SYNERGY FUND continues to SYNERGIZE - @radaquest moves forward with closed beta testing first mini-game

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Our INCOME synergy Fund is purely for entertainment. We run the Fund transparently, without guarantees. Do your own research, put your money where your own mouth is, and join in our growing INCOME synergy FUND community if you would like!


@radaquest has opened up closed beta testing to founding members with over 1000 TARUK. Since the fund has 5000 TARUK staked, I am thinking Marcos would allow us to select a Fund Member or Two to help with the beta testing if any were so interested.

Leave me a comment below if you would be interested in keychain beta testing the radaquest GEMAS mini-game

Its not ready for release quite yet, but the ability to play a bejeweled like game to compete for a token prize pool, I believe will be very exciting. BATTLE token and DEC will be accepted tokens to buy credits upon launch. Will the new sink for these tokens change anything? Likely so, perhaps especially for the BATTLE token.

We believe heavily in synergy, and also in active development. When multiple active projects start synergizing together, good things are bound to happen!

Watch for renewed interest in staking TARUK token, with the upcoming release of the first mini-game, recent dividends and a clear path forged to the next batch of TARUK on the market:

This is not advice, this is history. Use your own head.

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I would really love to test the game out and I only got 210 staked TARUK.

I have even tried out the beta version of just the pure game aswell, but I would also love to do the Beta Testing.

Continue staking. I have 180 Taruk so i making posts to invest in Rada haha <3

Great info, thanks! :3

All the best. With this development and similar, I see steem going mainstream. I hope to be notified to try out the beta testing.

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Thanks for your interest!

Keep an eye here, the public beta should not be long to wait!

Thank you. Goodluck in your devs.

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Here we continue to support the project with great enthusiasm @ecoinstats

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Each CATS you purchase gets you daily upvotes from me @CatScientist as our community grows so do your rewards for being a member!


You have been supported by members of the SBI community that follow this new plan of action.

Thanks for being a part of this awesome community. Keep on doing what you are doing!

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