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It hasn't even been a week and already Justin Sun is doing his thing! announced they were rolling out communities, which is all well and good but none of their announcements has the reach of this guy...

One tweet by him gets seen by over 2 million followers...


Yes he is taking a bit of credit he likely had very little to do with, but look beyond that for one second. Everything that steem/steemit accomplishes is going to be heard about now...

And that is why Justin Sun matters!

A familiar face came out of hiding...

We even got a Ned Scott sighting in there as well...


Nice to see he is congratulating everyone there and not only Justin Sun as the team had been working on this for close to 2 years.

A monumental achievement and hopefully a turning point as we go forward...

Overall this is very big news and hopefully something we can look back on someday and say that was when steem really started to take off.

It remains unclear exactly how steem and tron are going to co-exist going forward and there is a lot to be ironed out still, but for the time being, Sun will help steem and steemit get the exposure it needs to really be successful.

And we should all be very excited about that!

Stay informed my friends.



Currently its very nice to see both justin sun and ned scott supporting steem, lets hope steem and steemit future is bright

It's odd that it took Ned leaving steem for him to actually participate with it...

How true, less stress now he sold the sinking ship?

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Yes, I agree - this is a bit odd. He even started playing with communities on here with a test post having not posted anything in months... Like he sees it as a new toy having lost interest in it previously.

Once it's gone....

hope this means many new sign ups!

It might actually. No idea what the sign up process is like these days though.

I think in a recent interview with @andrarchy it was stated that most signups are now approved within 2 hours, with 12 minutes being not unheard of! I hope I’m remembering that right, but I’m pretty sure it’s a far cry from the “old days” regardless.

Edit - Looked back and I’d seen that info in a recap by @pennsif. 10 minutes to 2 hours average for free account approvals.

Yeah that's right. The 1-2 day estimate is extremely conservative.

...and none of it will matter as long as we still permit people who don't post (or provide any value AT ALL to the platform,) to simply buy steem with the purpose/intent of simply downvoting EVERY POST of people whose world views they don't @bloom does to ALL my posts, every day.

I think this bodes well for us and our investments. Bringing tronnies in and showing them success and earnings is important. Have a !BEER on me

Yep, though it will be seen by much more than just Tron holders...

Well, I think in the short term active Tron folks who already understand crypto need to be shown the light and invest in steem. I think that will be easier than converted real newbies.

Sure, I am sure some of them will.

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Great feature for a social platform for sure but I'm wondering if can it do anything to the STEEM economy. Maybe in the future STEEM communities will grow to a point, where different services will pay for ads of their products. @steempeak - I have an idea... :D

They probably will. They need to figure out some way to derive revenue that doesn't involve selling steem.

We have promoted posts which live inside of topic feeds. We could move them to owned communities that CHOOSE to have them. It's their space it's their choice i suppose.

Yeah, of course I know about promoted option. I wonder if users could pay to community owners to promote their posts inside communities (so it would stay on top for 1 week for example). Community owners could decide how much of the payment would they would take and how much would be burned.

yep pretty much

I believe he's talking something more like AdSense and/or traditional advertising that generates fiat currency in order to provide revenue to the different front ends. You know as opposed to just selling the currency.

I'd guess that if a community starts generating 10's of thousands of pageviews a month AND is interested in something like this then we should be having that discussion. It's a communities space we're willing to listen and help out.

Adviews do need lots more VIEW traffic than we normally get on steem pages.
We have one main default page for communities... it's usually the FEED PAGE. (either trending or created) So those are the two main pages worth looking at for traffic.

@jrcornel, Let's celebrate this moment. We never know what will happen in the Future but every positive step counts and this reflects as Game Changing as you said. Stay blessed.

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Yep, still needs a lot of development work but the framework is now there, finally.

Sounds true. 👍

This is the channel we need.
I think we should all go and support.
At least this is what a true steemian will do

What do you mean?

Staying positive to push steem higher.
Thinking the same for Justin now.
we all want more value for Steem

It seems like Ned has a hard letting go! I am glad things are changing. Really

Woulda been nice if he woulda done more for steem during his time as the lead man.

My point exactly!

I certainly hope you are right my friend.

now stuff goes in the right direction :)

Following someone doesn't mean you read each message. I am not.

Is it a benefit if each community has its own token?
All those tokens we have, most are worth zero and do not even have a fun aspect.

It will not make the platform better but more chaotic and it will be harder to explain to people what the great thing about Steem is. "Joining is earning" it isn't for sure.

What happened to "new steem" so many were promoting after the latest HFs? Did it die together with the newsletters?

Perhaps what you publish on the blockchain remains forever but the rest, not even a few months.
It's very hard to stay updated here.
Enjoy your day 💕

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I whole heartily agree that one of the advantages of TRON CEO Justin Sun buying Steemit, Inc., is his ability to get eyes on his projects. And personally I think that is one of the few things that stood between Steem, Steemit and the other great Apps here like 3Speak and Splinterlands and larger success; was getting the word out.

Credit should be given to those who had the technical skill and vision to create Steem and Steemit and keep them going until this point in time. So to them I am grateful.

Yes i understand he didn't do the work himself personally... BUT the company HE OWNS did the work. It's his company why not celebrate it as your own victory. You own the company. I mean unless you're saying he should celebrate the team that works for you... then yeah maybe he could of done that ... but this is twitter nuance is not alive on twitter.

I'm not saying either. I am saying Justin Sun is an asset no matter what the haters are trying to claim him as.

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