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RE: LID reporting for today Saturday 17/4/2021 (Powered up 100%) Spotlight:: Smoked beef (Suya) seller

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First lid Report
17th April 2021
Immaculate, Aba.

Good morning friends.
I woke up at about 6am.
Said my morning prayers and did a little workout. After reporting this lid, I will go ahead to start preparing for work.
Today, I plan to deliver a set of jobs to Abuja.
I had informed a generator mechanic to come and service my generator.
That's my plans for the day, but if any other thing comes up, I will fill also let you know.
Do have a great day ahead.

Morning selfie


It's okay as you've already planned your day,,,
It will aid in quick actualization of the set plans.@uzoma24
Have a nice day ahead

Thanks dear.
Same to you @presh-omah

Goodmorning,hope u prayed for me as well

@rebecca I prayed for all my loved ones and you surely are one. Good morning.

I hope you have a great day sir

Thank you @abdoul-aziz. I wish you all the best out there.

Good morning dearest @uzoma24,I can see you're still on bed abi,and now you and i woke up at the same time,its well oooo,ova naw make sure you have a nice day and achieve your set goals for today,much love.

Am out to work now.
Thanks dear @ladyofpolicy. May your day be great

Greetings my dear....!
Thanks for letting us know your plans for the day.
Reporters are photographers hope you know that?

I will be expecting enough capture from you today.

Keep steeming,!
Best regards from this ends

Nice post, I hope the mechanic is a good one not the person that will not spoiled your generator.