Why I would make a good Steem Country Representative for Nigeria Country || Application by @talktofaith

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Hello @steemitblog, i am delighted to apply for the position of a Country Representative for Nigeria, in response to your call for Country Representatives on steemit.

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I am Faith Okoro with username @talktofaith, i am from Nigeria and i am applying for Nigerian country representative. Seeing the increasing number of active steemians and newbies on daily basis, the steemit team had called for more country representatives and i deem it fit to apply.

I joined steemit in July 2020 through @steemalive community and my experiences so far on steemit had been so amazing. Though it is not all about how long, but how one had benefited as well as contributed to the growth of the system that matters.

I am currently one of the @steemalive City Co-ordinators. I co-ordinate Lagos City Steemians, which means that i automatically mentor our Lagos steemalive steemians. Since i joined steemit, i had recruited more than 20 steemians and my mentorship program had produced 2 other city co-ordinators in the likes of @ceendy20(Owerri City Co-ordinator) and @davchi(Umuahia City Co-ordinator), as well as so many strong steemians.

As a city co-ordinator, i have the responsibility of taking steemit to the grassroot of my locality. I run daily adverts on my social media handles to attract newbies, i also engage in offline adverts of steemit, where i introduce steemit to virtually everyone that cares to listen. I also have have a whatsapp mentorship group where i give daily updates and mentorship to everyone under my mentorship list. Currently, i have about 52 persons aside the admins on my whatsapp mentorship group, as seen in the below screenshot.

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As a city co-ordinator i had been working hard with measures under my reach to see that steemit in my city gets advanced on daily basis. I have lots of layed down plans which i have started taking steps to achieve them. Some of the plans are radio station publication to reach a wider range of audience in my city, as well as sponsored adverts. I am currently planning a meetup of old and prospective steemians, which i know is going to be a huge success.

Recently i organised a little meetup with some steemians and it was a beautiful one. During the course of the meetup i was able to take care of some confusing questions and challanges that some of my recruits were having as regards to steemit.

The below picture is that of our recent meetup so far.

WhatsApp Image 2021-04-21 at 1.59.51 AM.jpeg

In the above picture, we have @ammyy, @otydave, @analee, @chrisbrood, @anyenaya1, @ritachinwe, @harrygwec, @nekkypreal, @talkofaith and the rests are prospects that wants to join steemit.

The above listed and more are my duties to my community @steemalive.


Basically, some of the jobs of a country representative, i am doing them already as a city co-ordinator, and i believe that assuming the position fully and carrying out all the responsibilities will be an added advantage to my community, country and steemit as well. This is because i am going to work to the best of my ability with the corporation of other country representatives in my country to see that steemit gets to the grasroot of our country and as well do all i could to retain and support the newbies i recruit via mentorship and support with the delegation i will receive as a country representative.

Thank you for visiting my application post.

@steemitblog here is my application entry post.

Best regards

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cc: @davchi
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I strongly believe that you are the best one for the position.
Go on.
I'm strongly behind you.

 24 days ago 

@chucksmoses, thank you for your support.
Best regards

Thank you very much ma

I'm so grateful

 24 days ago 

Yes I strongly believe that you can represent us well if this post is offered to you, with all your technical know-how you can take us to the promise land without fear. Nice entry ma @talktofaith

 24 days ago 

@davchi, thank you for your support.

Yes I know you can represent us very well.
You are strong, brilliant and vibrant young lady, I believe you will deliver well in this position.

 24 days ago 

@isiben, thanks ma for the support.
Best regards

I believe you will do well and better as a country representative. So far am proud of what you have been able to accomplish and you have my full support.

 24 days ago 

Thank you ma @ruthjoe for your support.
Best regards

I know you will do extremely well as a country representative. You put in so much effort to see that steemit grows with the number of persons you recruit every single week. You have my support.

 24 days ago 

@ceendy20, Thank you ma for the support.

Okay, those are good points.

 24 days ago 

@maxwellmarcusart, thanks dear.

Ma I believe you will do a great job for us..if this post is considered. You are hard-working, intelligent and honest so this position is for you ma

 24 days ago 

@ammyy, thanks dear for the support.

This is really amazing ma and trust me the position is already yours,you have my full support and congrats in advance

 24 days ago 

@ladyofpolicy, thanks dear for the support.

You're convincing enough for the job. Go get it!

 24 days ago 

@kanuprecious, thanks for your support.

I am rest assured you will do well. you are really up to the task. you put all effort to accomplish the good of every one.... i believe i. you ma'am.

 24 days ago 

@analee thanks dear for the support.
Best regards

I believe in you ma'am. I know you will do so well. You are strong and intelligent. You have my support.

 24 days ago 

@ritachinwe, thanks dear for the support.
Best regards

I believe you'll do a great work as a representative because you're very hardworking ma'am.

 24 days ago 

@otydave, thanks dear for the support.
Best regards

Wow....the post suits you,and i am fully in support.

 24 days ago 

@alphamen, thanks for the support.
Best regards

I know you have what it takes to become a country representative @talkofaith, the drive, your response to issues, many other things which I have confirmed. I hope you get it because you will perform.

 24 days ago 

@cryptocheta, thank you sir for the support.
Best regards

You have been working hard for the growth of steemit, you will equally do great if given this position.

 24 days ago 

@afunkycares, thank you.

I strongly affirm whatever you say 💯 @talktofaith. Yo udeserve it and more honestly . Your daring strength and energy to recruit then mentor people is just awesome. I affirm the position for you 💯.

Best Regards

 24 days ago 

@kadosh2340, yeah I derive joy in doing all that and I am glad that you are a product of my Mentorship and you are now a mentor now .

I trust your capacity ma,you can do it

Goodluck to you dear.

 24 days ago 

Thanks a lot.

 24 days ago 

@chrisbrood, thanks dear.

With the proves you have shown, I believe you can represent Nigeria well. Good luck.

 24 days ago 

@wealthmary, thank you so much for your support.

Good luck! We need help in steem greeters team for newcomers from Nigeria as well as our current greeters from Nigeria seems cannot handle them as they are too many now..

 24 days ago 

@cryptokannon, alright I believe I can be of help in the system.
Thanks for visiting my application post entry.
Best regards

Best of luck @talktofaith
We need good true leaders like you

With your mentorship I believe steemit platform will be well known in Nigeria

I support you
And I hope @steemitblog will grant you the chance to rep them here in Nigeria firmly

Best regards boss lady
Much love
@gracellagift support your every motion


 24 days ago 

@gracellagift, thank you dear for the support.
It's been a while and I had missed you.
Best regards

I have been sick 😱

I have no doubt that you will represent us well. Your hard work says it all. Congratulations in advance ma'am

 24 days ago 

@graciee20, thank you ma'am for the support.

I know you can handle the post of a country rep. With your cordinations and skills of leadership I am very sure u deserve this post, Good luck @talktofaith

 24 days ago 

@aaron1990, thank you dear for the support.

This is amazing @talktofaith being a country would be very amazing ma, because you never give up on young steemians like me and I'd really love for you to be our country representative.

 24 days ago 

@thevinemax, thanks dear for the support. I am waiting for you to round off your exams so we continue from where we stopped.

 23 days ago 

Hello @talktofaith, Nigeria is a large city with it's diversity in languages and ethnic groups. We surely will need more country representatives. With the massive recruitment you are doing and the cordinating work, I believe you can handle the post of Nigerian representative. I support you and wish you well.

 23 days ago 

Thank you ma @ngoenyi for the support.f

 22 days ago 

@talktofaith. We value your work and sacrifices as Lagos City Coordinator. Steemit is growing raapidly in your city. We realize that being a country rep will give you the platform to achieve more. I and the entire SteemAlive Community endorse you in this application and wish you all the best as you do more for Steemit and SteemAlive.

 22 days ago 

@focusnow thank you sir for the support.

I love this @talktofaith
You have my full support
The position is yours already

 22 days ago 

@ruggedangel, thank for the support.

Yeah... I believe @talktofaith is ripe for the job. Her motivation and ginger in the City she coordinate alone has made many persons joined steemit and stayed active.

I was recruited by her also. I believe she is the reason I joined steemit and still a steemian.

She will surely do better if she becomes a country representative.

 22 days ago 

@tmighty, thanks for the support.

@talktofaith I sincerely believe you have what it takes to be a country representative. You have the experience as well as the expertise. I pray that you succeed in getting the position as country representative. Cheers!

 22 days ago 

Thanks @theopportunist for the support.
Best regards

On my own I will say you are the best candidate for this position,
you have been an amazing city coordinator.

You are well mannered, you have listening ears so understanding.

I believe you represent us well.
Best luck I wish you.
Hope you get elected 🙏

 22 days ago 

@pricelesspresh, that k you so much for the support.
Best regards

You are always welcome. 😘

@talktofaith has been diligent in steemit. I admire her humility in attending to questions and complaints. I think you would do a good job if given the opportunity.