Some Binge, Some Loots, and Some Queries

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To upgrade Daria to level 5, or to not to yet? I have the resources, but had been planning on focusing on trading and/or powering up for some time since just a few weeks ago, I'd already gone on a few Monster shopping sprees. Decisions, decisions.

With so much chaos happening both online and offline, there's not much to do other than splinterlands, browsing through my steem and hive feeds, and some well deserved catching up on tv shows.

Actually, I'm glad I was so behind on most of my tv shows since that has allowed for some heavy binging, while also putting in some battles and extracting some DECs out most times. Multi tasking at it's finest just.

And speaking of DECs, at one point on Tuesday, I saw an opportunity to buy a level 1 Selenia Sky for just 17$, and surprisingly, I had more than enough crystals to make the purchase. Sadly though, I spent too much time weighing whether or not to pull the trigger and, boom!

By the time I checked the next morning it was already gone and the next best price was 26$ which is out of my budget, doable but would be over splurging. Oh well, lesson learned, maybe next time.

Loot Chests:

Like I have said in one of my last spt posts, I don't really like the new reward model. Sure, I understand it's mostly to reduce the inflation of the cards but, receiving so few cards(sometimes just one or two), along with plenty more crystals or potions, is kind of demoralizing.

In my opinion the model should be tweaked not even by a lot, just enough to make sure the ratio of cards in rewards is a bit higher.

Anyways, onto some of the most interesting rewards I received lately.






Anywho, that's it as far as splinterlands is concerned for today.

On an unrelated topic, let's go back to tv shows. If you got some series or anime to recommend shoot your shoot, I have a feeling this confinement will last quite some time so, almost any genre will do.

Also, does anyone if there's alternative for on hive? It is one of my favorite tools on steem and I sure hope there's one here too.

Originally posted on my hive account.


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