Witness Struggle and FUD flight.

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We have two memebers of the fund that have sold their INCOME, one has confirmed that this is part of a full powerdown of all STEEM related assets. This is definitely FUD, but its only false FUD if we end up recovering.

I have assured fund members and various member projects that we will continue building. Will it be on STEEM? Its hard to say, for 'What's in a name?'. Our governance has been challenged, that is for sure, even if this attack vector exists on all DPoS chains.

I have known about STEEMs weaknesses for a long time, and to those who questioned me I always said - "We are years ahead, and whatever happens amthropologists will study what happens here on STEEM'.

Binance and now Huobi pulled their votes. Was it because of my SEC complaints? Probably not. The Securities and Exchange Commission it supposed to regulate exchanges, many are worried if I invite them to regulate Binance, they will step in and regulate this chain. Time (and the anthropologists) will tell.


Right now people are voting. They are telling you to vote. They might even be demanding you vote for who they tell you to vote for. I say, good luck. I have trouble voting for witnesses I don't agree with, no matter their race or position in the race. Here in Colombia, politics is dominated by -

Mejor el Malo conocido que el bueno por conocer

Better the Evil you know than the Good you have yet to meet

This has never been my strategy. The fund will continue to proxy to @ecoinstant, and so in the end it is his decision whether to change witness votes. We still have a long night ahead of us, and he's thinking to keep some powder dry.

Two chains or Ten chains don't worry us. We could build on Weku right now, ask yourself why we don't do that? Weku token ain't worth our time, don't care how many people are there.

I hope you enjoy our thoughts, it is a time of change, and we are also remodelling, so we will just try to update each day without repeating things other people have said too much. Thank you for your Courage!

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I have no idea about which fund you are talking about. It would be nice if you start your post with introducing it shortly. I assume you like new public to read you too or perhaps give a hand?

I guess the coup is not over yet, I only see the same messages and it's not the witnesses fault...

I agree with you. I do not vote till I know whom I voting for. I doubt the witness will come to my aid or say thanks, I have doubts they do this for me or the users, writers. I need more answers before I vote and be backstabbed and my account is frozen too.

Nice to meet you, good luck.
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I appreciate your comment! This is my original and personal account, while I run the synergy Fund from @ecoinstats. I am due for a monthly update, but here is a semi-recent FAQ post.

This Fund grew out of my desire to help people, mostly builders, through the parts of steem that are hard and complicated. Steem-as-a-service may transform to Blockchain-as-a-service, but we are as determined as ever to help everyone be able to use these new technologies to make their own lives better.

thanks a lot for your support !!!
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I hear you buddy, I hope others do too. These are uncertain times, the worst yet ever for steemit.

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Time will tell, time will tell. Either way, this attack revealed a horrible weakness that needs to be fixed, no matter what direction we go in the future.

I'm not sure the right way to go with the tokens....but I know that our 'Blockchain as a Service' dreams live on!

Steem On! I'm not going anywhere and am even more hopeful for Steem. Growing pains.

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I will make complaint to those exchanges calling everyone to withdraw their funds off those exchanges because they helped with a 51% attack well he got the 100% a moment...

Once a year we all withdraw our funds from exchanges to see if they are trustworthy.. Well here you are.. they should be passive work against illegal activities they do now what they are guarding.

But it goes worse... They used costumers funds to do what? Get a 100% attack to help 1 person... 1 party get hold of a block chain...
Blocking their funds for 3 months.

The power of 20... is a wrong kind a power and here you see what it leads to.. do it 50 or 100 then you don't have this kind of problem..I think.

thanks a lot for your support !!!
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terribly sorry for that ... it's learning (lol) it shouldnt do doubles anymore awfully sorry there ...

this morning the sun rose btw (what's with all the justin jokes, lately, right ?)
as for the rest i think i'll stick to no comment i said all i have to say in several places and i dont believe in the sanctity or incorruptability of a system where someone can sit on 4year old votes from accounts that are stale from people that have left LONG ago when the price went below $5 or $2 so i can't take any of it seriously, it feels like death troes and a desperate attempt to stay in control while claiming its about preventing control ... etcetera (really sorry for that double thing it wrote to the wrong folder ...)

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