dear. Nice reading your report this morning. Am glad to know that you are sound. Working from home? How is everyone doing? How about @njiatanga? Is been a while

 2 months ago 

Everything is fine here momma. @njiatanga is fine but really occupied at his place of work
#twopercent #cameroon

Good morning @tenguhatanga, sleepy beauty. Cook 'achu', I'm coming to eat.

 2 months ago 

Hahahaaaaaah.. don't worry I will prepare and invite you to eat my friend.
#twopercent #cameroon

Somebody is feeling sleepy already @tenguhatanga.
You have to be up for the family dear.
Have a good day.

 2 months ago 

Yes I was really feeling sleepy and didn't want to wake up from sleep. But I'm awake now
#twopercent #cameroon

 2 months ago (edited)

Hello friends, I am back again with another exciting updates. I am still in my location but the time is 7:57am now.
I have been working on my handkerchief after the laundry to take advantage of the light. They have just taken and I thought I should update. I will get back to work once the light is back. I will also be writing my diary for yesterday.

The weather is sunny

While weaving, I heard a noise of a chain saw, I paused, thinking it was coming from my weaving machine or sewing machine. But it wasn't coming from there. I went outside and discovered that my neighbours were cutting down a palm tree as you can see in the picture below.

My niece is sawing my daughter's clothes she started since. She wants to finish up before going to her training location.

That is me weaving

Our breakfast is ready but no one is ready to eat now.
I will keep updating you from time to time.
#twopercent #nigeria #affable

Hardworking niece just like her aunt @ngoenyi. I dey find wife oooo just in case. The weather is sunny but i can also see rain cloud, it's might rain later in the day. Akwa Ibom is always having showers of blessings on the regular.

Breakfast is ready and no one is ready to eat? I think i need to be your neighbour, i will relocate soon.

 2 months ago 

Haha, funny you. You want to marry audio wife? Hmm. OK oo. Come and be my neighbour na. Am waiting

Hahaha @ngoenyi. Not audio wife ooo. I'm putting up my application in advance.

Your niece already knows how to sow and maybe she can even teach you the sowing aspect since you already know how to weave.

Goodday ma'am

 2 months ago 

Yes, I am on it already but she is still an apprentice

OK ma'am that's beautiful
I know you learn very fast very soon you'll start sowing your own

Abeg, I won learn how to sew ...... Smiles


Location: Awada Onitsha Nigeria
Date: 18/11/2020
Time: 09:10pm


Good evening to you all my follow reporters and Steemian. I am @eberechi10 filing fifth (5) LID reports for today. How was your day hope you had an enjoyable day. It was a stressful day for me, the sun at this end has been unbearable. I Left shop at exactly 8:10pm and get to my house at 9:00pm and took my bath immediately. This is my last report for today, thank you for following my LID for today 18 day of November 2020. Good night, see you again tomorrow.

 2 months ago 

Time: 9:50pm
Location: Douala Cameroon
Hello guys. It's a Pleasing evening here in the city of Douala. I have arrived safely at home. We thank God. At the moment I'm eating roasted fish as my dinner. Wishing you all a blessed night



#twopercent #cameroon

Location: Okpoko Onitsha Nigeria
Date: 18/11/2020
Time: 2:00pm


Good afternoon my follow Steemian, I am @eberechi10 reporting for @steemalive. How are you guys doing this afternoon, it have been a Sunny day out here. I went to market to get some stuffs at the Ndida well Market Okpoko. This is a very busy Market and it a special Market for food stuff


Just took my lunch about some minutes ago, will be back with more reports . Have a great day.

 2 months ago (edited)

Greetings to you all my friends here present, I am back again for my afternoon lid report. The time here now is 1:37pm.
The weather here has been partly sunny and partly gloomy. It just started raining now


I have been busy working on my handkerchief, the light is epileptic. On and off, making me uneasy. Once it comes I will go back to work, if it goes I will continue with steemit.

I am ironing here
Expect more updates soon.

#twopercent #nigeria #affable

Thanks for the update. I would love to know more about your handkerchief business. Take care of yourself.

Time: 10:30pm.
Date: November 18, 2020.
Place: Ore, Ondo State, Nigeria.



Good evening my people. I greet your governments.
As you see I have already made for the bed. It's getting late here already, so it's bedtime already.
Before now I have been on the last episode of the Philippine movie I had been seeing. It has ended today.
Before the movie, I downloaded the food on the image below with my brothers. Don't mind me, we just like swallow in our house. It's our major meal. We can take it morning, afternoon and evening... Lol.


See you guys tomorrow.
Goodnight all!

Isolo Lagos state

It’s been raining for some hours now at Isolo
We have missed rain for a while
Tho it’s affecting my work here but at least the weather is cool so I like it

Still on the Range Rover I’m fixing
Now am under
Fixing the steering neck
If you have a bad steering next
It cause the powering steering pump to overwork and that will cause that pump to break down



One love people
We hoping to have one person from here come around

Hope your evening is going well in your area ?


 2 months ago (edited)

Hello friends, I am back again to give further report.
The rain didn't rain up-to an hour and it stopped. The sun is out again. See image below
I took swallow for lunch

Our car battery was stolen beforbefore the lock down here in March, ever since then we have not cared to replace it. Today, the car is being fixed and a new battery bought. See the brand

I just finished with work on my handkerchief for today. I have been able to complete just one post for today.
I want to do other things but I will bring you updates soon
#twopercent #nigeria #affable

 2 months ago (edited)

Hello dear steemians, welcome to my last report for today. The time her is 6:30pm.
I am just coming back from washing my hair

On my way back I met a little tragic jam at Timber junction

I and the girl that packed my hair at the salon

The road side market by Timber junction along Orun Road

The traffic by the Timber junction

We are about to prepare and take our diner. Do have a pleasant night rest. Until I come your way again, stay safe.
#twopercent #nigeria #affable

Location: Oron Town, Akwa Ibom State.
Date: 18/11/2020
Time: 8:25a.m.

It's great to be alive and see my fellow Steemians.
I slept very late yesterday. I attended series of political meetings yesterday till late at night to strategize for 2023 as my principal is vying for Oron Federal Constituency Election in 2023.

I woke up by 7am, prayed and read my daily devotional - Rhapsody of Realities with a very great message for today titled 'It's a walk of Faith'. I learnt that contrary to what people normally say "seeing is believing", as a Christian "You believe to see".- John 11:40.

After my personal devotion, fortunately NEPA brought light and i quickly rush to iron some clothes that i will put on for Midweek service today in the evening.

After this post, i plan to listen to Apostle Joshua Selman message "The Wealthy Place -1".

Thereafter, i will step out into the street and get things done. I'm positive with great expectations.
Stay safe.


Location : Baramulla j&k, india
Time : 9 : 43 wm
Date: 18-11-2020.

Good morning friends hope we are all fine . I got up at 8 am, after freshening up and having breakfast, I paid visit to one of my friend as he was not feeling well and I know I won't get time later, so did it early. Now I am on way back to home. Weather has starting improving, it is not that cold as it used to be. Last year we had snow fall on 5th November. this year we hope, it will spare us for some time.
Getting ready for duty

Thank you.

Good morning and good to hear from you and knowing that you are doing great

Same to you and thank you.

 2 months ago 

Nice reading your report this morning. Am glad that the weather has improved. How us the person you went to visit doing? Are you not going to work?

He is feeling better.
And i am on work.
Thank you


Location : Singhpora kalan, Baramulla j&k, india
Time : 2 ; 15 pm
Date: 18-11-2020.

Good afternoon. Our government has come up with nice initiatives in which they send teams to hospitals to fix the issues with instruements. in this connection, a team having taken report earlier now came with engeeniers to fix our dental chair and other instruments. This is an appreciable effort by our government

Thank you.

 2 months ago 

Hello doc good afternoon. Nice reading from you today. It's so wonderful to know the government supports the health sector. It's their duty to do so though some neglect this. Have a great day
#twopercent #cameroon

It's their duty to do so

You are right.
As most of the govt's don't do their job properly. So their duties seem privileges.

#onepercent #india #affable

Your government is good, they take good care of the masses in your country. Most government are not like that.

I hope the engineers will get the whole work done today...?

Thanks for sharing your moment.

Have a great day.....!

Thank you. Yes our govt has done something good at least this time.

 2 months ago 

I can see, I happy for that. Please ensure to show them all that they need to fix let them do it together, you never can tell when they will be back again. Smiles. Yes, there are still governments who have human face, they still know how to help their citizens. Thank you for sharing

Our govt too are like others but this step is appreciable.

 2 months ago 

Time: 10:24am
Location: City Chemist roundabout Bamenda

Welcome again once more. At this moment I have achieved almost all my tasks which are cleaning of the house, signing up for work and assigning tasks. I have had breakfast of fishrow and tea. At the moment I am in town at City chemist roundabout precisely Vatican express. I am actually in a bus about yo leave for Douala. See pictures below.

IMG_20201118_101025.jpgVatican express park Bamenda

IMG_20201118_094612.jpg At the Agency

IMG_20201118_092746.jpg City chemist roundabout
#twopercent #cameroon

Date. 18 November 2020
Location. market road Aba
Time. 10am



At our shop this morning. We offloaded 1000 cartons of power oil from the container it is to our warehouse where is supposed to be.

We offloaded it few minutes ago and we are still going to offload another container containing many cartons of Activa vegetable oil.
I pray God give me strength and also to those am going to do it with, lets be filled with strenght so that we will do it with no delay.
Have a nice day.

Festac town Lagos




Good morning good people
Since 9am I have been at festac fixing the above car
It’s not giving me what I want so am taking it to my office now
It’s have gear issue
Leakage and it’s not engaging gear
But not I have by the help of God done it to engage gear but it’s still leaking oil and the front suspension is making noise seriously
I will fix it by Gods grace once I get to the office

The above photo is ago palace way in Lagos and it’s free because it’s afternoon
Have a blessed day people of God
One love
My 2nd LID report



Location...Newjerusalem street aba.
I finished cooking about 3 hours ago...we have all take our breakfast.
Hope you can see the road that's in front of our house, I'm about going out now.
I wish you all a wonderful day.

 2 months ago 

Wow, I am already salivating. That rice is eyes catching. Am on my way to have mine

location : Onitsha Anambra State Nigeria.
Date: 18/11/20
Time: 5:00am

Welcome to LID reporting of Wednesday 18th of November 2020. I am @eberechi10 reporting @steemalive. How are you doing and hope you had a tantalizing night. My night was fascinating. I woke up 4:50am. I have done my morning prayers. The weather have been friendly here. Will be updating as soon as possible. Have a wonderful day.
More reports coming.


#Promo-Steem promoting
#Steem as the social media gold

#Eberechukwu-Steem-Foundation we join to promote
#Steem as a social media gold

 2 months ago 

Goodmorning and nice to read your report this morning. I will be waiting for your updates

 2 months ago 

Location: Mbouda, West Region, Cameroon
Good afternoon everyone. I hope you're all have a great day. As for me I'm still in a bus going to Douala. It's a 6-7hours journey and we have covered just about 2hour 30 minutes of the time. I will be spending the whole day in the bus. We just passed the last police check point now. I pray I arrive safely. Keep on Enjoying your day

Police control area

#twopercent #cameroon

You will certainly arrive safe by God's grace. Thanks for sharing

 2 months ago 

Amen papa

Time: 5:30am
Date: November 17, 2020
Place: Ore, Ondo State, Nigeria.


Grateful to God the Creator of the universe for preserving my life to see today.
Woke at about 5am this morning after waking up a couple of times in the night because my mind was on something I am doing on the internet that I had to woke up an check at intervals.
My night was cool as it has always been because their had been constant supply of electricity.
This is the first thing I am going to be doing before morning devotion with the family as everyone in the family is still in bed. After now, I am still gonna lie in bed for a couple of minutes before the devotion before I go about my chores.
Not going to eat still because of the fast. I hope God answers my prayers soon.
I hope to have a great day as you all would have.

Do enjoy your day and stay out of trouble.
Good morning and have a nice day ahead.

Thank you for this opportunity.
I will surely try to participate in it

#twopercent #nigeria #affable

Location: Abule Egba, Lagos state.
Time: 2:04 PM
Good afternoon my fellow members, this is my lid report for the afternoon session, the weather is very hot everywhere was just boring, the street wasn't busy at all.
I will keep you guys updated

It have been so every where, this is it season

 2 months ago 

Location:Umunkama road,Aba.


Time:6:00 am

Goodmorning friends.Welcome to today's LID report.I woke up around 5:50 am.I had a good night rest.I hope you slept well too???

After saying my prayers this morning,I quickly went outside the gate and took a picture of neighbours burnng some of their old clothes and papers.


I am will heading to the kitchen to wash the dishes soonest.

See you later!!

#onepercent #nigeria #affable



That's me right now in the kitchen cooking jollof rice. We just finished our morning worship.
After cooking I'll show you my jollof rice recipe.
The weather is cool here. Enjoy steeming.
Time... 6:55am
Location... New Jerusalem st Aba.

Location: Lugbe, Abuja
Time: 3:54pm
Date: 18th November, 2020

Hello steemians, good afternoon to you all.


I just returned home from school, I decided to have a little time out with my guys close to my house at there fashion house.


We were discussing about the state of the country's educational sector. How that the government doesn't value education, hence have allowed the ASUU strike to linger. It is very disheartening, and they are not bothered because their children are studying abroad, thereby allowing the children of the poor people to experience academic delay. It's very annoying.

I am very tired and stressed, I will be retiring inside the house in few minutes so I can refresh myself and plan to mark the test script I administered to my students today.

I will be able to give more LID as I become chanced. Thanks for reading through my post.

Location: Okpoko Onitsha Nigeria
Date: 18/11/2020
Time: 4:00pm

Hollow good afternoon follow reporters and Steemian. Welcome to third LID reporting of today, I am your reporter @eberechi10 reporting for @steemalive.
How is your day going, hope you are having a scintillating afternoon out there. Today have been a stressful day, our light went off since yesterday and we are trying to fix right about now.


Very soon I will commence sells for today. I have already gotten everything ready to start in about one hour time.

Stay turned for more reports

Location: Awka, Anambra state.
Date: 18/11/202
Time: 8:37am

Good morning guys, hope we had a wonderful night rest. Because I had a beautiful night rest.
I woke up at about 6: 35 and I went I brush my teeth. Later I found out that the gass in our gass ceilinder has finished, so I rush out to the gass station to refill it. Right now am ready for today's work.

![IMG_20201118_083348_053.jpg](UPLOAD FAILED)

Have a great day guys .

Location: Mbubo street Aba , Abua State
Date: 18/11/2020
Tinme: 6:51 am


I wake up at about 6:12 am because i was sick last night, i took some natural therapies, the therapy left me urinating all through the night i managed to catch ltiile sleep at about 4:20 am so a knock on my door told me its morning so i had to go down stairs to chain hurricane our dog and then back upstairs for morning worship, we just concluded the morning worship so am about continuing the carryover sleep till 9or 10 am before i will go out for the days activity
Thanks for reading my post
See you in dream land

 2 months ago 

@paraclator26. Am so sorry to learn about your sickness. How are you this morning. You have to check if the natural remedy is effective or whether you need to change treatment. Either ways, we want you to stay safe and take good care of yourself.

Thank you very much bro for your concern am getting better and am making plans to meet with a health specialist tomorrow

 2 months ago 

I am sorry to hear about your health limitation and I pray you get better soon enough, I haven't seen your posts for a while and I guess it's because of the health, I look forward to reading from you soon.

Thank you very much for your concern

 2 months ago 


Location: Umunkama Road, Aba, Abia State Nigeria.
Time: 6.57am

Goodmorning friends, how was your night? Am happy to be here again. It would be a full day as usually. @marajah has organized an association that we are going to make a presentation to them. Then, I also have other errands to run, before my Christian meeting later in the day. I will keep you updated with developments within the day. Stay safe and do have a great day ahead.

Good morning sir @focusnow.
I wish you a good time in your presentation. I hope you see more persons to join steemit.

@focuswnow please Where's the presentation taking place? hope it's here in Aba..?
I wish you guys all the best in your seminar today.

Have a great day sir.

Good evening guys
How’s your evening going
Here’s my shout out to everyone that has closed from work and is on his or her way home
We still here and we working tight
Still on the car of the day
The Range Rover
So the next pictures you will be seeing are pictures of me trying to pull of the exhaust from the engine manifold
It had a broken bolt and it was leaking air and as we know that automatically changes the sound of the engine and increases fuel consumption
We want to solve that issue tonight Before going home
Here’s the level we are right now

The above picture shows the broken bolt and the gap between the manifold and the exhaust
So we have to introduce fire to heat up the broken bolt and pull it off



We at GEOJ wheels...
...we drive with you
Location:Isolo Lagos state
My LID Report

Location:Ajah Lagos
My first LID report




Good morning family
Hope you all slept fine ?
So the morning had started and we are stuck in traffic
On my way to festac before going to work though
I need to pick a customers car to fix
I have never experienced such a traffic as this
I hope we all have a great day ahead
I will report soon again
One love people

Location: Okpoko Onitsha Nigeria
Date: 18/11/2020
Time: 7:00pm

Welcome to my fourth LID report of today. Good evening my follow Steemian, I am @eberechi10 reporting LID for SteemAlive community. How was your day, hope you enjoyed a nice day. Today was a good day for me right from morning. I started cooking pepper soup at 4:00pm and finished cooking it by 5:45pm. I will be back with my next report. Enjoy your evening.


 2 months ago 

Hello everyone. Good evening. Guess you all had a wonderful day at your various ends? It's 7:18pm here in the town of Douala. Everywhere is buzzing with activities unlike Bamenda that will be quite by now. Fortunately I juts entered the town and we are almost reaching the park. I'm damn tired now but happy to have reached

IMG_20201118_191551.jpg Still in the bus

#twopercent #cameroon

You must have had a stressful day



That's me in the afternoon trying to go out to pick something inside town.
Like I always say, I don't go out with my phone so no way to snap.
I took the above picture before going out . When I came back , I was in our shop selling foodstuff.
My parents were not around so I had to stay there till now.
I'm just coming back with serious head ache.
I'm even managing to report with half eye. I'm so weak, can't see clear. I wish I'm stronger, I would have written a post but no wahala.
I'll manage to tell you good night before I slept.
Location...New Jerusalem street aba

Festac access road,2nd rainbow,Lagos state


Good evening people
Hope your day went well
Mine was work filled
I am on my way to the hospital
Got a call from my friend about her mum being admitted
I pray she gets well as I go to pray for her as Jesus taught us in his word



Location.... 44 new Jerusalem street Aba Nigeria.
Hi friends... I want to tell you all good night...Let me sleep to get better. I've taken paracetamol already. I wish you all a wonderful night rest byebye.... See yo tomorrow
#onepercent #nigeria

Location: Abule Egba, Lagos state.
Time: 7:26 AM
Date: 18-11-2020

Good morning to you all, my night was really great because the power holding company didn't blink the light throughout the whole night. I woke up feeling good and i am really glad to be making my lid report this morning.
More updates to come.

Date. 18 November 2020
Location. Abia state Nigeria
Time. 7:17am


Is a wonderful morning and also a wonderful day.

I woke up this morning by 6am. When i woke up remembering that i have plates to wash, i carried them out immidiately after we must have finished with our morning prayers.

I washed them thoroughly without no stain in it again. I pray today will be nice, today will be better than yesterday thats what i pray for and i also pray for that to you all in this great community.
Have a nice day.

Surulere,Lagos state

Hello good people
I’m reporting live from ojuelegba,surulere axis
I just left the hospital where I went to see my friends mum,I’m so happy because God has healed her

There’s lot of traffic here but I just have to manage it till I can get out
I’m so hungry
Really can’t wait to get home and eat my first food of the day

All my beloved people that cooked and posted it
Please can you do waybill of the food to me
I really need to eat
Thank you

Hope to report once more when I get home
Atleast to thank you all for staying with me through the day

You are too much, keep it up.

Ajah Lagos state

Good night people
I am home now and I have eaten
I will be going to bed now
It was really a great day
Working and getting to be with you guys here is so amazing
Hope to do it again tomorrow

Good afternoon
We just ended our Advanced Food Chemistry practical class with Mr John our technologist.

Everyone has gone home so I stayed back to charge my phone in the lab before going home. I've been having flat battery since morning it's very important I charge my phone.

selfie of me in the lab after the class


this our food processing lab


When my phone gets a good battery percentage I will start going home.

Bye for now.

Date: 18/11/2020
Time: 1:26pm
Location : ///ideals.flamingo.ballpoint