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RE: SteemCity - UI Updates, DPOS game-governance, density effect

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am planning on slowly increasing range of reward pool. But you need to remember about 2 things:

  • it's created that way to make players reinvest token( which actually is worth more than reward pool), and keep value of token relatively high
  • multi accounts taking all the places from 100-200

When you are creator of game first thing you realizing is that players ideas most often are about shortening life time of the game :) I am trying to do everything to keep that game playable for years not just quick season, 3 months reward pool worth nothing and token worth nothing. And it will be hard especially from token perspective.

If you check how much you can make on token you will realize it is more than from reward pool :)


Thank You for this reply.
You surely know what You are doing.
For the moment I am impatient, I think, to reinvest into the game, not in minig out profit.
Thanx again for Your work and !engage 33 ment on this.


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