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RE: Witness Voting & Proxy Update From Steemleo | We Will Not Support Any Witnesses Who Take Justin's Bribe

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I am fully voted for our consensus witnesses... after reading this, I am done with Blockbrothers; how disappointing! Never a big fan of Steemhunt... too spammy for my tastes, so never had an interest in supporting their witness.

At the moment, I am just concerned about the consistently heavier volume of Steem trades on Bittrex... I'd like to think it's just because Huobi and Binance have their Steem gateways closed, but I'm worried that it means someone (aka Justin) is accumulating Steem to make another run at controlling the witnesses.


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I've seen some large xfers that are Justin-related accounts. He's definitely buying a few million Steem and powering up. The question is how long he is willing to dump more money into STEEM. Hopefully steemians are keeping pace and continuing to buy as well

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