Managing Your Hive Wallet: How to Download, Install and Use the Hive Keychain Browser Extension

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Post on and the hive blockchain: (soon to be moved to is our community interface and is now operating on the Hive blockchain.

When you create a post or write a comment or read a post on the interface, you’re looking at the Hive blockchain from this point onward.

In order to use the Steemleo interface to post, comment and give/earn upvotes, you need to have Hive Keychain installed on your browser.

  • Steem posts that use the Steemleo community tag are no longer rewarded with LEO
  • Hive posts that use the LeoFinance (our rebranded name) community tag are rewarded with LEO
  • LEO rewards are still sent to your Steem account until Hive Engine (or another tokenization mechanism) allows us to move the LEO token to the Hive blockchain

In short — 90% of your “Steemleo” activities (i.e. posting/curating/commenting) are done on Hive. The only operations that are still on Steem are related to sending/receiving/rewards/trading for LEO token.. for now (until we can officially setup our LEO token on the Hive blockchain).

In this video:

  • How to Download, Install and Use Hive Keychain
  • How to Use (which will soon be moved to our new domain —
  • Posting From Our Interface — Creates a Blog Post on Hive and In the LeoFinance Community
  • Our New Curation Policies for leo.voter and steem.leo (upvotes on posts within the LeoFinance Community with priority upvotes for Native Content that is posted from our website)

Links Mentioned:

Our Community is an online community for crypto & financial content creators, powered by Hive and the LEO token economy.

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I'm curious when will we be able to use the wallet of I don't see key chain wallet as being fully functional and accessible. It is an option though after the rushed hard fork.

Hive is taking over

Many thanks LEO great to be on board and sailing the dips and tops with you.

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