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RE: Suggestions For Splinterland Leagues (Tournament Suggestions As Well)

in SteemLeo2 years ago

One of the biggest things that keeps me playing, is the amount of updates that the game keeps getting. Sure, not all of them are super popular, but the devs are at least doing something! I imagine sooner or later they might even convince me to get into tournaments.... somehow. Until then, ... it's about a half hour to season end... and one of my family members managed to reach Gold2 on their account.. Curious to see what they get in their goody bag tonight. I only managed to hit Silver 1 just last night after 2 weeks of slogging it out with the masses. lol


The devs certainly work hard, as you noted that is evident by the amount of updates they put out. Good luck to you and your family member with hitting some nice cards in your season end rewards.


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