Free 2000 SPT Tokens + Rare Splinterland Card Giveaway Day 6

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What is Splinterlands?

Splinterlands (also known as Steemmonsters) is a digital card game created by @aggroed and @yabapmatt. Early game release has launched and prizes are already up for grabs. You can start investing in or playing Splinterlands by clicking here.

I will be hosting a daily Splinterlands card giveaway for the next **Eight Days. At the end of these 8 days I will announce a raffle for 2000 SPT Tokens. Raffle tickets will be earned via your participation in the daily giveaway. For each daily giveaway entered you will earn one raffle ticket towards winning 2000 SPT. For example if you entered 5 of 8 daily giveaways you would have 5 Raffle tickets in the SPT Raffle. If you entered 0 of 8 daily giveaways you will have 0 entries in the SPT raffle (Don't be that guy).

Each Giveaway Will Last 24* Hours Before A New One Starts

Winners will be announced daily in the giveaway topics.

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Today's Rare Card .....

How To Win Today's Contest ...

Each day will have slightly different rules.
Today I would like for you to ........
Recommend A T.V. Series For Me To Watch
One winner will be chosen at random.

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What Is SPT?

Splinterlands has its own "tribe" (community). This community can be found at and posting content from it will allow you to earn the official Splinterlands community token SPT (Splintertalk Token).

The Splintertalk.IO site allows users to access and interact on the Steem Blockchain and is strictly for posting content about the Splinterlands game.

Alternatively to posting directly from the Splintertalk site one could also use the tag #SPT on their Splinterlands content posted on the Steem blockchain and you will potentially be rewarded some of the SPT currency. SPT can be bought / Sold or Traded on the Steem-Engine exchange.

Current Entrants & Raffle Tickets Earned

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Yesterday's Winner ...

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Little do the living of the Splinterlands know that Dark Energy is produced by fear, as well as destruction and death. Many Dark Eternal forms have been crafted not only for battle utility, but also to evoke fear from the living. The Boogeyman is an extremely specialized agent of fear. Boogeymen spend their time traveling through the living realms of the Splinterlands spreading danger and fright. The most skilled Boogeymen always go after children, for the fear of a child is the purest fear available.**Lore Taken From Official Splinterlands Site.

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Baby Yoda a.k.a. The Mandalorian

Sense8 is one I found sooo amazing!
I ended up rewatching it in December xD

Money Heist

I am on my 3rd way around with Two and a Half Men

That's a good one, I never fully watched each season but the shows I did watch of it were good.

Years and Years

Dracula it’s a 3 part mini series from the BBC but it’s now on Netflix and it’s really good

I seen the advertisments for that and was wondering if it was any good.

I may have to give it a try.

The Witcher, on Netflix. The 3 games and the books are very good.

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Messiah. It's new on Netflix.

Not seeing much of them.
Last I watched was "House of Cards" and I find it interesting.

If you're into space type shows. I highly recommend "The Expanse".

The Witcher is excellent.

The first two seasons of the expanse was excellent. Sort of like a very potential near future space travel set up. The later Seasons get a little bit too sci-fi like but still cool to watch!

Fresh off the Boat. I learned a lot of what Asian culture is about through this comedy.

The Mandalorean.

Rick and Morty

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The Walking Dead

I doubt it's still on tv, but my favorite tv shows happen to be Mash, an old war comedy that's set in a military med unit, Scrubs, a sitcom based around med students and their lives, and there's an anime called Higurashi(When They Cry) which is a psychological horror set around a group of friends that repeat a cycle where one or more of them die at the hands of one of one of the others, they have to find a way to break the cycle. I've only seen season one of it

Dr. House

Monk. I've been watching youtube clips lately because I never got to finish the seies.
I never got to finish Pysch either.

I never watched either but why didn't you get to finish them?

I moved and couldn't keep netflix.

The Shield

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@rentmoney, Currently i am watching Lucifer Series on Netflix. Stay blessed.

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Not watching series anymore, but I loved game of thrones and the big bang theory


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Haven't you seen Dark? It's crazy, don't drink !BEER while you're watching it.

I haven't but I just watched the trailer because of your recommendation and it looks good.

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Lost in Space

The Good Doctor 👍


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