The FUTURE of SYNERGY FUND, as we see it

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The history of the Fund is all in our head, and logged within the blocks of STEEM as @ecoinstats (and some on @ecoinstant and @thecrazygm's blog). A way to support multiple projects multiplicatively....

Above I have shared an example from nature. This spiny tree has formed a very safe space for this bird's nest. The three trunks together form a hidden space to live! This is synergy.

Our Synergy Fund identifies project that we can strategically ally with. And as more and more of high quality crypto projects are trying to use blockchain to improve their physical lives, economies, and industries on the ground, the Fund is starting to see some very 'Real Life' potential.


JAHM Stake and Stay

Our Synergy Fund will continue to power up JAHM until we can earn JSNS tokens. And then, we will continue. These JSNS tokens are redeemable for tourism in Negril, Jamaica for now. Working with the JAHM team we are eager to help them expand this around the Caribbean.

Would this make our Fund a time-share? Not really, because no amount of our INCOME tokens will guarantee you a stay in Jamaica. But it reveals a whole new world, A REAL WORLD, of potential synergy for our Fund.

Our own nature work should culminate in a video of our new contour either today or tomorrow. @ecoinstant will continue to prioritize updating the Fund account @ecoinstats.

I hope you enjoy our thoughts, it is a time of change, and we are also remodelling, so we will just try to update each day without repeating things other people have said too much. Thank you for your Courage!

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