The Waiting Game

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Hi friends. Just a little update to this post I shared about my mom.


Hubs, me, mom and dad.

We are still very much in wait mode.

Some good news:

  • Mom had a CT scan of her entire torso. Whatever is happening in her pancreas shows no signs of having spread into other places.
  • Tomorrow she has one last check with her primary care provider. This is to check her blood pressure (again). It has been high, and the doctors want to lower it before surgery. If her blood pressure is good this visit, the doctor will sign off on mom’s procedure.

The meh news:

  • It looks like mom’s Whipple is still scheduled for February 25. The waiting is stressful. I wish her surgery was happening sooner, but due to some continued miscommunication the wait continues.
  • I am having real problems concentrating and participating in life. That will pass I know, but January and now February has been a lot of forgetfulness, sleepless nights, and falling asleep on the couch in the middle of TV shows I am only half watching. I am definitely still on steemit... but I am lurking way more than participating. Thanks for writing stuff I am still reading even if my commenting has really dropped off.

More crap news

  • On Monday I found out my aunt also has two growths in her pancreas. 😑 She is my dad’s sister. Oddly just three days older than my mom. I don’t know much yet about next steps with my aunt. She has been battling different types of cancer off and on for too long. There aren’t words to describe how I feel about this coupled with my mom’s situation.


Me and my aunt on Christmas.

Lucky for me, I have good friends nearby who continue to check up on me, and the hubs is doing his part as well. My work and co-workers are also super supportive. When the surgery happens I am going to take some kind of extended leave. So, I have spent a decent part of today filling out paperwork for this.

If you are part of Steem Silver Gold and have been missing the weekly @myprecious membership post... (Wait! No one is missing that! 😂) it is on hiatus. I will make a post if there are new members, but while things are quiet the weekly update is going dark for the moment.

Thank you for understanding. 🤗

❤️ ~dfinney

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Our prayers will continue for you, your Mom and the family...
SSG will be here, take care of yourself and your Mom.💕

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🤗 thank you @silvertop

My thoughts are with your family, plus hopes for successful surgery and a quick, and effective, convalescence. :)

Thanks so much @galenkp. 💛

Stay strong @dfinney and take care of yourself! We'll be thinking of you and your family!

Thanks @plaid. 💜

Sending love and positive vibes

Thanks Dave. 💙

I continue to pray for your Mom and your entire family. Please know that you are accompanied by my prayers and good thoughts., and with the hope that all will turn out well.
Take care, my sweetest sister, 🥰🌺🤙and thank you for the update. Please continue to Keep us posted.😘😍

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Thanks so much @silversaver888. We are still just waiting. 11 days til surgery now.

Ao sorry to hear you are in a tough patch
Sending you hugs and positive vibes

Also, I love both your smiles ❤️

Thank you for the hugs, positive vibes & compliment. 🤗 😊

We will be here when life calms down. Right now mom is the priority no doubt, and now your aunt as well. When the shit hits the fan it comes in bunches. The saying is that god only gives you what you can handle.
My dad is a three time cancer survivor, ive been tbrough tons with him. Hes still here so im lucky

Three times! That is awesome and stressful. I feel like cancer just doesn’t let up. Like once the cancer door opens it is always hiding ready to come back whenever. We won’t even know mom’s diagnosis til surgery and I feel like my mind is constantly turning towards worst case scenarios. It sucks.

Yep, three times. He's been in total remission since 2005. Its hard, my daughter was 6 months old when he was first diagnosed. It was rough but you gotta ve strong. Hopefully whrn they go in tgey can handle it.

A typical Scheduled surgery date are often tentative in Canada, sometimes its moved up earlier or later based a constantly changing priority situation with others sharing the same resources. I hope and pray it can be earlier @dfinney

Thank you. Alas, it looks like the 25th is locked in. Ugh. The stress goes away for a little bit when I am distracted... the comes back in big waves.

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Keeping your Mom and Aunt in my prayers and sending positive energy there way

Thank you.

most welcome
have a great day