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RE: LID reporting for today Saturday 17/4/2021 (Powered up 100%) Spotlight:: Smoked beef (Suya) seller

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2nd LID report
Good evening everyone, I hope we are doing well? I briefly went out to see a family doctor who asked me to come around. After there, I headed straight to Wesley Cathedral, Methodist Church Of Nigeria Aba archdiocese where we are having our YoungMen week competition. All over the the country, tomorrow being Sunday marks Youngmen's day which hosted a lot of Activities during the week.

You can see the different colours in view showing the different local churches who came to the head church at Park road for the competition. Mine was putting up a back polo, we can also see other polo color combinations too.
But it was unfortunate, I did not participate in any of the activities like singing competition, matchpass, bible quiz, sack race etc. Hopeful to join next year's event fully.






Thank you guys for reading through.


Good evening bro, I can see different colours everywhere and its very beautiful ,dont worry yourself that yiu didnt participate in anything,next year you shall do exploit.

Thank you friend @ladyofpolicy for showing up again with your encouraging words. How was your day? Hope it was well spent?

Yea sir,my day was super fantastic dear