Precious Metals - One of Many Odd Things I Collect

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What is a precious metal?

According to Scottsdale Bullion and Coin:

Precious metals are naturally occurring metals that are relatively rare and more difficult to find than other types of metals. The rarity of precious metals has traditionally given them high economic value throughout history.

This definition primarily applies to platinum, silver and gold.

As the site also mentions, these three metals are utilized for jewelry, art and investment. Additionally, each metal has practical applications. Platinum is often used in aeronautics thanks to it's resistance and non-corrosive properties. Gold can be found in cell phones and personal computers. It is used in dentistry and some cancer treatments. It is even included in window glass to help cool large buildings. Silver is also used in dentistry, electronics and medicine. It is highly conductive (silver melts ice at the touch) and has antimicrobial properties.

This is all great, but why collect them?

Good question! A practical person might say: investing in precious metals is a way to diversify your portfolio. These metals have retained their value over generations. If you are able to buy now at historically low prices, you are guaranteed a profit in the future. (PS - I am NOT a financial advisor.) Having precious metals also serves as a back up if there is instability in financial markets or the banking system.

But this is all VERY boring.




I like them because they are PRETTY!

In my case, this particularly applies to platinum and silver (the gold is just too yellow for me). Now platinum is CRAZY expensive, but silver is soooo affordable. Today (1/25/2020) silver is selling for just $18.20 per ounce. This makes getting into the silver market very easy for most individuals.

There are lots of different ways to collect silver. One is jewelry. Most silver jewelry is .925 pure. Other alloys are mixed in to keep the pieces more durable. You could also collect flatware or antiques. However, my preferred method of collecting silver is via the purchase of silver coins, bars and rounds.

Collecting silver this way is great for several reasons:

  1. Pieces generally come in standardized weights. Common sizes include 1oz, 1.5oz, 2oz, 5oz, 10oz and 1kg
  2. The coins have both a silver weight value (known as spot price) and an assigned currency value. For example a one ounce coin might have a $5 face value, but the silver used to make the coin might have a spot value of $15.23 or more.
  3. Coins, bars and rounds have a collectable value. Some coins have designs by well known artists. Others are minted in small numbers. Some are quite old (perhaps even ancient). This provides added value to each piece. At times you get lucky and find a high value collectable coin, bar or round being sold for a low spot price.
  4. It is possible to find silver in this form that caters to almost any interest. Do you like Star Wars? Well get a Star Wars coin. Are you a history buff? Well find a Titanic silver round or a piece highlighting the heraldry of England's royal family. Are you religious? There are bars with quotes from scripture. If you can imagine a thing, it has likely been immortalized on a piece of silver.

If it is so pretty, how about some pictures?


From skulls to snowflakes, pandas to cannabis... all the bases are covered.


Perhaps you are a fan of the holidays?


This entire series is devoted to Australia's koalas.


Before watching Marvel's End Game, check out some Marvel silver.

Thanks for reading! If you are new to precious metals, I hope you have a greater appreciation of their value and collectability!


All images are my own. Post originally shared on the now defunct April 3, 2019. On that date silver spot price was just $15.23! In less than a year the profit on silver was $3/oz!

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I almost fainted of joy! You should have warned me, at the beginning of the article, that a massive dose of silverporn was coming. I am an old man and my heart is not used to such an amount of emotions...

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I know you love the precious metals posts. I am glad you survived the silver onslaught. 😊

Oh my, what a nice collection of Silver!!👍😊
Get your cheep Silver now, before the big boys decide to let the market run!!!
No counter party risk, money for thousands of years.... and Silver just grabs me Lol!!!😇😊
I’m in... ....and let’s not forget Palladium ....Did you see the price!!!😳🤗

I don’t know much about palladium? Is it super expensive? Should I make a super suit out of it and go become a crime fighting vigilante?

If you make that suit with $2,174.00 per Oz Palladium I will take one too LOL!!😀

Hehehe... this is silver porn alright!!! Way to go, stacking sis @dfinney! A Beautiful show of silver, plus an informative background on precious metals! A topic that is never boring to me and to those who understand what true value is... true value that goes beyond the beauty of the coin, round or bar.
Have an awesome Saturday, my sweet sis @dfinney. Take care 🥰🌺🤙 and a ton of hugs 🤗 🤗!

It is my one post about the “value” of silver. After this it is all back to sharing over priced pretty stuff. 😉

That's a good deal of collectible silver, I can see the Australian coming out...I like the Koalas, some reason I have yet to get any of them!! Great introduction to precious metal collecting for beginners, nicely written. Hugz xox

Thanks @ladybug146! I do have a fondness for Perth Mint everything.


Already added the 2020 koala to the stack! 🐨


Mmmmm pretty. 😉

See I am so not a stacker. 🤣😂

Lots of shiny. I really like the skull.

✨ 🌟 ✨

I like the skull too! It is silver but the yellow bits are gold! 😍

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That holiday train is pretty sweet! Great collection👏

I love some Christmas silver. 😍

What a collection you have!!!
Indians do like their gold...though it is not my favourite and I prefer platinum and silver
But Mum always insisted on gold for its second hand value... nevertheless I managed to convince her I was going with platinum for my wedding ring as I will not be selling it off anytime soon :D

Nice! I wanted a platinum wedding ring, but we went with the more affordable white gold. For the best! My fingers are chubbier now than they were in 2002 and I hear platinum is hard to resize! 😄


Which was my Mum's argument
It has no value hahaha
Maybe can wear it as a pendant :D

Nice stack Dfin!

And to think I joined steemit with ZERO stack!!! 🤣😂

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