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RE: LID reporting for today Saturday 17/4/2021 (Powered up 100%) Spotlight:: Smoked beef (Suya) seller

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First LID report
Time: 10:52am
Location: ABA


Good morning guys, how are we all doing today . I hope very well? I'm also fine here. My night was alittle short. Slept late and woke up early, anyway I know I will make it up since we're already in weekend.

I've already made my ginger tea, and normal beverage tea for others to break there fast with. I'm already in the kitchen, trying to make breakfast for the house. Preparing Yam porridge for the morning, maybe will do something different for lunch.

I may likely go out later in the afternoon to pick up some stuffs for baby. And maybe, that would be my only schedule for the day.

Nice day guys and do have a wonderful day ahead.


Good day sir
Trust your day went well? You really had a wonderful meal for breakfast
I see you love ginger tea. I will try that oneday

Yes, my day did go down well. The benefits of ginger are much , hence the need to always have a feel of it. Thanks for checking on me.