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RE: Suggestions For Splinterland Leagues (Tournament Suggestions As Well)

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Personally, I HATE tournaments here. A: the bot armies, B: the whales who run a dozen+ accounts and mass-populate each tourney, C: the oddest of schedules and time blocks for each one.... w.. t...h??? Sure someone on the globe is awake at that freakishly odd hour for that... but not me! haha And then D: watching the Champions absolutely shred everything in the Novice league.

Ever raise fish? Ya... big fish EAT the littler ones. WHY!!!!!??? Why would you deliberately put the small players in the same pool as the big ones and think they had even the slightest of chances? Horribly macabre amusement???

I like your idea of choosing a league to pursue. But take it one step further. Lock tournaments to specific card levels: Bronze uses level 1 cards. Everyone in Bronze is locked to that level cap. Regardless of weather your gold foil Julian is capped out at max. Silver is level 2-3, Gold 4-5, Diamond and champ etc, etc....

If you don't meet the minimum card level, you can not play or pursue that league. Want to get into the next league? Level up your cards and jump in! But if you want to pursue a lower league, you do so knowing your cards are going to be capped at the appropriate league bracket.


I dislike many of the things you listed as well ..... those trying to get every penny they can might be costing themselves dollars down the road. A game needs new players to survive, new players don't want to get stomped by pro players constantly.

I don't like locking tournaments to card levels as I veiw tournaments (Novice to Champion) as different levels of the game. If someone attains Champion level cards then to me they unlocked the full game and should get to play the full game in all its variants from Novice to Champion. I do think something needs to be done to offer tournaments that are for Newbies and Newbies only.

I dislike bots just as much as anyone else. For me, Splinterlands without bots and without multi-accounts is the way to go.

Thanks for the well thoughtout comment.

One of the biggest things that keeps me playing, is the amount of updates that the game keeps getting. Sure, not all of them are super popular, but the devs are at least doing something! I imagine sooner or later they might even convince me to get into tournaments.... somehow. Until then, ... it's about a half hour to season end... and one of my family members managed to reach Gold2 on their account.. Curious to see what they get in their goody bag tonight. I only managed to hit Silver 1 just last night after 2 weeks of slogging it out with the masses. lol

The devs certainly work hard, as you noted that is evident by the amount of updates they put out. Good luck to you and your family member with hitting some nice cards in your season end rewards.


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