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RE: Revitalizing the Image of Steem - Steemit Communities Have Arrived | Steemleo Show #13

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I'm so glad to see Communities become reality!

This seems like it will become a great gateway to bringing the Steem ecosystem to a broader audience. It just makes more sense for people to bring our community (as a whole) to niche-specific friends who'd be interested in participating for the community/content rather than just the previous — and not that successful — approach of "create content for money."

These are exciting times!


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Very exciting times! I totally agree with you in hoping for a change in mindset from people looking to blog on Steem to get rich to people looking to create content they love on Steem for their community and for engagement. Money should always be secondary to happiness and creativity. Communities are a nice step in that direction

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I agree that this is exciting and it will give us a chance to see right away the power of Justin Sun’s social media skills!
I am looking for information on how communities work and this post answered many of my questions. Thanks for shedding a lot of light on the darkness here.

It will be so cool to see where we go from here.

Anytime! Always glad to shed some light :)

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