Sexy Toning

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Yesterday, I was fortunate to visit my local coin shop. I was even more fortunate to come home with FIVE new ounces of unique silver round goodness. For those of you who are interested, here is ounce one.


Wyoming Is, What America Was

Ah Wyoming. A place where the west is still wild and the Tetons soar to heights over 13,000 feet. The state is the 10th largest in the country by geographic area, but has the smallest population. Here some of the state’s iconic imagery is forever preserved on a 1oz, .999 silver round. 😍

Aged... Sexy... Toned...

If there is one thing silver stackers love, it is a piece of silver that shows its history. The grit and rainbow colored oxidation shows a coin, round or bar had been around. People like to think of the hands that have touched a piece in its lifetime, and so many stackers see value in the toning....


But... shiney is nice too.





Hot water


A little bit of soap

This needs something more...



Oooo! What is this?


Smells like lifesavers.


Slide it in... slowly...


Oof! Now it smells like sulfur.

TADA! 🎉🎊



Before and After!




Remember, always do what makes YOUR heart happy! 😄

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Oh WOW!!!! Great instructional, sis @dfinney! Thanks for sharing your experience!
Take care 🥰🤙🌺

🤣😂🤣 I thought people were going to be more traumatized by the cleaning! Instead people seem to be secretly into it. I was really waiting for the comments of “HOW COULD YOU DO THAT?!!!”



Well... "Remember, always do what makes YOUR heart happy! 😄". Your silver, your possession, and you can do whatever you want with it, including sending it to me as a gift, hehehe.... I know you have my address, right? That must be a series of 50! Thanks for this first look... something to hunt for should I find myself in an LCS. Have a lovely week, sis and take care 🥰🌺🤙

Maybe this should be Re-titled as "Sexy Untoning"


Good point. 🤔

As I love the "shinyness", I love what you did to that round!

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😍 Thanks @ronaldoavelino! I suspected you would be one who leans more towards shiny vs tarnished. 😊

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Wow, what a detailed coin! That one is worth double the silver value at least! !trdo

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I wish that were the case! But I suppose all I need is one person willing to pay that price. 😁

I much prefer the clean shiny sexy one :P

Me too. 😄

Oh I like it

Corn diggity dog! Son nice to see you on steemit and not just on discord! 🎉

Holy.. Wow.. That really was a HUGE difference.
What a wonderful coin and sooo shiny 😍absolutly love the details on it as well.
Awsome find sweet @dfinney 😉👍
Thank you for sharing and inspire. Much love 🌹🙏💖

As I was washing the round a lot of the brown seemed to be dirt. A clea piece of silver is definitely better than a dirty one! 🛀

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I like all things western and this one fits the bill! Awesome find, and I have to say it's much more striking shiny than toned. I like some toned rounds, but this one pops shiny . Awesome😎👍😁

Fully agree. Plus sometimes toning seems kind of germy. 😂🤣 Too many dirty hands touching those coins. They need a good wash. 😄

Especially when you can see a fingerprint!!🙀

I like it @dfinny, but don’t tell Lol!!👍🤗
It is a bullion round ... no foul...
A little dip will do you!!!😊
I must confess I have that same jar!😇

From this post I am starting to think a lot of ssg are secret silver dippers. 😄

Secret Silver Dippers......I like the sound of that!!😇🤗

I almost died then I realized you were not Cleaning a Coin but just a Silver Round......

Cleaning a coin you say? Lemme see... I have a couple that could use a thorough scrub.


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